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JJ Gone.... Wild? by PotterPrincess7
Chapter 21 : Christmas.
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It was Christmas morning. You know that wondrous feeling of waking up Christmas morning  to presents and family, Children waking up too early never able to sleep the night before, I found that no matter how old i got or what happened to me i always felt that every Christmas.








"Sirius" I whispered opening the door to James' bedroom, looking around seeing that the boys were all still snoring in their beds I beckoned Lily and Halen in, we ran in and jumped on the boys. I landed beside Sirius and kissed him gently on the cheek, he rolled over and kissed me again.









"Morning" he whispered 










"Morning" I said back " Merry Christmas " I almost shouted. I was like a  4 year old on Christmas and really any other holiday, he laughed and grabbed me in his arms pulling me down on the bed with him I giggled as his lips met mine.














After we all ate breakfast and got dressed, Lily and Halen complained at me for taking a bubble bath before breakfast, we all sat in the family room and started opening Christmas presents. Mrs. Potter started with the presents from her and Mr. Potter, she passed each person a box and we all opened them. Mine was a small box wrapped in purple paper, I gingerly began to pull apart the paper at the taped edge , ( what! i hated ripping wrapping paper it was always so pretty) inside the box was a small pendant with a gold chain, at closer inspection I realized it was a locket, gently i picked it up and held it in my hand, the latch opened easily, inside was a faded picture of a man and a women under a willow smiling,as a tear ran down my face i looked up from my mother and father's smiling faces and mouthed "Thank you" to Mrs.Potter, i didn't trust my voice. Mrs.Potter hugged me close ,











"I found it in the dresser in your parents room yesterday i  thought you could put a picture of yours and Sirius' wedding in beside it." I hugged her close and whispered










 "Thank you" again ,and sat up straight, wiping the tears from my eyes , smiling I said.









"Who's next?" Sirius took my hand as Lily said.










"Here are mine, Jay and Sirius yours is this one, " she passed us a box ," Halen, James, Remus, Mr + Mrs Potter" She continued passing each person their presents as she said their name. Lily had gotten Halen a new scrapbook, she'd already filled the one from Lily for her birthday, James a new set of Quidditch gear, Remus a box set of his favorite books and Mr+Mrs.Potter opened their gift next, Lily had gotten Mrs.potter a pair of gold earrings and Mr.Potter a brass pocket watch. Sirius and I  opened ours last, it was a small purple onesie that said 'Team Jaynee' on it and a yellow one that said 'Team Sirius'.












"Awe,haha" I laughed "They're adorable Lily, thank you" 











"Your welcome darlin'."











Halen passed out her presents to everyone. James got a broom managing kit,Remus a new set of quills of several different colors and a brass quill pot, Lily got a bracelet with her name in cursive on it and little dangling hearts. Mr+Mrs.Potter received a tea-set with a teapot decorated with owls. Halen got Sirius and I matching bands with the inside engraved with two inscriptions mine read "JJ+SB September 8th 1977 .. Forever.." and Sirius had the same beginning but ended with "Always.." 












"I thought they might be a good keepsake"











"They're beautiful" I gushed.












"September 8th, What's the date mean?" James asked , raising an eyebrow at Hay.












"Its the day i ran down to the common like a crazy person and told Sirius I'd go to Hogsmeade with him,kissed him and ran off." I smiled at the memory that seemed so far away but was only 4, almost 5 months ago, our relationship had progressed so quickly yet our bond was so unbreakable it felt unreal but amazing, my inner sentimental babble was interrupted when a heavy parcel landed in my lap ,( Well- apparently id been in trapped  my mind for longer than i thought ) James had passed out his presents and everyone had already opened  theirs and Lily practically drooling over the silver necklace with emeralds on it he got her. I opened the present in my lap and saw a huge book, the pages were aged and the front was titled in large fancy letters, it read "All you need is a little magic.." 














"I cant believe you remembered this" I gushed "How did you find this" the book had been one i  used to read as a kid with my parents it was basically a bunch of fairytales but not the glorified little kid ones the old creepy ones , We had misplaced it years ago and i remember telling James about it but i hadn't thought he would remember.














"I found it in an old bookstore and figured you could read it to James and Jade when they're a little older." i hugged James and smiled.













"Thank you." 












