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'Till Death Do Us Part by alicia and anne
Chapter 11 : Chapter 11
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 Fred was only in the cell for ten minutes, but which felt like a lifetime to him. Albus came back to let him out with a grin across his face. He passed Fred’s wand back to him as he escorted him away from the cells, Fred resisted trying to punch him as he was released, he didn’t want to have to go back into the cell.

That resistance didn’t last further then making their way out of the Ministry, as soon as they were out of sight of anyone else Fred punched Albus as hard as he could in the arm. Fred apparated away as quickly as he could, scared that Albus would retaliate back or arrest him again.

As Fred walked up to the front door of his house, he noticed that his father was waiting for him with a grin on his face.

“Leave me alone,” Fred spat angrily, George’s grin widened at seeing his son so annoyed at him, as though it was his intention, which Fred thought it more than likely was.

“Oh come on Freddie, it was hilarious,” George stated as his son stormed passed him into the house. Fred noticed that everyone who had come over for the staff ‘bonding’ had gone home. Probably so that they could spread the gossip that Fred Weasley was a criminal.

“You and Albus are jerks,” Fred told his dad angrily, storming into the kitchen and opening the fridge, snatching a bottle of water out of it. “How long have you been planning to humiliate me for?”

“As soon as Albus turned up to stop the fight with the other Aurors, he came over to ask me what I witnessed before the plan formed.”

Fred turned around and glared at his father as he leant against the kitchen counter and took a drink of his water.

“Oh come on it made you look dangerous in front of everyone, no one is going to mess with you now.” George tried telling him.

“And now Julie is going to think that I’m a criminal, I bet she ran off screaming. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s going to hand in her notice when we get to work”

“She didn’t run off screaming,” George told him, Fred gave a scoff. “In fact she fell asleep on the chair in the front room, so Hugo carried her up to your room to sleep.”

Fred blanched, “Do you mean to tell me that you let Hugo go upstairs alone with Julie?”

“Relax Fred; Hugo was being a perfect gentleman, probably because I was keeping an eye on him.” George informed him, Fred took a breath and felt relief flood through him.

“She’s looking pretty sick though,” George told him honestly.

“Yeah she’s got the flu,” Fred said. “She’s not been feeling well for a few days.”

“I don’t think she should be working until she’s better, I’ll have to put her on sick leave.” George stated, beginning to walk out of the kitchen. “Which means more shifts are up for grabs.”

“Give them to Hugo,” Fred muttered in annoyance. George gave a laugh at his son’s attitude.

“You’re sleeping on the couch tonight Freddie, I don’t want to catch you sneaking into your room with Julie.” He stated as he left. Fred shook his head at his father before giving a scoff, trying to stop himself from thinking about Julie asleep in his bed. There was a high chance that he wouldn’t be washing his sheets for quite some time.


“Are you excited?” Amelia asked James as she seemed to bounce around in her seat next to him. They were currently sitting in the waiting room at St Mungo’s waiting for their Healer to become available and see them.

“Quite excited, but I’m also a bit nervous.” James admitted to her, as he wrung his hands in front of him, his legs bouncing slightly.

“It still doesn’t feel real that we’re having two does it?” Amelia asked him, James gave a laugh as he shook his head.

“No it really doesn’t. Although you look like you’re carrying two,” He added as a joke, Amelia hit him on the arm for joking about it.

“You look like you’ve got a Quaffle under your clothes,” James said to Amelia looking down at her bump. She looked down at it as well.

“It feels like I’ve got one there too. Although I’d say it looks more like the size of a Bludger at the moment.”

“Pretty soon it’ll be the size of one of those massive balloons that they sell at Uncle George’s shop.” He laughed. Amelia rolled her eyes at James’s comment, before shifting on the seat a little and rubbing her stomach with her right hand.

“I am not looking forward to walking around with my stomach so big I can’t get my arms around it.”

“I don’t think it’ll be that big,” James said to her, “well I hope not, as you already take up most of the bed.”

“Well there technically are four people in there.” Amelia said, “We need all the room we can get.”

“I think I’ll have to sleep on the floor soon, because you and the babies will push me out.”

Amelia gave a smile as she looked at James; he leaned forwards and gave her a kiss on the lips.

“Amelia Potter?”

