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All was well by Ron 4 Hermione
Chapter 1 : All was well
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He was alone in his room. The room now only belonged to him as of 1 year, 2 months and 15 days and as he sat in the old, worn chair by the window He had hoped he wouldn’t be the last to die but he couldn’t complain, at least he had been here to say goodbye. And he wasn’t really alone; he still had his children, his three wonderful children who had filled his life with love and laughter. His only regret was that he hadn’t taken more days off work, came home earlier to tuck his boys into bed and read his little princess a story. He couldn’t change that now though, and when his first grandchild was born, his first of 7, he had quit work and spent the majority of his time looking after them.

He treasured each moment he spent looking after his grandchildren, 4 boys and 3 girls and each one was as special as his own children. He and his wife loved looking after them, even if their own children would complain that they spoilt them too much. He would just laugh them off, he had nothing better to do, or to spend his money on and it delighted him to see his grandchildren’s faces light up. Christmas was the best, there was never a shortage of presents and the laughter that filled the house was more than enough to make his Christmas day perfect. He could sometime find a bit of him or his wife in their grandchildren, his eldest granddaughter had his wife’s temper and his youngest grandson had his hair.

It had been easier to spend more time with his friends as they all got older, an afternoon together just talking- mainly about their children and grandchildren- became common, as did drinking more die. However, the good times were never going to be permanent and it was inevitable that the older they got, the more likely they were to go. He didn’t like to think about them with a sad mind, he preferred to think about the happy memories, and he was never short of them. It was ironic to think the three of them had gone, or were going to go because he was still alive, in age order with the eldest first. His wife had been the third to go and it was then, as he placed flowers on her grave for the first time that he realised his time would be soon. He couldn’t deny the truth, didn’t want too, he could only try to prepare his children who were adamant he wasn’t going anywhere. That was why he had decided to leave them a letter. It hadn’t been very long, he wasn’t a man of many words, especially when talking about emotions, but he hoped they’d understand that they had made his life worth living and he loved them more than he could actually say. The parchment which contained the words of the letter was tied up with a ribbon and placed squarely in the centre of his wife’s dressing table. One of his children would find it.

He looked around the room, at the photographs that were hung on the wall showing many different occasions; his wedding and each of his children’s weddings, the birth of his children and the birth of his grandchildren. There were also several of him and his best friends, from school and onwards. The memories of his school years, although tinged with a layer of darkness, still made him smile as he thought about all the good time, there was no point lingering on the bad times. The pictures were faded but the smiles and happiness could still be made out and he hoped his children would keep them, or put them somewhere safe. Because really, when all was said and done, and the people you loved were gone, what was better than photographs and memories?

His survey of the room complete he carefully stood up and slowly made his way over to the bed. The moon had risen, it was a full moon and as he lay in bed, his eyes half closed, he saw several bright silhouettes, each with their hand out towards him and he smiled as he reached out to take the hand on his wife and join her once more.

So as it was, on the 24th April 2071, Harry Potter died a happy, happy man.

A/N: So what did you think? Out of character for Harry? It was my first time writing something like this so any advice or comments would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading!
Disclaimer: The title is from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K.Rowling, on page 607 in the chapter Nineteen years later. (UK edition)
The story summary is from Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone by J.K.Rowling on page 215 in the chapter the man with two faces. (UK edition)

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All was well: All was well


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