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The Hunter by AnitaAppleby
Chapter 4 : The One Where Draco and Ginny Fight, Talk and Kiss
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 When Louie finally sent Draco the modified picture of Ginny it was already late in the evening. Draco had spent the day doing surveillance outside of the Savages club in case Ginny showed up for work, but so far he’d had no luck.

When Draco saw the modified picture, it confirmed his suspicions; Ginny Weasley was, in fact, a waitress at a strip club in Seattle.


This is too good; I can’t wait to see Potter’s reaction, thought Draco with a mischievous smile on his face.


 Now all I have to do is find her.


Draco was tired of waiting; he was man of action and he was too close to finding Ginny to continue doing nothing but surveillance. With the picture of the improved Ginny in his cell phone display, Draco walked up to a young woman leaning against the club’s entrance, smoking a cigarette.


“I’m not a hooker, I’m just taking a break, fuck off perv.”


“I just want to ask you a question,” he said.


“What kind of question?”


“Do you recognize this person?”


Draco showed her the picture of Ginny in disguise. The woman’s face twisted with an expression of disgust.


“That’s Angela right there,” she said. “That little bitch.”


“So you do know her?”


“Yeah I know her,” she paused to take a drag from her cigarette. “She’s a man-eating whore that one, and her roommate Deandra is worse. Always flirting with the bar-tender to get free drinks and flirting with the clients to get big tips while me and my girls are up there dancing our butts off…”


“Listen love,” Draco interrupted her. “I don’t care about your professional problems with this woman, I just want to know where she lives.”


“You don’t have to be so rude, shit!”


The woman paused; she extinguished her cigarette with her foot and then continued.


“I’ll tell you where she lives if you are willing to pay for it.”


Draco pulled out his wallet and handed the woman two hundred dollar bills. Courtesy of Potter, he thought.


“That old apartment complex, two blocks from here.”


“You have been really helpful, love.”


“You too gorgeous.”




 “You look way too worried about something,” Dee said from the bar stool next to Ginny’s. “And way too sober.”


Dee signaled the bartender.


Ginny, Dee and other friends were at a famous muggle bar called The Skyline, celebrating Dee’s birthday.


Dee handed Ginny a shot of something, which smelled awful.


“Bottoms up,” she said.


“To the birthday girl,” said Ginny and downed the drink.


Yep, tastes as good as it smells, she thought.


 “So you’re sitting alone at the bar, what gives? By this time you’re usually talking a guy into buying us all drinks,” Dee asked.


“I’m just…it’s nothing, don’t worry about it.”


Ginny tried to smile. Dee was right, she was not being herself tonight but the Malfoy thing was starting to really worry her.


What if he truly is after me?


“Well if it’s nothing then lets celebrate!”


 Dee grabbed Ginny’s hand and pulled her to the dance floor.


“Lets bring the wild Angela out!”


The friends surrounding them all cheered. Ginny rolled her eyes and genuinely smiled.


I might as well have fun tonight, she thought.






“Hey gorgeous, wanna buy me a drink?”


Ginny planted herself in front of a man standing at the bar. He smiled at her and signaled the bartender.


“A drink for the lady,” he said.


“Martini, dry,” she said.


Ginny took a sip from her fresh martini, then she stood on her tiptoes and slowly kissed the guy in front of her. The guy just stared at her, speechless; he seemed confused and glad at the same time.


“That’s my way of saying thank you.”


“Well, anytime,” he said.


Ginny put her lips against his ear and whispered: “If you make it a bottle, I will be even more grateful.”


The man smiled, probably thinking he was going to go home with a gorgeous woman tonight. He pulled out his wallet and ordered a bottle of whatever the lady asked for. Ginny smiled seductively and took the bottle.


“Find me later,” she said and walked away.


Ginny arrived at a table where her friends waited for her. She set the bottle down and they all cheered.


“And she’s back,” said Dee, laughing.


“I told you I could do it.”


