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The Next Triwizard Tournament by justind7
Chapter 1 : Platform 9 and 3/4
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Albus Severus Potter was walking along the brick floor of King's Cross train station carrying a storage trunk behind him with black robes and books on the morning of September the first. He brushed some of the black bangs out of his obstructed vision as he saw his father, Harry do the same, revealing the lightning shaped scar of the stories he had heard numerous times over the last fifteen years. "Harry Potter, the boy who evaded the killing curse and ended the greatest dark wizard in the history of magic." And Albus was proud of it.

Albus saw himself in the reflection of the scarlet steam engine he was preparing to board. The resemblance of himself to his father astounded him, down to the sparkling green eyes. Every year, he loved going to Hogwarts, it was a second home to him. But he dearly missed his parents whenever he stayed there, along with their never-ending tales. Albus hated missing his dad’s Quidditch games, too, seeing him soar towards a miniscule golden speck in front of a crowd of thousands.

To his left stood his older brother, James Sirius Potter, carrying also a trunk, but in addition the family Tawny owl, Beak. He looked similar to Harry like Albus, but according to everyone else, he had Ginny's nose. He sported glasses on the bridge of his nose like his father, but his brown eyes accented his dark brown rumpled hair. James repeatedly looked ahead into the wizarding crowd just after rushing through the seemingly impenetrable wall leading to Platform 9  ¾, possibly looking for someone. He suddenly reached into the inner side pocket of his robes and extracted a piece of candy in a yellow wrapper and handed it to a girl with long red hair and freckles, his younger sister Lily.

Lily took the candy rather capriciously, and before her mother could stop her, plopped it in her mouth. Just after Lily realized her mistake, her freckles diminished as if they retreated into her face for a game of hide and seek. Her freckleless nose elongated to a xanthic pointy beak with two small nostrils towards the end.  Her pale arms hanging just slightly out of her wavy robes along with her flaming red hair began to sprout bright yellow feathers. A loud squeak erupted from the beak which stood in place of Lily’s lower visage.

"James!" his mother with long red hair exclaimed as she waved her wand in order to transfigure Lily back to human form before more of the wizards and muggle parents stared and laughed. "How many times have I told you to stop giving your siblings those joke candies!"

"This was only a Canary Cream," James sniggered. "She's had much worse."

"James," his father said as he straightened his round glasses. "I know your Uncle George isn't giving the best influence, but please don't keep getting into trouble."

"I'm sorry, Dad," James replied. "I just don’t want to be as stuck up as a prefect like Al."

Albus shot a glance at James, his silver badge with a P gleaming on his robes marking his first year being able to hold this position. Ever since the letter arrived from Hogwarts informing Albus of being chosen as a prefect, his older brother gave him nothing but trouble, except for maybe some joke candies. "There’s nothing wrong with being a prefect, Uncle Percy was one and now he's the Minister of Magic."

James sniggered, but his father put in, "Yes, you're right, Al, and as Ginny knows, your uncle Ron was also a prefect and he got into plenty of trouble. Ah, he's coming now!"


Lily was finally getting the last yellow feathers out of her robes when four familiar figures just appeared from the barrier blocking the entrance of the Hogwarts Express and the Muggles entrances at Platforms 9 and 10.

"Rose!" Albus called as he waved to a girl with dark red hair, not quite as bright as Lily’s, but close. It had its own resemblance, however, that it was just as bushy as her mother’s hair used to be. Her brown eyes filled with joy at the sight of him, and her blue headband slightly wobbled. They saw each other a few times over the summer, as their parents were best friends, but he still missed one of his own best friends.


He reached forward to hug her, but nearly squished their family cat, Ruth. Their family used to have a cat named Crookshanks, but it died around the time Hermione gave birth to their daughter. But Crookshanks met a mate down the lane that gave birth to a litter of kittens just before Rose's birth. They family kept one of the kittens for themselves in remembrance of their lost family member. 

"Rose," Albus's aunt Hermione told her, "I thought I told you to do something about that hair. You look like you've just been through the wash."

Rose lifted her right hand as her left clutched her cat and felt her bushy hair. "I did fix it this morning! I don't know what happened!" Hermione snatched her wand from her robes and muttered a spell. She knew almost every spell, his father told him. Rose’s bushy red hair was now straight and tied back into a ponytail.

