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Brutal Love by Fonzzx
Chapter 9 : An Ordinary Day
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Chapter 8: An Ordinary Day




It was a Monday at the beginning of March. The date had no significance, it was just an ordinary day. Scorpius always sat at the Ravenclaw table for his meals now, and so he was waiting for me on this one day, as I arrived down late. He'd already poured me a coffee and it had cooled to drinking temperature, so I grabbed a slice of toast and buttered it. He was frowning at the newspaper and it struck me that it was like we were already married.


“What's wrong?” I asked after swallowing my mouthful.


“Pride of Portree lost to Tutshill Tornadoes,” he shook his head and folded up the paper.


“Chudley Canons for the win!” Hugo Weasley shouted gleefully as he walked past, nicking a slice of bacon from our table. Rose scolded him as he sat down.


“What do you have today?” Scorp asked, bringing my focus back to him.


“Potions, free, Divination, Charms, then lunch, then Defence all afternoon,” I replied, although it was unnecessary. He knew my timetable back to front. It was mostly the same as his anyway.


“I never understood why you took Divination,” he said lightly, reaching for the teapot.


I shrugged. “I'm good at it, it was a no brainer really.”


He laughed. “I was rubbish and gave up after third year.”


“Your inner eye lacks focus, that's why,” I grinned at him.


“Seriously though, you're good at it?” he questioned, and I nodded.


“Go ahead,” he smirked, handing me his mug. “Read my leaves.”


I frowned down at them, pretending to concentrate. “Your tea leaves say... if we don't leave now then we'll be late for Potions,” I smirked back up at him in response.


“Fine,” he rolled his eyes. “You owe me one tea leaf reading.” He took my hand and we ambled along to the dungeons.


Zabini had already set up the cauldrons for the practical we were doing that day.


“We're making a beautification potion today!” Zabini announced, once the class had all drifted in. Rose rolled her eyes and muttered “misogynist,” under her breath.


We split into our usual pairs (except Scorpius, who went in a three with Albus and Rose), and set to work. Charlie began setting the flame alight underneath our cauldron while I carefully ground the fairy wings.


“Poor fairies,” Charlie shook his head. “I bet they miss their wings.”


“They're already dead when their wings are plucked, dummy,” I rolled my eyes and added the opalescent powder that the wings had made to the cauldron.


“Stir it slower, Albus!” Rose snapped across the table.


“Does it matter which direction I stir it?” Charlie asked, and I consulted the book.


“Not really,” I replied, and he proceeded to stir slowly clockwise. I picked up the vial of morning dew and added it in. Across the table, Scorpius was popping the bubbles that rose out of the cauldron after Rose had fixed Albus' mistake.


“Bloody hell, Rose!” Albus said in alarm, looking at his cousin.


“What?” Rose snapped, busy chopping the next ingredient.


“It's working,” Scorp said softly, his grey eyes wide.


It was true, Rose's usually bushy brown hair had gone sleek and shiny from the fumes of the potion. Her blue eyes were glossy and her skin held the dewy complexion of a celebrity.


I dived into my bag and pulled out my compact mirror, disappointed to see my usual reflection staring back at me.


“Make it work,” I pleaded with Charlie.


“You're the one who's good at Potions!” he replied, stirring away.


“You already are beautiful,” Scorp smiled across the table.


“It's only you who thinks that,” I said crossly, adding the unicorn hair strand by strand.


“Hey, look,” Albus said, pointing to Charlie as he stirred, and we all looked.


Charlie's scars were fading quickly, and suddenly they were gone.


“Oh my God,” I gasped, my hands flying up to cover my mouth.


“What?” Charlie frowned, before grabbing my compact off the table and looking at himself.


“It's a cure for werewolf wounds!” Rose shrieked, getting excited.


Charlie stepped back from the cauldron in shock, and I moved in to add the final ingredient.


“Maybe not,” Albus said, and I looked back towards Charlie. As soon as he'd left the cauldron, his scars had reappeared.


“Oh,” he said, staring at his reflection glumly.


“Ah yes,” Zabini said, coming round to inspect our potions. “It only works while it's in your system.”


“Give me that,” Rose snapped, snatching the vial of finished potion off Scorpius and drinking it.


It had an immediate effect on her, the clumps of hair on her head smoothing from bushy to nicely wavy, her eyes sparkling like sapphires.


