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Magic in the Walls by HufflePuff_Blitz
Chapter 4 : The Room of Kept Memories
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James POV

Potions was dreadful today, and it was even worse as the tides have changed and it was Blake who was ignoring me! It also doesn't help that we were brewing a rather difficult draft of Wiggenweld Potion. which if you missed one ingredient, it made a poison so potent that your flesh melts when you touch it.

I kept looking up trying to catch his eyes, but every time our eyes met, he looked down as if he saw a banshee. Giving up hope I focus back onto my potion which has turned the soft shade of magenta that it should be by now. I sighed happily when the professor called time, I bottled my potion and packed up my equipment, dropping off my potion on the way out the door.

I noticed Blake was dropping his potion off now, so while I waited I leaned casually up against the wall whistling an old muggle tune my father taught me.

When Blake finally exited the room he walked right past me like I wasn't even there. Following him I called his name twice with no response. Huffing I pick up my pace and finally catch up to him, almost completely out of breath.

“Blake, we need to talk!”

“I have nothing to say to you right now James”

I don't know if it was all the frustration of the week or for some other un-godric reason, but I snapped and shoved Blake up against the wall and said, “We need to talk Blake,” then more silently said, “about us.”

Looking like he is about to cry or melt, or burst into rainbows, he looked up at me and says “fine, but not here I have another place we can go.”

We worked our ways through the corridors, until we made it to an abandoned corridor on the second floor. Blake looked around several times then pulled out his wand.

“What are you doing?” I ask not really sure what was going on.

“Shhh!” he said turning to me. He turned back around and raised his wand towards the ceiling and muttered, “Praelucente Memorias.”

A small bubble of light appeared and started to float down the hall; and to my surprise Blake started to follow it.

“Wait! I thought we were going to talk!?” I ran up next to him, grabbing his arm.

“We are going to talk James! Just be patient for a few seconds, we will talk when we get there.” With that he turned and continued following the bubble.

“Where?” I sighed, probably should just go with it. I caught up with him, and we walked along in silence. We were in one of the less used Corridors of the fifth floor, and Blake was staring at the wall where the bubble had stopped.

Nearly under his breath, Blake muttered, “Voxluna Revelios.”

Nothing happened for a moment, but suddenly a glowing blue archway of writing appeared on the wall.

“I can run but not walk. Wherever I go, thought follows close behind. What am I?”

Blake looked at me and said, “Go ahead answer it.”

“Answer it? Sure.” I pondered the question for a few moments, when it suddenly came to me, “A nose! The answer is a nose!”

“Took you long enough,” he smiled. With his wand he tapped the letters that appeared in the phrase for the answer, in the rhythm of what sounded like a beetles tune, and the phrase reshaped itself into a keyhole, in which Blake tapped the center with his wand and, a door appeared.

“Wow.” I managed to say.

We walked into the room, and all I could say was, “wow.”

What I am guessing was an unused class room was magnificently transformed. Instead of the boring square classroom, the room was a massive dome twenty feet high, with the walls enchanted to match the sky out-side but it was stronger than the one in the great hall because you couldn't see through it.

The floor replaced with bountiful grass, dragon snaps, water-lilies floating in large glowing bubbles that had rainbow-colored koi fish jumping between them, and in the distance you can hear the trickling of a waterfall.

Looking up towards the top of the room, there was a crystal-ball-like glowing orb that felt like it was pulsating power, sending shivers down my back.

I think my favorite part of the whole room was Blake's butterflies that turned into bubbles, and back into butterflies.

“What do you think?” he said smiling to me.

“It – it's beautiful.”

“Come and sit, so we can talk.” he said grabbing my hand and leading me to the center of the room. We went to lay down in the grass looking up at the enchanted sky.

“So what did you mean when you wanted to talk about us?” He asks.

“Yeah, sorry about reacting the way I did. It's just, I am so confused right now.”

“It's okay to be confused James, we are all there at one point or another. You can't hide those feeling though, you have to find out whether they mean something or not.”

“How do you do that?”

“Well...there is a simple test we can try.” He said leaning in.

The next thing I know our lips are locked in a kiss?

It is awkward though cause I know I am being hesitant and holding back a bit. He seems to notice it too and he reaches down to the one spot not even a girl has touched. In which I gasped opening my mouth in the slightest amount but enough for Blake to force it open and let his tongue go in.

That really got me going, I let my tongue enter his mouth and I really enjoyed it; his left hand on my chest, and his right running through my hair just felt amazing.

After we separated all I could say was “wow.”

He laughed and said, “you're full of those today.”

If I didn't know before, I knew now with no doubt that the road to discovering who I am took a completely different orientation today.

Feeling sure about my self for the first time in a couple weeks a sudden thought came into my head, and I said “There is something I want to ask about you now.”

“Oh really?” he said looking confused.

“Tell me how your parents died, there are rumors but you where there and you where the one who didn't want the info released.”

“James I really don't want to talk ab...”

“No Blake, you will talk about it. If we are going to try to see if this … thing, goes somewhere, we need to be honest with each other and that is the biggest secret you've kept from everyone. Just tell me and you will feel so much better.”

He huffed and started with, “It all happened last summer....”

 A/N: Finally have it up :D What did you think? But ... Finally a chapter over 1000 words!  
Two spells I mentioned in this chapter are of my own creation and arn't explained in the chapter but will be in the next. 
Just a hint though :)

Praelucente Memorias: Guiding Light of memories
Voxluna Revelios: Reveal the voice of the moon

- Puffy


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Magic in the Walls: The Room of Kept Memories


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