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Trailing shoelaces by Cappuccino
Chapter 1 : Clumsiness, Awkwardness and allergies
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Mornings is so mean and not to mention rude.When you're just about to finally about to fall asleep he barges into your room making noises similar to what you would hear from a percussion ensemble. He doesn't even knock to check if you're your changing. Didn't mommy teach you manners Mornings. Bloody wanker.

If I didn't know better I'd say Mornings is the most insensitive, sleep-bulldozing, sunshine loving person..umm thing.. (or whatever you classify Mornings under) I'd ever had the misfortune to meet. But I do know better so I can confirm there's someone worse; Morning Dom.

Currently Morning Dom's trying to wake me up. Trying. I've gotta give her some credit for that.
She must be in a good mood today. Minimal swearing. More desparate politeness.

" Rae ..wake up."

" Mmphggh "

" Rae.. please wake up "

" blearghh"

" Rae ..wake up or we'll be late for class."



"No." ( insert pillow over head )

"YES." ( insert leg pulling )

"No." ( insert holding onto bed railings )

"YES." ( insert high-pitched yelling, leg pulling and some not so helpful popcorn throwing from Drew)

This is the point where I finally crack. Propping myself up with one hand, I rub my eyes and blink a couple of times to clear my vision, then say a few incoherent things and plop myself back in bed just to annoy Mornings and Morning Dom.

But as always with some assistance from Drew, they managed to get me down to breakfast. And as usual I tripped twice over my shoelaces. Funny. (it's usually three times)... I got lucky the first time and landed on Drew. Poor girl.

Second time...Not so lucky. Landed on the floor of the Great Hall with Scorp's cereal down my shirt.
Poor cornflakes ?

"Aren't cornflakes good for the skin ?" I asked Dom who was looking slightly revolted at me.

"Marginally better than stink sap." She said bringing back things I've been trying hard NOT to remember. Cue: Shut up Dominque. "..and Milks good for reducing break-outs on the face." she continued clearly not receiving my telepathic warning.

"Errrrm..Right...." I said still sitting on the cold floor...sopping wet.

"Stinksap eh ?" Scorp whispered from the bench waggling his eyebrows.

"You know Scorp, if it wasn't for your pretty face, you'd be dead by now." I muttered glaring at him.

He proceeded to dump more cereal into another bowl smirking to himself.

"Want some ?" He asked grinning. You've got nerve kiddo.

"Go away and argue with your cousin." I said shaking my head. "I hope she eats you alive" I added for good measure.

"No can do." He said grin and all sliding off his face. Bonus points for me for coming up with that threat.

"Well you can't avoid the inevitable." Dom shrugged looking past me.

"Is it because you know you'll lose Scorpoo ?" Came Drew's voice from above me. Here comes the inevitable.

Scorpius shot her poisonous look that to me clearly said Don't call me Scorpoo unless you want to die a spectacular premature death. Obviously it didn't to Drew. Rotten sweet cousin, that one.

She smirked at him and then looked down at poor ol' me sitting cross-legged on the floor, reeking of milk probably, Rolling her eyes she whipped out her wand, muttering "scourgify", while giving me a withering look tinged with the trademark Drew smirk while she was at it. Revenge must be sweet.

I picked myself off the floor and sat down in a very unladylike mannner next to Dom who was peering into her timetable.

"Not bad for a Monday." She muttered under her breath.

I leaned over and scanned her timetable.

"Ancient runes, Arithmancy, Potions, DADA and History of Magic," I read out. "Not bad..? You've gotta be kidding. You've got Binns, Dinkle and Villiers all in one day."

Dom rolled her eyes.

"Believe me woman, you got serious issues." I told her.

"Save it. You'll be the one with issues once you turn up late for charms.."she said tapping her wrist watch with a manicured nail. I can never even tell the time with these unnumbered watches.

Shooting her a annoyed glare, I grabbed a bagel.. or three and hurried past Drew and Scorp who were having a very heated argument about whether or not you could throw up while flying vertically.

And they say I'm the one with the neurotic disorder.

I was just uncoordinatedly running in false hope that I wouldn't get detention from that ol' codger Hoffman, when I stumbled onto some sort of invisible barrier. Typical.A very weak barrier I must add because I fell straight through it or into it. Some people just have all the luck in the world.

I was waiting to make contact with the ground because that's what happens when you fall through an invisible barrier. I shut my eyes and braced myself. No ground. No pain. I've been attacked by a vampire pirate ..

I've died
I've died ...
I've died ....
I've died..
And then..
I hope they remember to keep a box of Betty Crocker's butter-peacan cakes in my coffin.

"It's Lynn right ?" Came a random voice.

I opened one eye slowly ...

This was strange. I didn't know pirates had sexy voices.

I opened my other eye and looked down to meet a pair of hazel eyes.

I looked around me, my bag was lying on the floor open, and I was lying on the resident Hogwarts Pretty boy: James Potter.

First I think: I'm not dead

Then I think: Shame I would have really liked those butter-peacan cakes.

Then I did or rather tried to do what any person in my situation would do..But pretty boy was ready for that and clamped his hand over my mouth.

The question was :To chomp or not to chomp.

I bit his hand, rolled off him...and then screamed.

Bad timing. I stand by what I said before...Some people just have all the luck in the world.

"Do I want to know ?" Said Proffesor Longbottom raising his eyebrows.

I groaned and buried my face in my arms

James stuffed his cloak under himself and sat on it.

He has an invisibility cloak. Lucky you, pretty boy.

"Er..I'm allergic to daffodils.." he began

"Forget it." said Proffesor Longbottom an amused smile playing on his lips."Just get to class, I trust Proffesor Hoffman will deal with you both when you get there."

"It's settled I'll be cleaning bedpans for a month..and all because I thought I was being attacked by a Vampire Pirate."I muttered with distaste as Proffesor Longbottom left.

I turned to look at him, the color rushing to my cheeks but somehow managed to keep my voice normal.

"I'll conveniently blame my clumsiness on my shoes but you seriously have a way better excuse." I said jerking my head in the direction of his cloak.

"Oh and sorry about that bite.."I said wincing."Desperate times call for desperate measures."

"That phrase..." James said grinning. " is what my Mum uses when she's sick and has to ask Dad to cook."

I grinned back, cheeks going slightly pink in the process.

Here's the point where I give myself a reality check. I trip on an invisible James Potter and lie there strewn over him for a whole minute before I realize I'm not dead. Then I bite his hand, scream and then land us both in the bedpan cleaning industry. That's about it I think.

But instead what comes out isn't even mildly apologetic

"Allergic to daffodils you say..?" I asked him raising my eyebrows quizzically.

"At least I didn't say we got attacked by Vampire Pirates." He said shooting me a look.

I shrugged. Rummaging in my bag I pulled out a paper bag with three bagels.

My inner voice (which, for some unimaginable reason sounds like Dom) whispers "You have no hope Rae."

"Want one Potter ?" I ask him as we approach the charms room pointedly ignoring the annoying voice in my head that keeps reminding me that the boy I'm offering a shitty bagel is James.

"Might as well.." He said looking at amused smile playing in his lips.


A/N: My first shot at writing a fanfic. Please R&R :)


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Trailing shoelaces : Clumsiness, Awkwardness and allergies


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