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Jump and Fall by GrangerDanger76
Chapter 8 : May
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Lies are built around the fear to trust.

Until I met him…



Sunday, May 1

James and I sat on my couch watching a TV, eating crisps. He had his arm around me, and I tucked my feet under and scooted closer to him.

Is it weird that I was completely content? They always say the key to a women’s heart is diamonds and money. But as far as I knew, James was just as poor as I was… I mean he works with dogs… and at Harrods during Christmas I guess. Yet, I was completely happy with him, and usually all we did was stay home and eat and drink.

James may or may not share my love of alcohol.

But maybe that was the joy of it. Our relationship, if you could call it that, was simple, pure at best.

We were completely honest with each other. He told me about his large family. I was really excited to meet them. He told me all about his brother, Al, and his sister, Lily who was just a bit younger than Lizzie. He obviously loved them to no end which made me really happy. Don’t ask me why.

He said his mother was an athletic, but I’d never heard of any Jenny Thompson. Then again, I never was big into sports.

And I told him about my family. He seemed genuinely interested in getting to know me, rather than just trying to get into my pants.

James was always polite and courteous, but also very unexpected and exciting. He was everything I had ever dreamed of, and more, if that was even possible.

When he takes me out he’s constantly a gentleman. What more could I ask for?

So I fell asleep on his chest feeling perfectly content with James’ hands in my hair.


“Wanna go out tonight?”

I looked up from my book in surprise. James and I were drinking coffee at the café down the street from my apartment.

“Uh, sure. But don’t you want to see someone, like, besides me for a change? Ask your brother.” I said. James and I had been hanging out non-stop in between work schedules, for about a week now.

“No, uh, you see…” He began, trailing a hand through his hair. “I kinda wanted to talk to you about something.”

I set down my book. “So talk.”

His eyes grew. “Uh, no, not now. Tonight…please.” James pleaded with me.

“Okay,” I relented. James smiled and leaned across the table to kiss my cheek.

“Meet me at Jordan’s at half past?”

“Yeah, yeah.” I said, going back to my book as James stood up, kissed my head, and exited the shop.

A few minutes later, I stood and began to walk back to my apartment. Halfway through the walk home, I tripped on a crack and broke the stiletto off my heels. Annoyed I took off my shoes and walked the pavement without them. I grumbled under my breath about my sour luck, before I remembered I was going out with James tonight. My night can’t be bad, right?

When I finally got home, I stepped into the shower to contemplate what James could possibly need to tell me. I was fairly sure I knew everything there was about him. Unless he had a third nipple. Oh God, please DO NOT have a third nipple.

I shuddered.


James sat nervously at a table when I walked in, he stood up the minute I opened the door with his goofy grin. I walked over to him and he pulled out my chair for me.

I starred at him suspiciously before sitting down. “Alright talk,” I said.

“Aren’t you hungry?” James asked, handing me a menu.

“You know what I like,” I said shooting him a grin.

“Right. Well, uh. I guess uhm. Alright. So this is going to sound weird. Bloody unbelievable. But don’t freak out, I’m a decent bloke, right? It’s just that I’m a little…different…”

My eyebrows crinkled and my head began to race. My palms felt sweaty so I wiped them in my napkin. “Different how…”

“I just. It’s nothing big or extraordinary or anything. Blimey. This is so much harder than I thought it would be.”

My heart began to race, whatever this was, it couldn’t be good.

James stuck his hand in his pocket and began pulling something out. “I think it’ll be easier if I just show you,” He said, pulling out a wand and placing it on the table.

“No!” I yelled, jumping up from my seat. A few couples next to us looked up in confusion. James grabbed my arm and pulled me back down into my seat. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to control my breathing.

“Lydia, what’s going on?”

“Put that away,” I said sternly, my heart racing. It began to feel harder to breathe and I opened my eyes and looked around the restaurant for a way out.

“Lyd, are you a wizard, too?” James asked in a hushed tone, his eyes searching mine.

I ran my fingers through my hair pulling on the ends. “No, no no, I have to go.” I said, standing up abruptly. My eyes were wild, I was so out of breath, I felt like I had just ran a marathon.

So I ran. Not literally. I walked quite calmly out of the restaurant as I heard James ask for the check. I continued to walk calmly down the pavement, out of breath, my mind racing.

Of ALL the guys I could be involved with, it had to be a wizard. Even the word made my mouth taste like iron.

I guess that’s what I get for being the daughter of two wizards. Being the sister of 3 wizards.

But being a squib.

I am all too familiar with wizards. I am all too familiar with not being one. I am that kid. The squib, the embarrassment. Tears pricked at my eyes but I hastily wiped them away. Frustrated, I pulled on my hair and let out a cry.

I’m tired of being the embarrassment. I am tired of being the other one.

I can hear all the names they used to call me, my own mother used to call me, like nails on a chalkboard.

I am tired of feeling magical pulse and not being able to do it myself. I am tired of being the outcast. I just wanted a normal boyfriend with a normal family and a normal life.

I just want to be accepted.

I heard heavy footsteps behind me and a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see James behind me, his eyes full of regret and remorse. What does he have to regret?


“You lied to me,” I spat.

“I know.” He said simply.

I shook my head at him. “Is your name even James Thompson?”

“No.” He said. I looked at him incredulously, before turning around and walking off.

“It’s James Potter.”

I stopped dead in my tracks. Even Squibs knew that name. You would have to be living under a rock to not. I took a deep breath, and kept walking.


A/N: Whew. So I know I haven’t updated, and I am going to be honest, I just haven’t been motivated recently, and there was a large lack of response, so I just sorta lost interest. But I am back. There is only a few chapters left! I am probably going to finish up tonight, and then post once the queue is ready. So yeah. We’re almost there! :)

How did you like this one? The truth is revealed! How about Lydia? Can you relate to her? What was your favourite line? Let me know what you think, I love hearing your feedback!

Camille : GD76

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Jump and Fall: May


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