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Music is Might by shewhomustnotbenamed_
Chapter 16 : Backbone
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 Dear Mum or Dad (or whoever happens to pick up this letter),


I know I haven’t spoken to you much this year. I’m really sorry but a lot has been going on with my life…


In closed I have an article of Wizard Rock, it should clear everything up for you. All I want to say is I’m sorry for not telling you and I hope you’re happy for me and not ashamed, this is what I want. I don’t want to be a healer anymore I know you probably think I’m being stupid but this makes me happy and I’m good at it. I hope you’ll approve if not, I’ve never really done what you told me to do before, have I?


Anyway, thank you for the best Mum (or Dad to whoever reads this first) in the whole world, I wouldn’t be at this point in my life without you (Adam told me to put that, he also says hi!). I’ll speak to you at the end of the year, you are picking me up from the station aren’t you? Trust me we have a lot to talk about…


I won’t keep you any longer, I’ll just let you know at the minute I’m happy and please don’t believe everything you hear about me. Say Hi to Nan for me and give Chucky a treat from me!


Lots of love,


Your favourite child in the whole wide world (even though I don’t know why you would curse me with my name if I was your favourite, but by being the only born I automatically get the role, unless you think Chucky deserves it more…)


 Ally xo



I’m a coward I know, but what can you expect I’m a Ravenclaw not a Gryffindor. Yes I told my mum and dad about music is might via letter rather than telling them face to face. Why? Because I’m scared of how they’ll react. Also everybody else is finding out that way so why shouldn’t they? Because they’re your mum and dad. Oh shush brain, nobody asked for your opinion. But you did. NO IT WAS A RHETORICAL QUESTION. There that shut you up brain.


We’d each been given a copy of the article before it would be officially published, so I decided to give mine to my parents. It also made it slightly easier than telling them.


We were all sitting in the room of requirement, scared shitless. The copiers had been printing all through the night.  It was 5.30 am not one of us have had an ounce of sleep, we were too excited, scared? I couldn’t decide. In 3 hours the morning post would be here, and the rest of the school would know. We presumed the outside world knew, or at least some of them did.


So we were hiding away. I’d stay in here all day if I had the choice, but I suspected at least one of the band would drag me out of here. But I don’t see why I could have anything I wanted in here. I thought of the toilet and the whole room changed into the bathroom. Dom groaned.


“Not again” she complained “Are you sure you don’t have a bladder problem?” I grinned at her, as I thought the room back to our original safe haven. Dom and Adam were cuddling on the settee, so were Marcus and Spencer. If anybody walked in they would think the world was about to end, seriously you could cut the tension with a knife. And I was sitting on the floor, thinking, complaining and not to forget changing the room to whatever I thought of at the time. So far I’d had a basketball court, a swimming pool, my bedroom at home and the bathroom on numerous occasions. I didn’t have anything to do, it was either this or pull my own hair out and I’d spent ages growing it to this length so I didn’t fancy it if I’m honest.


My stomach was still in a huge knot. I didn’t know what I was going to do, I realise I can’t keep casting the confidence charm all my life. I guess I’m just going to have to suck it up and get it over with. I laughed at the thought, if only it was that easy. It must have been at least 7’oclock now and the rest of the guys were flat out asleep. I could hear Dom snoring from a Quidditch pitch away, honestly she could snore for the whole of England. Part veela my arse, there’s nothing attractive about that.


My stomach made a huge churning noise, I was starving. I was also bored shitless of being in this stupid room, with no one to snuggle with like the rest of them. I didn’t say that, I Ally Lockridge do not snuggle. There I said it.


Maybe if you had someone to snuggle with such as a cute Potter… BRAIN SHUT THE FUCK UP, NOBODY ASKED FOR YOU OPINION. I shook my head rapidly trying to get rid of the thought, stupid brain I thought miserably, stupid Potter.


I made the elaborate decision that I couldn’t stay in this room any longer, so I made my bravest decision to date. I ventured out to the kitchens, if my calculations are correct (and they should be because I’m a Ravenclaw) I had an hour to sneak off to the kitchens get some food and be back here before the morning post had even set sail in Hogwarts air.


I quickly snuck out avoiding waking up the cuddly couples. Disgusting if you asked me… Nobody did ask you.


How are people ever going to think I’m sane when I can’t even have a civil conversation with my brain. Wait do normal people have conversations with their brain, huh who cares? Normal is boring anyway.


