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Happily Never After by HuffleyPuff
Chapter 1 : I
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Life after school was supposed to be all fun and games. You were free from the stress of exams and finally free from Professors looking over your backs. But that was not how Elsa Westfall was finding it. Being a barmaid was not something she had been planning on when she graduated.

Elbows resting on the table as her eyes moved around the bar, Elsa sighed heavily as she watched some guy fall over backwards over one of the tables. Being a barmaid was no laugh, she was the one who had to drag herself around a smelly pub all night telling the drunk to leave without getting yelled at or without getting thrown up on. That had happened before; some guy started yelling at her before he threw up all over her clean shirt. She didn’t even get any extra money for it.

Swiping a bit of her flaming red hair away from her eyes, Elsa stifled a yawn before she pushed herself away from the bar. Picking up a glass she began to aimlessly clean it with a cloth to look as though she was doing something. How she desperately she wanted to find a way to do everything by magic, but there was no way. She was confined to manual labour and cleaning the glasses by hand. At least they were a hell of a lot better than some of the tables.

“Having a good night?” Came a voice from behind her back.

A think smile slipping onto her face, Elsa spun around before placing the glass back under the bar where it belonged. “Oh yeah, I’m having some great fun,” she responded airily before lightly punching the person leaning over the bar in the arm. “What are you doing here anyway? I thought you were in Liverpool last I heard.”

“I decided to move on,” the guy responded. Then his blue eyes moved across the pub behind him. “It also seems you have as well. What are you doing working in a place like this? I thought you would be kicking some ass somewhere.”

Laughing, Elsa swiped the hair from her eyes again before she leaned the side of her body against the bar. “This? This shit hole is paying my rent.” Then she paused as her eyes scanned the person opposite her. “But really Dean, what are you doing here? What happened to that university degree?”

Dean paused as his eyes darted behind him again, his hand moving up to his short brown hair as he ran his fingers through it. “University wasn’t working out for me,” he responded hesitantly. “Most of the guys there were jerks anyway.”

Elsa sighed heavily before she reached behind her and grabbed two beers from the cooler before handing one over to Dean and popping the cap on her own. “Most people are jerks,” she agreed before taking a large gulp from the bottle. “That’s just life,” she ended as she placed the bottle back on the bar with some force.

Dean shrugged before popping the cap on his own bottle as his eyes watched Elsa. Putting the bottle back on the counter, he let off his own sigh before placing one elbow on the bar and resting his head on it. “So what are you doing for yourself these days?” He questioned. “Barmaid by night and superhero by morning?”

“Barmaid by night and nobody by morning,” Elsa corrected with a slim smile on her face. “This is my life. Having to be stuck around the drunk and disorderly fuelling them as long as they hand over the cash.”

Dean raised a brow, but didn’t say anything else before he placed the bottle lip to his mouth before taking in more of the cold beer. That was when another figure half collapsed onto the bar before shooting Elsa a cocky smile. “Mind giving me a beer and a kiss?” He slurred happily with a gleam in his green eyes.

“I’ll give you the beer,” Elsa shot back before reaching behind her and grabbing another bottle. Placing it on the bar in front of her, she allowed herself to get a good look at the guy she was giving it too. He looked to be about 21, a cocky grin plastered on his face as his dark black hair messed up light he had just arrived from a fight. Brilliant green eyes brimming with a childish gleam, his body was thrown forwards as he leaned against the bar.

Placing the bottle in front of her, the drunkard stared at it mournfully. Eyes shooting back up to meet Elsa’s he frowned unhappily. “Can I have that kiss then?” He questioned pitifully.

“That’ll be 2 quid,” Elsa responded in an almost bored tone as she waited for the money to be passed over so she could get back to catching up with Dean. But no money came and instead the man continued to stare at her. “I’m not giving you a kiss,” she snapped angrily. “Now you can pay for your beer and piss off or I can kick you out for being an annoying and drunk fool. The choice is up to you.”

Scowling slightly he hesitantly passed over a two pound coin before snatching up his drink and almost downing it all in one. Then without another word he turned and began to wall towards the door, but that was not until he bumped into a rather tall and tattooed covered man.

Elsa watched as the burly man turned with a growl, cracking his knuckles in the process. He knew the guy, he went around being called Bruce and he liked to resort to his fists rather than his words and already Elsa knew that this was going to end badly. “I should probably intervene before something happens,” she stated with a heavy sigh, hand waving towards the two men.

Dean turned and followed her wave before he turned back and shrugged. “I would let him get the crap beaten out of him,” he responded matter-of-factly. And if someone had heard his words, Bruce brought back his fist before smacking it into the drunken kids face.

The drunken kid went toppling backwards into someone else’s table and shouts were raised up. Elsa could only watched as yet more people turned on him for knocking over the drinks and before she could even shout something the drunken kid was being pinned to the table as he was punched repeatedly in the face.

“Wait here,” Elsa sighed before she slipped from around the bar to make herself seen. “OI!” She shouted loud enough to make the pub fall into an uneasy silence. There were no more shouts or bets being made as she was eyed up angrily by Bruce. “Let the kid go and get out before I call the cops.”

She was half expecting herself to be ignored and the shouting and fighting to continue, but it didn’t look like that was going to happen as Bruce slammed the kid into the table before stalking from the pub followed by his gang. All remaining eyes were still on her and Elsa felt her skin crawl slightly. “Well what are you staring at you drunk bastard?” She snapped at the closest guy to her before her eyes moved across the room. “All of you get back to your business.” A few people shrugged before going to back to drinking and slowly everyone in the room turned away and before long the room was loud with life again.

Well, that was easy.

Standing over the drunken kid as he looked up at her from the table, Elsa sighed before helping him up. His nose was bleeding and there was blood dried down the side of his head. “You okay?” She asked with a quirked brow.

“Can I have that kiss now?” He asked with a slurred voice, the cocky smile still plastered to his face. Scrunching her nose up, Elsa sighed before pushing him away from her. “Well can I at least have your name?”

“Elsa,” she responded shortly without much thought. So what if he had her name, it wasn’t like he knew where she lived so he could stalk her. Even if he did she could just call the cops and get him arrest, he didn’t look like the kind of guy who had two brain cells to rub together.

“I’m James,” he responded. “James Potter.”

Elsa paused as her eyes looked him over once more before she heavily shrugged her shoulders. “Well James Potter, I would suggest going home before you make more mess for me to clean up.” And then with an antagonising wink she turned and walked back over towards Dean with a cocky smile, her hips purposefully waving from side to side in a sexy manner and she knew the whole times James would be watching her.

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