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A New Year:A New Beginning by Rebecca
Chapter 1 : Arriving at Hogwarts:Fourth Year
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 September 15 th 1994

A new day had started.But this is not a normal day.This is the day when all students from Hogwarts are coming for their fourth year.Chocolate locks,magic spells,Bertie Bott’s every flavour beans…But Voldemort is closer than Harry thinks.This year,things will change a bit.

When they walked into the castle (Harry,Hermione,Ron and Ginny),they saw Dumbledore and Mrs. McGonagall sad.



 “Oh,Harry!We have bad news…You shouldn’t come here for your fourth year.I think this year will be the dangerous year of Hogwarts..” said Dumbledore gestured toward Hagrid’s House.

“We will talk later about this.” Mrs. McGonagall said.

“What happened here!?” said Harry panicking.

“Dementors….And don’t worry,Hagrid is doing well.”

“I want to visit Hagrid.Where is he?”

“Hospital.But I think you shouldn’t go there.Let him rest a bit.”

Harry’s stubbornness is big,so he went to Hagrid.When he arrived,he saw Hagrid stretched without saying a word.Harry was panicking.At some moment,Hagrid said “Bella..Malfoy…”

“Hagrid,who is Bella???” Harry said but Hagrid didn’t replied.

 Harry was confused.



When Harry had arrived at the Gryffindor Common Room he said what happened in the hospital to Hermione and Ron.They were confused too.


“I don’t get it….Who is Bella??!And what’s with Malfoy??!” Ron said.

“I don’t know,but this is strange.” Harry said.

“Harry,I think we should talk with Draco about this.” Hermione said.

“Yeah,Hermione.Are you joking?!Do you think that Draco will explain?!I don’t think so.” Ron said.

“Ron,I think we should try Hermione’s idea.”

“But that’s a waste of time!”

“Are you with us or not?!” Hermione said.


Then Ron looked down and nodded in sign of approval.



They searched for Draco.When they saw him,Harry wanted to challenge him,but Hermione said to wait.At the opportune moment,the three went to Malfoy angry.


“What do you think you are doing!?” Harry said.

“Uhm,what do you want Potter?” Draco said.

“I heard that one of your family is in the group who destroyed Hagrid’s house!” Hermione said.

“Oh little muggle why are you here in Hogwarts?” Draco said arrogantly.

“Let her alone!If you’ll continue to insult her,I will challenge you” Ron said.

“Boo-Hoo Weasley felled in love with the little muggle!”

“Let them alone or you’ll get a beautiful pigtail.” Harry said.

“Oh!I’m so afraid.Potter can turn me into a pig.Pathethic!”

“Enough!” said Dumbledore.

“Professor Dumbledore…” Harry said.

“Harry,you should follow me.I need to talk to you about…erm….something.And Draco,I think the only pathethic from here is you.Let Harry and his friends alone.I know your father is a little bit arrogant and careless and bad,but you shouldn’t follow him!” Dumbledore said.


In Harry’s mind,the words “your father is a little bit arrogant and careless and bad” were usefully.It was clear:not Draco destroyed Hagrid’s house…it was his father:Lucius Malfoy.



When  Harry had arrived in Dumbledore’s office,Dumbledore started exaplaining:


“Harry…do you remember when Professor McGonagall said that we’ll talk later about Hagrid’s house?That’s the moment.” Dumbledore said. “I think Voldemort is back….”

 “Professor!” he interrupted Dumbledore. “Who is Bella?”

“Bella!?...You want to say .. Bellatrix Lestrange!She’s a Death Eather,but she is at Azkaban now.” Dumbledore said.


Harry stared at Dumbledore and runned after his friends:Hermione,Ron and Ginny.Dumbledore tried to ask Harry where is he going,but Harry said that he needs to hurry,so Dumbledore will explain Harry about Voldemort’s return later.



Harry had arrived at the Gryffindor Common Room,but there was only Neville,who said that he was terrified.Harry was sure:Voldemort is back.


“Neville…what happened?Why are you so terrified?”

“I promise to him that I will not say what happened.” Neville said with a trembling voice.


Harry runned angry after his friends when he heard “All students to their room.Now!Hurry!!”.Harry was sure that Death Eathers wanted to get into the castle.So he started running very fast and searching for Hermione,Ron and Ginny.

Will he find them in  good time?

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A New Year:A New Beginning: Arriving at Hogwarts:Fourth Year


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