“What did you promise him?” asked John.


“Something he sure isn’t getting,” Ginny said.




            “Alohomora,” whispered Draco and the gate to access Ginny’s apartment complex unlocked. He returned his wand to the hidden pocket on the inside of his jacket and entered a decaying building, which reeked of dust and sweat. 


            Draco had done a couple of hours of surveillance outside of the complex but there had been no sight of Ginny coming in or out of the building. The sensible thing to do was to come back in the morning, interview the landlord and find out which one was Ginny’s apartment. 


            Instead, Draco’s insatiable curiosity and insurmountable impatience pushed him to brake into the apartment complex, where his plan was to knock on every single door until someone told him what he wanted to know…or he found himself face to face with Ginny.


            As he was walking towards the first door, an automobile came to a shrieking halt right outside. Seconds later the sound of soft laughter and steps towards the complex made Draco rush to hide under the stairs. It took the person a few tries but they finally unlocked the entrance gate and literally stumbled into the building.


            The woman cussed as she clumsily stood up. The entrance hall was far from well lit but Draco knew in a matter of seconds: the woman was Ginny Weasley. The mane of long, red hair gave her away for the most part, and of course her clumsy nature, which was just as characteristic of the Weasleys.


            She was sporting dangerously high heels, which in her obvious state of intoxication she actually wore pretty well. Aside from the heels, she was wearing nothing more than a fitted dress, which stopped somewhere in her mid-thighs. Ginny started for the stairs that most likely led to her apartment.


It’s time, Draco thought and sneaked behind her, wrapping one arm around her waist to stop her from running and one hand covering her mouth to stop her from screaming. 




Draco felt a sharp pain in his hand as Ginny’s teeth sunk into his flesh, and then he experienced even more pain as her sharp heel connected with his groin. He had no choice but to let go of her and nurse his pain.


Ginny, free from his grasp, quickly ran upstairs. Draco followed a couple of seconds later.


Stopping on the third floor, Ginny swiftly turned around and pointed a small knife at him.


“Leave me alone! Leave me alone or I swear I’ll stab you!” she screamed.


Draco was just seconds from pulling his wand out of his jacket when he noticed a change in Ginny’s facial expression; she went from slightly terrified but determined, to completely horrified and confused.


“Malfoy?” she asked.


“Yes, it’s me,” Draco replied. He took a calm step towards the armed woman. “Now put the knife down so we can…”


“Don’t you dare come any closer!” she screamed and waved her knife for reinforcement.




Draco stopped and lifted his arms in surrender.


“I am not here to harm you, Weasley. I’ve just come to give you an important message from your…from Potter.”


Ginny gave a sarcastic chuckle.


“No you are not. Harry wouldn’t send you of all people…and how did you find me anyway?”


Ginny’s face became paler all of a sudden.


“Do they all know where I am?”


“No,” Draco responded. Softening his tone of voice he continued, “I can answer all of your questions, but we ought to have this conversation inside, we don’t want any mugg…neighbors to listen in.”


“I can’t trust you,” Ginny said. “You are a Malfoy.”


“A lot has changed since you left Weasley.”


As if to make a point to himself more than Ginny, Draco tugged at his right sleeve to make sure no part of his arm was visible.


“Here,” Draco said and pulled his wand out. “You can hold on to this while we talk.”


Ginny gave him one last suspicious look before taking the wand from him. She slowly lowered the knife and reached into her purse to take her keys out. She opened the door to her apartment and stepped in first. She stuck her knife in her purse and dropped them both on the floor.


When Ginny turned away from Draco to carefully remove her high heels, he took the knife out of Ginny’s purse. In one swift movement, Draco had Ginny pinned against the wall, the small pocketknife now slightly digging into her neck while his other hand snatched his own wand out of her hand, leaving her defenseless.


“You didn’t really think I was here to have a heart-to-heart, did you?” Draco asked triumphantly.


“So why are you here Malfoy?” Ginny spat. “Why have you been following me?”


