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Harry Potter and The Inevitable by GinnyPotter0116
Chapter 8 : Chapter Eight: He Knows
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Harry yawned as he looked away from Remus, and fought the urge to close his eyes. For the last half hour he and Remus talked about OWL's and the next school term, and Harry tried his hardest to stay awake. He heard footsteps coming down the hallway, and glanced over at the doorway. Sirius and Ron walked in and talked quietly the one another as they approached Remus and Harry.

"What's going on?" Harry asked slowly as Ron sat on his free side, and Sirius sat on the other side of Remus.

"We're gonna take you upstairs to your room so you can get some sleep, you look ready to pass out." Sirius replied.

Harry's mind snapped to the problem he had thought about earlier when Remus had mentioned him returning to his room, and a frown fell on his face.

"What is it, pup?" Sirius asked as he studied Harry's face.

"I'm fine down here. I mean Ron probably likes to have that room upstairs all to himself, and I wouldn't be there to wake him up in the middle of the night-" Harry started, but stopped when he realized he started to tell them what he had worried about.

That was all Harry could worry about at the moment: nightmare's. They were already bad, his parent's and Cedric appeared in most of them, but now Voldemort added something else for him to scream about at night. He knew they would get worse, how couldn't they after everything he was put through?

"Don't worry about that, Harry. Ron's moving into my room for a while, so that I can be there if you need anything in the middle of the night." Sirius told him calmly.

In truth, Sirius and Remus discussed what they should do about Harry's nightmares since they were already bad, and knew they couldn't keep him on Dreamless Sleep potion's forever because his body would build up an immune system to it if they tried. So the decided it would be best if Sirius was in the room with him, to calm Harry down after he woke up from his nightmares.

"Okay." Harry said with a sheepish nod, and Remus could hear some guilt etched in his voice.

"Don't feel guilty about it. It's completely out of your control, and we just want to be there to help you." He told Harry quietly.

Harry nodded again, this time his face slightly flushed. Ron and Sirius then got off the couch, and stood right in front of Harry. Ron reached his hand out and Harry took it as he heaved himself out of his seat. Sirius placed an arm around his waist to steady him, and Harry gripped Ron's arm tightly as he swayed on the spot. The Strengthening Solution's and Blood Replenishing potion's only worked so fast, so it would take time for Harry to build up strength again, but it still embarrassed him to no end that he couldn't stand by himself. Ron placed his free hand on the small of Harry's back to keep him up straight and began to steer him towards the stairs. Harry had his mouth clamped shut tightly, because his stomach to feel nauseous, and tried hard to keep his body moving and up straight.

When they reached the stairs Ron stayed on the step before them and Harry kept a hold on his arm, and used it to help him pull himself onto the next step. Sirius stayed right by his side, and let Harry lean on him when necessary. Close to the half way point of the stairs, Harry began to pant and lean more on Sirius from using up most of his strength. Ron and Sirius both noticed, and stopped to let Harry take a deep breath. Ron looked at Sirius worriedly, his eyes pointing to Harry, and didn't know what to do. Sirius just gave him a small nod that told Ron he would take care of it. Sirius placed his one hand on the small of Harry's back, while the other went under his knees, and carefully Sirius picked him up.

"What are you doing?" Harry yelped, his body tensed from the sudden touch.

"Taking you upstairs." Sirius answered with a roll of his eyes.

Sirius continued up the stairs with Harry, while Ron walked in front of them and looked back at Harry's blushing face and snickered. Harry gave him a rude gesture with his hand, and Sirius lightly slapped the hand down while Ron continued to chuckle. Finally they reached the room Ron and Harry used to share, and Sirius set Harry back on his feet, and led him into the room. Harry looked around the room and noticed that Ron's stuff had been taken out and replaced with Sirius'. With help, Harry walked over to his bed and let Sirius him into a change of pajamas.

"If you need anything, call for one of the Weasley's or Hermione, they should all be up here." Sirius told Harry as he helped him into the bed.

"Where are you going?" Harry asked curiously.

"Order meeting." Sirius replied carefully.

Harry knew instantly what it was about, and gave a reluctant nod. Sirius couldn't hid his surprise that Harry didn't argue, but looked more closely at him and noted the tiredness in his godson's face and eyes. Sirius patted his hair gently and gave him a warm smile.

"I'll be up in a while to check on you." He said quietly.

Harry gave a brief smile and settled into the bed more and relaxed as he closed his eyes tiredly. He could sense that Sirius left the room, and knew Ron still stood by the door, and guessed he didn't know whether he should leave or not. But seeing that Harry was half asleep, Ron gave small sigh.

