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Werewolf's Trace by rogue_bludger
Chapter 12 : Wolves Were Inferior
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Chapter 12: Wolves were Inferior

Werewolves did not consider wolves one of their own; in fact, wolves were inferior. They were hunters, strong and ravenous like them, but they weren't as big or as intelligent.” ~ Janiera Eldridge, Soul Sisters

Dom opened her eyes to see hints of an orange and pink mottled sunrise emerging from the dark folds of the night sky. She noticed that her fur was wet and matted with blood, and there was a gash across her eye. Struggling to get on all fours, she limped gingerly to the Slytherin locker room where she morphed back in to human form, and promptly fell asleep in the fetal position using Liam’s dirty training robes as a pillow.

A few hours later she was given an unceremonious awakening in the form of a bucket of ice cold water dumped across the small of her back. She whimpered as she turned over and blinked in to the light, only to see Liam Bones, Lysander Scamander and an empty bucket bidding her a good morning. She scowled as Liam grabbed a medic kit from his locker and Xander pinned her down to the floor, the two of them working to heal her wounds quietly and efficiently, all the while ignoring her protests.

“That gash across your eye’s going to scar, Dom.” Liam finally reported, when he was done placing gauze over it and surveying the rest of his handiwork. Lysander shook his head at her as he got up and left the locker room to tell the others that they had found Dom.  “Go shower, first. Then we’ll figure out what to do about it.” Liam instructed. Dom was grateful that he didn’t ask questions.

He helped her up and guided her towards the showers where he turned on the hot water for her and then excused himself, in order to give her some privacy. Dom let the water wash away the dirt and memories of the night before, wincing as it flowed over the numerous cuts that covered her small frame. When she was finished with her shower she wrapped herself in an oversized towel that Liam had left for her and dried herself off. When she was done changing in to her quidditch gear, she made her way in to the locker room, where the rest of her team was waiting.

Giving her teammates a tired smile, she reached in to her locker for a flask of pepperup potion and took a swig as she sank to the floor in exhaustion. Her tiredness started to fade, and she felt steam come out of her ears. Looking over at her teammates she saw that Scarlett was with them, with a concerned look on her face.

“Dommy, what happened?” She asked, softly.

There was silence. Finally, she spoke. “He called me the child of the moon. He said I was like him, and that if I joined him, I could have everything. He said I was weak. And I am. If Hagrid’s rifle hadn’t scared him away…” She trailed off, her tears getting the best of her.

“Who is ‘he’?” Lysander asked finally, ignoring the fact that Hagrid had started keeping muggle weapons in his old age, to scare off any dark creatures that disrupted the peace at Hogwarts.

“Fenrir Greyback.” She replied as she frantically wiped the tears away, ashamed at herself.

Max knelt down in front of her, a serious look on his face. “You’re anything but weak, D. And if you decide that you don’t want to play today’s match, we understand.”

His calmness was all she needed to pull herself together. “No. We’re going to win today.”

Sylvester smiled. It looked like those nerves of steel were back. However, the nagging voice in the back of his head told him that Professor Tonks needed to know what was going on.

“Liam, do you have scissors in the medic kit?” she asked, softly. He nodded, and handed them over to her. She then conjured a mirror and trimmed her hair in the middle of the locker room, carefully cutting a fringe that would hide the scar around her eye. “There, all better.” She remarked, as she used her wand to tidy the floor, ignoring the six boys who were staring at her speechlessly, rather than getting their gear on. She impatiently sighed and gestured to them to hurry up. She didn’t want anyone gawking at her face, and this way she could look good for the Slytherin victory party later that night.


“Introducing the Hufflepuffs—we have Captain, chaser and the finest pair of legs in the wizarding world, Alice Longbottom—oh, sorry professor—along with fellow chasers Katherine Bones, who is a wonderful kisser if I might add—sorry professor, won’t happen again— and Nathaniel Brocklehurst, who I have not kissed, for those of you who are curious, though I’m sure he’s lovely at it; with Bennedict Smith in goal. We have Freddie, yet another quidditch playing Weasley cousin of mine, and Colin McDonald-Creevey as beaters, and finishing up the Badger lineup is Bretton Fletchly as seeker!” Ravenclaw, Bradley Prewett’s voice rang out over the audience, as the majority of students wearing yellow, red and blue cheered in support of the Hufflepuff team.

His cousin Madeline, a Gryffindor, snatched the microphone away, to finish the introductions. “And now for the opposing team, we have Captain Prat—I mean—Maximus Flint as keeper, and Liam Bones, Lysander Scamander, and Sylvester Avery as chasers. Slytherin’s beaters are as thick as trolls—sorry professor, I meant to say— Nick Accrington and Thaddeus Nott. Bringing up the rear is Slytherin’s seeker and resident ice-queen, Dominique Weasley.“ The crowd in green roared in support of their team, as the players flew on to the pitch, the light rain kissing their faces, ignoring the jeers from the rest of the student population. Dom felt a rush of adrenaline as she soared through the cloudy sky above the pitch, ignoring her cousin’s jab at her, knowing that the Prewetts would probably end up in detention due to Brad’s comment about Professor Longbottom’s daughter.  

