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Connection With A Mudblood by MsJacksonMalfoyMellark
Chapter 18 : Revenge
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A/N: I'm so sorry, you guys, for the really, really late update. Had exams and so couldn't really get the time to update, until now. I also had, and still do, a bit of writer's block, so I apologise beforehand if the chapter is not upto the standards. But, I will soon get a beta reader to check my chapters, so until then, please excuse any grammer, spelling, or any other errors that might be in this chapter.




Chapter 18 – Revenge



“Draco!” Hermione cried, putting her hand in front, as if to stop him from disappearing, though she had only seen him inside her head. She heard footsteps behind her; knowing them to be Ron’s, she didn’t turn back.

“Hermione, what happened? Is everything alright? What did you see?” Ron asked with a sense of panic evident in his voice.

“It’s Harry and Draco! They’ve been captured by a group of Death Eaters! We need to hurry, Ron, quick, before they get away!” Hermione bolted for the direction she believed Draco and Harry to be.

Ron didn’t waste another second to follow after.

Hermione turned the corner and went right. She ran straight ahead, and then turned left. There they were, but before she could come to their aid, they all apparated on the spot.

No. This couldn’t be happening.

“Hermione...did you find them?” Ron asked, panting.

“They’re gone.” Hermione said monotonous.

“Shit!” Ron cursed out loudly as he brushed his hair with his fingers in frustration. He looked at his best friend, and softened. She needed more support than he did. He placed a hand on her shoulder. “Don’t worry, ‘Mione, we’ll find them. Let’s gather all the Aurors back at the hotel, and we’ll figure out a plan.” Ron assured, knowing that she was worried about them.

Hermione then spotted something flying towards the ground. It looked like a piece of parchment. She walked towards it, and picked it up from the ground. There were three small words written on them:

Expergiscere, o magnum Dominum

‘This must be a spell,’ she thought. She attempted to translate the words. Her eyes widened her eyes, knowing exactly what those words meant.

“What’s that, Hermione?” Ron asked, looking over her shoulder.

“It’s a spell.” She replied.

“Do you know what it says?” he asked thickly. Obviously. He should know her by now. Of course she knows what it translated to.

“It translates to: ‘Awaken, O Great Lord’.” She answered.

“But what could that mean?” Ron asked to himself.

“Ron, I can only thing of one meaning for this spell...they want to bring Voldemort back from the dead.” Hermione stated.

“What?! But I thought it was impossible to bring people back from the dead!” Ron exclaimed.

“Ron, don’t you remember in 4th year? When Harry and Cedric were transported by the Triwizard Cup, which turned out to be a portkey? Voldemort had been brought back alive; with the help from Peter’re...rat...” Hermione explained. Ron still had trouble believing that the stout man had been his pet rat.

When Ron didn’t interrupt, she continued.

“Using some of Harry’s blood, he was able to come back to life, or rather to get back in his original form.” She explained.

“But that time Voldemort was still living, and breathing. Isn’t that how he was able to get back to his strong her form? Cos the Death Eaters had his shrivelled body?” Ron asked.

“Yes, they did. So, that means that these Death Eaters have some sort of remain of Voldemort!” Hermione came to the realisation, put piece by piece together.

“And that means that they are trying to get Voldemort stronger again!” Ron said, coming to the realisation too. A little slow, but he got there nonetheless.

“This is not good, Ron. We have to think of a way to capture them, and stop them before they do this.” Hermione said.

“Hermione, if we have the spell, doesn’t that mean that they won’t be able to revive Voldemort?” Ron enquired.

“That could be, Ron, but what if they all have the same piece of parchment, in case one of them loses theirs. I'm sure they’ve probably got the spell memorised, it being a very crucial spell for them.” Hermione reasoned.

“Yeah, you’re right. Right now, I think we should get all the Aurors back to the hotel so we can figure out a plan to capture these Death Eaters.” Ron told her.

Hermione nodded and they both made their way to the hotel, contacting all the Aurors to meet in Harry’s room, by using the coin they had used in the DA, when they were still at Hogwarts, Hermione having placed a charm to alert the other Aurors they were going back to the hotel.

