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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 21 : Chapter Twenty-One
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Awesome chapter image of Bentley and Aubri by naughtforreal @ TDA!

I was in the kitchen making cookies with the twins, Tessa and Oscar when Ria came in with a smile plastered on her face. "Good morning!"

"Technically it's afternoon," Tessa said as she pointed to the clock which said it was half-two.

"Happy are we, sis?"

"Oh yes, I'm off out tonight. Christmas drinks and all that," she told us with a smile as she helped herself to orange juice from the fridge.

"I take it lover boy will be there then?" I smirked at her.

"I don't know what you mean."

"Who's lover boy?" Tessa questioned.

I laughed. "Just a certain Potter. Y'know the one who publicly humiliated Ria, well now she claims they're friends but I can tell they are so not."

Tessa looked disgusted. "James Potter, really? I mean you two hate each other. And isn't it a bit weird that your younger sister just happens to have two kids by his younger brother."

Ria shrugged as she left the room, and me and Tessa exchanged looks. "Dad's going to see Grandma Sylvia and Bampa Duncan this afternoon isn't he?" She asked as she slid a finger up the side of the mixing bowl to get the remaining cookie dough.

"Yep," I said popping the 'P'. "What are you up to later on?"

"I'm going to the Potter's to see Lily."

I slid the tray of cookie dough into the oven. "Does dad know that."

"I've already asked him. Flick."

I grabbed a wet cloth and went over to clean the twin’s faces because they were covered in chocolate, as was Oscar. "So you don't want to come and see Santa with us then."

"No thanks, Flick, I'm pretty sure he already knows what I want for Christmas."

I sighed, it sucks to see my baby sister growing up, next thing I know she'll be the one leaving Hogwarts. "Go get you shoes and coat on, Ozzy, we're off to see Santa."

He slid of the stool and ran down the hallway yelling, "Yay, we're off to see Santa."

I took the twins out of their highchairs and lent over the baby gate to put them on the living room floor, so I could go get their coats from the hall. I took them off the hook and went in the living room, picking up Bentley first. I got them both ready and sat them on the floor so they could see the TV, before putting it on one of the kids channels that they like.

From under the stairs I pulled out their buggy and opened the front door, I went down the steps and put up the buggy, since it'd be easier than trying to get it down the steps with them inside. I went back in and got Bentley and just as I was about to go down the front steps dad came downstairs.

"Want some help, Fliss?"

I nodded and he went and got Aubri for me as well as Oscar. Once they were both snuggled in their cosytoes and Oscar was ready, dad watched them so I could nip upstairs to get my bag, purse and wand (not that I would need it).

I went back out, kissed dad goodbye and went through the gate. We got to the end of our road and onto the main road before I flagged down a cab. The cab driver dropped us outside the same Shopping Centre that me and Tessa had been to earlier in the week.

"Thanks," I said to the driver as I handed him the exact amount.

I had seen the advertisement for Santa's grotto last week and I knew that I wanted to bring Bentley and Aubri; I mean it is their first Christmas after all and I want to make sure it’s a good one. The Centre was quite packed with last minute shoppers and parents with kids who were screaming because they wanted a certain toy there and then. When we got onto the first floor I could see a long line for the Santa's grotto and I sighed.

"We might have to wait a while, Ozzy, fancy getting some hot-chocolate first?"

Oscar looked at the line then back to me as he contemplated his options. "With cream and 'mallows?"

I nodded. "Sure."

I found this small coffee shop in amongst a large toy shop and a large shoe shop and then laughed to myself. Must be a place where they drop of the husbands, I thought as Oscar went in and found us a table. I parked the buggy next to it and put the brake on before I went to the counter to order. As the man began making them I kept glancing back to check on Ozzy and the twins.

On seeing that I was getting fidgety and glancing backwards, the guy told me to sit down and he would bring them over. I smiled gratefully and went back to the table where Oscar was playing with the salt and pepper shakers.

