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The Invisible Thief by lovestings
Chapter 7 : R-Claw Bonding
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1z5k6qr.pngcredit to golden.@TDA for this drop dead gorgeous CI 



Quidditch season had started up two weeks ago and said two weeks had gone by in a blur. I was constantly busy and I felt bad for my friends like Leslie who didn’t play quidditch or Albus who was on an opposing quidditch team.






I tried my best but it was hard to spend time with everyone while coaching a team of complete and utter lunatics.






It was Friday morning and I watched in excitement as eight of the school’s owls came flying down and dropping similar envelopes to all the members of my quidditch team plus Leslie. Leslie and Amelia looked up and gave me an odd look considering I was practically grinning from ear to ear at them.






I could hear commotion as Malcolm’s letter landing in his oatmeal. Poor kid – seems like he always gets the bad end of the stick.






Anyways, I bet you’re wondering why I have secretly sent out  eight envelopes to my said quidditch team and other friend, correct? While, since our last bonding experience was such a wonderful experience and we had successfully stolen shoes without getting detentions it still wasn’t a complete quidditch bonding sesh.






Blame Amelia and getting detention.






Anywho’s, since the season had started up and everyone has been stressed out for the upcoming game next Tuesday against Hufflepuff I thought it would be nice to have some chill time. Therefore I came up with another brilliant and less trouble prone team bonding experience. You know, with Leslie there too.






Amelia grinned as she looked up before clearing her throat and reading the letter that said:






         Dear R-Claw Quidditch team and Leslie,


As your super badarse and amazing team captain, Brielle Patil, I have decided there will be another mandatory bonding session. Hold your excitement in, fellow broom riders and Leslie. Since you guys are all pansies I’m sure you’re all worried that I’ll have you guys stealing more belongings and getting beaten up by Slytherins (Sorry Malc!), but no worries cause this meeting is going to be super safe and super fun. TEAM SLEEPOVER!!!!! We’re going to have an outdoors sleepover by the Black Lake. I don’t care if you don’t want to come because you’re coming. Got it? Good. Bring stuff like pillows, blankets (not weasleys!!!), food, and drinks. If you read this stupid letter and agree to coming please shout my code sentence, “I love Brielle!” really loud so I know.


          Kay, thanks, love you all.


                  B-dog Patil.






I grinned proudly and nodded earnestly. I was such a poet with a flow of words. I was glad that Albus and Scorpius hadn’t eaten with us today because I couldn’t have the two of them finding out about my little sleepover. They are both on two different quidditch teams and I refuse to let this sleepover be crashed.






“I love Brielle.” Both Mel and Leslie said together almost as planned, grinning at each other before eating their meals again.






“Thanks for the invite, Cap.” Leslie said with a giggle, flicking some cereal at my face. I pouted and scrunched up my nose in an unattractive way.






There was a chorus of “I love Brielle!”’s all up and down the Ravenclaw table. I put my hand up in the air, giving my team a thumbs up to let them know I heard them. When I turned around to get more pumpkin juice I noticed James and Freddy giving me odd looks with arched eyebrows.






I simply smirked, grabbed my juice, and looked away. Tonight was going to be rad.








“Is everyone finally here?” I called out as I waited outside of the Ravenclaw portrait, holding a small backpack that I had charmed to fit everything I needed. I had already went down to the lake earlier when I had free period and had put a heating charm around the area I had claimed and charmed the grass so it wouldn’t be itchy or anything.






“Yes, everyone is already here, now can we finally go?” Mel snapped as she tugged on the little string that was connected to her sleeping bag. She was in an awful mood because She-Devil (Weasley) had spilt coffee all over her three foot DADA essay that she finally finished writing.






It actually was a big fight and ended up with Mel trying to hex Dominique while she ran away yelling obscene curse words while swearing that she would tell the Headmaster.






Psh, that girl needs to calm her knickers.