Amelia looked up to see her Healer standing outside of the door she would be going into, looking expectantly over at her.

“It’s time to find out,” James said happily standing up and taking his wife’s hand to help her stand.


“I think you owe me some money,” James said as he came out of the room holding onto Amelia’s hand and taking a hold of the notes that she was carrying.

“I’ll quite happily pay up,” Amelia told him as she beamed at him, letting go of his hand so she could wrap her arm around him as they walked.

“I told you it would be two boys,” James said as they walked to the lift, so they could go down to the ground floor so they could leave. Amelia had decided that she was going to tell her work colleagues when she came back to work tomorrow, their family needed to know first. “Now you can start buying stuff for them.”

Amelia bounced around in excitement; she had been looking forward to this day for a very long time now. “I can’t wait!” she cried loudly.

“How about we go to Gringotts to get some money out, and then I’ll walk you to see Adam.” James said, giving his wife a kiss on top of the head. He wouldn’t be able to stay with her all day and wouldn’t even be able to see Adam because he was meant to be at work by now. Brent was covering for him until he got in from his appointment. He had agreed to stay later in his shift as a favour for James, to which he was thankful for, otherwise he would have been unable to go to the appointment today.

“That sounds good to me,” Amelia said looking down at her watch, “Lucy should meet me at Adam’s work in about twenty minutes.”

“I don’t think it’s safe to give you access to my entire account if Lucy’s going with you,” James joked.

“We’re not that bad together,” Amelia said scolding him as they stopped walking up the road and looked around for a sign of anyone, when the coast was clear Amelia held onto James’s arm tightly and he apparated them both to the Leaky Cauldron.


Amelia pushed open the door to the Apothecary slowly and walked into the shop, the familiar smell of potions hitting her nose and causing her to wince slightly at the strength of it. The door closed behind her and a bell jingled around the shop. She could hear shouting coming from the back of the shop and wandered over slowly as she recognised Adam’s voice.

“–I really don’t care, you shouldn’t have done it should you?” Adam yelled angrily, his arms throwing themselves into the air, as the other guy looked apologetically towards him.

“I’m sorry Adam but I couldn’t exactly admit that it was me could I?” The man said as Adam shook his head at him.

“You didn’t have to blame me though did you? Do you realise the seriousness that this has got us into?” Adam asked, his voice was still raised.

“I’ll go and tell them it was me,” the man said quickly, eagerly trying to make whatever it was better.

“It’s too late now, what’s happened has happened, they won’t believe you. They’ll think that I made you admit to it – Amelia!” Adam said, he had been mid yelling when he turned around and saw that his sister was standing behind him.

Amelia glanced between Adam and the man she didn’t recognise before she asked Adam, “What is going on?”

“It’s nothing,” the man said, walking out of the room and out back leaving Adam glaring after him.


Adam turned to look at his sister and gave her a smile that she noticed didn’t meet his eyes. “It’s just work stuff Amelia, don’t worry about it.”

“Adam it sounded serious,” Amelia said, as Adam took hold of her hand and pulled her towards the front of the store, so he could keep an eye out for anymore customers that would come in.

“It’s just a misunderstanding,” Adam said with a shrug, “Just keep it between us though ok? I don’t want Lucy worrying. If she finds out I’m having another argument with Gerald then she’ll come in and give him a piece of her mind.”

Amelia gave a reluctant nod, hoping that her brother had everything under control. She knew that Lucy would go straight up to Gerald and defend Adam, more than likely not knowing the whole story, Amelia would defend James if she knew something was going on at the Ministry.

“Let’s not worry about that though,” Adam said waving his hand and dismissing the previous conversation, he made Amelia take a seat on the chair behind the counter as he stood next to it. “How did today go?”

Amelia gave a smile as she reached into her pocket and pulled out the Galleon that she owed Adam and handed it to him. He took it from her and placed it in his pocket before he got the meaning behind it.

“Yes!” he said in excitement, hugging his sister. “I knew it was going to be two boys.”

“You must be psychic,” Amelia said with a laugh.

“Is it bad that I want to buy them both brooms already?” Adam asked, excitement written all over his face, she knew that he was going to spoil them rotten.

“Maybe just a tad early, I think you should wait until they at least get here,” She said with a laugh at her brother reaction. “And then probably wait until they are able to walk.”

