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Life is a Dream (mostly) by RosieWeasly11
Chapter 1 : I'M SLIDING!
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Bored, boring and boring. Did i mention about how bored I am? I wish gramma was still here we'd bake muffins and talk about Hogwarts, up until second year, i shared all my adventures with her. I'd tell her about my crazy, slightly mad best friends.


Speaking of crazy, slightly mad best friends.



  “Sounds like a show.” I said running out of the room after her.

I bumped into Lily on the stairs and her face was covered in cookie dough.

  “Hey Alex!”

“So haven’t been downstairs yet lily, unlike you my friend?” I said sarcastically.


She looked puzzled for a moment but then grinned and ran in the direction of the bathroom. I gazed in her direction for like a millisecond before I was yanked down the stairs by my crazy psychopath of a best friend. Rosie dragged me by my ponytail into what used to be the Potter’s kitchen.

  "Oh my unicorn shit!" I cried.



James was standing in the middle of the kitchen, still holding his wand aloft. As a supportive friend would do, I marched over and slapped him back to sanity. He looked confuzlled for a moment but not for long.


“Whhaa? Oh well hello my li’l- OW!”


“Shut up Potter.” I warned him. What I did warn him! Meh, but slapping feels good, it's like a stress release thing. Don't judge me!




I spotted 2 shapes on what used to be Mrs Potter’s oven scooping lumps of cookie dough with their hands.


“HUGO, ALBUS!” I shouted in my most Mrs Potter like voice. It worked; they spun round their mouths still full of the stuff.


“Everybody knows that you must use a magically enhanced ice cream scoopers to scoop this up!” I said twirling 3 in my hand. What, my logic clearly defies that cookie dough was meant for ridiculously large ice cream scoopers. Then again my logic also defies that I, as a responsible sixth year student, get Rosie dearest to do all my homework for me.


“Alexandria Green I could kiss you!!” Al said leaning in for one. I was about to except when I relized his mouth was still full of cookie dough!


“EWWWW wipe you’re face!!” I yelled pushing him away and handing out Ginny’s best ice cream scoops.


We were just about to resume our noshing before




Rose came skidding through the door on her stomach in her bikini. We all just stopped and stared. Then a massive whoop from James and five seconds later we were all in our swimming cozzies taking turns on the cookie dough slip’n’slide.

We were gonna clear this place up before Ginny came home but when you got the two hot Potter brother staring at you whilst you stand there looking sexy in a bikini whilst sliding on the slip'n' slide kinda distracts you. That and the who can eat the most cookie dough on their turn on the slip'n' slide competition. 

This slip'n' slide was all going really well for about an hour until it was James's go.

“3, 2, 1 WHEEEEEEEE!” James shouted as he slid along and came to stop, at Ginny’s feet. We all left as quickly as that. Once we all came back down, un-cookie doughed, we were met by shouting coming from the closed kitchen door.




As she came out of the kitchen she looked at us all.


“James is to be left alone to clean, make sure he has no help. I am so sorry about this. Why don’t you all go play outside as it’s such a nice day.”


We took out the exploding snap and were just about to start (bearing in mind that it was me, Hugo, rose, al and lily playing but meh) when there was a slight creak of the gate at the end of the vast garden and a boy with silvery blonde hair came through.


“SCORPIUS!” Rose screeched.


“Gee Rosie, I don’t think Australia heard you!” I said indignantly.

But nothing would distract Rose from dear little Hyperion (giggle giggle)

See, this whole ScoRose thing has been going on since third year when my Slytherin friend Polly Parkinson and I set them up for the Hogwarts spring dance. Since then, I've walked in on them: kissing in the vroom cuboard, making out in Rose's bed, Scorpius walking in on Rose In her underware then they decided to have... Well, I don't think I need to finish that sentence do I! Luckly that last one happend at the end of last year.

She ran at full speed towards Scorpius and didn’t stop when she reached him


“Hello Rosie- aghrrrrr!” Scorpius screamed.

But, alas, Rose didn’t stop. She ploughed, full speed right into Scorpius and sent him flying into a ditch.

Mr and Mrs Potter came running, ushering the rest of us inside. We did as we were told. We played a few more games of exploding before Rose came in tear stained.

“Scorpius broke his arm, and I didn’t mean any harm.” Rose broke down crying and we all went to comfort her.

James caught the whole thing on video and we watched it a few times and eventually Rose stopped crying and we all received hot chocolate and snuggled up on the sofa playing extreme dares, late into the night. I’m not gonna say what happened. Let’s just say that someone had to run round the garden naked and someone else had to bake some cookies with out blowing up the oven in an attempt to make the cookies cook quicker (no prizes on guessing who had to do THAT dare!!) 

We finally saw the time and went to bed, all apart from Rose, who was in the middle of a 2 hour long conversation over the phone with Scorpius. Gee Rosie, why don’t you just hop along to St Mungo’s and get in his bed. It’s THAT simple. You've done it before (she has, no joke deadly serious face, thats your cue!)


It was a full hour later when she came up, I wasn't asleep yet, so we decided to pull an all-nighter.  At about three in the morning (after some seroius girl talk) we went to play some pranks.You see, I am the prank QUEEN. We snuck downstairs to get the whipped cream, and lets just say, we gave hugo a new hairstyle! It was hilarous.


James was next. Rose and I put our make up together and gave james a gorgeus makeover! James never looked better! 


It was at least half four before we finished our prank on Al. We put silly string cans, right over his head and when he gets up, BOOM! Silly string everywhere. Ah I love pranking the Wotter's. me and Rose went back to our room at about 5 ish. We lay down on our beds, watching the clock and waiting until morning with a smile on our faces that will not fade until we see the three boys in a few hours.

AN: Hey guys, did you miss me? This idea was sort of bouncing around in my head and I thought I might try it out. Tell me what you thought, that li’l grey box could do with feeding xx  


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