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Birds of a Feather by ladylilyflower
Chapter 2 : Fury & Accismus
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Her unrelenting sweetness was suffocating. Why she had to appease everyone was unnerving to Salazar, so he normally reacted in such a way to annoy her. If he could rile her up enough, he could get her eyes to sparkle with a rare emotion: fury. To see her passionate for even a moment could get him to smile, which displeased him for his smile would take Helga out of her moment of fury and back to her tame, tender self.

Today was no exception to Salazar's task of bringing forth Helga's rage; he was watching her prepare their dinner, without magic. 'Magic cannot do what I can do with my ingredients, Salazar,' she had said to him when he first caught her cooking. She would say things like this to him about most things she did with a tone of superiority, like it was something he ought to already know.

He leaned on the doorframe, "Is this what you'll do when the students arrive? Teach them to cook without magic?" He did not contain his amused smirk as he snatched a near by apple and took a bite of it.

Helga stiffened at the sound of his voice, before turning pointedly to him with a scowl. 30 seconds must be a new record for this task of his. "I'd be careful how you address your cook, Salazar. Wouldn't want your plate to be poisoned." She kept at stern face, awaiting his reply.

He smiled, letting his fondness of her reaction get the better of him, "No, I wouldn't want that." He took another bite of the apple, noticing her gaze on the fruit.

"Do not eat much, you'll spoil your dinner," she said after a moment, her tone almost motherly. She turned back around to tend to the dish, but he did not take his leave. Instead he continued to watch her; her concentration brought her brow down making her less tame. He wondered if she was still thinking of his comment as he thought of hers. Not that he wanted her to know that he thought of her in any way, for that would be against… some principle in him.

Or so he'd tell himself.


The current situation Salazar found himself could either be described as troublesome or wondrous. Helga had managed to persuade him to accompany her into the nearby wood to collect various plants and herbs for their meals, and for his potions. Out of courtesy he agreed, but upon gazing on his companion he was mentally scolding himself. She was glowing in the natural light and he was unsure how to act, so he stood still watching her walk around picking flowers.

"We are surrounded by beauty, Salazar, and yet you still scowl," Helga began, a smile on her face. Her tone was playful which only discomforted him more. It was his game to annoy her, not the other way around.

"Beauty is subjective," he replied dully.

 She tilted her head, still amused by his indifference. "I will not disagree with you, but I will ask why you decided to accompany me if such a sight does not appease you."

If only she realized… He thought to himself before clearing his throat. "A lady should not venture the wood without a companion."

Helga laughed at this comment and returned to walking, "I hardly think any rules of decorum are of value here."

 Salazar began to walk, following her along the path. "It is not a matter of decorum, rather a-"

"A matter of caring for my well being?" She turned her head to smirk at him.

He could not hold back a smile and replied, "Now, I wouldn't say that."

"Liar," she sang, knelling down to inspect a plant.

He stood nearby her, "I may be many things Lady Hufflepuff, but I am not a liar."

She appeared thoughtful for a moment, before taking a leaf off the plant and rising."You may not be a liar, but you, sir, are an accismus." Her eyes had that sparkle in them he only saw when he angered her.

He narrowed his eyes at her. "Pray, what is an accismus?"

Helga stopped walking and stood with her hands clasped over her basket that carried her ingredients. "We do have an ever expanding library Salazar, I'm sure you could navigate yourself around one of the volumes to find the definition."

"That may be so, but why shall I go to the trouble whilst you know the information I seek in your head?" He did not stop the amused smirk that grew on his face.

"Because I will not indulge such information to you, no matter what tactics you try. So I suggest you take my advice and search for a book that contains the definition you seek."

Salazar took a step toward her. "There's nothing I can do to get the definition from you?" He watched her cautiously, not wanting his boldness scare her. Helga looked at him with an unknown emotion in her eyes. She stepped to meet him, stopping a couple inches from him.

"Not one thing, Salazar. Try as you might, you shall not break me." She grinned up at him. Her teasing was beginning to intrigue him more; she seemed more ambitious out in the forest. His gaze lowered to her lips, before locking eyes with her again.

"Well then… Helga, I should return to the castle to research as much as possible." His voice was quieter than he intended, making his words to sound more intimate.

"Let me know of your findings," she said just as quietly, before maneuvering around him, walking back towards the castle. Salazar watched her go making a note to accompany Helga out on her walks more often.


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