“Because Potter wants you back and he is paying me a good amount to make it happen, sweetheart.”


“Does he know I’m in Seattle then? Have you told him?”


“Nope, he doesn’t need to know where you’ve been living or what you do to pay the bills. That can be our little secret as long as you cooperate with me and we leave tonight.”


Ginny’s eyes widened. Once again the color drained from her face.


“Tonight?” she asked. “But, where are we going?”


“To that dump you call the Borrow of course, Potter will be waiting for you there as soon as I give him the message.”


“I…” Ginny let out a sigh in surrender. She looked straight into Draco’s eyes and he couldn’t help but feel a certain amount of remorse for what he was doing to her.


“Fine, let me just get my things and we can go.”


Normally Draco would have laughed at her request and proceeded to apparate both of them to the Borrow. That would have been simpler; the job would have been done, he would never have to lay eyes on Ginny Weasley again. But there was something in Ginny’s eyes that made him want to give her whatever she needed. It was a foreign feeling for Draco and he had to back away and stop looking at her to regain his composure.


“That’s fine, pack your things and then we’ll go.”


Draco followed Ginny into a small bedroom she clearly shared with a roommate. He sat on one of the beds while she gathered some of her things in a small bag. Draco made sure to never take his eyes of her in case she tried to run or seriously maim him again.


When Ginny was done packing, she turned to him.


“Could you undo my dress,” she asked. “I don’t want my parents to see me wearing this, dad would probably drop dead.”


Draco cleared his throat nervously. For all her flaws—the main one being that she was a Weasley—Draco had to admit Ginny had turned out to be a very attractive woman.  


Ginny turned around to give him access to the zipper of her dress and she gathered her red hair to one side, revealing her long, porcelain-like neck.


“Can you get it?” she asked again.


“Hmm hmm,” Draco muttered. He pulled on the zipper, trying to look away from her semi-naked form as he did so.






Ginny turned to face Draco and gave him a quick smile before she let the dress fall to the floor.


Ginny Weasley was standing in front of Draco, wearing nothing but her lace underwear. He wanted this situation to be as funny as it might have been had it happened during their school years. But, then again, Ginny hadn’t been a red-haired seductress back then, and Draco wouldn’t have touched a muggle-lover with a ten-foot stick.


Now, instead of laughter, Draco felt a wave of heat rising from his underbelly and, as much as he wanted to, he could not take his eyes off of her creamy, pale skin.


“Malfoy, I know we’ve never really gotten along.”


Ginny took a step closer to him.


“But there’s no reason why we can’t try now that we are all grown up.”


She gave him a light smile and then straddled him.


“Is there?”


“I don’t know what you are playing at Weasley, but its not going to work.”


His statement would have been more credible had his hands not found their way to her waist.


“I think it just might.”


Ginny pressed her soft lips against Draco’s and for a moment he forgot everything: where he was, why he was there and whom he was snogging. For the first time in a long time Draco let himself go. He kissed Ginny Weasley back and drew her closer to him, fulfilling his desire to caress her soft skin.


In between kisses, Ginny spoke again: “We could…continue this…if you promise to leave tomorrow and never…never come looking for me again.”


Almost as if someone had dropped a bucket of ice-cold water on him, Draco snapped out of his sensual reverie. His hands grasped her arms tightly to hold her in place.


“We are leaving, now,” he said between clenched teeth.


“You’re going to apparate with me in my underwear?”


“You can explain that to Potter on your own, I have a job to do.”


“Harry would kill you.”


“I can take Potter,” Draco stated and let go of her arms. He grabbed his wand from the floor where he had dropped it.


“Get your bag, we are leaving.”


Ginny reached for her bag but instead of grabbing it, she pulled her own wand from it.


“Petrificus Totalus!”


And with that Draco felt his whole body paralyzed as he fell to the ground. Unable to move a finger, he witnessed Ginny get dressed and run out of the apartment.



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