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Wide Awake by oldnumberseven
Chapter 17 : Let's Get It On
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 Disclaimer: When I started this story, I went off HP Lexicon’s timeline that said the Marauders graduated in 1977 … however, after some more digging, I realized that they actually graduated in 1978. Normally I would let this slide, but it’s going to affect the sequel for this story (I don’t even want to think about what I would plot with an extra year thrown in there) so I’m in the process of going back and changing the date in the earlier chapters. Sorry for the mix up!

Chapter image by me (yes, that's right, there are chapter images now!) 

Let's get it on.” - Marvin Gaye, 1973

“Okay Evans, you can do this.”

Lily Evans took a deep breath, squared her shoulders, and tried to make a sexy pout with her lips. The Gryffindor whipped open her kimono robe and revealed her new lacy black bra and knickers set to herself in the mirror. She shook her hair effortlessly and then fluttered her eyelashes at her reflection.

“Take me to bed, James Potter!” the virgin rehearsed, trying to use her raspy voice. However, her romantic exclamation fell flat and came out extremely hoarse. Lily sucked in an astonished breath and then caught her scared reflection in her mirror, which caused her to let out a sharp laugh.

“He’s never going to fall for that,” she muttered softly as she cupped her face with her hands. When she finally took another deep breath, she felt her head tilt sideways as she analyzed her reflection. Although she was petite and usually courageous, Lily insecurely pulled at the exposed skin on her stomach and frowned when embarrassment flooded her cheeks.

She never should have let Alice talk her into buying the lingerie.

“LILY, WE’RE LEAVING!” her father called from the living room. The witch scowled as she hastily closed her robe, cinched its belt around her waist, and after throwing her hair into a messy bun, trotted down the stairs to say goodbye to the rest of her family. When she reached the ground floor, she tried to ignore her sister’s scathing gaze.

“Goodbye,” Lily smiled before kissing her father's cheek delicately. She then moved to her mother as she forced out a lie. “I hope you have a great time with the Thickes. They always do throw a spectacular New Years Eve party.”

“It won’t be as exciting as your boyfriend’s shindig, I’m sure,” Petunia Evans spat as she crossed her arms, “but then again, I wouldn’t call dancing around a bubbling cauldron and shouting curses exciting.”

Lily seethed as she quickly remembered the ill-fated dinner with Petunia, her then fiancé Vernon Dursley, James, and herself; their first meeting had ended in tears when Vernon and James had started a fighting about Vernon’s new car and their respective wealth. The fight had gotten worse at Petunia’s wedding when she refused to speak to either of them.

Yet, before Lily could lash out at her sister, her father put an arm around Petunia’s shoulder - muttering something like “Come on, Vernon is waiting for you” - and guided her towards the open door. Her mother shot her a forced smile before following them and Lily sighed as she watched them walk towards their family car.

Guilt crept down her spine. Even though she hated the Thickes, she quickly considered owling James an excuse in order to hang onto her last connection to the Muggle world … but Petunia slammed the car door and her family sped off into the night before she could do anything. Lily cowered as she slowly closed the front door.

She sighed again as she made her way back to her room. After sluggishly rolling up her black thigh highs and clipping them to her vintage garter belt, the Head Girl tugged her purple dress - made from the expensive fabric James had bought her for Christmas - over her head. Lily zipped up the side and looked at her reflection in the mirror; although the dropped waist showed off her figure, she still felt uncomfortable.

Would James like what she had made with his gift? And more importantly, would it make a good first impression with his parents?

After glancing at her clock, Lily realized she was running behind schedule and tried to squash her insecurities. She quickly snapped her clustered pearl earrings into her lobes and grabbed her black cloak and evening purse before running out of her room and into the backyard. The Gryffindor took a shaky breath before pulling out James’ invitation and portkey from her clutch.

“Here goes nothing,” Lily muttered.

She quickly glanced back at her tiny dark house and then closed her hand around the Queen chess piece. The portkey threw her into a swirling vortex and she immediately felt like she was going to vomit. Seconds later, she arrived in the gravel driveway of Potter Manor and tried to regain her sense of balance.

“Ah, Miss Evans,” a uniformed butler smiled as he extended her a steady hand. “We’ve been waiting for you.”

Lily looked up from the ground and felt her jaw drop. In front of her, a row of butlers stood on the candle lit outdoor staircase that led to the large wooden front doors. James’ house was enormous and unlike anything she had ever seen before. Lily immediately felt uneasy. Her black heel wobbled and she seized the butler’s arm as she almost lost her composure; her earlier guilt quickly morphed into intense fear.

LILY!” James exclaimed and her head shot up to see him bounding down towards her. A wild, idiotic grin covered most of his face and he skipped over several stairs in order to quickly wrap his arms around her. She yelped in surprise when he picked her up and spun her around. “You’re wearing your Christmas present!”

