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Brutal Love by Fonzzx
Chapter 8 : Charms and Quidditch
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Chapter 7: Charms and Quidditch


After the majority of the Slytherin seventh years had been expelled, lots of the previously separate classes had become combined. This now meant that Scorpius was in the majority of my lessons, as were Rose and Albus, so we all usually ended up sitting together. Needless to say, my friends were thrilled to be sitting with the children of the golden trio.


Louise, Allie and Rose had wandered off during one Charms lesson, when Albus and Charlie began discussing Quidditch and inevitably, Scorp and I joined in. The match between our teams was coming up at the beginning February the following week, and we were both training hard.


“So, who's going to win then?” Albus looked from Scorp to me, a cheeky grin on his face.


“We are,” Scorp and I both said at the same time. He smiled at me, while I playfully smacked him.


“I don't know, Scorp,” Charlie said. “Ravenclaw are tough.”


“Yes but everyone beats Hufflepuff,” Albus pointed out, waving his wand to try the spell again. He was supposed to be making the clock on his desk whistle instead of chime. It let out a tinkle. “They're pushovers.”


“You're doing it wrong,” Rose came floating back over. “It's more of a sharp flick, not a wave.”


“We are not pushovers,” Charlie said indignantly. “We are loyal and extremely hardworking. Just because we don't all have bravery to the point of idiocy like you lot in Gryffindor.”


“Actually,” Rose began helpfully. “We each have all or most of the traits that the sorting hat sings about each year, it just selects the house it thinks we'd be best suited for, based on the strongest or most apparent ones. Of course, it always takes choice into account.” She smiled at Albus and we all stared at him waiting for an explanation.


“I was almost sorted into Slytherin,” Albus sighed, flicking his wand and causing the glass on the clock face to shatter.


“What's wrong with that?” Scorp frowned. “I'm in Slytherin and I turned out ok.”


“James was teasing me on the first day,” Albus pushed his glasses up his nose and turning faintly pink. “Saying that I'd be sorted into Slytherin, and that Gryffindor was the best house. You have to bear in mind that I was eleven and he was thirteen, and our whole family has been in Gryffindor.”


“What, everyone?” I asked in surprise.


“Right back from my great grandfather on my Dad's side,” Albus said. “And the hat just places all Weasleys in Gryffindor anyway.”


“I think it's biased,” Rose sniffed. “I'm sure I wouldn't have minded any other house. You know it actually told me that I'd do well in Ravenclaw but because I was a Weasley I was going in Gryffindor.”


“You'd think it would get bored putting us all in the same house,” Albus agreed. “But I asked for Gryffindor anyway, and that's what I got.”


Charlie rolled his eyes.


“Anyway, back to Quidditch,” Albus said, and Rose turned away again. “I reckon you've got your work cut out with that one, Scorp.” He pointed at me.


“I am here, you know,” I told him, flicking my wand and the whistle I was charming let out a deep bonging sound like it was suppose to.


“Why?” Scorp asked, frowning as he tried to imitate my movement. The kettle he had in front of him just emitted a sigh.


“You're wrapped around her finger,” Albus said as though this fact was obvious. “If a bludger goes anywhere near her you'll be checking to see if she's ok. Your team won't have a chance with you in charge.”


“I'm not that bad!” Scorp insisted, and this time the kettle let out a low, mournful note.


“Merlin, stop it, it sounds so depressed,” Charlie said, indicating towards the kettle.


“Sorry,” Scorp silenced it with a wave of his wand.


“You are pretty whipped, mate,” Albus told him.


Scorpius made to wave his wand again but I stopped him. “Magic reflects your mood,” I told him. “Try again in a bit when you've cheered up.” His spells had been off ever since the attack. Of course, getting used to his new wand didn't help much either.


“Cheer me up then,” he whined, pouting, his grey eyes deliberately looking sad.


I concentrated, and flicked my wand again. The whistle on my desk stayed silent.


“Oh come on!” I said, frustrated. “I could do it a minute ago!”


“You're worried about him,” Albus said, his voice squeaking slightly. He cleared his throat. “Like you said, magic reflects your mood.” His voice was rising higher and higher in pitch. It sounded like he'd taken in a huge breath of helium.