“I take it that you’re now waiting for Lucy?” Adam asked her, the smile still across his face. Amelia gave a nod in response to his question.

“She shouldn’t be too long; she’ll probably arrive early...” He was cut off by the sound of the door chime and a loud scream of excitement was heard once Lucy came into view.

“I just saw James on the way here and he told me the good news, I’m so excited for you both,” Lucy cried, rushing over to Amelia and giving her a hug. Amelia laughed whilst Adam looked offended that he didn’t get a hug first. “Although I can’t believe that the boys won the bet.”

“No hello to your fiancé?” Adam asked, trying to sound hurt, but failing. Lucy rolled her eyes as she let go of Amelia and walked over to Adam to give him a quick kiss on the lips.

“Can we please start shopping now, I have been waiting for too long.” Lucy pleaded with Amelia.

Amelia gave a chuckle as she got off of the seat and grabbed for her bag, “Let’s get going.”

“I’ve already warned most of Diagon Alley that you’ll be buying all of their stock.” Adam called after them; Lucy shook her head at him as the two left the shop.

“So where shall we begin?” Lucy asked excitedly, her arm linking with Amelia’s.


“Hello there,” James said walking over to Amelia who had come into the office. He could see Brent was walking behind her; he was currently laden down with quite a few bags. James gave Amelia a kiss on the cheek before looking over at the bags Brent had put on the floor.

“I thought you had gone home Brent,” James said as Amelia hugged up to him.

“I thought I was as well,” Brent laughed, “I saw Amelia shopping so decided to say hello, but then I somehow got collared to carry all of this.” He indicated the various bags that were now at his feet. Amelia rolled her eyes at Brent’s lie.

“You offered to help, in exchange for ice cream and a cup of coffee if I remember right?” she said, James laughed as Amelia pulled away from him.

“So what brings you up here?” he asked her, “and where’s Lucy?”

“She’s meeting Adam at work,” Amelia didn’t tell Lucy about Adam’s argument with his co-worker that Amelia had overheard earlier. She planned to tell James later on and ask for his opinion or ask him to talk to Adam about it, she thought that maybe James would be able to get to the bottom of the situation a lot better than either her or Lucy would be able to. “So I decided that I needed to show you what I got today, which couldn’t wait until tonight.”

“Considering you’ll probably be asleep by the time I get home anyway.” James said with an affectionate smile at her, Brent had excused himself to the coffee room to get himself a drink whilst James and Amelia spoke. There were a few other people in the office; each of them had greeted Amelia when she had arrived before going back to their own conversations with each other. It was a bit quiet in the office today so they were all doing paperwork.

Amelia walked over to the bags that Brent had placed on the floor and picked up a large bag with the logo Quality Quidditch Supplies covering most of the maroon colour on it.

She came back over to James and handed it to him with a smile on her face. He looked in the bag in interest and pulled out an item, opening it. It was a tiny Quidditch top that was a Navy blue in colour and had the words Puddlemere United on the front of it.

James looked down at it in awe before looking up at Amelia with his mouth open. “Oh my, it’s so small. It’s wonderful.” Puddlemere United were James’s favourite Quidditch team, he had met the Keeper Oliver Wood many a time during his life as his father had gone to school with him and Harry and Oliver been on the Gryffindor Quidditch team together.

“Turn it over,” Amelia told James, James turned the shirt over and saw that written on the back was the word ‘Potter’ with ‘Keeper’ stitched underneath it. James could only look at it in awe before looking up at his wife at a loss for words.

Amelia beamed at James’s reaction. “I’ve got two of them,”

“They’re bloody brilliant!” James stated happily, giving his wife a big hug.

Amelia decided to get the two tops personalised with the word keeper as that was James’s position on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. A position that James had loved to play, and would have done professionally if he wasn’t so interested in magical animals.

Amelia spent the rest of her afternoon sitting in James’s office, showing him the various items that she had brought. Some of James’s co-workers had joined them in looking at the items, Amelia thought that they must have been bored of paperwork and wanted a break from it. Amelia had gone home by slow floo, with the items shrunk into a small enough size to fit in her pocket a couple of hours later. She would have gone home sooner but the guys had all decided to order some food in for their breaks and Amelia had stayed so she could eat with them. It was a nice relaxed end to a very exciting day for her.

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