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The greatest witch of their age: Hidden Truth by thelost_lovegood
Chapter 6 : The after math
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a/n  hey guys you know  the drill i dont own any of the characters just the plot i reccomend you read Contours under the dramionie section it is AMAZING  credit to the wonderful author whos name i cant remeber love you all and bare with my updateing time ill be quicker soon









I woke up with dried tears on my face, Draco was behind me his arm wrapped loosely around me, I felt calm and safe. I then began struggling to get up without waking the idiot behind me and eventually got to the bathroom to have a shower and brush my teeth, 20 minutes later I walked down the stairs to the common room where Harry and Ginny were sleeping…. Separately thinking of how odd it was I woke Ginny, it was still early so we had a while until classes began and breakfast started


“GINNY” I whispered loudly


“WHAT!!” She shouted then looked at me “sorry” she murmured before looking up and upon seeing Harry her face fell I pushed her to go have a shower quietly and began to make some pancakes and fried some bacon and sausages another half hour later gin and I were sitting in the heads library eating and talking


“Harry wanted to go and get Krum but I knew that most likely that was what Krum wanted, attention for it,  proof he’d hurt you so I told him and he said what would I know, that I never took a moment to think properly and I had to- to-”


“TO WHAT?” I demanded ready to kill Harry


“To follow you guys around to have a life and its pathetic-and its true I don’t have any friends I just follow my ex boy-wonder and my brothers ex around and it is path-”                   “Not true I drag you (my best friend) around with me”










After the boys had woken and gotten ready we went to the great hall, I confidently walked into the great hall next to Ginny followed by Harry and Draco as seventh years we could where what we want I wore a pale blue fitted knee length dress with teal birds all over and some blue vans. Harry was wearing some tight jeans and a muggle/magic top I made for his birthday grey inscribed with “I’m no snitch” and a golden snitch zooming around Ginny had the same as me but in pink and red and Draco had wizard jeans (although they looked no different to me ) and a muggle cartoon t-shirt , I noticed some slytherins giving us evils and Parkinson staring at me murmuring, guessing what she was trying to do I put up a nonverbal protego, a minute later a boil curse rebounded on her smiling I sat down on a rectangular table that sat 15, I joined Dean, Seamus, pavarti padma, lavender, Justin, Hanna, Neville an Luna. I sat next to Dean and pulled Draco down next to me. We sat there talking and s I notified the table that Draco and I would be teaching this years’



“Mione can I talk to you” lavender giggled lavender



“Sure and it’s not Mione” I told her



“Watevs” she sighed we walked into the hallway and sat in a corner in the new seats



“HOW DARE YOU, flaunting around with your deatheater Malfoy rather than worry about poor Wonnie, he in Azkaban and probably for Malfoys’ crimes. It should have been ME and Ron as heads, teaching together- you know Ron doesn’t care about you, neither does Malfoy, in fact I heard even dear Bella tortured you before she was cured and well evil stays evil” she laughed staring , challenging me to talk back knowing I wouldn’t, well the old me wouldn’t and the new me? Shed better watch out



“How dare I? How dare YOU! You stupid bimbo, 1 my family care about me and Bella was under the imperious 2 Draco is just a friend 3 do you really believe with your attitude and grades you’d get head girl 4 Ron well –he lost it he nearly killed me and successfully murdered 3 people 5 if Ron loves you and not me why did he use one of two letters to write to me apologising begging me to visit him huh? Oh the list could go on but you’re not worth the time” I spat in hatred.



 “He sent you a letter too, well I-“



“Don’t pretend you got a letter to I was with Molly when she got the other letter, oh and you can have Ron if he wants you I found out a few days ago we are related and it may be okay with you to date everything that breathes but I’m not one to sleep around, and if you DARE insult, hurt or talk crap to me or my friends again then you better think again” Steaming I sauntered away



“OH and I’ll let it slide this time so you can keep all your friends and I’m no snitch but these private bullying sessions you’re failing at won’t stay to private. You keep your distance Brown, got it?!







I walked back to the hall grinning at Draco who had gone to sit with Blaise, I sat there smiling until I realised Dean was talking to me“OH GOD Dean yeah sorry of with the fairies then um what do ya want”



“Tutoring in potions”



“Sure thing Hun, um Mondays and Saturdays, evenings yeah?!” I giggled



“Um Saturdays, seriously Hermies”



“Hermies? That’s a new one, uh its fine I like it and what about Thursdays then”



“Love it” he grinned hugging me before getting up and walking away



“Ooooo Hermes what was that you dating already” Ginny teased. I explained I was only tutoring and walked off towards potions.

a/n love it ? hate it ? let me know please review as your opinions matter, do you like the dean/mionie paring? want more dramionie ? let me know in the reviews thankyou very much for taking the time to read my story

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