"What you up to, Oz?" I asked as got the baby bag off the back of the buggy before sitting down. I opened it to get out the twins sippy cups out and I handed them one each. He shrugged as started to move them around and making cars sounds.

The man behind the counter brought over our hot chocolates, complete with marshmallows and cream just like Oscar wanted. I thanked him and then asked Oscar about whether or not he was excited for Christmas and what he hoped to get.

Just as we were getting ready to leave he asked, "Have you read mum's letter?"

I frowned. "What letter?"

"It came the other morning, wishing us a happy Christmas. Dad said there were presents inside for us. Why isn't she here with us? Elliot and Cory both think it's strange that I haven't got a mummy."

I stared at my little brother simply because I had no idea what to say, "You have got a mum, Ozzy, she just doesn't live with us. Don't listen to them. With mum travelling, who knows what she's doing. Just think she may be helping Santa deliver the presents tonight," I told him after a minute.

He smiled at me and I reached over with a napkin to wipe his face, he fussed for a moment and then said, "Can we go see Santa now?"

"Come on then."

We left the coffee shop and headed back down to where the Santa's grotto was. The queue was shorter now although all the shops still seemed packed with last minute shoppers. We joined the end of the queue and coming from the exit of the grotto I spotted Lindsey.

"Hey, Linz," I called as she walked past trying to push the buggy and carry Ellie at the same time. Lindsey looked in our direction and smiled as she came over.

"Flick, Oscar. You going to see Santa?"

Oscar smiled and nodded at Lindsey before turning his attention back to looking at the fake snowmen, reindeer's and penguins that were scattered around the fake snow.

"Was it any good?" I asked as Lindz strapped Ellie back into her buggy.

"Yeah although she cried bloody murder when she sat on his lap, so I had to sit on him and hold her," she told me as she pulled a photo from off of the top of the buggy. In a lower voice she added, "I swear he tried to feel me up."

I laughed as we moved forward in the queue. "Merry Christmas, Lindz. See you soon."

"And you, Flick. Bye."

I waved to Ellie and Lindsey waved to the twins, Aubri sort of waved back to her but the she got distracted and started clapping her hands. It didn't take long for us to get to the front of the queue and as a women dressed as an elf ushered us through she gave me a dirty look. I scowled because I knew she was silently judging me for being a young mum.

"How old are they?" she questioned.

"Seven years old and then these two are eleven months."

She nodded and told us to wait there whilst she went through a door.

"Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas," came a booming voice from the large man who was clad in red and white. He was sat on a big wooden chair and there were piles of presents behind him and around, there was also a giant red sack in front of him on the floor. The fake fire was crackling away in the background as the jolly old man called Oscar forward to sit on his lap. "What's your name young man?" he asked.


"And what is it you want for Christmas?" Santa asked loudly.

"I'd like a bike, one that goes really fast and a train set and a..." Oscar carried on listing what he wanted and I smiled because I knew that some of the items he said he was definitely going to get.

"Now you make sure you go to bed nice and early, don't forget the carrots for my reindeer. Here we go," Santa said to Oscar as he handed him a present.

"Would you like a picture?" The elf asked me.

I thought about and then said, "Yes please."

"That'll be five pounds please."

I rolled my eyes as I went into my bag to get my purse out, I paid her and then she stood behind what looked like an old fashioned camera.

Oscar sat on Santa's lap and the elf called, "Smile." Oscar pulled a big cheesy grin and she took the picture. "It'll take around five minutes. If you wait in the small sweet shop that is on the way out, one of the other elves will bring in to you once you’re ready."

I nodded as Santa came over to see Bentley and Aubri to give them a present each as well. "Merry Christmas," he chuckled.

"And you. Ozzy, say thank you."

"Thank you." Oscar repeated.

The elf guided us through the door and into a small sweet shop where there was another elf, this time a young boy. I thought I recognised him but then I thought it must just be a coincidence. The shelves behind him were filled with jar after jar of sweets. Cola cubes, rosy apples, liquorish wheels, flying saucers and fudge were to name a few.