“Put me down!” Lily eventually giggled. He returned her to the ground and her lack of confidence turned into a steady poise. James always calmed her nerves, she thought, whether he realized it or not. She smiled, gently reached up, and pushed some of his messy black hair behind his ear. “You clean up well, Potter.”

“As do you, Evans,” he responded with a laugh. He took her hand and held it above her head; she gave him a confused look and he motioned for her to twirl with a wave of his hand. Lily obliged him and when she finally caught his gaze again, he beamed.

“You look smashing. I am going to be the luckiest man in the world tonight with you by my side.”

Stop it,” she scolded as she playfully smacked him with her purse.

“Never,” James winked as he held out his arm. She took it gladly.

As the candles flicked in the cold winter wind, they carefully scaled the grand outdoor staircase. Yet, with every step, Lily felt her sizeable insecurities creep back into her thoughts. Her normal steadfast bravery was nowhere to be found, for although James calmed her nerves about her appearance, she still had to meet his parents. What were they going to think of her? Would they approve of the girl who had scored their son for the better part of his Hogwarts education?

“James,” Lily said softly as they hovered just outside the large wooden entrance doors, “I don’t know if I can do this. Not after our disaster with Petunia.”

“Do what?”

“Meet your parents.”

“Nonsense,” said James as he pulled her into the Manor, “they’re going to love you as much as I do.”

She tried to dissuade him and dig her heels into the carpet, but the Gryffindor felt her complaints fall away as she looked up. The inside of Potter Manor was tremendously beautiful. The ceilings were high, majestic, and covered in frescos and gold filigree; the walls were decorated with evergreen garlands. When James finally stopped, she looked out over the landing at the broad entry hall. Beyond it, there was an extensive ballroom and several connecting doors that lead to another set of wide rooms.

Lily was so spellbound by the mansion that she didn’t see the two figures behind her. She jumped in surprise and panted softly when she realized James’ parents were finally next to them. Perpetual fear flooded her senses.

“Miss Evans,” Edward Potter grinned, “it is a pleasure to finally meet you.” She nodded nervously and shook his hand, taking in his appearance. His white hair showed his real age, but she remarked that his son clearly took after him.

“Pleased to meet you,” answered Lily. “And you Mrs. Potter.”

“Call me Agathe, please,” the older woman replied with a comforting smile before pulling her into an unexpected hug. Lily squeaked in astonishment at her forwardness but eventually melted into her embrace. When Agathe slowly released her, the Muggleborn noticed that her smile had grown exponentially.

“Thank you, Lily,” she beamed as she patted her shoulder, “for turning my son into a proper gentleman. I know he was quite the nuisance when he was younger, but now he’s a grown man - all because of you - and I can die a happy mother.”

All of Lily’s earlier worries quickly dissolved when she felt the sincerity rolling off her in waves.

“Oh! Would you look at your dress? It’s stunning! Did you make it yourself?”

“I told you she likes to make her own clothes, Mum,” James whispered in her ear. “That’s why I gave her the purple fabric for Christmas. Remember?”

Lily couldn’t help but frown slightly when Agathe’s blue eyes became misty and confused. James had mentioned that his mother was growing older – something Lily could see by the woman’s grey hair and wrinkled face – but he hadn’t said anything about her memory loss.

“Evans, you’re finally here!” Sirius exclaimed as he joined their small party. He quickly took a sip from his glass tumbler before smoothing down his black dress robes. “Thank Merlin you’ve finally put Prongs out of his misery. He’s been glued to that front window like a bowtruckle on a doxy egg.”

“Oi, I wasn’t that bad,” James defended. “And if I remember correctly, you were right there with me until you wandered off a moment ago.”

“Well, I needed a drink,” Sirius muttered as he took another sip and tapped his foot against the carpet.

“I’m sure we’re going to love Gemma too, Sirius,” Edward reassured as he slapped his semi-adopted son on the back. Sirius looked up at him tenderly as if he was truly related to him, and Lily couldn’t help but let her smile grow. Although she knew the details were gruesome, she was very thankful that Sirius had made his brave escape to the Potters after his Fifth Year.

“Miss Alice Cooper, Mr. Frank Longbottom, and Miss Gemma Rawnsley!” the head butler announced and everyone’s eyes shot to the door. Lily’s smile grew bigger as she watched Alice fix her boyfriend’s bowtie and realized she was also very thankful for her best friend.

Alice’s face lit up with excitement when she finally locked eyes with Lily and dragged her boyfriend towards their group. As the couple made their introductions to the Potters, Lily noticed that Gemma continued to nervously stand in the doorway; she shied away from their welcoming party and tugged at the chiffon sleeves of her psychedelic dress. Sirius softly excused himself and sprinted towards the door.

