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Winds of Desire by lindslo2012
Chapter 17 : Out With the Old, In With the New
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Ron and Lavender crashed through the front door of Ron’s apartment. It was like their lips and tongues were glued together.

She kissed him deeply and he half-heartedly kissed her back, still thinking how Hermione and Draco look so happy and he can’t stand it.

Lavender, obviously in charge of this took Ron by the shoulders and threw him on his bed and she undressed right then and there down to some pink lingerie she put on especially for him.

Ron liked what he saw and grabbed her to kiss him, Hermione escaped from his mind…

Ron took control from there and got her under him as he took off his clothes. They started to make love on Ron’s abandoned bed, and Ron was actually having fun.

When they were done, they lay motionless in his bed, he quietly rubbed her skin and she stared up at the ceiling.

 She suddenly broke the silence, “I love you Ronald Bilious Weasley.”

 He looked at her and then looked back up at the ceiling, he didn’t say anything back. He couldn’t lie and say he loved her when his heart was still with someone else.

 “Aren’t you going to say it back?” Lavender asked, her bottom lip quivering.

 Ron stared blankly at her and then just looked back up on the ceiling. “You too,” he said gruffly but obviously without true feeling.

 “Th-thank you!”  She said, feeling relieved and wiping a pathetic tear that fell down her cheek, “I am so happy to be with you again, just so worried you still love her.”

“I’m sorry I hesitated,” Ron said, hating himself for being such a jerk.

“You said it back that’s what matters!” Lavender answered him, smiling and snogging him.

 He snogged her back and then they broke apart. Ron just had to get over Hermione! It just had to happen for him to move on with life and with another woman.

“I am over Hermione, Lavender! Please believe me that I am working my hardest to not even do as much as think about her for now on. I have to admit it was a very bad mistake what I did to her with you. I am kind of upset with you for that but that’s okay now,” Ron stated.

 “Upset with me!?” Lavender said angrily.

 “No, no, I mean with us both. I should not have ruined my relationship by cheating, I should have just…” Ron started but she interrupted…  

“What?” Lavender asked, glaring at him.

 “Broken up with her…” He lied to Lavender.

“Yeah, you should have! But won-won that’s in the past and you need to move on with me!” Lavender said, desperately wrapping her legs around him.

“Okay Lav, can you stop calling me won-won?” Ron snarled in annoyance. Making her move back from him a little in offense.

“Yes, sorry Ron, forgive me, and I am sorry I helped ruin your relationship. But you wouldn’t be with me right now, you would be with her. So I am sorry but not sorry! You know I have always wanted you!” Lavender said with a squeaky voice, annoyed that he wouldn’t look at her straight in the face.  

Hermione gazed up at the ceiling of her bedroom.

Why did it upset her that she saw Ron with Lavender? Hadn’t she suspected it since he cheated on her with Lavender that they would get together? If she was with Draco why did this bother her so badly?

She realized maybe her feelings for Ron weren’t gone, but when she imagined herself with Ron again it didn’t work out because of how he cheated on her.

She wouldn’t forgive Ron for breaking her heart, it was just too low of a thing that he did. But she did forgive him for his actions.

Her heart loved Draco but her mind still loved Ron.

She was happy she didn’t have to pick between the two because she was having Draco’s baby and not Ron’s.

And Ron was with Lavender again which made Hermione want to never speak to him again, but since she was with Draco she didn’t want anyone to know this still hurt her. Not even Ginny.

Ginny and Harry had already gone to bed by the time she got home, so she didn’t get to tell Ginny of the night’s happenings.

 She went directly to her beaded hat. There was one item she didn’t get out of there when she moved in with Ginny and Harry, Ron and Hermione’s picture in Paris. She got it out and held it to her chest.

She was alone, she decided to just let her feelings all out. She lay back on the bed and looked at the picture, tears welled up in her eyes and she started to cry.

The thoughts about the cheating, heartbreak, and the break up came into her mind. The night in the hotel room with Draco, her pregnancy, Ron being with Lavender at the restaurant and looking okay.