"I know when I'm not wanted." He said in a mockingly sad tone.

He started to walk down the hallway, and a lopsided grin grew on his face as he heard Harry chuckle in the room behind him.


Sirius hurried down the stairs as he heard chairs scrape against the wood floor in the dining room as Order Member's sat down, and quickly entered the room and sat in an available seat next to Tonks.

"Wotcher Sirius." She said happily as Remus sat on her other side.

"Hey Tonks." He replied, and watched the remaining Order Member's sit down.

"Happy to have your boy back?" She asked as she noticed his improved mood.

"You have no idea." Sirius muttered, a grin forming on his face.

"I know the both of you and Dumbledore were frantically looking for him," She said with a sideways' glance at Remus, "Dumbledore had all us Auror Members searching anywhere he could think of."

"Dumbledore mentioned that." Sirius said offhandedly.

Before she could continue on, Dumbledore cleared his throat and all eyes were on him. Sirius noticed that Moody was next to him, and Kingsley Shaklebolt, Hestia Jones, and Elphias Doge were across from him. He looked around the table more carefully, and he saw only Molly, Arthur, McGonagall, and Flitwick sitting there. Right away Sirius could tell this was a serious meeting, that only the most trusted Order Member's were allowed.

"Good afternoon, everyone. I know that this meeting was scheduled at the last minute, but I have very important news to share. First of all, for us do not know, Harry Potter was rescued last night from the Riddle House," Dumbledore started.

Sirius saw Hestia, Elphias, McGonagall, and Flitwick open their eyes in shock and suck in their breath. McGonagall clutched her chest tightly and slightly sagged in her seat from relief. Remus had to reach an arm out to help Flitwick stay steady in his chair, while Hestia and Elphias's mouths dropped open. The Other Order Members shared pleased look's with each other, glad that they got Harry right from under Voldemort's nose.

"Now, onto matter's of the present. As you all know, we have some of our Member's guarding a Prophesy in the Department of Mysteries, one that has to do with Harry and Voldemort," Dumbledore spoke, and stopped to let everyone take in what he had said.

Sirius and Remus looked sharply at him, was he about to tell them the full contents of the Prophesy? McGonagall, Flitwick, Arthur and Molly stared at Dumbledore with wide eyes, hardly believing their ears. Tonks, Kingsley, Moody, Hestia, and Elphias shared curious look's, and wondered what Dumbledore was going to tell them.

"After recent event's, I believe that Harry, along with his friends, and all of you should know what exactly this Prophesy says, so that we all know what we are fighting against, and what for."

"Dumbledore," McGonagall started, and looked at the surprised faces that surrounded her, "Do you believe it would be wise to tell Potter everything that the Prophesy says? He's just a boy."

"Yes, I believe he should know. I believe he should know why everything has happened to him, why exactly Voldemort has hunted him down since he was a baby, and why Voldemort wants him." Dumbledore answered.

Everyone at the table took a moment to gather in what Dumbledore told them, and they realized how dangerous the information they were going to be given was to have. Dumbledore watched them all ponder over everything, and waited for someone to point out the flaw he had made. After a few minutes of silence, it was Remus who spoke up.

"How do you know who to trust? Someone might possibly slip up." He said quietly.

"Ah, I see you have seen that particular flaw, but I have a solution. Everyone that hears the Prophesy will need to made an Unbreakable Vow with either myself, Sirius, or Remus to not speak a word of the Prophesy to anyone. And if anyone is uncomfortable with that, will not hear the Prophesy at all." Dumbledore responded.

Nod's rang throughout the room, and a few people pondered whether or not they would take the risk to hear the Prophesy and take the Unbreakable Vow that came with it, or to be unaware of it at all.

"I don't think I would be comfortable taking an Unbreakable Vow, I have a family that I need to take care of." Hestia said, and Elphias nodded in agreement with her.

"No problem, Hestia. When the time comes, however, I need you and Elphias to leave Headquarters." Dumbledore replied to her.

Hestia and Elphias nodded in agreement, while everyone else seated at the table became nervous as they thought about what they would hear in a few hours. Sirius had been more worried at how Harry would react to it, how he would feel with what rested on his shoulders. As he looked over, he saw Remus's face show the same way he felt. The Auror's looked determined, they knew how dangerous it was to know the information they were going to be given. Dumbledore took in the faces around him, and moved onto the next subject to let them all get prepared for the next few hours to come.


