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The Quidditch Cup by shewhomustnotbenamed_
Chapter 4 : Chapter Three
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-          Cora’s P.O.V   -

I woke up early Sunday morning, I was holding try outs today. I couldn’t decide how I felt about it. I was excited, I got to choose Hogwarts very own team my dream team, I was just nervous about who was going to show up. Not many people were happy with me getting role. Believe me I’ve had hexes and everything thrown at me from Potter’s little fan club, telling me they know I only got the role because my Dad was one of the ones who organised the competition. It’s true, but I can promise that’s not why I got the role. I’d never let my Dad bribe me into anything, everything I did I worked hard for. I was too proud to be given anything. Even my first broom I saved up for myself, weeks of tortious chores.

I hopped out of bed and got changed. I tied my hair back and grabbed my broom which was situated at the end of my bed. There was no way I would leave it in the broom cupboard, my Firebolt 3 meant too much to me… You're probably suprised that I don't sleep with it... I'm not that obsessed, well kind of. 

I walked down to the Great Hall alone and grabbed some toast. I looked around at the students who had also decided to get up this early, all of which were in some sort of quidditch gear, I smiled. They all wanted to try out; today is going to be a long day. I added as an afterthought.

I walked down to the Quidditch pitch and set up. It was 7 am try outs started at 8. I thought that was pretty fair. There’s one thing I cannot stand early quidditch practises, Slytherins old captain Eric Capside used to make us wake up at the crack of dawn, to practise. I vowed in third year when I got the position, I would never make my team wake up that early; it wasn’t just cruel to them. It was cruel to me, I loved my sleep. It was my favourite part of the day, aside from when I played quidditch.

I got out the balls. I still had 45 minutes before anybody was due to arrive, so I did the only thing I could think of. I played some quidditch, I charmed one of the quaffles to keep shooting for the goal posts and I did my best to save them. I can’t explain the feeling of being on a broom, with the wind rushing through your hair, or the thrill of saving a ball. I knew it was what made me happy and I knew it was what I was good at. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else in life. I knew this was a big year not only for the Quidditch Cup but for the Seventh years if they hadn’t impressed the scouts in their previous years, now was their last chance. But I couldn’t just seventh years in my team. I know in order to win, I have to pick the best and not fall for every sob story.

I had an idea for my dream team. I always have, it’s changed over the years since people have left. But I always do it, whenever I watch another house play I can’t help but eye up their team, pick out their strengths and weakness, which would play better where. I couldn’t help it, that’s the way I think. I’m a strategist. My only hope was the Gryffindors swallowed their pride and tried out. Despite my rivalries with James, I can’t deny him and his team and brilliant players, enough to rival my Slytherins.

I spotted the first of the people making their way to try out. So I decided it was best to meet them on the ground. I had snitches swarming in my stomach. I was thrilled about this.

I’d told everyone that I was closing the gates to the quidditch pitch at half eight so if they wanted to try out they needed to be there before then. I let them take the seats in the stands, I watched as I recognised face after face come through it was going to be hard saying no to friends, but I had no other choice. It was for the good of the school. Kid’s swarmed in through the gates, I really did have a long day ahead of me. At 25 past it slowed down drastically but most of the seats were full anyway. I sighed. At 29 past I walked out to the gate and just as I was about to shut it, I saw the man I’d been waiting for all morning to show up, I smiled at him, he nodded his head and walked through his broom in hand. My stomach did a weird flip. I was happy he was here, I was happy he was trying out that was all.

I closed the gate and made my way to the middle of the pitch. I pulled out my wand and held it to my throat.

“Ok, quiet please” The talking died down, I have to admit I like having all this power. Hopefully it won’t go to my head. “Now I’d like to thank you for coming. As you can see there is a lot of you here, so you’re going to have to patient. I’m going to sort through you all by which position you want to play. Now there are six positions which are open, however if you do not make the team. I will still need substitutes for each position in case one of the team is unable to play, for any reason. The substitutes will be informed separately and I will ask for you to keep it a secret too. So if you are here to try out for keeper, I want you to understand now that you will be trying out for the sub position unless you happen to blow me away. I will more than willingly give up my position” I laughed to myself nervously. They were all staring at me expectantly. Great, tough crowd I thought nervously. 

“Ok I’m going to start with the seekers so if you happen to be trying out for that position, come down to the ground now and I will ask for the rest of you not to interfere, however you may still talk because they need to get accustomed to the distractions of noise on the pitch” most of them flew down to me, others took the slower route of the stairs. I handed out the schools brooms, after a generous donation from Malfoy (aka my uncle) a few years back all the school’s shitty brooms were replaced with top of the range ones. Well they were the Nimbus 3000’s so they were good, but still slightly outdated. This meant that nobody would be stuck with a silly comet and complain about how their broom was too slow. I smiled at the people who stood in front of me. I noticed the familiar faces, Al was one who stood among them. He looked slightly nervous but I didn’t I know why, he was going to do brilliant. He always did. His sister was also amongst those trying out, this is going to be interesting I thought.