I bought some fudge because I knew how much we all liked it and as I paid the boy he said, "Flick?"

I smiled at him. "Yeah it's me. How are you, Theo?" I asked since it was the boy I once dated. The one I never heard back off after he found out I was a mum.

"Good thanks, you?" he asked and I nodded. "Look I'm really sorry about never calling you back. It just freaked me out, knowing that you had kids," Theo explained as he looked down at Bentley and Aubri. "Are you with anyone now?"

"Yeah, you?"

"Nope, girls are way too much hassle and anyway I uh..." Theo paused. "I now bat for the other team if you get my drift. I mean I was confused but now I'm sure."

"It's fine, Theo, really. So are you really seeing anyone?"

He shook his head, which made his long shaggy blonde hair become even messier than it was and for the bell on the end of his hat to jingle.  "I hate to ask, Flick, and I mean you don't have to answer me but are you with their dad?"

I sighed. "Not really, y'see he doesn't even know about them."

"And does the guy your with know about them?" I shook my head, "That's some fucked up shit." I heard him mutter under his breath so that only I could hear.

I laughed. "It really is. Nice outfit." I smirked as he came around this side of the counter to get one of the empty sweet jars; he had on green tights, red shorts and long pointy shoes with bells on which jingled as well as a red and green striped top.

"Ha-ha, I needed the money and a job is a job right."

There was a sound of a bell being pushed in the background and Theo went over to the hatch at the back of the shop. He came back over and handed me a plastic frame with Christmas related things on it, inside was the picture of Oscar and Santa.

"Thanks," I said as I took it off of him and put it in my bag for safekeeping.

"It's nice seeing you and I really I am sorry. I still thought like a kid back then, I guess," he apologised.

"Seriously its fine don't worry about it," I told him.

"See you around yeah?"


Once I had dragged Oscar away from looking at the fish tank, god knows why there was a fish tank in Santa's grotto and we headed back downstairs and then out of the shopping centre. I flagged down the first taxi that I saw and we got in, to head home.


All night Oscar was a bundle of energy, and he kept zipping from the living room into the kitchen and back again as he was looking out for Santa. We were all sat in the living room, in our pyjamas except for dad as he had gone round to pick up Nana Marge, as she's coming to stay for a couple of days.

"Dad's here," Oscar announced as he zoomed through into the kitchen with Aubri crawling behind him.

"Oh no you don't, Aubri." I laughed as I bent down and picked her up just as the front door opened.

"We're home!" Dad called as Nana Marge came into the living room.

Oscar and Tessa both went over and hugged her. I moved Aubri so she was on my hip and went into the kitchen to make up their bottles for bed. I've gotten so used to doing things one handed that it was a breeze and they were both made and ready within minutes. I went back into the living room and saw nana giving Bentley cuddles.

"Sorry, nana, but these two are off to bed, and so am I," I told her as Aubri wriggled in my arms and Ria went out into the kitchen.

Nana smiled as she stood up, kissed Bentley and handed him to me. She kissed Aubri and then me. "Goodnight my child, sweet dreams."

I kissed her back. "Night, nana." I turned back to Tessa who was curled up on the sofa. "Tess, when you come in try to be quiet please."

Since Nana was going to be staying in Ria's room, Ria was sleeping in Tessa's room and Tessa was to be sleeping in my room with me and the twins.

She nodded. "Sure thing, sis."

Ria handed me the bottles  and I mouthed a 'thanks'. I headed upstairs to my room and went in. I sat them both on my bed and used my wand to shut my door, I accio'd their nappies, wipes and baby grows and changed them ready for bed. "All done," I sang. I checked that their bottles had cooled and handed one to each of them.

Once they had finished their bottles I put them in their cots and went to the bookshelf to get a book, as I was scanning through the story titles I saw the perfect one. I picked it off of the shelf and went and sat on the bean bag that is on the floor between their cots.

I opened it up and started reading, "It was the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse."

