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Confronting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 11 : For the Night
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Chapter 11

Cornell stood in the center of the room as his Auror staff kept their eyes on him, Going down the check list of items that needed to be addressed he had finally reached his last bulletin “Alright last but not least who wants recovery duty this weekend?” he yelled.

Rose’s hand quickly shot in the air “Weasley,” he pointed “Who’s going with her?”

“I will,” Grey said raising his hand from the corner of the room.

Cornell eyed Grey up and down shaking his head remembering the last time Grey had recovery duty which resulted in almost burning a building down. Glancing around the room his eyes landed on Scorpius “Malfoy have you had recovery duty yet?”

“No sir,” he answered, feeling as Rose quickly turned her eyes to him.

“Congratulations you’re going with Weasley,” he stated folding his parchment, “And with that we are done, if anyone needs me I will be in my office.”   

Scorpius turned his eyes to Rose who was staring down at her open folder “You care to explain to me what the bloody hell recovery duty is?”

“Magical objects accidentally put in muggle hands usually through estate sales. We go in and recover the item reverse the magical enhancement that it holds making it suitable for muggle use. After we put a vanishing charm on it so that when the owner dies or moves it will vanish and come to the ministry, where its magic will be returned.” She didn’t look up from her paperwork once.

“And why would you volunteer to do this?” he asked snidely.

Her head shot up and met his eyes “Because I have five people living in my two bedroom apartment right now and there is a very good chance that I may kill one of them if I don’t get some space.” She said sternly.

He wanted to ask why Albus was still there when he was due to leave a week ago but he kept his mouth shut. He had been doing that a lot lately, if he said anything his tone was usually cold and in response it was making Rose hostile.

Scorpius knew that he was being unfair to Rose by being such a prat. She had a point during their conversation outside of the bar two weeks ago, he hadn’t been honest with her about Lexie or why he had come to New York, so why would he think that she would be so upfront about her personal life. Still he couldn’t help the thought of her going home to Rex every night, being with him, and sleeping with him… well those thoughts were enough to put anyone in bad mood especially when deep down he knew that he’s the one who drove her into Rex’s arms to begin with.

Their eyes remained locked in almost a glare like state for a moment before he stood up and grabbed his jacket pulling it over his arms, he was frustrated “Just tell me when and where to be,” he said coldly.

“Fine,” she answered with an edge to her voice. Scorpius pulled his eyes away from her turning around to walk out of the office.

Rose narrowed her eyes as she watched him leave. Throwing her quill on her desk she leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms swearing that she could scream from how frustrated she was with him at the moment. He had hurt her horribly that night by saying that she hurts him on purpose, his words still lingering in her mind.

In all honesty she didn’t tell Scorpius about Rex because she didn’t want to blame him for moving on, it was what she had wanted him to do, find love. Rose never expected to find comfort in someone else’s arms because of it, but she did, and she knew that if she mentioned Rex Scorpius would know that he had something to do with it, that he was the reason for their unlikely relationship. If she had known that Rex was coming she would have warned him, maybe left out some of the details but still she wouldn’t have kept it hidden.

What bothered her the most was the fact that he was the one who lied to her, who blatantly hid information from him. Regardless of the fact that she had already known she had kept her mouth closed understanding that it was his life but she never thought that he would actually lie to her face about it. Still even though he was in the wrong a part of her had forgiven him almost instantly. She couldn’t explain why but she wasn’t mad at him… at least not for lying, the way he was acting on the other hand was a completely different story. She was the one who had been yelled at for something that she didn’t do, she was the one who was lied too, and she was the one who ended up hurt and in tears on her birthday, and yet he’s the one who stalks around angry at her. That logic Rose just could not understand.

Sighing she closed her eyes feeling as someone hovered over her. Tilting her head back she opened her eyes and saw Rex looking down to her “Hey you,” he said with a smile.

“Hey,” she forced out straightening herself up.

Rex looked at her, “Are you alright,” he asked waiting for her as she grabbed her bag.

“I’m fine,” she said standing up and letting him kiss her cheek. “It’s just been a long day.”

Seeming to accept that answer he looked down to his watch “Well we better get going our dinner reservation is in a few minutes.”

Rose nodded feeling as he wrapped his hand around her waist and pulled her closer to him.


It was Thursday night and Scorpius stood in the middle of the hall wearing a tux that was tailored perfectly for him. He looked at his watch giving her thirty more seconds before banging on the door.