But she knew Ron hadn’t moved on, he still had the same look in his eyes that he did when they were together.

 She sobbed her heart out while she held the picture, she screamed into the pillow. Maybe she just needed to cry, all this was held in too long.

Missing Ron, liking Draco so much, it all was so crazy important to her but it was scary how it had all changed so quickly.

She wished she could be back with Ron in their cozy apartment, not fighting, about to be married, and have a baby on the way.

But no, she’s with Draco Malfoy, ex-Death Eater and son of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy and she loved him.

She loved what kind of man he became, she loved his muscular body, and his shaggy blonde hair, and she even loved his little scruffy facial hair he got on his chin. When he kissed her it tickled her face.  

She really and seriously did love Draco, and frankly she did want to be with him more than Ron because she was never one hundred percent happy with Ron anyways. It was comforting to remember that.

Ron never listened to her the way Draco does, he never laughed at her jokes, he made fun of her smartness at times, it was in a cute way but it was also annoying. Of course Draco did too but he confessed it was one of his main attractions to her.

She realized she really, really is happier with Draco!

Ron would have been a wonderful father to her child, but Draco will be an amazing dad.

She knew that Draco was nothing like Lucius even though he sometimes confided in her that he thought he might be.

Hermione finally realized, she does not want to be with Ronald Weasley, she wants to be with Draco Malfoy, and that’s okay! Even though he was a Death Eater, even though his mum and dad are some of her least favorite people, she wanted to be with him, Draco Lucius Malfoy. The father of her child. Forever. IF it was meant to be.   

Ron lay motionless on his bed and Lavender was snoring beside him. He glanced at the alarm clock; it was already three in the morning.

His eyes gazing around the apartment, he never saw just how empty it really was...

Like all the life that was in it before was taken when Hermione left. Knowing he can’t be with Hermione again almost for sure because she was having Malfoy’s baby killed him. Of course something could always happen, but that was as much of a chance as Harry breaking up with Ginny for Luna, just because of how much damage he knew he caused Hermione.

Maybe he could have had another chance down the road? But Malfoy had to ruin that all by coming into her life at the perfect moment, when she broke up with Ron. Hermione fell for him, Draco Malfoy, the ex-Death Eater. Part of the reason his brother was dead. 

Maybe there was still a chance Hermione may come back. Maybe Draco will start acting like his old self, Ron almost bets his life that he will. And when Malfoy does start acting like the old Draco Malfoy again then Hermione will come running back to Ron. Or would she?

Ron looked at Lavender’s sleeping figure. He did not love that woman and he felt bad for leading her on. Maybe he would eventually grow to love her.

But right now he was too wounded to think about loving another woman.

But he decided tonight that he would stay together with Lavender for a while to see where it went with her. He did have chemistry with Lavender; after all he did date Lavender before Hermione. He drifted off to sleep; he had work in the morning, as did Lavender.

Hermione awoke to an alarm clock, it was seven in the morning and it was one of the days she went to work at the ministry. She hadn’t been in a few weeks, wanting to avoiding Ron.

 Luckily Draco also worked at the Ministry part-time in the Improper Use of Magic Department on the fifth floor and he was not too far from her’s which was on the fourth floor, The Department of Regulation and Control for Magical Creatures. 

Hermione still wanted to go to work; she loved her job despite having to be in the same building as Ron and Lavender. She protected the magical animals of the wizarding world, something she was passionate about for a long time, ever since she was a little girl she protected and cared for animals.

This was why she refused Harry’s job offer to work in the Auror office with himself and Ron just for now. Now she is happy she doesn’t work there, but it may have avoided Ron’s cheating all together if she did have an eye on him all day.

Hermione walked into the girl’s loo and flushed herself down the toilet as she always did when going to work for the last year and a half.

Draco stood waiting for her by the fireplace where she walked out of. He startled her because she didn’t expect him and then he grabbed her hand and they started off toward the elevators.

Hermione glanced around for Ron, wanting to avoid him at all costs.

Sure enough, there was Ron and Lavender walking perpendicularly to them crossing the big Atrium of the Ministry. 

He must have felt Hermione’s stare because he looked straight at her and they made eye contact.

