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Seriously Black by kjp
Chapter 8 : A very tickled teacher
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Sirius had finally managed to transform Three weeks had passed since the Hogwarts scandal and things were looking up for the marauder. successfully into his animagus, which he discovered was a dog and finally only yesterday Peter had too finally transfigured into a rat.



 Quidditch for James had been going everyday so far (much to the dismay of the team, especially when he told them to get up at five in the morning) but the new Gryffindor quidditch team was better than ever, with techniques other houses only dreamed of having. Now the four of them sat in a defence against the dark arts class waiting eagerly for their new teacher to arrive. So much commotion had passed over the following weeks the marauders had almost forgotten about their newest addition to the staff; Professor Parish.






Whispers had been spread around the school that had caught the attention of Sirius that she has a hidden troll that hides away in her cupboard, of course a complete pack of lies most probably made up by first years but it didn’t do well for Professor Parish’s reputation, even Peter had come back to the common room almost in a fit of tears the other day just because he had to serve a detention with her. Thankfully up until now Sirius had manage to avoid the teacher that all students seemed petrified of.



As usual the group of marauders sat huddled in the back where James had won most of the noughts and crosses games that had been sketched at the back of some rough parchment found at the bottom of Sirius’s incredibly messy bag.



Finally after losing his tenth time at the old muggle game Sirius scanned his eyes across the defence against the dark arts classroom, which they were fortunately sharing with Ravenclaws. Marlene and Mary sat towards the front with Mary applying last minute make-up and Marlene twiddling with her hair a sign, that Sirius knew, she was bored.



5 minutes later Professor Parish came into the classroom, a briefcase kept carefully at her side. There was a sudden scuttle of chairs around the room as everyone straightened eyes cast forward, Sirius quickly spat out the non-ending gum he’d been chewing on for the last half an hour, not wanting a detention (as much as it may surprise you) on his first lesson with her.



“I’m professor parish, lardedar now get your books out and find page 5, take notes on the patronus charm” at that a few hands shot up into the air and with a bored glance Professor Parish ignored them “and no we will not be practising any patronus charms in this classroom, I don’t want any of you to be disappointed” she smiled at her own inner wit while the rest of the room sent each other nervous glances over their shoulders “detention for any child who speaks, now get on with it”



She plopped herself down onto the teachers chair, flicking her waist long hair behind her casually and began to write, the scratching of her quill heard at the back of the classroom where the marauders sat whispering intensely to one another.



It wasn’t long before they were caught at Professor Parish’s voice began to ring out at them “I will give you one warning, keep your mouth shut” then turned back to her own work and the scratching of the quill restarted.



James’s rolled his eyes scratching down a few words before flinging it to Sirius, which hit him squarely in the nose he stifled a laugh before unravelling the note;



Dare you to put a tickling charm on her



Sirius grinned and raised his eyebrows before squiggling downA challenge? 5 gallons and consider it done



Deal James wrote back quickly and awaiting the result while smirking up at the teacher, it growing wider when he saw Sirius withdraw his wand from his pocket.



 “Titillando” he hissed into his wand pointing it directly at the teacher.



Two second later and Professor Parish was rolling about on the floor, her test papers flying everywhere with an uncontrollable fit of giggles.



Sudden laughs erupted around the room, all pointing and howling at the teacher, whispering to the person next to them. Marlene whipped around and sent Sirius and James a disapproving look but a smile still visible and outstanding on her face mouthing the words “She is going to kill you”



James reached into his pockets and pulled out 5 gallon coins and stuffing them into Sirus’s hands “I was kinda hoping you wouldn’t do it mate, 5 gallons is a lot”



 “This is how I make the big money Prongs, by doing what I’m best at… being hilarious” he winked.



The effects were beginning to ware off and a angry looking red faced professor emerged, her nostrils flaring dangerously making her look like a very hungry Hungarian horntail.



 “Tell me now! Who cast that charm on me or I swear everyone in this room will never see the light of day again” She screamed dramatically while clambering herself up from the floor where she had been laying for the past five minutes in a fit of giggles.



Silence fell across the rooms with all eyes wide, even Sirius bit back a gulp swearing he would never forgive James if he got himself expelled for this.



She slammed a fist against the table and a loud bang erupted around the room echoing of the walls and seeming to last forever. Everyone flinched taking a step back from her not sure quite what she would do if no one owned up.



Professor Parish squinted her eyes and turning a nasty glare on the marauders “No owning up?” She hissed at the class but still keeping a firm eye on them “Mr Black, Mr Potter I presume?” Not waiting for an answer you continued “I’ve heard of your reputation, perhaps the two of you can tell me who would have done such a rude and inappropriate thing”



Sirius’s eyes darted around the room in search of someone who disliked, with no luck he turned his gaze back onto Professor Parish. It was times like these he really did wish he had a lesson with Slytherines’.






“It was me!” A certain brunette called from the shocked row of students, even Marlene herself was astonished by what she had just said, but with a forced breath she continued “I- I did it. I am sorry” She mumbled casting her eyes down.



Sirius wasn’t quite sure what to do, whether to own up now and get the two of them in trouble or to stay quiet and let Marlene take the blame for something she never did.



He couldn’t speak, every time he went to he found himself physically unable to speak.



“Miss McKinnon? I’m surprised, I’ve heard all about goody two shoes Marlene McKinnon. Tell me now why on earth would you do something so out of turn?” Professor Parish tilted her head putting on a soft sweet voice that really didn’t suit her to make herself more threatening.



“I-I am… um… not really sure. I suppose I-I thought… um… that uh, it… um. I-I am really.. uh… sorry”



“Larde-darde-dar” Professor Parish spat at her “Get to the chase McKinnon”



Sirius couldn’t do nothing but glare at the teacher with an open mouth, his thoughts still dwelling over why he wasn’t able to talk…. nothing. not even a single word.



Marlene stayed silent, not able to look up at the teachers face as Professor Parish took a threatening step forward.



“detention, with me, in here tomorrow. And don’t think that will be it miss McKinnon, I can assure your year will be hell”



The bell rung and Marlene let out a sign of a relif as her shoulders relaxed and the Professor Parish stormed out of the classroom, her high heels booming down the corridor as she went.



Sirius rushed over to Marlene shortly followed by Remus and Peter, Sirius pulled her into a hug and went to say something but still couldn’t find the words.



Marlene suddenly opened her eyes wide as though realization struck her “oh yes, sorry I forgot I placed that charm on you” She said flicking her wand and with that the tight feeling around his throat vanished and he gulped for air.



 “What did you do that for?”



She shrugged it off casually “Oh I knew you would have a moan, I put the charm on you to stop you interrupting, with your track record she would have probably have found a way to expel you”



“For a second there I thought she was going to bitch slap you” Mary commented still staring shocked at her best friend.



 “I still can’t believe you lied about doing it!”



 “Stop being a fish-head Sirius and get over it, she was being horrible to you I could not just let her bully students” She finished as the six of them excited the defence against the dark arts classroom.



 “So you let her bully you instead, right?”



 “Pretty much, yes. Something wrong with that?” She smiled tilting her head to the side daring him to continue.



He sighed and turned to go back to the common room in preparation for tonight, he would have loved to have stayed and argued for a bit but there was no time, the four of them were on a strict schedule. Today was the day that the marauders would finally turn into animagus’s, accompanied by a werewolf.






A/N again thank-you to my reviewers :D the next chappy is on their night with Remus, I'm sorry for the long update, I had it done about a week ago but never got around to uploading it :D

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Seriously Black: A very tickled teacher


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