I agree.


So we do agree on some things.


It appears we do – SMACK.


I’d collided with a solid object sending myself flying backward on the floor, maybe I should look more where I’m going than arguing with myself.


I looked up to the devilish Freddie Weasley staring at me with amusement. I stood back up abruptly, going blind as the blood rushed to my head I blinked a few times getting the white stars out of my sight, clearing my vision and steaded myself to regain my composure.


“Why hello there Althea, just the girl I wanted to see”


“It’s Allie” I corrected him sharply.


“Tomato, Tomato” he said with a wave of his hand emphasising the point he really didn’t care what my name was.


“I’m just going to cut to the chase my little Ravenclaw, although James has threatened me himself not to blackmail you. I still have the outstanding offer, it is Friday and your time is up. I know you stole the photo but that doesn’t matter, I’m Weasley people will have no choice but to believe me. So did you get what I asked for?”


I rolled my eyes at him with disgust “The name Weasley used to mean something” I told him “That was until you paraded it around like it was your golden ticket for everything. News flash Frankie, you’re no more special than the rest of us” He looked at me seething.


“It’s Freddie” he told me.


“Tomato, Tomato” I mimicked in his same non-caring tone. He looked at me like he didn’t know whether to laugh or hit me. I’m thankful for my lady bits, because I knew he wouldn’t hit me… He might hex me though…


He rolled his eyes eventually. “So Ally” He put extra emphasis on my name, to prove a point “Who is Phoenix?”

“I am” I told him honestly.


He laughed in my face. He slapped his knee in amusement. Tears were almost streaming down his face. But I just stood there unfazed I didn’t expect him to believe me. Hell, who would?


“That’s funny” he managed to say between breaths, “You know Ally because I like you, I’m going to give you another week, before I let the big secret slip, so don’t forget I let you off this once, but I won’t do it again”. A week I laughed, he wouldn’t even need an hour. At that I carried on with my journey to the kitchens.


I was pulled gently by arm. My skin prickled the touch was familiar. I turned myself around so I was faced, face to face with James Potter.


“Hello” I said weakly. A smile tugged at his lips, a subtle one, it was barely even there. He pulled me down into another one of his secret passage ways. I willingly let him.


“That was impressive” he commented.


“What was?” I asked, my eyebrow rising slightly.


“For one how you stood up to Slughorn yesterday, I’m pretty sure you caused him to blow a gasket. He didn’t know what hit him, he got so red in the face yesterday after you left he let us all leave” I smiled weakly feeling slightly guilty about my outburst. “It was absolutely brilliant” he said grinning from ear to ear as he reminisced it.


“And?” I questioned breaking him out of the memory.




“You said ‘For one’ which I presume is followed by two”


“Oh” he smiled. “Secondly for how you stood up for yourself in front of Freddie just” I smiled at him proudly, I was proud of myself. I had finally grew a back bone, it was true. “And thirdly for how you told him the truth even if he didn’t believe you”.


I laughed slightly. “It doesn’t matter if he didn’t believe, the truth will be out soon” I said not looking him in the eye.


“What do you mean?” he asked stepping closer towards me.


“In less than half an hour the whole school will know, hell I bet half of the world knows now. We told the press last night, it’s in this morning’s paper. I took your advice you know, I spoke to the band and we agreed that we had to do it-”

I didn’t get to finish my sentence my words disappeared into the air as James’ lips came crashing down to mine. I met his eagerly. His hands held me tight by my hips, pulling me as close to him as two humans could. He was intoxicating. My hands ran through his messy hair. The kisses were quick, passionate. We were both eager, smiling between each kiss.


“Thank you” he whispered between kisses. I wanted to tell him I didn’t do it for him, but the truth was, partly it was. I’d hurt him and I wanted to make up for it, in any way that I could.


All I knew now was it didn’t matter what anybody else thought about it. I was happy and so was James apparently…


Author's note:

I don't own anything other than OC and OS everything else belongs to good old J.K.

So tell what did you think? Good, bad? Happy with Ally? What about James? What about Freddie? TELL ME! Loved reading the reviews I've been getting so far so please continue! And also can someone tell me if I killed of chucky? I couldn't for the life of me remember... (bad author I know, but I tried skimming the word document and I couldn't find it anywhere, so if I have I apologise for my mistake.... If not ignore this).

Anyway thank you for reading! Until next time!



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