Albus' Uncle Ron wore Muggle clothes to help blend in at the train station. He wore a collared shirt with blue denim jeans. His red hair started to thin lately, but his beard grew to a tad longer than the stubble. He put his hand on his first child's shoulder, "Well it isn't your fault that Hermione's your mother. Her hair was so bushy that one time in Potions she knocked over Malfoy's bezoar onto the floor when she bent down to tie her shoe."

Everyone laughed at this as Hermione blushed. The fourth member of the Weasley family was the shortest out of the nine. "Isn't a bezoar that goat thing that heals poisons?" He asked as his flaming red hair helped bring out the freckles, much like his father along with his aunt Ginny and cousin Lily. The boy’s round spectacles resembled Harry’s greatly, and he struggled keeping them on correctly.

Hermione was ecstatic that her son knew this bit of information and praised him. Harry gave a sarcastic look at Ron, who scratched his beard in embarrassment. "Hermione wanted to give Hugo a head start before he started school, just like she did.”

James laughed. "Hugo hasn't even been sorted yet and he already knows what a bezoar is? I'm almost of age and I couldn't tell you the difference between a bezoar and a lump of boomslang skin." Everyone nodded their head in dismay at James’s comment, wondering how he earned top marks in Potions in his N.E.W.T.S. a year ago. Hugo began to flip through Magical Drafts and Potions, probably searching for the difference.

Albus stuck his finger into the golden cage of Beak as the bird of prey nipped his finger in affection. James spun around as a large hand of a slightly dark skinned boy in a buzzcut appeared behind him. "Fred!" James exclaimed as he hugged the boy Albus had known to be his partner in crime their previous six years at Hogwarts.

Fred's parents followed behind, a man and a woman that Albus liked to be around. The father was his very own Uncle George, a six foot red headed wizard that now owned Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, the largest grossing store in all of the Wizarding World. He always gave his son some of the inventions in the joke shop, and of course Fred is going to show them to James. Ginny did not like George doing this, but she could never get her way with him. She felt sorry for her brother, as he lost his best friend in the Battle of Hogwarts, along with his own ear. Albus still was not used to the lump of skin which replaces the ear hexed off just months before George lost his brother. The funny man was married to former Gryffindor Quidditch Chaser, Angelina Johnson, a black girl that was in Fred and George's grade that Albus had heard many stories of.

As Fred and James greeted each other, George and Angelina greeted Albus's parents along with his aunt and uncle. Fred pulled out a blue wrapped peppermint. "This is my dad’s newest invention, James. This is a Moose Mint, I can't wait to try it out on those nasty Slytherins." James left with Fred after a final kiss on the cheek from his mother, who did not hear what Fred had said, and they boarded the large scarlet and black train.

Because the adults were catching up and Lily was telling Hugo about the mermaids in the lake at Hogwarts, Albus had no one to converse with besides his cousin. Luckily they talked quite frequently. "Where do you think Cedric is? He's going to miss the train," he told her, thinking about their other best friend.

"Who knows, he's usually always on time. He is a Ravenclaw, after all," Rose replied. She scratched her bushy head as a figure the size of Albus jumped from behind him, wearing the same black robes as everyone else, except his crest was different than all the students Albus had talked to today. Instead of the red Gryffindor crest with a lion, this boy wore a green with a serpent representing Slytherin. Not just Albus and Rose, but everyone there knew who this boy was. The slicked back thin blonde hair and hardened blue eyes made him unmistakably Scorpius Malfoy, the son of Harry and Ron's archrival Draco.

"Hello Al and Rose, " Scorpius said as he put his pale arms around them, causing Ruth to hiss at him angrily. "Had a nice summer? Your family is so large, I’d be surprised you could feed them all with magic."

Draco grasped hold of Scorpius's robes and yanked him back so hard that Beak hooted. "Scorp, I've told you to stop talking like that.” Draco’s fingers were turning white from clenching his bad mouthing son’s robes so tightly.

“Cmon Dad, I just want to have a little fun with weird name and his fox- for- hair cousin,” Malfoy humored himself. His astounding blue eyes twinkled with pride, but were dimmed when his father slapped him on the shoulder.

“That's it, you're not getting the new Lightning Rod broom you wanted, Scorpius." Protest and Rage sprung from Scorpius as the sound of that sentence was like fingernails scraping down a blackboard, shrill and harsh. "Besides, we could use the eight hundred galleons towards a new house."

