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A Very Weasley Camping Trip by Harrysavesme
Chapter 11 : Sparks will Fly
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                George Weasley sat around the campfire with the rest of his family.  As he predicted his mother had called an end to the rain games.  Although, to her credit she had allowed the games to continue much longer then he thought she would.  George noticed his mother was much more lenient with him now.  It was as though she didn’t have the heart to really yell at him George felt his stomach drop every time he remembered Fred.  George was trying to regain some normalcy, and slowly he found himself adjusting. 

           This afternoon he had sat with his family, everyone was bundled up after their rain games, and they had talked, really talked and it had been wonderful.  George hadn’t known that Charlie was considering moving closer to home.  Bill and Fleur were considering having more kids, but Fleur had some trouble getting pregnant so they weren’t sure if it would happen.  George had really noticed for the first time how happy his siblings were.  Harry and Ginny had been snuggled up with Teddy all afternoon and the glow they let off was only surpassed by the radiance of Ron and Hermione.  Even Percy was happy, George didn’t know Percy knew how to be happy, but with Audrey he had a quiet sort of glow about him. 

           George pulled another sausage off the skewer he had in the fire, and decided that he needed to give his family a special last night.  With an evil grin on his face George headed towards the boys tent to whip up a surprise the Weasley clan would never forget. 




                Arthur watched George disappear into the tent and knew that his son was finally starting to heal.  He was next to Molly the whole family was spending the day around the campfire, and Arthur had loved every minute of it.  Now he contentedly listened to the happy chatter while his grown children ate marshmallows.  “I can eat more then you bro, just give in old man, you’ll never win.”

                Bill tried to smirk at Charlie his mouth full of marshmallow, “keep talking little bro, I’m getting a nice lead.”  “Mare nod!”  Charlie mumbled his mouth full of marshmallows.  Fleur just shook her head and continued to keep count of the marshmallows. 

                Meanwhile Ron and Harry seemed to be having a sword fight with their skewers.  Each man had a flaming marshmallow attached to the end of their skewer to make things more interesting.  Ginny and Hermione looked on making sure to keep Teddy far away from the fire.  Arthur was amused to see both men had burned off pieces of hair and Harry seemed to have lost the end of his eyebrow.

                Arthur began to wonder what George was up to.  He looked around and spotted his son making his way back towards the fire. 




                Ginny saw George return to the camp fire wearing an expression she knew meant trouble.  She nodded in George’s direction and Hermione looked at her questioningly.  Ginny pointed to her face.  Hermione glanced back at George’s face and then back to Ginny concern etched on her features.  Harry and Ron finally stopped their sword fight and Ginny pointed them both in George’s direction. 

       Ron was just about to speak when George stood up wand drawn.  “Attention Weasley’s, since tonight is our last night here I prepared a little surprise.”  With that George raised his wand and fireworks shot up around the campsite.  Ginny couldn’t help but admire how magnificent they were when disaster struck.  The fireworks bounced off the protective enchantments and went careening around the campsite.  It was chaos, fireworks were exploding everywhere and George dropped his wand in the confusion. 

           Ginny huddled around Teddy with Harry ensuring the sparks stayed away from the little boy.  Eventually George found his wand and put a stop to the bedlam.  And then he did something that took everyone by surprise.  Standing in the middle of the smoking singed campsite, surrounded by the tattered remains of his brilliant display George laughed.  It was a deep belly laugh, a moment of pure unadulterated joy.  It was completely contagious and Ginny couldn’t help but join in.  Soon the Weasley family still chuckling turned in for the night certain no one would forget this trip any time soon. 


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A Very Weasley Camping Trip: Sparks will Fly


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