I carried on and by the time I finished they were both sound asleep. I wasn't at all surprised as it was way past their bed time and it had been a long day. I smiled at my sleeping babies. "I promise I'll tell your daddy soon. Sweet dreams."

I picked up my own pyjamas and went down to the bathroom to get ready for bed. My room was filled with soft snores which were coming from Bentley and their night light added a soft glow. I got the twins stockings that were already full out of my wardrobe and went over and placed them on beanbag. I slipped into bed and snuggled under my quit.

"Soon," I mumbled as I shut my eyes.

After a while I heard the door creak open and then soft footsteps. "Flick," Tessa hissed. "Can I get in now."

"Sure," I mumbled as she climbed in and I fell right asleep.

"IT'S CHRISTMAS!" Came a loud voice from a fairly small person.

I groaned as I rolled over and felt a foot in my back from Tessa. I rolled back and groaned again but then I heard Bentley and Aubri both saying 'mum-mum' as well something hitting my face.

I opened my eyes and came face to face with Aubri who was hitting me and yelling, "Mum-mum."

"Morning beautiful," I said as a smile spread across my face.

Ria's voice added into the mix of Oscar and the twins yelling, "Merry Christmas, come on sleepy heads."

I sat up and looked around, I shut my eyes and then re-opened them so they could adjust to the fact that my bedroom light was on. "Is dad up yet?"

Ri shook her head as Oscar jumped on top of Tessa who yelped. "Nana is, she's making breakfast for us and said to wake dad up."

I smiled as I knew what was coming. "What are we waiting for then?" I questioned as I scooped Aubri into my arms and kissed her all over. I got out of bed and grabbed my dressing gown just as Tessa tried to sit up but found both Oscar and Bentley sat on her.

"Merry Christmas to you, too," she grumbled but then laughed.

The six of us left my room, with our stockings in our hand, the only one not to have one was Ria and that was because she claimed she was now 'too old' for a stocking.

"Ri, I don't think twenty-one is too old for a stocking. You're only as young as you act," I told her and she looked at me and shook her head.

"Twenty-one is too old for a stocking as far as I'm concerned."

I shrugged as Oscar pushed dad's bedroom door opened and went and jumped onto the bed as well as dad.


We followed suit, as dad's head emerged from under his quilt looking like a rabbit in the headlights.

"LOOK," Oscar shouted as he shoved his stoking up in dads face. "Santa's been."

Dad chuckled as I sat down with Aubri in front of me. "So he has, what has he brought you all then?"

 Dad took Aubri from me and helped her with her stocking whilst Ria helped Bentley. I was glad to see that there were socks in mine, I always seem to end up losing one which leaves me with piles of odd socks.

I mean it's strange isn't it, that how when I was Oscar age I used to hate getting clothes for Christmas or my birthday but yet as a teenager you're so glad to get them. It didn't take me long to finish and I leant over to give dad a hug and a kiss. "Thank you," I said quietly.

The bed was covered with wrapping paper and Bentley and Aubri, as well as Oscar were mesmerised by what they had. I smiled as I slipped out of dad's room and back upstairs to my own so I could grab the magic camera to take pictures. As I came back down the stairs I passed Ginger Nut and Cookie who were both playing with some bright green feathery cat toy, I laughed at them because they both had a pair of reindeer antlers on their heads. Neither of them seemed bothered by them so I took a picture and then went back into dad's room.

We all stayed in dad's room until nana lured us out with the smell of bacon. I headed upstairs with Tessa and we put our stockings and the twins ones on my bed, before heading downstairs. Nana was in the kitchen happily humming along to one of the Christmas songs that was currently blaring from the radio on the window sill.

"So here it is Merry Christmas everybody's having fun," Nana sang in time to the song as she levitated plates into the dining table where Tessa was as well as the twins who were in their highchairs. "I've made their porridge, Flick, and I put some strawberries and banana in with it."

