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The Forgotten Year by SunnyWitch
Chapter 1 : To Be Famous
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 I, Lily Potter, am going to make it big time. 

That’s what I tell myself, staring at the job application in front of me. It’s what I need – you know, for basic living stuff – but I can’t bring myself to fill it out.

It’s just so… boring?

An editor?

Or rather, assistant editor?

That’s seriously all they have for offer? I’m bloody Lily Luna Potter, for Merlin’s sake! My parents saved the wizarding world! I’m rich! I’m famous! And all they can offer me is a stupid, bloody assistant editing job at a crummy old magazine office? Where I'd probably be fetching coffees and lunch and breakfast for somebody with permanent acne scars?

Something’s wrong with the world.

I’m in seventh year. Pretty. Awesome. A fabulous icon. Whom should be receiving a fabulous job with little to no effort.


And yet here I am, bent over at my Head Girl’s desk, trying to figure out what I can do when I leave Hogwarts.

Like hell I’m going to be an Auror, like James and Albus. Nope. I’m pretty out there, but I’d much rather I didn’t get killed chasing some Dark wizard who’s off his rocker. Even if they do get paid a hell of a lot of cash.

I want to go into journalism. Of course, nobody’s being very supportive. Aunt Hermione is completely against it – saying something about it turning me into a Skeeter.

Whatever that is.

I pause, tuck a tiny bit of hair behind my ear, and put pen to paper.

If nobody wants me, I’m going to have to make them.

Starting by writing my own ideas. I need my own headline.


“Hey, Lily,” Nathan chirps at me, walking down the hallway. He stops. I sigh. He’s very demanding.


Nathan Evergreen is in sixth year. Slightly annoying. Willow, his elder sister, has indeed assured me that he does, in fact, have a crush on me.

“What’s up?”

He tries to act ‘cool’ around me. Tries. Stress on the ‘tries’.

“Oh, uh, trying to find a story for an… application task,” I mutter distractedly.

It’s not really lying. Not really. Maybe only a little bit.

“Oh, awesome! Got anything?”

“Nope,” I admit. “But I’ll find something.”

“How about you do something on Willow? You know, the prophecy thing?”

Hmm. That is an idea. But Willow would never, ever, not in a million years go for it…

But maybe…


“No,” says Willow. “Nope, no way. Uh uh.”

“Oh, come on! You’ll be famous!” I plead, literally on hands and knees. By the fireplace. Where Willow’s head was sticking out.

“I don’t want to be famous! I want all that forgotten!”

“Come on!” Note to self, stop using that phrase. “It’ll be fun!”

“Like hell it will be fun! I’m never going to tell you what the prophecy was, ever. Forget it.”


Puppy dog eyes, attack formation!


She’s gone.


This is going to be more difficult than I expected.

But I’m not giving up.

I’m going to find out what was in that prophecy once and for all.

And then I will be famous. With my own section in a magazine.


Hey guys! Yet another story! Another challenge! Wooo! Get excited!

Anybody like it? 

This is all about the mystery of the prophecy, and Lily being a little - dare I say it? Bitch. 

Yeah, she's not really. She should be in Slytherin, actually. She's very ambitious. 

Anyway, Willow's (a character from Your Average Crazy, just thought you should know, as the end to that is related a lot to this) not going to give up her secret too easily. 

Operation Undercover Lily is a go. Repeat, Operation Undercover Lily is a go. 

Cheers, SW. 


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The Forgotten Year: To Be Famous


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