Scorp and Charlie started to giggle like school children.


“What's happening?” Albus asked, panicking, and I started laughing too. Quickly, everyone turned to stare at us. “Why is my voice doing this?”


The entire classroom was laughing now.


“Sorry, I think that was me,” I wiped a few tears from my eyes. “I think my spell missed and hit you instead.”


“Fix me!” he pleaded, his voice levelling out at a high squeak, which set me off laughing again.


Flitwick bustled over and performed the counter spell, and stayed to see us each perform the spell properly. Albus finally got it, as did Charlie. I managed the spell again too and Scorp made his kettle actually sing.


“Brilliant, Mr Malfoy,” Flitwick beamed. “Ten points to Slytherin, and an extra five to Ravenclaw for you, Miss Smith.” He winked at me. “That was most amusing.”


“It was an accident!” I insisted as Scorp and Charlie dissolved into laughter again.


“He's so biased towards his own house,” Albus frowned, his voice back to its normal pitch, pushing his glasses up his nose.


“Everyone loves you, you're the child of the Chosen One,” I reminded him, just as the bell rang.





The weekend meant one thing: Quidditch. Game on.


“Alright team,” I addressed them in the changing rooms just before the match. “Just because Scorpius Malfoy is my boyfriend -”


“Fiancé,” Samantha Parker, my keeper, corrected.


“Whatever,” I said dismissively. “It doesn't mean you can't kick his arse.


“What's the plan?” Hannah Bones, one of my fellow chasers, asked.


“Beaters, keep your eyes on the bludgers at all times,” I told them. “Try and take the keeper out if you can. Priorities for our team are to protect Samantha and Ellie,” I indicated towards Ellie Tailor, the third year seeker. “If Ellie goes down, we need to work three times harder as a unit,” I glared at my chasers. “If one of us goes down, then we'll need to pick up the slack.”


The whistle blew, indicating that we should get out onto the pitch.


“LET'S GO!!!” I screamed at them, probably looking quite demented.


We marched out to the centre of the pitch where Wright, the referee, was waiting. Scorpius and I shook hands (he gave my fingers a gentle squeeze and smiled at me) and we took our positions in the air.


Wright threw the quaffle in the middle of the two teams and I rushed in and grabbed it. I was faster than the Slytherin keeper and managed to score the first goal within ten seconds of the game starting.






“GO EMILY!!!” I heard a scream, and saw Lily Potter in the stands. “I HAVE FIFTY GALLEONS RIDING ON THIS!!!”


That whole family are complete nutjobs.


Liam Andrews, a fourth year Slytherin, had taken possession of the quaffle after I'd scored. Hannah, Alice Flint and I quickly flew up the pitch to Samantha and formed a V to try and intercept him. Andrews elbowed Alice as she tried to block him and she was awarded a penalty.




Alice took the penalty, drifting ever so slightly to the left. The Slytherin Keeper flew that way to block the quaffle but she threw it towards the right instead, and scored.


It was a tough game. Scorp had trained his team well, and every time we pulled ahead they managed to catch up. He spent half his time shouting at his team for cheating, and the other half way above everyone else, searching for the snitch. Ellie, about twenty feet below him, was doing the same thing.


Suddenly she dived, and Scorp shot after her. One of the Slytherin beaters took advantage of the distraction to aim a bludger at me. I just managed to avoid it using a sloth grip roll, but Scorp had seen it and changed direction at the last second.


“YOU COMPLETE C-” the rest of his sentence was drowned out by cheers as Ellie caught the snitch.


“Malfoy!” McGonagall barked through the magical megaphone. “I will not tolerate such foul language in my school!”


We all landed and hugged each other tightly.


“Party in the common room!” Tom Davies announced brightly, the first student to break out of the stands and make their way over to us. He was remarkably cheerful for someone who'd been kicked off the team.







A/N: So my beta reader's been busy, but I'm fairly happy with these chapters so I've been uploading them anyway. Is anybody actually reading this? Some reviews would be nice! Is it better? Is it worse? I added a few more chapters like this one because a lot of people said in the original version I kept skipping massive chunks of time, and also I was skimming over the lessons a lot too. 

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