"Thanks, nana," I said I as got two bibs and spoons out of their cupboard, I went over to them and put their bibs on before putting their bowls on their highchair tray as well as giving them a spoon each. I went back over to nana and I was amazed at how much she had cooked.

"Help yourself, dear, I just put some toast on as well."

It was like being at Hogwarts or the Weasley's, with the amount of food nana had made. I had a thought that if she ever met Al's nana, Molly Weasley they would get on great. In fact they could probably write a book together on how to feed your grandchildren because they both make such amazing food.

I helped myself to some hash browns, bacon, egg, sausage and beans and went to the table. "If Christmas dinner is anything like this, I don't think I'll need to eat for a week," I muttered to Tessa who laughed and the nearly choked because her mouth was full.

I hit her on the back as Oscar and Ria came and sat down, both of their plates were overflowing as well. Eventually nana and dad joined us with their food and I felt like I was on top of cloud nine because everything was so perfect.

After breakfast we went into the living room and found mounds of presents, each in different wrapping paper. "Wow!" Oscar whispered before running over to the large box shaped present. "Is this mine?" he asked as he turned around to look at dad.

Dad smiled and nodded. "Yep, all the blue paper with penguins is yours. Tessa yours is blue with presents on, Flick yours are in pink paper with snowmen and Ria yours are in purple paper."
I sat on the floor next to the tree and pulled my medium sized pile out from under it, Oscar's face was a picture and he squealed really loudly when he finally managed to get all the paper off the big box and sure enough on the side of it was a picture of the bike he wanted.

I didn't let Bentley and Aubri open theirs just yet because I knew they would too preoccupied with all the paper rather than their presents. Aubri was sat on my lap and she was helping unwrap my presents which included clothes, bath stuff, muggle DVDs, more clothes, a broom, in fact it wasn’t just a broom it was a firebolt two hundred and twenty and a fair bit of muggle money in an envelope.

I looked up at dad as I slid the bank notes out of the card, "Thought you could use it, I mean those two are exactly cheap." He laughed pointing at Aubri who was trying to prise the money from my hand and at Bentley who was lying in amongst piles of wrapping paper. "You could put it towards buying a place of your own if you want, or you could exchange it in Gringotts for galleons, sickles and knuts to help with your healer course once you finish school."

I stood up with Aubri in my arms and went over and hugged him which made Aubri giggle because she was in the middle of us. "Thanks, daddy, you're the best."

Tessa's squeal of joy was nearly as loud as Oscar's when she unwrapped her phone. "Thank you, daddy!"

I sat back down with Aubri on my lap and pulled her presents towards me, I gave her the first one and tore some of the paper, she looked at it and then took it from me, ripping the paper to shreds. I laughed as the snitch came fluttering out of the paper and Aubri laughed as well as clapped her hands. It fluttered in front of her and then whizzed around my head before hovering back in front of Aubri.

She tried to crawl from my lap but I held on to her. "Not so fast, you've still got more," I told her as I plucked the snitch from the air as dad chucked me his wand so I could tap and it would switch off. I handed dad back his wand as Ria pulled Bentley from the paper and sat him down in front of her so he could also open presents.

Once they had finished I opened some of the toys so they could play with them before sitting on the floor with them. I was still in awe about the amount of money dad had given me.

"Here you go dear," Nana said to me as she handed me a small parcel which was neatly wrapped. She also handed one each to my siblings and to Bentley and Aubri. She also passed a small gift to dad.

I opened it to find to four small black boxes and an envelope. I opened each of the boxes to find four new charms for my bracelet; a strawberry, two small love hearts linked together, my birthstone which is an amethyst and a silver love heart. When I turned the love heart over I saw a hand and foot print engraved into it and I looked up at nana who smiled.

"It's Aubri's hand print and Bentley's footprint. I used the ones you did when they were a few weeks old, and then the people shrunk it down so they'd fit on."

"It's beautiful," I managed to say once I regained my voice. "Thank you, nana." I opened the envelope up and a bunch of muggle bank notes fell out, my eyes widened and I looked up at nana again. "I-I-..." I stuttered.