“Ok, the way this is going to work, is I’m going to release a snitch and like in the game it will be the first one to catch it. I plan to do this five times. The seeker will be chosen on their ability to fly, their precision with dives and their liability of catching the snitch, ok?”

I handed them all bibs which magically made their names appear, they were my best investment. They nodded at me and mounted their brooms. I let the snitch fly for thirty seconds before letting the rest of the go. Some of them were awful, they couldn’t even fly their brooms. I smiled weakly at them, trying to hide my disappointment. I watched observantly, taking down notes on everyone tactics. I noticed how Lily stayed closed to Al. Knowing he would be the first to spot it. And she was right he was, he dived down and pulled up metres before hitting the ground with the snitch in hand. I let it go again and the process continued by the end of the five, Al had caught the snitch three times, Lily one and a first year called Callie one. I was impressed by Callie, she had taken the snitch from right under Al and Lily’s noses, they were arguing and the snitch was literally hovering between them. All the seekers touched down on the ground.

“Thank you for trying out, those of you who have got the position will be informed within the next few days. You may leave or you may choose to stay and watch”. Some left while the others stayed.

I flipped over my page of notes and shouted for the Beaters to come down.

It didn’t take me long to make up my decision. Some were just plain awful. I made some switch partners, as they all chose to go with their beating partner but even I could see they weren’t up to their full potential. Like Freddie and Roxanne for example they are the perfect beater’s pair, they’re siblings and they complement each other well, if I put them together there would be no stopping them, they’d be ruthless. I thanked them for trying out and gave them the same choice as the seekers. Half stayed and the other half left. Next were the chasers there were thousands of them. Ok maybe fifty but still, there were definitely more trying out for chaser than any other position.

“Ok the way it’s going to work, is I’m going to go in goal. You each have 5 shots and 5 shots only. You will be judged on your precision, skill and capability. Please get in a line” They did willingly.

I flew up and called the first person up. I’d charmed the quaffle so after shooting, instead of falling to the ground it would go straight back to the potential chasers hand.

Again, most of them were plain awful, with half of them not even being able to pick up the quaffle let alone throw it. Barely any of them managed to score one goal, but there were a few that stuck out. Like my dearly beloved cousin Scorpius who seemed over the moon he’d managed to score two past me. Or a first year which blew me straight out of the pond a little shy girl from Hufflepuff: Andie Star and she was definitely a star. She scored two past me and nearly managed a third. There were no doubts about it; I need her on my team. And then there was James I wasn’t surprised when he scored three goals past me, he was brilliant and there was no way Hogwarts could compete without him.

Again I thanked them for coming and by now most of the others had left. I only had to pick my reserve keeper and there was only three to choose from: Hugo Weasley, Adam Carp and Jason Tolly aka Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaw’s keepers. I asked Scorpius to stay back and shoot at them. Like the chasers, they had five chances, five shots to save. I thanked them and they left, leaving me alone in the quidditch pitch, to think about my choices.

It had been a long day and I had decisions to make. I cleared the pitch and put everything back where it belonged. I grabbed my notebook and went back to the Slytherin common room.

“Dragon’s heart” I murmured as I walked through the hole into the common room.

I was immediately met by a swarm of people




I pushed past them and went straight to my dorm. I jumped straight on my bed and closed the emerald curtains, I performed a quick silencing charm. And began reading through my notes. I stayed up until earlier hours of the morning and finally I had made my decision.


Keeper: Me (Reserve Hugo Weasley)

Seeker:Albus Potter (Reserve Lily Potter)

Beaters: Roxanne & Freddie Weasley (Penny Oaks & Micheal Thomas - but if both Roxanne and Freddie are taken out then their replacements are Ryan Flint and Skylar Zabani - I just needed a pair that worked together or four in my case).

Chasers: Scorpius Malfoy, Andie Star and James Potter. (Reserves Arya Hammond, Adam Wood and Jason Adams)

I had combined all four houses into one team. We were a team to be reckoned with. I did a victory fist pump in the air. Hogwarts’ best players all in one, bring on the competition I thought as I slowly nodded off to sleep. All I had to do now was inform the team but that would be the easy part. I hoped.



Author's note: I don't own anything Harry Potter related, three guesses to who that belongs to.... If you need more than one guess, leave. Hahaha I'm kidding pick up a book Queen Rowling rules all...

Bit of a crap chapter I know, but it's a filler, helping the story along... Anyway tell me what you think! Do you like Cora? Glad James tried out? What do you think of Hogwarts team, are they worthy of the cup?

Thank you for reading (and hopefully reviewing)






EDITIED: 13/11/2013 tell me if i missed anything... or want anything explaining... what do you think of the reserves???? tell me what you think xoxoxoxoxo 


edited again: 12/07/2014 - formatting was a bit weird so I corrected it, tell me what you think!! 

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