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Dear Mr. Wizard God, Why do you hate me? Sincerely, Avery Willington by Crazy101
Chapter 5 : hogsmeade trouble
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Wow i havent been on here in a loooong time!!! Well you know the drill. All harry potter stuff goes to jk rowling. Prove your awesomeness by commenting. Or die trying. No pressure

It was nearing Christmastime and professors started decorating the castle. I was sitting in my dorm and looking out my window as white fluffy snow settled down and stuck on the frosty grass. We would be going to hogsmeade soon, so I started getting dressed. In my head, I flashed back to what happened earlier today.


It was around 9:30 AM and i was curled up on the lumpy red couch in the common room. I watched the clan of wotters yell at each other and break stuff. James asked me out over and over and every time I slapped him. It was the weekend, and the teachers let us have off today. A lot of people were also chilling in the common room. To my surprise, Dylan came over to where i was sitting. I scooched over so he could sit down. I smiled at him warmly.

"What's up, Dylan?"

" Um, i was wondering ifyouwanvfsybvyufsdvbfuids" his voice got softer and softer as he spoke and i couldnt understand a word he said.


"I was wondering if you would maybe, um, go to hogsmeade with me?"

"No, she doesn't want to" James said, putting a protective arm around my shoulders.

I gave James the death glare, smacked his arm away, and said," Sure, Dylan"

Potter stalked out, little protective brat he is.

"I have to go do something so see ya!" I called as I hurried out after him.

When he saw me, he just glared. Before I could do anything, he just walked away.

The next few days he completely ignored me. Even when we sat beside each other in Charms, he refused to look at me. After a week, I broke.

"Ok child, what is the MATTER with you?!" I said accusingly. Rose and Dom trailed behind me.

"You're going with Dylan? DYLAN? YOU KNOW HE MEANS TROUBLE. Slimy little liar, he is."

" YOU'RE NOT HER MUM. LET HER LIKE SOMEONE AND LEAVE HER ALONE" Dom screeched. Yikes, I can tell she's part veela.

Rose just went up and slapped him. She motioned a furious Dom and I to stalk off with her.

He huffed and stormed off.

He kind of deserved that.


I figured that i needed to go talk to James, but i didnt feel like it. (No comments, Lily)

I dressed up in a hoodie with leggings. I tied my hair messily into a bun. I grabbed my purse and joined Dylan in the common room. We walked out to hogsmeade together.

First we got warm butterbeer. Apparently I got a whipped cream mustache cause he started cracking up. When i saw my reflection in the glass window, I cracked up too.

When we were both laughing, something strange happened. His eyes became that milky white and he slowly transformed into Tromedlov. I screamed and backed away. That wreaked chaos in the pub as everyone ran out, screaming. I could hear his husky voice, which sounded disturbingly like batman's.

" I will come at the eve of the holy day for you, join me or all of your loved ones Die."

You know, there's always that one time that using a fiery dragon spell is appropriate.

This was it.

and BA BAM! he sure dissapeared quick.

Enter a Catwoman.

She took the limp body of Dylan, who was knocked out from hosting an evil wizard. She conjured a stretcher and put him on it and madam Yerfmop (hehe) got him back to the castle.

I knew what I had to do now.


I laughed as Dom tried to imitate batman. She disgraced him as she ran around the room while being dressed in a black trash bag and Tasha's black cat Lucky on her head,screaming the theme:



Me and my group of friends were now kinda famous since we're targets of The Dude with the Golden Mask (dun dun dunnnn).

I have a modeling session with Witch Weekly in a few hours (My dad enjoys me doing that, and I have a history of stuff like that) and right now Dom is failing to convince me to wear makeup.

" Come oooooooon Aves, just a wittle bit of mascawa?" She begged, going all puppy eyed on me.

"NO." I growled. She took a step away dissapointedly. I turned my nose up in triumph and she slumped down pathetically. We head back down to the common room to chill with Al. He was furiously working on some type of essay, but he kept glancing up and looking across the room. I followed his gaze and saw his best friend Artemis curled up on the couch, reading.

Dom caught on and we shared an evil glance.

"Looks like wittle Al's got a cruuuush" I cackled evily.


Al turned a bright pink. "Do not" he muttered.

"Do too" Dom shot back.

"do not"

"but oh, you do" I chimed in.

He glared at me with his bright green eyes.

I glared back defiantly with my bright blue eyes.

It lasted forever.

"FINE," he huffed. Dom and I did a happy dance. Playing matchmaker sure is fun. He returned back to his essay.

Wait, essay?

What essay?


"Dom, you stay here and confront Al. I'll go try to record the history of Hubabard Jones." I ordered, rushing back to the dorm to get some parchment and a quill.


A/N: Soooooo...? How do you like it? Havent put much Al action into the story, so sorry Albus fans.

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Dear Mr. Wizard God, Why do you hate me? Sincerely, Avery Willington: hogsmeade trouble


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