He heard a loud rumble and a muttering as the door opened putting him at a loss for words. Rose stood in the doorway wearing a red gown that barley skimmed the ground, there was a slit that went up to her right thigh and it tied at her neck, clinging perfectly to the right parts of her body. Her hair was pinned up in a way that left her neck exposed. Motioning for him to come inside he followed her command still in shock.

When she turned around he noticed that the dress was backless “I’ll be ready in a couple of minutes.” She announced, walking into what he assumed was her room.

Taking a moment to recompose himself he looked around the apartment, “Where is everyone?” he asked noting how quiet it was.

“They went away for the weekend to Carla’s parent’s inn,” she yelled from the other room “That was part of the reason why I wanted recovery duty this weekend.” He heard her voice becoming closer as he turned around to see her shoving what looked to be a pair of jeans into a bag.

Raising an eyebrow she smirked “I always over prepare,”

Looking away an awkward silence fell between them that being the most cordial they have been towards one another in a while. “You ready to go?” he asked looking back to her eyes.

Biting her lip Rose nodded and followed Scorpius out of the door.


They both stood very still as they looked at the large mansion in front of them, which was lit up by white lights that were in the garden. After making sure that the coast was clear they apperarated in through the back gardens knowing that their name wouldn’t be on the guest list.

“So what is it were looking for?” Scorpius asked.

“It’s an old ballerina music box and when it opens the ballerina will jump out and dance on the table.” She said slipping her pointy heels on her feet, preferring not apperarate in them for fear that she might land and sprain an ankle.

Steadying herself she looked to Scorpius who had his arms crossed with an unreadable look “You ready?” his tone was short and almost mocking.

Rose sighed “I know that we aren’t exactly on the best of terms right now but could we please just try to get along?” she motioned her fingers between them “We are supposed to be a couple and right now no one would even believe that we are…” she paused not sure what he was to her.

His eyes remained fixed on her but they softened as she kept her eyes on the ground. His guilt consuming him for being so rude he took a breath and walked over to her, tucking his fingers gently under her chin lifting it up.

Their eyes clutched upon one another’s, and for the first time since her birthday she saw Scorpius. He didn’t have a look of impatience or sarcasm, it was tender and soft. Keeping very still it seemed as if they were having a private conversation between their eyes.

“You look very lovely tonight,” Spoke Scorpius.

Rose heard thunder from the distance as it rolled in slowly. She was at a loss for words as she buried her stare into him “Thank you,” she managed to whispered.

Dropping his hand he nodded towards the house, holding out his arm for her to take. Still lost in him she snaked her arm through his and began to follow his lead.


They went in the back way, to avoid attention, pretending to be a couple that was admiring the grounds. Once inside Rose’s mind had come back to her, remembering that there was a task at hand.

Entering the main room Rose had never seen anything more extravagant. From what she had researched the owners of the house were extremely wealthy and tonight they were holding a charity ball. There was a large crystal chandelier that hung from the ceiling which had specks of shimmer painted on it, the walls were white but had a hint of a golden trim along them, and the floors were made of white marble tile with gold diamond shapes in the middle. Taking a peek at Scorpius, she had never felt so out of place, he on the other hand seemed to fit right in as he humored the gust with his eyes, no one would have thought that he was uninvited.

Leaning into him she put on a smile and whispered “Please tell me your family home does not have a room like this,”

Scorpius shook his head “No… Ours is much larger.”

Rose’s mouth dropped as her head jerked to him, she watched as a cheeky smile began to appear along his face while he laughed to himself.

“Kidding,” he said turning to meet her “Father tore the ball room down a few years after grandfather died. He didn’t see a point in having any wasted space, especially since he didn’t plan on having any balls.”

She pursed her lips together taking another glance around the room, people were huddling together socializing with each other still too early for dancing. If they were going to attempt to sneak away from the main area and search for the box now was the chance.

Scorpius seemed to be thinking the same thing because slowly he wrapped his arm around Rose’s bare back and walked her along the edge of the wall. “Just look seduced,” he whispered against her ear lifting his head and kissing her hair as more people walked by. He held her close to his side brushing his thumb against her back as he spotted a door that blended in with the wall.

Quickly skimming his eyes around the room to see if anyone was watching he opened the door and slipped inside pulling Rose behind him. The room was dark, lit only by the lights that shown from the large window. They were in an office which had large book cases around all of the walls, and the door that was blended in to the wall looked just like a door on the this side.