“Well?” she demanded, and even her voice sounded huskier, her lips rosier, glossier and plumper.


The boys (and Zabini) stared at her in shock. Even Scorpius. My thumb ran over the stopper of the vial I'd just filled with potion, and I slipped it into my pocket and filled another to hand in. I left the second vial on the table and quietly slipped out, my heart pounding.


I made my way slowly up the seven staircases to Ravenclaw tower. Thankfully, the dormitory was empty. I left my bag on my bed and went into the bathroom, leaning on the sink and staring at myself in the mirror.


My bleached and straightened blonde hair lacked any sort of style. I had a few layers here and there, and my brown roots were starting to show, but I had no fringe, no other colours in it to make it look natural.


I stared at myself harder. Even under my make up, my freckles were visible, as well as a few spots. My eyes were just a flat, boring brown, my nose was too big for my face, and my lips were too thin. My cheeks were too plump to balance everything out.


I stepped back to look at my body. I was slim ish, nothing special. My boobs were non-existent, my hips twice as wide as my waist.


I honestly had no idea what Scorpius saw in me, and I know looks aren't everything, but it's not exactly like I'm an interesting person either.


His face as he saw Rose after she took that potion burned into my mind. He'd never once looked at me like that. Would he look at me like that on our wedding day? Probably not.


I ran the tap and splashed my face with cold water, shaking my head to dispel the thoughts.


I removed my make up once it had ran down my face and pulled the vial of potion out of my pocket and stared at it. I knew there was enough in there to last until after I was asleep.


I wrenched the cork out and downed it. It didn't particularly taste nice.


My entire body began shimmering, and a tingling sensation shot through my veins. It wasn't unpleasant, I thought as I stared at the changes happening in my reflection. The undertone of red was gone from my complexion, as were the few spots on my face. The freckles were just a smattering over my nose and cheeks instead of all over my face. My hair took on a golden tone, and when I touched it, felt like silk.


My watch beeped. I was missing Divination. I really didn't care. I highly doubted that the professor would even notice if I didn't turn up, she was so ditzy.


I grabbed my make up bag and pulled everything out. I lightly dusted mineral powder over my face, not needing anything else. I filled my eyelids with thick dark shadow, and lined the edges of my eyes just to fill the gaps I'd missed. I brushed mascara over my eyelashes to really make my eyes pop. The colour of them now resembled something close to a tiger's eye gemstone, instead of just a dull shade. I selected a matching shade of lip colour to my blusher, and glossed over them. I pulled a brush through my hair, enjoying the way it shined and felt in my fingers.


I knew I was already bending the school rules with my appearance, but I left the bathroom and dug through my trunk for my shorter skirt, my tights with the most holes in, my black bra that pushed my boobs up, and my tightest blouse. I pulled them all on, and tied my tie loosely underneath where my collar dipped, revealing my chest. I quickly painted my nails black, and waved my wand to make them dry. I grabbed my favourite pair of ankle boots from under my bed and shoved my Charms book into my bag.


I was pushing it for time, but I didn't even remotely care.


“You're late, Miss Smith,” Flitwick squeaked as I breezed in.


“Sorry,” I said, and he didn't deduct points. I dropped into my usual seat beside Scorpius.


“Where the hell were you?” he asked moodily. “I was waiting for you after you were supposed to have finished Divination, but you never showed up.”


“I didn't go,” I told him bluntly.


“Why?” he frowned.


I shrugged. “I didn't feel like it.” I was hardly going to admit to feeling insecure about him just being a normal teenage boy, was I?


Why?” he pushed for an answer.


“I just didn't, ok?” I turned to glare at him.


His jaw dropped open as he stared at me in shock. The longer he stared, the less flattered I felt.


“What did you do?” he rasped, once he'd found his voice.


“Don't you like it?” I asked, worried.


“You look like a Veela.” His eyes were now so wide I was sure they were going to burst out of his face.


“Isn't that a good thing?”


“I love the way you normally look,” he retorted.


“You're insane,” I rolled my eyes.


“No, I'm not,” he said with a note of finality in his voice.


I stood up and moved to sit next to Rose, Albus hurrying out of the way, partly from the look on my face, and partly from the fact that I now resembled one of the most beautiful creatures to have ever existed.



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Brutal Love: An Ordinary Day


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