“It was very nice to meet you, Alice,” Agathe said as she patted her hand affectionately, “but I have a feeling we’re needed by the main doors.”

The Potters cast a quick fond glance at their son before floating over to Sirius and Gemma. As the pureblood began to introduce his girlfriend, Lily heard James sigh next to her.

“He was a shadow of his former self this summer,” the Head Boy said softly as he took her hand in his. “Well, to be honest, he'd been that way ever since he ran away - but he never smiled, just fucked around with women and acted like a complete git. We were all so worried about him … but then he met her. And ever since then, he’s been the happiest I’ve ever seen him.”

“It can’t be easy, though,” Frank said nonchalantly.

“What are you on about?” Alice questioned.

“What? I love Sirius just as much as James does, but you can’t deny that he’s a very demanding bloke.”

“Demanding yes, but passionate as well,” Lily laughed and the other Gryffindors joined in as they continued to watch Sirius present the love of his life to the Potters. Their chuckles slowly subsided and an eerie silence crept over them.

“But do you think it will last?” Alice whispered softly, voicing the thought that everyone refused to share. “After all, she is a Sixth Year and he’s six months – give or take – away from being an Auror in training, just like the rest of us.”

“Hold your hippogriffs!” Frank exclaimed. “We don’t know that -”

“Oh come on, Frank,” Alice interrupted, “we all know they’re going to let into the program. We’re fervent and smart candidates and they can’t afford to pass us up. In fact, with all the Muggle attacks these days, they need us.”

“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch,” Lily playfully warned her best friend as she wagged her finger in the air. “We have to pass our NEWTs first.”

“Alice does have a point, though,” Frank said solemnly as he looked down at his shoes. “Whatever happens, he’s going to be in London and she’s still going to be studying at Hogwarts … I really do hope they can make things work, though. They make each other so happy - even if they do drive each other a little bonkers from time to time.”

“They’ll be fine. When you find someone that makes your heart skip a beat, you automatically know you’d do anything to keep them in your life,” James finally cut in with a dashing smile as he squeezed Lily’s hand. “Wouldn’t you agree?”

Frank and Alice grasped hands and nodded their heads wholeheartedly and Lily couldn’t help but blink back a couple of happy tears as James led her down the stairs towards the ballroom. Alice chatted about how should found her little black dress for the evening, but the Head Girl was too wrapped up in her own bliss to really pay attention.

“Ah, Prongs! Lily!” Peter exclaimed from the other side of the ballroom as he waved his hands. Next to him, Aeryn waved just as eagerly and Remus gave them a soft smile before taking a sip from his glass tumbler. James quickly led Lily over towards their friends as Alice and Frank peeled off to find refreshments of their own.

“Wormtail, I didn’t see you come in! How are you?” James grinned as he hugged his best friend and gave him a slap on the back. The two boys quickly fell into a side conversation and Aeryn remained silent as she listened to their every word. Lily rolled her eyes. Although she found Peter’s girlfriend to be extremely kind and compassionate, she secretly thought that she needed to grow a stronger backbone. She caught Remus’ wandering gaze out of the corner of her eye and chuckled when she saw the same annoyed expression on his face.

“How are you, Remus?” she asked lightheartedly.

“Oh you know me,” he responded with a slight smirk before taking another sip. “Doing the best I can.”

“And your Christmas?” she prodded.

“If you’re really asking about your chocolate sampler,” the former Prefect chuckled, “I think you already know the answer.” Lily grinned as she reached out and grabbed a champagne flute after one of the staff offered her a glass. She continued to watch the sandy haired Marauder as she slowly took a sip of her own, but was soon distracted when she heard Sirius’ boisterous laugh. However, she did notice the way Remus shied from their group upon seeing Gemma on the main staircase.

Lily’s smile turned into a slight grimace. She'd figured out Remus’ dark secret when they had first started patrolling during their Fifth Year – it really wasn’t hard for the bright witch to read the signs – and before long, she became his closest confidant. They quietly discussed his lycanthropy, but never spoke of it outside of their patrols; it wasn’t her place to publically comfort him, especially when she considered his best friend James Potter to be her mortal enemy. However, ever since she and James had reconciled, she had been tempted to reach out to the werewolf to open the lines of communication.

But it seemed that Gemma had already tried. And failed.

Although she wasn’t present during their pseudo-intervention during the Winter Ball, Lily knew exactly what they were talking about. She had long suspected that Remus was in love with Marianne, but chose not to be a part of their barrage. Instead, Lily decided to remain silent and keep Aeryn occupied in order to prevent her from learning the truth. It had certainly been difficult but she knew it was the right thing to do.