Harry rolled over in his sleep and sighed into his pillow. He had been asleep for a hour or two, and his body had taken in the relief it was given gratefully. Ron was on old bed by him and had been reading 'Flying With The Cannon's' again. Ginny and Hermione were in their own room, talking about god knows what, while the twins were in the sitting room on the same floor discussing the joke shop that they wanted to build after they finished with Hogwarts. Ron looked over at his best friend sleeping and gave a small smile. He had been scared to death when Voldemort had come and taken him, but he didn't really show how much it did, because he had been too busy helping Hermione deal with it all. He had only confided in Fred and George after he had calmed Hermione down, and told them how he felt.

The twin's were actually the ones that tried to soothe him, and told him that Sirius would do anything to get Harry back. Ron knew that of course, but they all knew what Voldemort wanted in exchange for Harry, and knew that it wasn't possible. Relief had spread through Ron when a rescue mission had been made, and how easy it was to get Harry back. Ron flipped the page of his book, and glanced at the picture of the Cannon's Seeker reaching his fist out and wrapped it around the snitch, when Harry gave a small gasp and sat straight up in his bed. Harry ignored the pain that shot up his back and muscles, and his eyes roamed around the room in search of danger. When he saw just Ron on the bed next to him, who looked at him with concern, he relaxed slightly. Harry could feel himself shaking, and pondered over why he was. He didn't have any strange nightmare's, he didn't even know why he woken up in the first place.

"You alright, mate?" Ron asked as he got off the bed.

Harry nodded his head and pushed his bangs off of his forehead with a trembling hand. Ron made his way over to Harry and sat next to him on the side of the bed, his book lay forgotten on the other bed.

"Do you want me to go get Sirius or Remus?" Ron asked, since he didn't know what to do.

"Yeah." Harry breathed.

Ron nodded and got off the bed, and made his way out of the room, and glanced over his shoulder as he did. Laying back in the bed, Harry rested his head back on the pillow and stared up at the ceiling, his eyebrows creased together. Suddenly, it hit him. A terrible pain erupted on his scar, and Harry gave a small cry as his hand flew straight to his scar, as if it would help. He snapped his eyes shut, and he clenched his teeth together to keep the scream building up in his throat silent.

"Sirius! Remus!" Harry heard Ron yell on the steps near the room.

Harry looked around the room before him, but didn't remember opening his eyes. Snape, Lucius Malfoy, and Peter Pettigrew were kneeling before him, and only Snape managed to keep eye contact with him.

"Excuse me?" Harry snapped in a cold voice, and ignored the flinches he received.

"The P-Potter boy e-escaped." Lucius said quietly, and locked his gaze on the ground.

Harry felt anger bubble inside him, and grabbed his wand out of the pocket of his robes.

"How the hell did he escape?! One of you were guarding his cell at all times! How could you disappoint me?!" Harry yelled, and pointed his wand at each of them.

"I was knocked out, My Lord. Someone from the Order must of came and rescued him." Peter said with a tremble in his voice.

"That's impossible, you fool! None of them could of known where he is! All of you took an Unbreakable Vow!" Harry snarled at him.

"I don't know what to tell you, My Lord." Peter squeaked.

"Crucio!" Harry yelled, his wand pointed at Peter.

Harry felt his eyes snap open, and he looked wildly around the room, and felt sweat all over his face and body. He saw Remus, Sirius, and Dumbledore standing around his bed, while Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley stood in the doorway worriedly.

"What happened, Harry?" Remus asked, his face pale and gleaming with sweat.

Sirius sat next to Harry on the bed, and ran his fingers through his hair soothingly, and felt Harry shake as he pushed himself up to sit. Harry opened his mouth to speak but instead gagged and moved away from Sirius to vomit on the floor. Sirius grabbed him carefully by the arms so he wouldn't fall off the bed and waited until stopped coughing and let out a breath, and then pulled him close and muttered a charm to get rid of any vomit in Harry's mouth and on his face while Remus cleaned the mess on the floor with a flick of his wand.

"I think I'm going mad." Harry whispered frantically as he leaned into Sirius.

Sirius put his arms around Harry, while Remus reached out a hand and started to rub the un-bandaged part of his back.

"Why do you think that?" Remus asked him, and sat on the other side of him.

"I-I was in Voldemort's mind, but I wasn't watching or standing next to him like I have before, but I was him." Harry replied in a trembling voice.