“No need to be so snappy,” I murmured but went down the corridor, leaning the way for my team to follow. It was nearly ten o’clock and prefects were just finishing up with their rounds. Hunter was kind enough to set up the disillusion charm around us all so that no one could see us.






Once I stopped by the tree he took it off us so we could all properly look at each other.






“Okay, you lot, here’s the dealio.” I said as I began to take things out of my bag, throwing them in random places. “Since tomorrow is thankfully Saturday and we have nothing but afternoon classes we are off the hook about waking up, so therefore, we’re spending all night staying up and bonding.”






There was a chorus of cheers as people began to rearrange our things as we had casual chatter. We ended up putting our sleeping backs in the shape of a circle so we could sit up and talk. We put the three candle holders that we brought in the middle to give us some light with an arrangement of snacks and drinks also in the middle.






“I don’t know about you guys but I thought this little get together could use some excitement so look what I snagged from the back of the pantry in the kitchens!” Amelia said in a sing-song voice, obviously in a better mood now. She opened her little duffle bag and took out two bottles of Firewhisky, waving them around with a smirk.






“We can’t drink on school grounds,” Jenna Greengrass, our seeker, said suddenly. She even stuck her nose up in the air to look like Dominique, though I don’t think it was intentional. Amelia let out some animal like growl at her for protesting.






You see, my friends, Jenna is a sixth year prefect and acts like she has the whomping willow up her arse. While Jenna is okay with our little pranks and sneaking out she is a stickler for breaking rules like drinking and partying.






She usually is the person that stays up in her dorms when there is parties going around.






“I don’t care,” Mel scoffed as she began to wave her wand so the first bottle opened. “You can go be a prude and not drink off in the corner while all the big kids have fun. Buh-bye!” She waved her hand and Jenna looked deflated as she took a seat in the circle and sat Indian style.






Well this just got awkward.






“We should start of by playing a game!” I said quickly, trying to ease the tension that was now just created.






“A drinking game,” Malcolm added, giving me a smirk from across the circle.






“Yeah, sure, anyone have one?”






“I do,” Hunter piped up from his spot next to me, smiling at everyone, showing off his perfectly straight teeth. “It’s like a form of that muggle game called Truth or Dare. Basically, you take the bottle and pass it around the circle. If you take a sip you are given a dare from the person before you and if you don’t drink you have to confess someone. The first person that starts off the game always has to take the first sip but has to confess instead of taking the dare.”






“That sounds like fun!” Leslie said from her spot on the other side of me, making me jump from her loud voice. Leslie was bubbly and fun but never the type of person that usually got drunk. Whenever she got drunk she was usually a total and complete mess, to be honest.






“I’ll start,” Amelia said quickly as she took a sip from the now opened Firewhisky. “I confess that I stole my cat from my cousin when I visited her the summer before second year. Her cat had kittens and I just took one because I wanted it.”






There a moment of silence in which Amelia casually passed the bottle over to Malcolm who was sitting next to her.






“Mel, you are one sick mother fucker.” I muttered and our circle erupted into laughter.






My friends may be lunatics but at least they’re my lunatics.






The game of Dare or Confess (basically truth or dare) went on for the next thirty minutes until most of us lot were either tipsy or actually drunk. Currently Hunter was struggling to open the new bottle.






Over these past thirty minutes I have learned and seen a lot things. For example, since Jenna is a pansy and didn’t drink one bit she has confessed to kissing her older sister’s boyfriend, stealing candy from the trolley in her third year on the train ride back home, sneaking into the restriction area of the library without getting a detention, and to her obsessive crush on Teddy Lupin even though she never even met him.






Yeah I thought the Teddy crush one was probably the creepiest one.






Amelia has so far did the rain dance in the middle of the circle (Jenna’s dare – pretty lame if you ask me), licked Bentley’s foot (gross), pecked McClagan on the lips, and confessed to being jealous of Dominique’s pretty hair.






