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White Flag/I Do It For You by Scriptie
Chapter 7 : One More Night
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A/N: I don't own the characters, only the plot. JK Rowling owns the characters. Enjoy!

Chapter 7

Fred could not sleep that night. It had now been an hour since Hermione had stopped talking in her sleep. Her words still rang clear in his mind and he still was in shock at what Ron had done to get her to leave him.

"Ron just get away. You have done enough damage," Hermione spoke whilst fast asleep. Fred was confused, What does she mean? "Getting Ginny to help you to get me to break it of with Fred. How could you?" Hermione's voice got soft then it was filled with anger,"Oh yeah because you are pathetic." He now pieced most of it together; why she was acting strange, why she was going off. Because of his youngest brother. Fred wasn't sure if he was hurt with Hermione or furious at Ron. She continued to speak and he paid no attention from the shock he felt.

Fred looked at his watch and saw the time read 4:00 a.m. He sighed, No point in trying to sleep. He got up and felt Hermione shift slightly. He walked into the kitchen and decided to make some coffee since sleep wasn't going to come to him this night. What am I going to do? Should I take her back or leave her? Fred wondered as he stared at his cup of coffee and slid his left hand up to his forehead.

Tears started to well up in his eyes. He felt betrayal from Hermione but who was to blame completely: Ron or Hermione? He needed someone to talk to...perhaps George but was he awake? Fred checked his clock and noticed it was about time his twin would be getting up. George walked in, yawned and smiled at his twin sleepily,"Morning Freddie." Fred returned the greeting half-heartedly whilst staring at his coffee," Morning." George poured his coffee and sat near his dear twin,"What's wrong?" Fred said everything all at once starting with Hermione's weird behavior going onto his concerns and worries about her and why she was acting a bit off then ending with what he heard last night/this morning. George shared the same look that had been upon Fred's while hearing the last part. George began to glare and stood up from his chair,"I'm going to hex the shit out of our youngest brother," and began walking to his room.

Fred followed with a look of confusion clear on his features but his eyes showing hurt from the betrayal,"Why? I mean why him and not," Fred began to choke attempting to say her name and swallowed," her?" Both twins walked into George's room with Fred standing near the door, mouth slightly agape and a crease between his brows from the mess of emotions he felt, while George began finding clothes to wear and grabbing his wand. "Him because of his manipulation to her. He knows better-"
"She knows better too" Fred bursted out, tears forming in his eyes.

"Yes, dear brother, but there will always be something there between her, Harry and our idiotic brother."

"But he cheated on her many a time and found someone else within a week! Why should she have even trusted him again?" Fred was crying keeping his finger pointed towards his bedroom. George walked to his twin and hugged him to help comfort him with the amount of hurt he was feeling.

"Shhh... I don't understand her for that either but all you can do is hear her out. She's probably feeling guilty as hell but will apologize for her actions."

"That is what she usually does," Fred let out a sad laugh,"What should I do? Stay here and talk to her or go to work and deal with it later?"

"Talk now. I'll stay up here if you'd like."

"Thanks Georgie," Fred smiled and squeezed his brother then walked out of the room, sitting on the couch finishing his coffee. He then heard a groan come from his room.

Hermione woke up with a headache and groaned from the pounding in her head. She opened her eyes and noticed she was in Fred's room. Hermione felt a sinking feeling in her stomach following the bad feeling she had. Fred wasn't here, he was most likely downstairs at work. She felt tears starting to well up and blinked them away, getting up she noticed she wore the same clothes yesterday. She lazily glared at herself in the mirror, walked away then opened the door quietly. She closed the door trying to not make a sound but one light thud was made and Hermione put her hand to her head while groaning from her hangover. She made her way to the coffee pot, grabbed a mug, got some creamer in the mug and poured. Smiling slightly she drank one sip and sighed happily. She turned around walked to the table, picking a chair then sitting down closing her eyes trying to take some relaxation in this small moment.

"Morning," Fred greeted her stiffly. Hermione's heart began pounding, worry filling her heart as she opened her eyes keeping them focused on her cup of coffee she sighed,"Morning."

Fred got up,"Where were you last night?" and walked over to Hermione. She closed her eyes,"You probably know everything by now," speaking sadly and opening her eyes. "What do you mean?" Fred asked, clenching his mouth in anger. "You very well know what I mean Fred. You know I talk in my sleep. No point in lying to me. You must be very hurt and betrayed by me. If you can't trust me again, I understand." She got up from the table and started walking to Fred's room, putting her hand over her forehead.
Fred walked after her taking long strides. Once he got to her he spinned her around to face him,"All I have is one last question for you," Fred had two questions in mind but chose the one he needed to know,"Do you still love him?" "Loved. Not anymore," Hermione spat in response. All Fred could do is stare back at her, he couldn't move. "Hello? Fred?," Hermione waved her hand in front of his face,"You're running late to work." Rolling her eyes, she turned and went into Fred's room grabbing her wand and summoning what Fred usually wore to work. His clothes stayed in one spot as she tore off his pj's and put the clothes on him magically. She put her wand down and buttoned the buttons by hand, summoning a tie with her wand she tied his tie then grabbed his shoes. Putting them in his hands she said,"Put these on and go to work," she pushed him back and closed the door. George came out of his room and pushed him along,"Come on let's go and put on your shoes." Fred put on his shoes and went downstairs to begin his day of work. He would need this to get over what she said.