As soon as all Aurors had gathered, they underwent the meeting.

“This is our lead to those filthy bastards.” Ron showed them the piece of parchment. “This is a spell that is meant to revive Voldemort.” Shocked by this information, they talked amongst themselves.

One of the Aurors, Angelo, put his hand up.

“There must fingerprints on the parchment, right? So, that we can track the Death Eaters?” he asked.

Ron and Hermione looked at each other. He allowed Hermione to do the spell, knowing she was the best person for spell working.

She spoke the words and the parchment glowed. Suddenly, after a few seconds, the parchment burst into flames.

“What the hell?” Jackson, another Auror, exclaimed.

“They must have put a charm on the parchment, to protect their identities and their location.” Ron stated.

“But, now we’ve lost the parchment.” Jackson frowned.

“It doesn’t matter, I remember it. Though, I don’t think it will of any help to us, as it gives us no clue as to where the Death Eaters may be hidden.” Hermione reasoned. She was correct.

Ron believed that he had the solution. Hermione could use her telepathic connection to try and contact Draco. He leaned closer to Hermione. “Do you think you can try to contact Draco? Ask him whether he know where they are?”

“I can try.” Hermione agreed. She stood up from her place and excused herself, making her way out of Harry’s room to her own.






‘Draco, are you there?’

‘Hermione! Can you hear me?’ Draco was heard in the apparent darkness.

Draco! Are you okay?’ she asked worried. ‘And Harry?’

‘Don’t worry, I’m fine. And so is Harry, so far. I heard some of those guys saying something about using Harry’s blood for a spell or something. Do you know what that’s about?’ he asked.

‘They’re trying to revive Voldemort, using Harry’s blood, like last time.’ Hermione explained.

‘No. No! They can’t bring him back! –But, wait. Don’t they need remains of Voldemort or something? Like last time, there was his shrivelled form, which was used to bring him back in stronger form.’ Draco asked.

‘As much as I would like to say they don’t, I can’t. Harry said that Voldemort had been defeated, but his body still remained, meaning that it went back into his shrivelled form. So, I think they have found their master’s body, and brought it to their hideout, keeping it safe, until they found out how to revive him.’ Hermione explained. ‘And they have...the spell...I remember it. It dropped when you and Harry apparated. We tried to use a locating charm on it, but the parchment burst into flames.’ She continued.

‘This is not good, Hermione. If You Know Who does come back, he’s going to be even stronger than before. Judging from what I’ve heard about their preparations, he could be back in form in less than a week, at best.’ He added.

‘That’s why I contacted you. Do you know where you are?’ she asked hopeful in finding a lead on the Death Eaters. ‘Another thing - why can’t I see anything?’ all she could see was darkness.

‘I’ve been temporarily blinded; that’s why you are not able to see. And as for where I and Harry are located, we have no idea. I’m sorry, Hermione.’ Draco sighed apologetically.

‘It’s fine, Draco. We’ll figure out another way to find the both of you. Just take care of yourself. Please.’ She warned.

‘As long as I have you, I’ll be alright.’ Draco smiled, and then chuckled. ‘Wow. That was really cheesy.’

‘I miss you, too.’ She chuckled, and then frowned slightly.

Hey. It will be alright. Don’t worry about us. We’ll be fine.’ Draco assured her, though she still felt afraid she was going to lose them, like Fred, and Tonks, and Sirius...she didn’t want to lose anyone anymore.

‘Hermione, I have to ask you something.’ Draco cleared his throat. ‘Do you want to...maybe...-‘

Hermione waited for him to finished, but it didn’t happen.

“Come along, Draco. We have a little surprise in store for you.” He was interrupted, yet again.

‘What’s going on, Draco?’ Hermione asked.

‘I don’t know, but I have a bad feeling about this.’ He said slightly frightened. He sounded like he was being dragged away.

Hermione exited her room and went back to Harry’s. She looked at Ron, who was looking expectantly at her, and frowned. She shook her head. Ron sighed, not knowing what they could do now. They had no leads anymore, with the parchment having burst into flames in front of their eyes.

