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Dear Al by randomwriter
Chapter 2 : Park Swings and Chaste Kisses
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So, here's the second chapter. 

Discalimer still stands.


Dear Al

Park Swings and Chaste Kisses


"Petunia says we're both crazy." Lily was practically in tears.

"Don't worry, when we learn how to do some serious magic, we can make her cry." Smirked Snape.

Lily looked horrified. "Oh, Sev. Please don't tell me that that's what we're going to learning over there."

Snape shrugged.

He looked around. They were in the woods. Snape had found a secluded clearing where they could meet after Lily had refused to meet him in places where Petunia could find them. Somewhere close to them, there was a small stream. He could hear it's trickling noise. He absentmindedly wondered whether Lily would agree if he asked her to accompany him to the spring.

"Do you think I'm crazy?" Lily asked, hesitantly.

You could see how scared she was of the answer.

"You aren't crazy. We aren't crazy, Lily. We are talented."

So she was. But she wouldn't listen to him.

Petunia meant the world to her. She didn't want to disappoint her.

"You should stop worrying." Snape told her. "She's going to get over this. Some people just don't have magical blood in them."

"This'll crush her." Lily responded, definitively. "But, what if I pulled out?"

"Then you don't know what you'll be missing out on."

"Maybe that's a good thing..." Lily sighed.




"I have this book on Hogwarts. Would you feel better about going if I lent it to you? So that... you know... you'll be prepared for everything?" Snape asked Lily.

Almost a week had passed since their meeting in the woods. Petunia wasn't home and Lily had stepped out to take a walk while Snape, who had been watching her, had unexpectedly joined her.

They were sitting in the park opposite Lily's house and summer was in full swing. The Cherry Blossom trees had bloomed and the two of them were enveloped in a mass of soft pink and various hues of green. Snape was thinking about how romantic the setting was. Lily was worried about going to Hogwarts.

"You don't understand, Sev." Lily whined. "Petunia won't like it. She is my older sister after all."


Lily gave him a dirty look.

There was an old swing in the park. Nobody used it anymore, but nobody wanted to take it out either. Some people believed in preservation. That's how it always was, hence they did not want it to be taken down. Others believed that it added character to the park. Though Snape did not how an old lump of metal added character, he would not refute it all the same. It was at that very spot that he had first spoken to Lily.

Lily sprung up with sudden spontaneity.  "Push me." She called to him, as she ran towards the swing.

Snape walked over slowly, smiling to himself.

The old swing creaked as he pushed her slowly. She stretched her legs out and threw her head back. The warm sunlight caught her red hair and made it shine. Her smile looked even more radiant. He was mesmerized. They were both too caught up in the moment to say anything. A few moments of peace ensued. Then, Snape did the stupidest thing he could have done. He reminded her of the day when they had first met, thereby reminding her of Petunia's reaction.

Lily ran back to the bench. He followed her, sitting closely next to her.

She folded her arms and turned away from him.

He watched her from the side, unable to stop the smile that was slowly creeping up his face. He scooted closer to her and put his arm around her. A warm sensation flooded him and as she relaxed under his touch. He may have been only eleven, but he knew, even then, that she was all he wanted.

He would stroke her soft red hair and look into her startling green eyes every time he kissed her and told her how much he loved her. That was their future. He was sure.

Soon she was her usual self. Talking and laughing. He was lost in her laughter. Never had he heard something so musical, so liberating, so beautiful He wanted her to laugh, and he wanted to be the reason. As they watched the sun set, she told him that she would go to Hogwarts, for sure. That made his day.



 "I can't wait for second year to start!." Exclaimed Lily bouncing with excitement, as she breathed in the air of magic. "You were right, Sev. I feel privileged. Special. So... exclusive. I've missed these feeling." She smiled.

 Lily was impeccably dressed. She'd put on a sunny yellow knee-length dress which looked perfect on her. Snape on the other hand was wearing checked pants with an over-long shirt. One of the cuffs were ripped off. The contrast was evident. Snape cringed. He could see that people were already judging.

One boy passed them several times. He kept pacing up and down the platform. Whenever he was near them, he eyes Lily with interest. Snape felt pangs of jealousy sprout inside him. Lily was his. He would never let James Potter touch her.

But Lily smiled back pleasantly. And the messy-haired boy waved. She waved back, just as the train was getting ready to leave. She turned around and hugged her parents. Then, she slowly made her way towards Petunia. Snape watched as Lily whispered to her, a pleading look written plainly across her face. Petunia looked as stubborn as ever. Lily gave up. Her shoulders drooped and she walked into the train, looking thoroughly upset. Snape stood there for a moment, registering everything.

Then something snapped in him. He ran towards into the train and into Lily's compartment.

"When you go back home for Christmas, she'd have forgiven you. She's going to miss you, you know. You're on the train now. And you're going back to Hogwarts. This is just like last year. Don't let her ruin this for you."

Lily turned around and wiped away the tears. She stood up and hugged him. His arms draped themselves around her. This year, he would tell her, he thought.

Then, all of a sudden, while she was pulling away, she kissed him, lightly on the cheek.

Snape gaped at Lily. But Lily immediately downplayed her actions. She thanked Snape for re-assuring her and sat down on her seat again.

She could act like it never happened. But she couldn't hide the deep, scarlet blush that was staining her cheeks.

That was the only kiss Severus Snape ever got from Lily Evans. He would never have believed it then. He had a dream, and he felt so close to it. Someday, he would wake up every morning, next to her, and tell her that he was the luckiest man alive.



Author's Note:

Sorry about this chapter. It isn't great, aaand it's pretty short. Gah.

I didn't enjoy writing this chapter, for some reason. It hadn't come out as well as I had hoped and I must admit that I also couldn't get most of my ideas for this up, because I have forgotten some sort of important detail. I'll edit this if I remeber it. However, the next chapters are going to be so much better and longer, I've written a bit out and I'm much happier :)

Thank you CalypsoJenna and F Scott Fitzgerald! :D

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