Hermione felt like freezing but she kept walking and forced herself to look away from him. Ron gazed at her as her and Draco neared the elevator.

Many people greeted Hermione and Draco as they walked, but some glared at them.

 A few of Draco’s past acquaintances and fellow ex-Death Eater’s siblings, daughters, or sons that knew the Malfoys shook their heads in disgust as they saw Draco holding Hermione’s hand and her newly pregnant stomach, although she wasn’t showing too much she knew it was a little more noticeable.

Hermione’s acquaintances also glared but when they got in front of her they waved and some even congratulated her on her pregnancy and hugged her.

Finally the couple got into the elevator, just as it was about to go up, Hermione noticed Ron watching her still as Lavender and he sat on a nearby bench and she was chatting away to him while he barely listened. Hermione shook her head and then looked away.

Draco noticed Hermione looking and he muttered, “Weasleby… blithering idiot.” Hermione glared at him for a moment but looked away before he noticed.

Hermione’s floor came up and she stepped off after giving Draco a peck on the lips to which several people grunted in disapproval.

Being their first time in the actual public, it didn’t go too rough; they expected a little more drama to unfold, like Pansy Parkinson to jump out of the shadows and do something harsh, but she was working in the Department of Mysteries, she was rarely ever seen around the ministry, also she was engaged to Zabini, so her Draco crush days are over fortunately to Draco.

“Hello Hermione Granger! Where have you been?” Susan Bones, Hermione’s work buddy asked as she gave her a quick hug.

“Busy getting over Ron and making Malfoy’s baby,” Hermione joked.

Susan, not the judging type just laughed.

Luna Lovegood joined them, her blonde hair just as long as ever and still having that clueless, innocent look on her face.

“Well, hi ‘Mione! Haven’t seen you in ages it seems, since I got back from traveling the world! Neville and I keep talking about how we need to double date with you and Ron!” She stated in her bubbly voice.

Hermione looked at Susan with a frown.

“Luna, they broke up. Ron cheated on her,” Susan explained, annoyed at Luna’s dottiness.

Luna blushed while noticing Hermione’s small baby bump, “Oh I’m so sorry! What a rude thing of him! I hope your baby will still be in good hands with you both and you can get along for it, I will babysit! Congrats on your baby.”

Hermione hesitated… obviously Luna is clueless of the current situation, “Luna, erm, I am with Malfoy, this is his baby.”

Luna did a double-take, “Draco Malfoy?!”

This caused a lot of people to look at them. Luna realized she got everyone’s attention and she grabbed Hermione’s arm and tugged her in Hermione’s and her shared office and slammed the door.

“What are you thinking? Has a nargle got in your head?!” Luna had always been known to believe in odd creatures.

“No Luna, I like Draco. We met in a bookstore and became friends, and about a month ago I become his girlfriend,” Hermione awkwardly told her quirky friend.

“So… Draco Malfoy is… good now? Or have you gone rebel? Are you still one of us?” Luna questioned.

 Hermione giggled, “No, Draco has changed since the war and he is very good now or I’d like to hope so. I am still with the group.”

 Luna sat with her eyes looking dreamily at Hermione, “Well, I always thought he was rather attractive.”

Hermione just smiled at her silly friend.

A knock on the door startled the girls in mid conversation. A large gray headed man with small spectacles came in the room with a piece of paper.

“Hermione Jean Granger?” The man asked.

 Hermione said, “That’s me, what would you like Mr. Perkins?”

He turned to look at Hermione, “I have a job offer for you from Arthur Weasley and myself for you to join the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts office, please consider it, it will do us a lot of good.”

He handed Hermione a very long letter from Arthur himself:


Perkins and I have discussed that you would be the best fit in the position we are looking for in the Misuse of Muggle artifacts office, you see you have a very smart sense when it comes to Muggle objects. I have always known this and I know that you enjoy working with animal laws, but please think about it…

The letter went on and on to explain what position she would have and what kind of work she would do day to day and ended with Arthur basically begging her to take it. This was something new to think about…  But she just did not know about this.

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