Hermione had shut the door, locked it, and casted the muffliato charm. Her emotions just poured themselves out. Tears of anger and sadness mixed in with betrayal came out as she sobbed. After she sobbed she wiped any remaining tears from her face and changed into some dark jeans, a white v neck with some cream colored converse and a dark hoodie. Grabbing her wand and beaded bag, she packed the few neccesities she would need then hastily wrote a note for Fred.

Gone out for a bit.

She left it on the kitchen table and concentrated on heading to a place she knew she could think. As she opened her eyes, she saw the place of her childhood she felt safe at: home. She managed to apparate into her room and she set down her bag in the living room. At once, Hermione felt calm.

She saw some of her old books and a few pictures of her with Harry and Ron. It reminded her of better times but those were harder also because of the war. She put down her bag and lay in her old bed. Maybe I should stay for a couple of days here, Hermione thought, it would be better to be alone until things calm down.
Fred had been in the back trying to work on a new product but he couldn't do it. He wished he'd ask both questions to her or probably more. Does she still love me? Why would she believe Ron if he's hurt her before? Why would she go back to Ron? Would she leave me for Ron? His mind was running wild and he longed to ask her those questions.

George walked in,"How is it going?" "Huh?" A dazed Fred asked. George looked down and shook his head,"Never mind." "What?" Fred asked again expressing his curiousity.
"You had a rough day. Perhaps you should take the rest of the day off. Its obviously bothering you." "Yes it does. I didn't expect her to almost leave me for ickle Ronniekins. Why should I be with her if she's considered it?" Fred had ferocity in his eyes still showing hurt. "Talk it over with her not me. She is, or was your fiance," George put his hands up in surrender and left the room.

He is right...this whole ordeal has you upset. Talk it over with her and see where it goes from there. She almost left me! Why wouldn't I be upset?, He now began having an internal argument, You do have a right to be upset but try to be forgiving atleast. You do love her right? ...I do love her but I am terribly hurt with her. Talk it over NOW. With a sigh Fred left the shop to go upstairs. Opening the door to the flat he called out her name pleadingly,"Hermione? Can we please talk?" He closed the door and didn't hear her reply. "Hermione I'm serious. I want to talk to you about this," he called out again. Fred began looking for any sign of her being there. His eyes caught something in the table and he walked over to it. He read it and put his palm to his hand, Why? He felt the tears fall from his eyes. He couldn't blame her for leaving but he was hurting more now. Fred cried silently, holding her note.

George came up the stairs, the door still open and saw his twin looking down,"What's the matter? Did she...?" All Fred could do was hand the note to George and cry harder. George read it and quickly embraced his twin,"It will be okay Freddie, it will be okay," George tried to calm his crying twin,"I know the person to go to right now," he said with anger building in his voice. Fred sniffed and wiped away a tear,"Who?" "It's time to pay a visit to our youngest brother," George said. They both apparated to Ron's house and opened the door. Ron looked shocked as to why his brothers were visiting him. "Why did you do it?" George questioned whilst pointing his wand at his younger brother. "Do what?" Ron asked back. "Make Hermione do it. Why?" Fred replied back with anger. Ron looked shocked as to how they knew this. "Why?" Fred growled. Ron took a breath," I may have been jealous of her being happy with you..." "You had no reason to take her away from being happy with me. Because of you she is gone," Fred was about to cry but fought the urge to do so due to his brother's prescence. "What?" Ron was in disbelief,"You must be joking." George shook his head solemnly making it clear that this was no joke,"All she left was a note saying she was going out for a bit and not saying when she was coming back." Ron looked down then back to Fred,"Look mate, I'm sorry. I had no idea she would-" "Shut it! You knew she would. You haven't the slightest idea of how much she was hurt by you," Fred snapped. "Look, let's settle this later," George intervened by stepping in the middle of both of his brothers,"there's someone that we all care about missing right now. How about we find her first then get back to this after?" Fred and Ron looked at each other and both agreed; finding Hermione was the first priority right now.

"The first time I found her, she was at a bar getting very drunk. The 2nd time she was extremely intoxicated again," Fred supplied. "Any form of alcohol became her choice while she wasn't happy," Ron said sadly. "So we check every pub around here?" George asked. "Its the only lead we have," Ron said disappointed. At once the three Weasleys began searching for Hermione.
Sorry this took a while but here it is! Next chapter should be up soon. I feel as though this one is the worst one I have written...if you think otherwise leave me a review please! Thanks! Especially to those who have been sticking with this story since day one. Shoutouts to weasleytwinlover2011 on her new story(go check it out) and Dracolovergirl500 with her story "The Dark Side of Love."

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