“Moony, Wormtail! My friends!” Sirius exclaimed, his arms wide open as he approached them. “Let us drink to 1978!”

“We still have two hours until midnight,” Gemma muttered behind him. “If you start now, you’re going to be sloshed.”

“That’s the plan, love,” Sirius replied as he grabbed a champagne flute and ostentatiously presented it to his girlfriend. She shook her head and pulled out a small joint from her bohemian clutch.

“D’ya think your parents would kill me if I lit up outside?” she whispered to James.

“Not at all,” he responded with a wink. “There’s already a crowd out there smoking cigarettes, you’ll blend right in.”

“I’ll join you then!” Peter exclaimed as he pulled out a pack from inside his robes. Aeryn huffed - clearly annoyed that her boyfriend had taken up his old habit - and Lily saw Gemma throw Remus a fleeting remorseful glance before taking Peter’s arm and accompanying him towards the Potters’ private lake.

The rest of the group soon fell into a lengthy conversation about the current professional Quidditch standings and as James and Sirius argued and chugged champagne, time began to fly by. Lily flitted back and forth between the guests, her earlier lack of confidence slipping away as she began to socialize. The Head Girl’s laugh echoed throughout the room until James pulled her onto the dance floor.

Then the real fun began. They danced up a storm. 

“Everyone! Quick! It’s 11:58!” Mr. Potter exclaimed from the top of the stairs. Every guest frantically prepared themselves and as James looked for a pair of champagne flutes, Lily couldn’t help but smile like a complete idiot as pure happiness coursed through her veins.

1977 had certainly been a rough year for her, as shown by her strained relationship with the Muggle world, her sister, and Severus. But as she looked around at everyone gathered in the ballroom, she finally felt tremendous inner peace. She was so thankful that James showered her with love and affection, his parents welcomed her with open arms, the rest of the Marauders promoted her selective rule breaking, and Alice gave her emotional stability. She was meant to be here, in the Wizarding world, with the best people she had ever known.

Earlier in the night, Lily had been scared to leave the Muggle world behind, but now she realized that everything she loved and cared about wasn’t a part of that life. And even though the times were getting darker and uncertain, she knew that she was put on this earth to fight for what she held dear. Even if Severus and his new friends were against her, she would still persevere.

“3 -2 -1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

“Happy New Year, Lily,” James said softly as he offered her a fresh flute and gave her a chaste kiss on the lips. And that was when she realized there was only one thing that would make the night more of a success than it already was.

“James,” Lily grinned as she put the champagne down on one of the tables. Confidence burst through her. “Would you mind giving me a tour of the house?”

“Now?” he asked, a bit confused.

“Yes, now.”

“Whatever you heart desires, Lily,” he slurred and then took her hand to guide her through the crowd. She giggled to herself as he began to grandiosely present all the portraits, statues, and other decorations that littered the house.

“And where do you sleep?” she said. James was completely oblivious to her intentions and quickly dragged her up a large staircase towards his bedroom.

“So that’s Sirius’ room down there. I told him the Third Floor had bigger rooms but he insisted on being in my hallway. And this – this is my room. Shit, I forgot to clean, didn’t I?”

He laughed to himself as he frantically scooped up two large piles of dirty Quidditch robes. Secretly behind him, Lily closed the door and zipped down the side of her dress, letting it fall to the floor. When James finally turned around, she almost lost her composure when she saw his shocked expression; his jaw had dropped so far that she could see the back of his throat. Instead of laughing, she sucked in a quick breath, put her hands on her hips, and gave him a lustful stare.

“Take me to bed, James Potter.”

His eyes promptly rolled into the back of his head as he passed out.

Lily couldn’t hold it in any longer. After her boyfriend dropped to the floor, she burst into a huge fit of laughter and slapped her thigh with glee. When her lungs finally started to hurt, she caught her breath and wiped away several tears. Her gaze wandered around his room and she offhandedly caught her confident look in the mirror on his desk.

“Job well done, Evans!” she praised herself with smirk.

“Goodbye 1977, hello 1978,” she heard James whisper incredulously when he regained his sense. Before she could move, he snapped up from the floor and thrust her into his arms, the dirty robes long forgotten. As he carried her to his bed, she continued to laugh and thank her lucky stars that her life was finally starting to turn around.

Author’s Note: HA! Poor James got too excited about sexy Lily XD I’ve noticed that when I write Lily and James, their individual chapters are always much longer. I think it’s because they are so adorable together!

And good news! I’ve got some free time coming up so updates might momentarily be coming a lot faster. ALSO! I've put up images for every chapter. Go check them out because some of the play bys have changed ;) 

As always, please review if you have the time. I love hearing from my readers! 

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