“I think we should think on it and rest today. If anybody thinks they have an idea, please come to me or Hermione straight away. You can all leave now. I want you all back tomorrow morning, at 7:30, sharp.” Ron instructed them. The Aurors nodded, and excused themselves to their rooms, talking conversing with each other.

Soon, only Ron and Hermione were left alone.

“Draco doesn’t know where they are because they’ve both been temporarily blinded, so that the location stays hidden. He also said that he heard them talking about using Harry’s blood for a spell, which I'm assuming was the one we had found. Before he could say anything else, he was dragged out of the room they were in. I heard the voice saying that he had a surprise for Draco...I don’t understand what it may be, but it sure didn’t sound like the kind of surprise you get on your birthday.” Hermione said.

“We need to find a way to find them quick, Hermione, or Voldemort will be back, declaring war once again on the wizarding world, and we can’t allow that to happen. We will not allow it to happen. Not this time.” Ron was determined, sounding brave, though inside he was deeply frightened. He knew what The Dark Lord was capable of.

“I just hope they’re going to be alright.” Hermione said worried.

“Don’t worry; they’re the bravest people we know. I'm certain they can handle it. They’ll find a way somehow to escape.” Ron assured. Hermione gave him a smile.

“Goodnight, Ron.” She said, turning to leave, after giving Ron a hug.

“Goodnight, ‘Mione.” Ron bid her goodbye and closed the door. He changed into his nightwear and slipped into bed.







Draco was taken out of the cell, and dragged to a cold room, where he heard two voices in front of him.

“Make sure Potter is fed. We don’t want him to get weak.” A silky voice commanded.

“Yes, sir.” The other voice complied.

“We have a special visitor for you, sir.” It was the person who had brought him here.

He was harshly shoved towards the silky voiced man. Draco winced in pain.

“Ah...nice to see you again, Draco.” Draco could almost hear the smirk planted on his face.

That voice...he had heard it before. But where?

“Oh, surely you remember me Draco. Well, never mind, let me give you a hint. Your 17th birthday, I was the one who informed you about the Vanishing Cabinet.” Realisation hit Draco. It was him.

“What are you doing here?”  Draco demanded, anger boiling inside of him.

“Oh, come on now Draco dear, I’m sure you already know what I am doing here.” Draco heard multiple footsteps, as if he was being surrounded.

“Revenge, Draco. I am here to avenge our Dark Lord, who will awaken soon.”  The mirthless smirk refusing to leave his face.

“What do you mean? That is impossible. The Dark Lord is dead!” Draco exclaimed.

“Nothing is impossible, Draco. The Dark Lord will rise again, to get his revenge on all those who had betrayed him. Starting with you.” Before Draco could have the chance to answer, pain coursed through his body. It was like being stabbed numerous times. The Cruciatus Curse. The pain multiplied every second, as if there were more than just one person hitting him with the same curse. He tried to keep himself from screaming, but the pain was unbearable.








Hermione doubled over in pain, falling from her bed. She felt like 100 knives were stabbing her at the same time.  She could keep her from screaming, the pain was just too much.

What was happening to her? Suddenly, she saw Draco, who was also doubling over in pain. He was being hit with the Cruciatus Curse multiple times; she could feel his pain.

‘Draco.’ She couldn’t bear to see him in so much pain; all she could do was to endure it with him. Her tears failed to be contained, and trickled down her face. She let out another scream, which was when she saw the door open. Ron.

“Hermione, what happened?” he asked in a panic.

“Dra...Draco...” Her voice had become hoarse. She yelled out again. Ron lifted her in his arms and placed her back on the bed.

“Hermione, where’s the Sleeping Draught?” Ron asked, believing it to be a way to stop Hermione’s pain. Hermione just pointed weakly at the bedside drawers.

Ron quickly rummaged through the drawers and finally found it under the various vials of medicine. He opened the vial and made Hermione down the drink.