"Eight hundred galleons?" Albus's father asked as he cleared his ear like he did not hear Malfoy correctly. "The Lightning Rod costs that much?"

Harry told his family yesterday about the release of the new broom called the Lightning Rod, now nearly twice as fast as the Firebolt. James was hoping to get the new broom once he joined the Chudley Cannons this fall, as he was the best Seeker at school, and of course, his dad was the Seeker for England. Albus was a Chaser for the Gryffindor house with his brother, and Lily was the keeper. Albus was hoping to get James' Nimbus three thousand, currently the fastest broom at the school, if James got the Lightning Rod. His hair stood on end just imagining it.

"But Dad, Slytherin has the best team right now that it had since you were at school, and with the Lightning Rod it's a sure win for your own house!" Scorpius argued with his father. Draco Malfoy shook his head and ushered his enraged son onto the train as it was approaching time to board.

"Sorry Albus," said his father as he looked into the distance through his round glasses. "But I can't pay that much for a broom right now as there aren't many Dark wizards for us Aurors to catch. But maybe as a gift for your seventh year." Harry tried to smile for condolence, but the sudden stench of Rose’s cat Ruth flew through Albus’s nose.

Ginny rubbed his crestfallen head with her hand to rumple the hair even more than it already was, basically as an apology. Hermione handed Hugo his trunk and started to usher everyone to the train.

"We have to wait for Cedric!" Rose told her mother as she scanned the large crowd of wizards ahead. One couple, obviously Muggles, were looking lost and confused. They stopped several times to ask someone for directions, but the wizards disapparated in front of them. One large red headed man with a ponytail and gold earring finally gave them the directions, and Albus noticed him as his Uncle Bill. He was accompanied by his French wife, Fleur, and their older daughter Victoire. Victoire graduated Hogwarts four years ago, and was currently the part veela girlfriend of Harry's godson, Teddy Lupin. They were here putting Victoire's sixth year sister, Dominique, and second year brother, Louis, on the train.

Ron pointed in the crowd just past the disapparating Weasleys. "Look! Over there, I see Cedric!" Albus and Rose looked over to where he was pointing and saw the statement to be true. There was Cedric with brown Asian eyes under very thick eyebrows and his black hair cut short  He was a large boy, and if he would not be wearing robes, large muscles could be seen ripping out of his arms. It did not surprise him, as his father wants him to be a fantastic seeker like he once was for Bulgaria.

"Hey Viktor," Ron greeted the great seeker Krum as he shook his hand, probably thinking about the mini figurine he owned of Krum that still rested in his closet. Albus remembered the stories of the times his dad met Krum, even the time he was under the imperius curse in the third task of the Triwizard tournament. "Nice to see you again."

"Yes, it vas a long time since I 'ave seen you," he replied in his thick accent. "You too Her- me- own- inny." Hermione blushed as she greeted a lover from a long time ago. Even though Krum’s son was Rose and Albus's best friend, she still felt some embarrassment. She pulled a rebelling strand of her brown hair and carefully tied it into her bun.

But Harry felt the exact same way to Krum's wife, Cho Chang. Krum and Cho met at Harry's fourth year, as Krum witnessed a fellow Triwizard Champion's demise and the sadness of the fallen’s girlfriend Cho. They named their only son after Cedric Diggory.

All six parents pushed the five students onto the train with a goodbye. "Albus," his father said. "Help your brother win the Quidditch cup his last year, especially against that disgruntling Scorpius and," with a look at Cho and Krum, "Cedric." Albus nodded with a smile and hurried up the stairs.

"We'll see you at Number 12 Gimmauld Place at Christmas!" Ginny yelled one last time as she kissed Albus and Lily just as she did James. Hermione did the same with her kids, and picked up the fallen History of Magic textbook Hugo dropped, gingerly placing the book in the grasp of the young hands.

Hugo went up the steps of the train and turned to the last image he would see of not being a wizard. Ron called out, "Like I said to Rose five years ago, if you aren't Gryffindor we'll disinherit you!"

Hermione slapped her husband's shoulder and giggled as Albus, Rose, and Cedric took the cab next to James and Fred. They were off to their other home, the place where they feel as if anything was possible. The steam engine roared and the wheels began to spin, leading the students to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


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