"You’re welcome, sweetie, like your father said you can do whatever you like."

I blinked away the tears before they could run down my cheeks and stood up to hug her. As I sat on the sofa next to her, I placed the boxes on the coffee table and started adding the charms to my bracelet. Ria handed me a Christmas bag and inside was perfume, make-up, Honeydukes finest chocolate and some muggle DVDs.

"Thought you deserve a pamper night," Ri told me as I handed her, her gift off of me and the twins. I also passed Oscar and Tessa theirs as well as I then opened Tessa's gift. I thanked them all and then Ria looked at me and mouthed something before going off out into the kitchen.

I understood what she said and left the living room to head upstairs. I went into Tessa's room and found the large package that Ria had wrapped, I checked the tag on to check it was for nana before going back downstairs.

"Merry Christmas, nana," I sang as I handed it to her. "It's off all of us."

Bentley crawled over and pulled himself up on the sofa edge and tried to help nana with the paper, so I pulled him up so that he sat between us.

"It's perfect," Nana beamed. "All of my Kathrynn's children and her grandchildren."

That struck a nerve and I grimaced slightly at the mention of mum's name. I know she's nana's daughter and she misses her but I mean we've managed fine since she left, so why bring her up. It's like opening a new wound every time she's mentioned or she sends a letter.

Thinking of mum, I went out into the kitchen where Ria was starting to prepare the dinner as I remembered what Oscar had said yesterday.

"Ri?" I asked looking at my elder sister as she put the chicken in the oven and turned the dials.

"Yes, Flick," she answered as she waved her wand and pointed it at the vegetable peeler's that were currently skinning the carrots and potatoes. The light above us flickered and Ria sighed. "Go turn it off please, sis, before the electricity goes."

I did as she asked and switched the light off since it was light outside now and because the bulb itself might pop as it has done before because of all the magic. You see we keep the magic to a minimum in the house unless it's needed because it plays haywire with the electric and our muggle devices.

"Do you know what dad did with the letter off mum? Oscar mentioned it to me yesterday and said there were presents inside for us." I asked and she turned to look at me.

"It's up there on the shelf," she told me as she pointed to the shelf near the back door with the wooden spoon she was using.

I picked it up and went over to the breakfast bar to sit down. I opened it up and scanned through it. She mentioned she missed us and wished she could be with us for Christmas but instead she sent us each a present. There were four cards each addressed to us, I opened mine and a bunch of money fell out. I read the greeting inside the card and scoffed.

"Oh I miss you all so much, wish you were here," I mocked as Ria started to make the stuffing.

"Flick..." she warned. "I know she shouldn't keep sending letters because it just keeps re-opening the fact she left us. But it's Christmas and we've got each other, we don't need her, Flick."

I sighed as I saw two owls appear outside the window, I went over to the back door and opened it, they both flew in which made Ria yell at me because she didn't want them near the food. The handsome brown flecky one had a letter tied around its leg addressed to me; I recognised the neat scrawl that my name was written in. The second owl which looked a bit tired and raggedy had five different letters around its leg.

I untied them and offered them the water in Swoops and Hallow's cages as well as giving them a couple of treats. I looked through the ones that the old owl had delivered and spotted my name on three of the envelopes, the other two were for Tessa and Ria. Then I realised that it must be the Weasley's owl as they would all be at The Burrow.

I handed Ria hers and took Tessa's into the living room before coming back and sitting at the breakfast bar. I opened each of the letters which were off Dom, Rose and Al each of them wishing me a Happy Christmas and Dom invited me to the New Year's Party that her grandparents throw every year. The other letter was off Scorpius, he also wished me a Happy Christmas and he asked after Bentley and Aubri.

It was only then that I remembered the present Aaron had given me, I had wrapped his present but I realised I didn't know his address. I sighed as I grabbed some parchment and a pen to reply to my friends. I thought about it and then changed my mind, but decided I had to do it:


Happy Christmas to you to!! Hope you're having a good day. Dom's already invited me and I'll be there if I can get away from family commitment's. I know this is probably stupid but could you tell me what Aaron and Hattie's address is, please?