Letting his hand fall Scorpius looked around the room as if he was searching “I don’t think that a ballerina music box is going to be in here,” Rose stated.

“I know that,” yet he continued to glare around the room “About how old do you think this house is?” he asked as he walked to the far side of the room skimming his fingers over the books.

Rose shrugged walking up behind him “A couple of centuries.” She guessed.

“That’s what I thought,” Scorpius said with a look of achievement as he pulled on a book and another door opened into a dark space. Reaching into her bag Rose dug around and pulled out a bizarre looking lighter. Clicking it two balls of light flew out and above their heads lighting up the space.

“My father’s deluminator,” she answered with no question. The light revealed a thin old dusty hallway with plain white walls that seemed to go on for miles. She looked to Scorpius curious as to how he would know about this hall.

“It’s the old servant’s entrances; all these manor houses have them.” Rose walked passed him and into the hall still looking around while Scorpius pulled on the door, it slightly stiff from years of no use.

“Where does it lead?” she asked noticing all the doors that went along the hall.

“Everywhere, including underground,” Rose eyed him somewhat confused. Waving his wand Scorpius muttered a magical detection spell, and pale blue orb flying out of the tip of his wand in front of them. “During the time that this house was built servants weren’t meant to ever be seen by the house masters, whenever they heard someone walking into a room they always left before the owners came in.” Scorpius looked around the small space “This was the quickest way to travel around the house allowing them to be unseen.”

Somewhat lost in learning something new Rose didn’t notice as the blue orb slowly it began to move leading the way. Following it “How did you know about this,”

Scorpius kept his eyes forward as his arm brushed up against hers from the lack of space “Vivian and I used to play in mine,”

Rose smiled at the thought of a young Scorpius running around hidden hallways. Not saying anything silence fell between them as they continued to follow the ball up a narrow staircase that led to another hall. Even though Scorpius was talking to her, when the silence fell it wasn’t comfortable, it was full of tension and unspoken moments which weighed down on them both.

They had remained quiet for almost a half hour when Rose finally asked the one question that had been nagging away at her for weeks “Do you really think I hurt you on purpose?”

Scorpius stopped walking letting the orb continue to go. Turning Rose looked at him directly in the eyes to see if she could read anything. “I don’t think you do it on purpose.” He said feeling as if all of the air had been drained from the room, his heart pounding with the confrontation.

“Then what do you think?” she asked trying to understand.

“I think that stuff happens that’s out of my control and for some reason the problem always seems to lead back to you.”

Rose rubbed her arm awkwardly looking away from him “So I’m a problem to you?” she asked not sure why it hurt her to hear it.

She listened as Scorpius took a step closer to her “Rose you’re not a problem, you’re the root to all mine.” He softly said.

“I’m sorry,” she said weakly unable to look at him.

Scorpius raised his hand and cupped her face “Don’t say that,” he whispered tilting her head to his.

They were so close to one another, Rose covered his hand with her own. “It’s true,” she gasped slightly “Sometimes I would trade anything to take away what happened.” Scorpius stared at her hard “Not because I would want to, but so that you would never have gotten hurt and I wouldn’t continue to do it.”

He shook his head “I wouldn’t trade anything to take away my pain.”

Her breathing was shaky as she looked him in the eye “Why not? You would be happy and unknowing.”

“No, I would know that something big was missing, and deep down I think I would know that it was you.” He said knowingly. “We were together for only three months, that’s not a very long time. I took only three months for me to know that I was never going to find anybody like you.” Pulling her forehead against his, he struggled to say “It took only three months for me to know that I never wanted to be anyone else’s.” Her breathing was quick and heavy “Yes you are the cause to many of my problems, but if forgetting you was the solution, I would never take it because I never want to forget the way you made me feel then and now.”

“So you rather live in pain than oblivious, that’s ridiculous,” she commented holding him against her.

“You really don’t get it Rose?” he didn’t ask it, but he did search her eyes with his own seeing if she understood. “It kills me every time you hurt me. It is unbearable to be near you sometimes from the pain that I have from how badly I want to be with you and knowing that you won’t give in, and yet I’m still here?” he questioned raising his other hand to the other side of her cheek almost willing her to realize “I stay because I let you hurt me,”

He had her pushed against the wall as her other hand raised to grip onto his neck. “Why would you do that?” her voice was rushed full of confusion and relief as she took him in.

“At least I’m near you,” His chest pushed against hers. “I rather be near you getting hurt than not have anything to do with you at all.” He whispered.