Leslie confessed to her failing Charms, the fact that she is actually a decent quidditch player but hates the sport (earned a lot of glare son this one), and how she used to think Dumbledore was a dwarf until she talked to his painting in fourth year. Leslie didn’t do many dares though every time the bottle came near her she stole sips so she was nearly as smashed as Amelia.






The boys did stupid dares that consisted of them running around without their shirts on or doing the worm on the dirt in nothing but their boxers. The last one was pretty funny to watch.






“My turn!” I yelled loudly as I went to snatch the now open bottle and waved it around. I had done a mixture of confessions and dares so I wasn’t drunk but I had a nice buzz. “Da-da-dare!” I said in a deep gangster inspired voice before tilting my head back and taking a healthy sip of the alcohol.






“Okay, I dare you too…” Leslie pondered for a second as she put a finger to her chin before lighting up. “I dare you to climb that tree!” She said before pointing to a thick, small oak tree that we were all wrapped around.






“Seems easy nuff’,” I mumbled, pushing myself off the ground and strutting confidently towards the piece of wood. I’m actually pretty sure instead of strutting confidently I nearly fell over a rock and faceplanted but you know, there’s no difference.






I stood in front of the tree and looked up at it. Hmp, this may not be as easy as I had expected. It took a few tries but I finally found a foot towards the end of the tree and managed to use it to boost me up to the first low branch. I made my way up the tree and settled on the third branch which was only a good ten feet up the ground.






“Is this good?”






“Eh, good enough!” Malcolm called from his spot laying casually on the grass with Amelia’s head on his lap. On any normal circumstance Amelia wouldn’t be caught dead laying on top of Malcolm but considering she was drunk off her tiny arse she was okay with it now.






I smiled that I had accomplished the dare before discovering a new problem of my own.






How was I supposed to get down?






I decided to voice that opinion of mine but the only response I got from my friends was, “Jump.” Such lovely and helpful mates I have. I’m sure if they were stuck in a tree they would want more help than just a single word.






Alas I am on my own once again. So the slightly buzzed and slightly crazy me decided that the little bundle of bushes behind me looked like a lovely landing spot. So I unhooked my legs from under the branch and let myself fall backwards into it.






I was wrong.






I let out a cry I fell into a very hard and uneven surface that was above the scrubs. There was a collection of groans and moans that did not belong to me that made me jump and then land back once again on top of the large and not comfortable objects that were blocking my way from the nice and comfy scrubs.






“Holy shit that hurt.”






“I think she’s off her rocker even more than crazy Aunt Audrey!”






“Bri, can you please move?”






I sputtered over my words as I tried to mull around the three new voices from underneath me. And then it dawned on me.






The cloak.






“Are you guys spying on the super secret and super exclusive R-Claw sleepover?” I asked turning to stare at the invisible objects that I was ninety-nine percent sure belonged to James, Fred, and Al.






There was a silence from the three boys as my team grumbled about my talking to plants and how I was loosing it. Bunch of judgmental ninnies! I got frustrated with the boys not answering me so I instead just yanked the cloak off of them to expose whom I was on top of.






Well this just got a bit awkward.






Turns out I was basically straddling Albus who was crushing poor Freddy whom was underneath him. James was off at an awkward angle to the side with his leg stuck in between the two boys.






“Hi Bri, fancy seeing you here.” Al gave me one of his coy smiles as he patted my knee that was next to him.






This night just got a tad bit more interesting.








So, what do you guys think? The super secret R-Claw sleepover as been crashed! Gasp!  I don't know about you but i'm super glad it was. I'm making this a two part chapter so you'll get to see lots of Al, James, Fred and the R-Claw team interactions. Be excited! 




As always, I love you all and you guys rock my socks. If you want more leave a review and let me know what you think! I respond to all of them and they really make me smile! xx 

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The Invisible Thief : R-Claw Bonding


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