See you next week.

Flick x

I re-read it and then sealed them all with Ria's wand which was on the table in front of me as she was reading her letter. I attached them to the Weasley's owl and my reply for Scorpius to the other one. I gave them a treat each before they flew back out the door. I went back into the living room and picked up my babies before heading upstairs.

I used my foot to shut my door and headed for the twins area of my room and placed them on their play mat and pulled some toys out of the toy-box. I went over and from under my bed I pulled out a box and went back over to them I changed Bentley's nappy first. Then dressed him in the red trousers and top that had a belt and buttons printed on it and the red hat. I then changed Aubri into white tights and the red dress which was trimmed in white. I smiled at my little Mr. and Mrs. Clause and went to get my own clothes so I could get dressed.

I then went over to my Hogwarts trunk which was half unpacked and I found the small package that Aaron had given me before we left school. I sat on my bed and tore off the paper, inside was a black box and when I opened it, it revealed a silver snake that had an emerald green eye. I smiled to myself as I attached it to my bracelet that was becoming fuller and went over to my desk and wrote him a note, wishing him a Happy Christmas and thanking him for my gift.

Once I was ready I picked the twins back up and headed downstairs, I went into the living room and set them down on the floor to play before going in the kitchen to help Ria with dinner. At one point Aubri crawled up to the baby gate and pulled herself up and started to yell at us which made me laugh, especially when Bentley crawled over and joined in with her.

Myself and Ria set about laying the table ready for dinner and putting Christmas crackers out as well. We had a mixture of muggle and wizarding ones because I knew Oscar and the twins were bound to prefer the wizarding ones as when the bang pretty confetti comes out. After helping Ria I went back into the living to spend time with my babies and I opened their brooms for them.

I sat Bentley on his which was hovering off the ground, and then let him go. He stayed there for a moment and the next he was zooming around, the living room. I laughed as he smiled his toothy grin at me, and I was glad that there was a charm on them to stop them from falling off because as the broom turned to do another lap I thought he would topple off.

"We'll make a Quidditch player of him yet," Dad chuckled as he watched his grandson fly around the room.

Even though I knew he would go no further than a couple of inches off the floor I still had images of him crashing into the Christmas tree. I opened his snitch which fluttered its wings before hovering in front of Bentley who nearly caught it before it flew away. He wasn't the only one trying to chase it as Cookie, Ginger Nut and Aubri were all trying to do the same thing. It was an adorable sight to see and I was glad that Tessa was taking pictures with the magical camera.

At twelve Ria and nana called us to let us know dinner was ready. The smell of roast chicken, carrots, peas and various other vegetables filled the air. I used the cover all bibs on the twins and sat them in their highchairs. Dinner was amazing, both Ria and nana make the best food. The twins seemed to be wearing most of their food and were happily talking to each other as well as yelling 'mum-mum' at me every now and again, which make me get the feeling that they were talking about me.

After dinner we settled in front of the TV to watch some of the Christmas shows, Albus had replied to me with Aaron's address and I had sent Swoops to deliver it. Later in the afternoon dad suggested that we go for a walk in the park as Oscar wanted to test out his new bike which was hidden under the stairs as dad had already put it together and just wrapped the box.

The twins were wrapped up and in their buggy and Tessa was pushing them down the garden path, whilst I was still stood in the hallway. As I left the house all I could think was that today was certainly turning out to be one of the best Christmas' ever.

A/N I'm not a big fan of this chapter even though it's set at Christmas which I love, but I feel like it dragged on.

Disclaimer: I don't own the song Merry Xmas Everybody, as it is by Slade.

Up Next: A boxing day meeting with an ex-boyfriend and revelations are told.

Edited - 30.06.2014

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Unexpected Parenthood: Chapter Twenty-One


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