" What are brothers for" he smiled back messing up my hair. Remus gave out his presents, Me and Sirius getting matching blue and pink baby's first year albums, Lily earrings to match her bracelet from Halen, James a Chudley Canons sweatshirt,Mr.Potter a dark blue tie and Mrs.Potter a pair of silver earrings with a matching necklace. I decided I would hand my presents out next so i passed each person a box and watched them open them. I had gotten Lily and Halen books filled with pictures of us that i had specially made and decorated , I got James a glass case with a collectible snitch in it ( He wasn't a seeker but he always liked to carry them around), Remus a bunch of custom parchment and a new watch, I got Mr + Mrs.Potter a pink apron, and a set of dress robes from Madame Malkins. I bought Sirius a quaffle with his initials carved on it , but id left that upstairs the one he was about to open was a trick , me, Hay and Lils decided to play. Sirius opened the box and,














"Ohh hoho" He said glaring playfully at me pulling out the hot pink spiked leather collar with 'Padfoot' stamped across it and hanging his head.














"Look Padfoot's got himself a collar, is that to match Jay's short leash." James said smirking at me.
















"Potter, I swear to god if i wasn't pregnant right now -" I trailed off wanting to slap him.













"Chill, Mom-zilla, it was a joke." He laughed.













"Hmph" I said stubbornly crossing my arms . Sirius kissed me, whispering ,











"Dont listen to him he's an idiot" I smiled and whispered.










"Your real present is upstairs" He smiled turned to everyone else and gave them their presents saying,











"You all go ahead and open them, I've gotta take Jay to hers." I gazed at him, raising my eyebrows questioningly ,as he took my hand and led me out the door.












"Sirius where in the hell are you taking me?" I screeched as he pulled me down the street.












"You'll see, ahh here we are" He held out his arms " Ta Da!"











"What am i seeing?' I asked unsure what the ta da was for.












"The House" He smiled.













"You bought a house!" I screeched.  "Oh my god, this is amazing, I love you so fucking much Sirius Black." I ran to the door and he unlocked it. It was a quaint little house with light blue siding three bedrooms , a huge kitchen, even if i was a dismal cook, and i big front room with a huge window onlooking the street. " How did you afford this?" I asked looking at my amazing fiance.













"I got left some money by my uncle." I kissed  him repeatedly.












"You are amazing" I laughed. 











"You still need to see the best part." I squealed.














"There's more?!" He led me up the staircase to where the three bedrooms sat and opened one of the doors closest to the stairs, It was a beautifully decorated room with lavender walls and wrought iron furniture.












"This" he said "Is our room" 












"it's gorgeous" I smiled. We went out of the room to the hallway and into another,this one was yellow with two cribs on either side and above each a name painted on the wall, the pink one had bows tied on the bars of the crib and more princess stuff surrounding it on shelves and cases then i had thought imaginable and above the crib it read ' Jade Hayley'. The other was blue and had mini quidditch things everywhere I even spotted a small broom in there and above that one was the name 'James Remus'. "You wonderful man this is..... a- I have no words." I said." Hey" I added, kissing him hard. " How about we try out that bed?" I giggled raising an eyebrow at him, smirking.















After Sirius and I got back from our house,everyone had brought their presents to their trunks and I gave Sirius his real present, I was sitting on the bed in the guest room fiddling with the locket Mrs.Potter had given me and thinking about my parents, when i decided i needed some air, I walked out of the room yelling back that i was going for a walk and made my way down the street; before I knew it was standing in front of the place i had always thought as the safest place ever and now made it feel like a large cold boulder had been lodged in my throat, I was standing in front of the house i grew up in. I walked hesitantly in the front door, which was unlocked, and ended up in my parents room, i sat on the bed looking around. I had never told anyone but even before i knew about me being a witch, i knew about magic, my mother had known James' most of her life, they were best friends and she had told my mom about her (and Mr.Potter,later) being magical, she had eventually allowed mum to tell me and my father, we kept the secret forever. That's why I was so close with James. A sudden sob escaped my lips when i realized it, the only logical reason Voldemort's followers would have to kill a muggle family, some how they had found out my parents knew, it must have been that. It was my fault i  had persisted that, begged that my mum tell me and then i insisted on always playing with James and magic, I should have been more careful. I let my tears freely pour snuggled in my parents bed.














"I thought I'd find you here" a voice said from the door making me jump, before i recognized it. " Your mother always had the best taste for decorating, too bad it wasn't passed to me." Mrs.Potter laughed. I laughed quietly through my tears.













"She always said ' Oh Andrea's at it again, i should go rescue her but I'll let her sweat a bit first.' " I said quoting my mum.  " Although she'd always leave right after to help." I giggled despite myself, she came over and sat next to me putting her arm around my shoulders, i leaned my head on her shoulder. " I miss them so much, Aunt Andrea." I said quietly.












"I know sweetie, it hurts in the beginning and forever after but it gets easier." she kissed the top of my head lightly. "What do you say we head home? " I nodded and we left the room, just before we left the house I took a picture of me and my parents from the table in the living room and smiled, holding it close to my chest i left the house and followed Mrs.Potter home.

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