Maddie began commentating. “Avery has the quaffle, and he’s headed towards Fletchly. Avery shoots—no he doesn’t, beautiful fake. instead he passes to Bones.”

“Intercepted by the other Bones—his sister—who passes to Longbottom.” Brad interjected. “Longbottom has the quaffle, and she speeds towards the Slytherin goalposts. She shoots. Come on Alice! And she misses! Keeper Flint passes to Bones. Bones to Avery, nevermind that was a fake, and Bones with the quaffle, speeding towards the goalpost. Bones looks like he’s about to shoot this one—is Keeper Smith ready? He fakes again, this time he passes to Scamander, who scores. Ten points to the snakes!”

Dom tuned out the commentators, as she did a lap around the field, keeping an eye out for the snitch. She was relieved that none of her teammates had told Professor Tonks about the previous night’s events. She knew that her head of house would have gone directly to Professor McGonagall, who in turn would have either cancelled the match or not believed them. Besides, she would have a lot of explaining to do about why she was out of bounds as an unregistered animagus that night.  

A bludger whizzed past Dom, missing her broom by a couple of inches. She looked over at Thad, who was aiming for the Hufflepuff keeper with the other bludger. Ben rolled almost on queue to avoid the bludger aimed his way, not noticing the quaffle soaring through the hoop ten feet away from him.

“Avery scores! Ten points to the slimy gits in green!” Brad’s voice could be heard arguing with Professsor Longbottom in the background through the magical microphone, as Maddie continued to commentate snidely.

Dom noticed the Hufflepuff seeker trailing her, and an idea came to mind. She smirked as she accelerated her broom and dove towards the ground, hoping Bretton would follow. He did, and she made sure she was hardly five feet from the ground when she pulled out of the dive and shot straight towards the Slytherin goal posts. With the rain pouring down hopefully he would think she was following the snitch.

“Both seekers seem to be playing follow the leader, as Dom Weasley appears to be following the snitch—which is near invisible in this weather—with Bretton Fletchly trailing after her.”

Dom could hear Bretton struggling to keep up with her and she urged her broom in to a sharp turn. Dom continued to fly in a random pattern, keeping her eye out for the snitch, which she had yet to see since the start of the game. She could hear bludgers whirring towards Bretton, courtesy of Thad and Nick and she smirked. Tiring out the other team’s oversized seeker was fun, and Dom knew that she had her werewolf genes to thank for her stamina.

“It looks like the Slytherin beaters have the Hufflepuff seeker trapped in a game of cat’s cradle as they fly on either side of him, passing the two bludgers between themselves. Fletchly looks like he’s getting tired of dodging, and his leg looks broken. Where are the Hufflepuff beaters when you need them?” Madeline mused, as she watched the action unfurl from her dry spot in the stands.

Right on cue, Freddie intercepted a bludger and aimed it towards Dom, who tried to dodge it. The bludger grazed her arm and she winced in pain, as she pulled her broom in to an upwards spiral. Bretton followed closely after her, with the four beaters closely in tow.

Dom noticed a hint of a shimmering wing between the clouds below and did a double take. She sped towards it, hoping that Bretton wouldn’t see the snitch and catch up, as he was closer to it than she was.

Speeding towards the snitch as fast as humanly possible, Dom, spun upside down, in an attempt to get closer to the snitch. As she arched her back, she reached out with both hands to grab the snitch, which was inching closer and closer to her gloved fingers.

As her hands closed in on the snitch, she felt a bludger hit her broomstick. Her already exhausted legs seemed to have given up, and the next thing she knew, she was falling towards the ground.

“Why couldn’t my animagus form have been a bird or a mosquito?” That was the last thought that flashed through her head before she let herself succumb to the fuzzy, comforting darkness that enveloped her. 


A/N: sorry for the delay! I've been so busy with work and papers and everything I just haven't had the time to update. But I'm back now!

ps: this chapter is dedicated to Patronus_Charm because she's just the most lovely person ever and gives amazing feedback!

Also, just food for thought- how many next-gen characters have you noticed that are related to Canon characters? I'm having so much fun with pairing people off, and I was just curious if anyone's noticed any spawn of pair-offs between Canon characters (like Marietta and Zacharias's son, or Romilda and Cormac's son). Thoughts about any of these? Let me know in a review! xx ~M

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Werewolf's Trace: Wolves Were Inferior


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