Hermione seemed to be breathing steadily now. Her eyes slowly started to close, and before she knew it, she was fast asleep. Ron placed the covers over her, and turned to the window, where a tap was heard.

He opened the window and allowed the owl inside, detaching the parcel, which had a note stuck on top of it. The note said:

The book about connections that you wanted. Next time, mate, why not ask Pans or someone? I was a little busy, you know. Anyways,  I’ll talk to you when you get back.

Oh, and say hi to Hermione for me.



He took a seat on the sofa and studied the parcel curiously, thinking whether or not he should open it. He shook his head and placed the parcel on the table in front of him and left the room, glancing back once to make sure Hermione was alright.








‘Hermione...I’m sorry...’ he thought. He had seen her clearly in pain due to the curse that had hit him. The fact that they are connected now meant that they could feel each other’s pain too. It was his entire fault. Yes, if he hadn’t agreed to give Hermione his blood, this connection would never have taken place; therefore, Hermione wouldn’t be hurt right now.

“Stop. We don’t want to kill him –yet. We need to keep him alive for information. Leave us for a moment.” They all obeyed and left the room, leaving only Draco and the master. When Draco felt the pain subside slowly, he spoke.

“You’ll never get away with this, Croyden. I will make sure of it.” He gritted his teeth, with Hermione still on his mind.

“That’s very heroic of you to say that, Draco, but you’re forgetting that you’re in my custody and blinded. Come on, Draco, help me avenge our master. Join me, The Dark Lord will forgive you for turning your back on him, and reward you, if you help me revive him.” Croyden offered.

“I will never help you, and the Dark Lord will never rise.” Draco said angrily. Two footsteps were heard behind him.

“Take him away.” Croyden commanded the two minions. “I will see you soon, Draco. Maybe you’ll change your mind then.” The two men dragged him away, and shoved back into his cell, causing him to collide into Harry. He heard the footsteps growing quieter and quieter.

“Draco, are you okay?” Harry asked. Draco gave a mere nod as he sat there silently.

“Here, have some food.” Harry slid the plate, containing a loaf of bread and soup, towards him.

“No.” Draco refused in a throaty voice.

“If you don’t eat, then I won’t tell you how we’re gonna break out of here.” Harry tried to persuade. It worked, that got the silver blonde’s attention. “I just figured it out today – Kreacher.” Harry said simply, smiling. Seeing Draco’s confused face, Harry decided to explain.

“Kreacher is my house elf. If I remember correctly, house elves aren’t affected by the rules of apparition, right? He can apparated us out of here in an instant.” Harry explained.

“I never thought I’d say this, but that’s a great idea, Potter.” Draco praised the raven haired man. Draco quickly ate the loaf of bread and drank the soup.

“Get going, Potter!” Draco urged him.

“Alright, but please be quiet, otherwise the people guarding outside our cell will get suspicious.” Draco nodded and waited for Harry to summon the elf.

“Kreacher?” Harry called with a clear voice, as quietly as possible. Hopefully it was loud enough to be heard by the house elf.

“You called master?” Kreacher asked, popping out of nowhere. He bowed down until his ears touched the ground.

“Talk as quietly as you can, Kreacher. And I told you not to call me ‘Master’.” Harry scolded the elf.

“Kreacher is sorry, what does Harry Potter need?” Kreacher asked.

“Can you apparated us out of here?” Harry asked expectantly.

“Of course, Harry Potter.” Kreacher replied. He held out his hand to Harry and Draco, who quickly tried to grab hold of it.

“Hang on, Draco.” Harry warned as they waited to be apparated.

“We’re here, Harry Potter.” Kreacher informed. Harry and Draco smiled, but then felt as if there were wands pointed at them.










A/N: I hope the Latin translation was okay, if not please tell me so I can somehow correct it. But, I hope this chapter will make up for the late update, but I'm sorry if it doesn't. I had a bad case of writer's block, so right now, this was all I could come up with. If you guys have any advice in how I can make my fanfic better, then please don't hesitate to tell me. For now, I'll see you guys later. And I will try to update more quicker this time. (:

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