Shaking her head against his she smiled slightly over joyed. Closing her eyes in his embrace she curiously asked “If you don’t care that I hurt you then why have you been so mean?”

Scorpius almost laughed “I thought that would have been obvious,” He lifted his lips to kiss her forehead and then pulled his head back to look at her. She opened her eyes to see him “I hate Rex,” he said simply.

Rose couldn’t help but feel slightly idiotic that she hadn’t figured it out before now. “You don’t even know him?” she said lightly.

“He has you, that’s all I need to know.” His words sounding as if it was the only explanation.

“Scorpius, Rex and I…” but she was cut off by the zipping of the orb as it came racing back to them hitting Scorpius right in the shoulder.

“Bloody ball,” he mumbled leaning off of Rose and straightening his posture.

Dropping her hands she looked to her side and stared at the orb “We better go do our job,” she said somewhat reluctantly.


They walked silently down the street, the wind picking up and the air becoming cooler as the storm began to move in. They hadn’t said a word about what happened in the hallway but the tension between them had disappeared.

It wasn’t long after they separated that they found the music box. It was laying on a vanity of a little girl’s bedroom, who was asleep in her bed. They could see where someone had been trying to open the box, it only being able to be opened by a wand. Now that they had reversed the magic in it, the muggles would be able to open it and they wouldn’t know any difference in it.

Looking beside her Scorpius kept his expressions very still and a decent amount of space between them, the only motion he made towards her was when he slipped off his jacket and put it on her. The thunder started to boom louder as lightening began to strike in the distance. “Are you sure you’re going to be okay to walk home?” he asked as they reached the entrance to his apartment building. “You can always apperarate from my apartment if you don’t want to get caught up in this."

Rose nodded softly the warmness from his jacket giving her comfort. “I’ll be fine, it’s not that far of a walk, and if need be I’ll apperarate in.” she said noticing the lack of people on the street, most taking cover for the storm.

He gave a nod and turned to walk away. Rose watched him feeling the wind pick up harder around her, the thunder shaking the ground, and her heart racing. “Scorpius,” she yelled after him.

Almost through the entrance of his door he turned to face her. She stood still on the sidewalk with his jacket flapping around her as she pulled it closer to her body. He looked to her wondering if she had changed her mind. “Rex and I aren’t together you know.”

Scorpius’ eyes were wide as he turned the rest of his body around letting the door fall shut behind him “You’re not?” he yelled over the howls of the wind.

“Not yet,” she yelled.

That was enough for Scorpius as he rushed to her grabbing her in his arms and collided his lips on top of hers. The rain beginning to fall on them soaking them but neither one cared in the slightest.

Rose wrapped her hands around his neck the wetness from the rain making it slick. Opening her mouth to deepen the kiss she felt how he raised his hand to hold her in place so that she wouldn’t pull away, not that she would have if she could. His palm was pressed to her neck taking in everything that he could. The rain coming down harder making them both fall more into the kiss. Their lips were slippery against one another’s, their clothes drenched as rain ran down their skin giving the oddest pricking sensations.

Scorpius wrapped his hand beneath his jacket needing to feel her skin, holding her body tightly to his as he did. At the touch of his skin Rose vigorously flung her hands into his hair tugging on it letting her fingers slip through the soaking strands, pulling her own body closer it his feeling the hard muscles of his abdomen rub against hers. The area that their bodies were pressed together was hot feeling almost sweat like as the wetness of their clothes rubbed against each other.

She knew that this was wrong and maybe that was why it felt so good to have him so close to her. She never wanted this to end as she gripped tightly a hold of him. Feeling as he did the same to her body grasping her, his hands digging into her skin roughly so that they wouldn’t slid. They needed each other’s taste from their lips, the heat from their bodies, the built up passion from six years. All of it was coming out in this ferocious kiss the thought of being tender and gentile towards one another not even registering to them.   

Pulling her head back she looked at him her chest rising and falling heavily as she kept her hands securely a hold of him. “What does this mean?” she panted deeply.

Scorpius ran his fingers through her soaking hair which was slowly falling out of its style. He refused to let her go at this moment and from the look on her face it was clear that she felt the same. “It means that tonight your mine,” and he let his lips fall onto her again, bending her head backwards so that he could kiss her harder while apperarating her from the storm.


A/N: I hope it was worth the wait. Thank you so much for reading and please review and let me know what you think is going to happen next.

Be back in two weeks.

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