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"My Only Love Sprung From My Only Hate" by rickmanfanatic
Chapter 2 : Confusion
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Hermione opened her eyes. A small sliver of sunlight was peeking through the curtains, casting a long yellow line down her bed. She sat up, putting her head in her hands trying to remember what she had been dreaming about. Images flashed through her mind; a cold grey stare, a tear, a dark room…as she became more awake the quicker the dream slipped out of her memory like water in cupped hands. By the time she had got dressed and ready for school she had forgotten she had even dreamt at all last night.


As she walked down the stairs to breakfast a boy pushed past her, clearly in a hurry to get somewhere.

“Excuse me! I’m a prefect, you’re…!”

But the boy kept running- not stopping to listen to the lecture she had planned. As he turned a corner of the staircase she caught a glimpse of his face; swollen and spotty. Malfoy. Why’s he in such a hurry? He’s going in the opposite direction of the great hall. Well… as a prefect I am at perfect liberty to follow him in case he is breaking school rules.She rushed after him at a far distance as discreetly as she could, through large corridors and narrow staircases until he stopped, stock- still on the seventh floor, in front of a large stretch of stone wall. Hermione- frazzled by his abrupt stop, hastily hid herself behind a large suit of armour. It took a second for her to realise what they were standing in front of. The room of requirement.

He paced back and forth three times, his face contorted with concentration while doing so. He stopped pacing and looked up at the wall. A grand black door began to appear and as soon as it had taken full form he slipped inside; quickly whipping his head round to make sure no one was watching. The door instantly vanished when he shut the door. What is he up to? She stepped in front of the wall. She closed her eyes and started pacing back and forth. I need to find where Draco Malfoy is hiding. I need to find where Draco Malfoy is hiding .I need to find where Draco Malfoy is hiding. She opened her eyes. No door. She guessed this would happen; obviously he had made his room inaccessible to everyone but him. She stood there staring at the wall, curiosity surged through her like an adrenaline rush. Frustrated and confused, she sighed and realised lessons had probably started.


In Charms, Hermione was not her usual self. She seemed distracted, and wasn’t giving much effort to the task at hand- to make fire burn different colours. Harry cast the muffilato spell on Professor Flitwick so that they could speak freely.

“Hermione, are you okay? You’ve been acting really strangely over the last few days.” said Harry, concerned.

“Oh, yes… it’s just because I’m getting stressed about the potions assignment” she lied.

Harry still looked unconvinced but let it drop.

“Did you hear about Dennis Creevey?” asked Ron, joining in the conversation.

By the confused look on Hermione and Harry’s faces he guessed that they didn’t know.

“He’s in the hospital wing, poor little bugger, someone put a botched potion in his pumpkin juice, Madam Pomfrey hasn’t found a way to remove the tentacles yet…”.said Ron, trailing off.

“Dennis Creevey? You mean Colin Creevey’s brother?” asked Harry.

“Yup” Ron said glumly.

“You know I heard something similar about that Ravenclaw girl, I think she was called Melinda...”

Harry stopped talking when he felt a poke in the small of his back. He turned around slowly and looked down to see the tiny Professor Flitwick.

“Are we all having a lovely little chat? More important than my lessons? Will get you through your N.E.W.T.S I dare say?” said a miffed Professor Flitwick. They remained silent, not wanting to get into any more trouble. “I didn’t think so, now get back to work and if I hear one more peep out of you three it will be a detention!” -The muffilato spell had obviously worn off, resulting in the rest of the lesson spent in silence.


Hermione was starving at lunchtime, throughout the week she hadn’t been interested in eating properly…She wolfed down her meal of beef stew and apple crumble (nearly choking at one point because she had forgotten to chew). After she had finished, she slumped contentedly, as the satisfying feeling of a full stomach took over.

“You were hungry then?” asked Harry, amused as some gravy trickled down her chin.

Hermione only smiled, wiping away the trail of gravy.

As Harry and Ron started to talk about Quidditch, she thought it best not to be involved in the conversation, and decided to look over an essay on doxys which was due soon. Even though she was relatively confident about it, she felt the need to go to the library, to see if she could gather any more knowledge available.


In the library, Hermione found a cosy spot in the far corner. She had the book she needed at hand: “Magical Pests with Magical Uses by Arnold Wolp”. She settled herself down and opened to the first page. She inhaled deeply. Mmmm this is an old one. She loved library books, it was so satisfying to feel as if many before you have benefitted from the text, and you can tell, like a child’s favourite toy, how much it has been loved, by the smell, the look and the feel of it.

Hermione had got absorbed in her book, now with a 1 foot long sheaf of parchment next to her, filled with notes she could use for her essay. When she was involved with a book it was hard to pull her out again, but she raised her head when she heard “Draco”.

“Draco” a girl’s voice hissed menacingly. “Do you really want to lose the last shred of respect I have for you?”

It was obviously a rhetorical question. Hermione listened curiously, it was coming from the next aisle. She heard a mumble, like a response.

“You better. We’ll be watching you, be sure of that.”

She heard footsteps, and it sounded like the girl had departed.

Hermione stood up; tiptoed to the aisle, and separated two rather large dusty volumes, just enough so she could see to the next row. She saw Draco Malfoy, the one she had been curious about all week, with his lack of friends, strange face, and the odd incident this morning, she saw him yet again, this time his face was normal, apart from a grimace that looked as if it was permanent. They had been working on the potion over the last week, and his expression had always seemed forlorn and undecided, his face now showed fear and anguish. He stood there with his bag slung over his shoulder and his eyes fixed on a piece of parchment in his hand, completely frozen, with every muscle clenched. He closed his eyes tightly, making his eyelids crinkled, and then opened them, quickly stuffed the parchment in his bag and ran down the aisle towards the exit. The piece of parchment flew out of his bag, as a result of the force of his run. It landed gently on the floor.

Hermione crept cautiously around the column of books, and stared inquisitively at it. She bent down slowly to pick it up. She scanned down it, and realised It was a very long list of students names; one was circled with red ink. Her eyes jumped to the colour automatically. Hermione Granger it read.

AN: Hope you liked it! I'm sorry no new chapters have come up on this story, I've been really busy and I'm not very organised :(
-Rickmanfanatic x


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"My Only Love Sprung From My Only Hate": Confusion


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