He heard the intake of breath around him, and Harry hid his face into Sirius' shirt. Dumbledore looked at Harry closely, and knew that the connection between him and Voldemort had gotten stronger, and knew that now was the perfect time to tell him about the Prophesy.

"What did you see, Harry?" Sirius asked with worry.

"He knows I'm gone, he's really angry." Harry told him.

"I bet he is." Sirius muttered under his breath, and struggled not to sound smug.

In truth, Sirius hoped Voldemort had been pissed, he hoped that Voldemort would take his anger out on his Death Eater's, but he didn't want Harry to see that. He sighed, and took Harry by the shoulders and made him face his way and locked eyes with him.

"Don't worry about it, Harry. The connection is just a bit stronger now that Voldemort has returned, don't over think about it." He told Harry gently.

Harry didn't looked relieved at all, but nodded. Dumbledore gave Sirius and Remus a look, and they both knew what it meant. Now was the time to tell Harry. Sirius wanted to wait, to wait until Harry had been older, not now. Not after everything Harry had just been through, he felt that Harry wouldn't take the information well because of the fragile state he was in at the moment. Sirius knew Harry was too young to worry about Voldemort, to stress about when Voldemort would start looking for him again. It would be too much for a fifteen year old. Sirius and Remus had discussed this before Ron had called them both up, and they both agreed that Harry shouldn't know right now. Looking over his shoulder, Sirius saw Molly and Arthur next to the other teenagers, and waited for Dumbledore to ask for everyone to go downstairs to tell them. They didn't know much about it themselves, but they didn't like the idea of Harry and their children knowing about it.

"Harry," Dumbledore began, "Would you mind coming downstairs to discuss something?" He asked.

Sirius knew at that moment that there would be no going back now, and let out a shaky breath. Remus closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose, and held back the urge to ask Dumbledore to wait, because he already knew what his answer would be. Molly and Arthur listened carefully, and hoped that Dumbledore might of changed of his mind about what he wanted to tell Harry.

"Sure," Harry replied weakly, "What about?" He asked.

"I need to share with you something that I feel you should know." Dumbledore told him.

Harry looked confused, his mind dug for something that might of been mentioned before, but nothing came to mind, since his mind still reeled from what had just happened. Sirius and Remus got off the bed and reluctantly helped Harry out of it. Harry leaned on Remus as he held onto Sirius' outstretched arm, and walked slowly and weakly to the stairs. Dumbledore, Molly and Arthur followed behind them with Hermione and Ginny, and Ron had already left to go get the twins on his parent's request. When they got to the stairs, Sirius picked Harry up again so they could get down the stairs quicker, and ignored the annoyed glare Harry gave him at the act. Remus tailed them, while the rest walked down the stairs with them. Sirius carried Harry all the way to the couch and sat next to him. Remus sat on the couch beside them while Molly, Arthur, and McGonagall sat on the couch across from them, and saw Dumbledore, Tonks, Kingsley, Flitwick, and Moody walk in the doorway.

At the end of the coffee table by Harry, Dumbledore gave a small wave of his wand and conjured a couch for Moody, Kingsley and himself to sit on, and someone else could if they wished. Hermione sat next to Sirius, and Ron sat next to her when he, Ginny and the twins walked in. Flitwick went over and sat next to Dumbledore, while Arthur got out his wand and conjured a couch next to Ron so that Tonks, Fred, George and Ginny could sit.

Everyone settled in a seat around the room, and all eyes locked on Dumbledore, and waited for him to begin. The adults knew what was coming, and braced themselves for what they were going to hear. Sirius and Remus knew more about the Prophesy than more of them, but Dumbledore did not want them to know the rest for some unknown reason. The kid's on the other hand, did not know anything about what they were going to hear, and couldn't prepare for it.

"Harry," Dumbledore began, "I know that Voldemort asked you many question's during your time at the Riddle House, but one more out of the rest. The Prophesy."

Harry perked up at the mention of the Prophesy, and Sirius saw understanding enter his eyes. Harry knew what he was about to be told, and tried to hid the disbelief on his face. The other kids reacted with wide eyes and opened mouth's, surprised that they were allowed to hear what Dumbledore was about to say.

"I will tell you what exactly the Prophesy says, and I will answer your questions after I am done talking. But I must ask you, and everyone in the room, to keep quiet as I talk, to not interrupt me." Dumbledore said as he looked at everyone in the room.

Dumbledore waited until everyone in the room gave him a nod in agreement, then set his eyes on Harry, as if it was him he were talking to. Taking in a deep breath, Dumbledore steadied his voice, and begin the story of the Prophesy.

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