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The Invisible Thief by lovestings
Chapter 5 : Mel & Les Possible
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(credit to Kim Possible and its creaters for idea on chapter title)

credit to Lady Asphodel for this super awesome CI!

I sadly was wrong about Leslie and Amelia breaking me out by the end of the day. Though, I still had hope considering the day wasn’t really over yet completely. Since I decided it would be a great idea to yell bloody murder while Fred and James contemplated what to do with me they had silenced me and in the ended up throwing me in their dorm while they went to dinner.





You heard me. They left me in their disgusting dorm while they went to get food. WHERE ARE YOUR FREAKING MANNERS YOU WOTTERS? I am going to have to write a strong worded letter to their mothers about their lack of human decency.



  Yeah, I’ll get right on that.




It wasn’t till an hour later that I started hearing noises. It really scared the daylights out of me. One second I was peacefully counting the number of dirty socks on the floor while sitting on James’s bed (!!) and the next second one forth of this stupid Wotter family was coming through the room screaming.


I swear I never interacted with this family at all till this year. I blame all my problems on freaking Dominique Weasley.




“James! Fred! I can’t believe you actually took the poor girl.” I had the sudden urge to beat my head against the wall when I heard Rose’s high-pitched voice. At least she was sticking up for me. “As a prefect I cannot stand to watch you dehumanize her. I’m leaving.”




Huh, there goes someone standing up for me. Seems like she just up and left to go be annoying else were. FINE BYE, NOBDY EVEN LIKES YOU ROSE. As you can see I don’t take well to rejection.






“This is freaking hilarious,” Scorpius Malfoy said as he opened the door to see me tied up with quidditch rope on James’s bed. “This is just bloody karma.” He began to laugh like a freaking drama queen, clutching his sides and even getting on his knees.






Little prick I was going to drop-kick his pretty face so hard he’ll be crying to his mama.






“Ha ha, so bloody funny.” I said in what I hoped to be a sarcastic voice but it turned out to be a lot more cynical that I expected. “Why don’t you go piss your pants while you’re at it, Malfoy.”






“I love this girl!” Fred announced as he came into view, laughing. “I say we just keep her tied up in our room even after we get those shoes back.”






“This is inhumane!” I whined, stomping my foot but considering I was tied up on a bed all I really did was move around and shake. “My friends are going to bite your heads off.”






“Oh, now, will they really?”






I turned my head to see the familiar face of Albus, smirking from the door frame. “Yeah, really.”






“You know, Brielle, you seem to keep getting yourself into difficult situations with my family.” He said with an amused expression. He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose as he peered at me. He was one of the few male species that good make glasses look hot. Yum.






“Your family is crazy!”






“You know you love us, Bri-Bri!” James sang at the top of his lung, pushing through Al, Fred, and Scorpius.




I really did love you guys though. Ha, that sounds major creepy. Not in that weird way but I just love their faces, y’know? Such pretty faces. I wish I had a pretty face like them.






“Earth to Patil, are you there?” Scorpius asked, waving his hand around in my face after I didn’t respond. Seems like his finally decided to stop peeing his pants on the floor and join us.






Um, I’m obviously here Scorpius because I’m tied up to this bed. Seriously, the logic of what some people say makes no sense to me. So I decided to respond in a loving and gentle way which resulted into me screaming at the top of my lungs;












“Shut up!”






“Are you crazy?”






“Merlin, I think I’m deaf!”






“You should go into opera singing.”






They all turned to stare at Fred who had a shameless face. I had countless of hands covering my mouth and really had too many guys too close to me. Y’know, I’m an awkward person and I don’t like close interactions. I don’t really dig them.






“What? She has a lovely voice.”






“Thanks Fred.” I attempted to say but considering all the hands muffling me it turned out to sound like complete rubbish. They stared at me and some of them even chuckled though thankfully they took their hands off my mouth.






“Can I go back to my dorm now?” I asked, looking up at them hopefully.






“Sorry, but no.” Albus said with a shrug. “We’ve already contacted your friends about returning our shoes but until we get them we’re keeping you.”






“How’d you contact my friends?” I asked with a furrowed eyebrows.






“A very discreet ransom note saying that if they ever wished to see you again we’d like our shoes back.”






I blinked a few times before responding, “You guys are downright nutters, I tell you.” I paused momentarily before continuing, “Not to be mean or anything but I’m really not down for this whole kidnapping lark so if you could please just return me to my friends that would be lovely.”












“Please, Albus?” I gave him my award-winning (not really) puppy dog eyes.












Screw these puppy dog eyes.






There was an eerie sort of silence in the dorm room. It was actually quiet bothersome if you ask me. I was still situated on the bed though they were kind enough to untie me since I really wasn’t so fond of it. James and Fred were playing an intense game of exploding snap which wasn’t making any noise since Albus had silenced it once they got too annoying. Albus was sitting across from me on one of the lounge chairs, reading some very large and annoying looking book.






What happened to Gryffindors to being entertaining?






I was just about to make my run for the door when seriously my life was saved. Not really but you get my drift.






“OUT OF MY WAY!” A loud and in-charge voice came from behind the closed door, jolting us all from out seats. There was a shuffle before a loud bang and the seventh year boy’s door was blown off it’s handle. It probably wasn’t necessary since it was unlocked but you know, my friends are just as dramatic as I am.






“Listen here you wankers,” Amelia began to say, standing in the door frame. She wore all black and looked like a ninja with her hair pulled back into a high ponytail. Leslie came into view next to her wearing the same exact outfit. “Give us back our main or we’ll be forced to take extreme actions.”






“Extreme actions?” James arched his eyebrows not even bothering to move from his spot by exploding snap.






“Yeah, extreme actions like this.” Amelia said before looking behind her shoulder and yelling, “R-CLAW ATTACK!”






And just like that my lovely quidditch team came storming into the Gryffindor seventh grade boy’s dorm, tearing it apart and literally ransacking poor Albus who was just reading. James and Freddy got tacked by Malcolm and Bentley and I somehow managed getting carried out even though I was perfectly capable of walking myself.






Merlin, I love my team. 


AN: Okay, so was it worth the wait? Hopefully this chapter wasn't too much of a filler or anything. I needed a few transition chapters before you get into the real plot. I know you guys have been waiting for some Albus so here he was! Not much but I promise he is in the next chapter and the follow up coming ones more and more. 

When I started writing this I had no clue where I was going except for a funny concept of a first chapter. Orignally it was supposed to be a one shot and then it just evolved and I am so invested in this story and all of the sweet reviews I get just make my day. 

I'm so glad you guys keep coming back and reviewing and I love you guys!

As always, please please please review! xxx 

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