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Winds of Desire by lindslo2012
Chapter 16 : Moving On is Hard To Do
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It was nine in the morning on a crisp, cool day, a couple weeks after the incident at the Borrow.

 Ron kept looking at his phone. He didn’t know if this was the right thing, but hadn’t he liked Lavender? He cheated on his fiancée with her! He must have some sort of feelings for her. Should he talk to her?

He thought Lavender might even love him although he never loved her, he loves Hermione.

His heart was beating fast as he sat in a wooden swing on the back porch of the Borrow.

The wind was strong and it made his blazing red hair cling around his forehead, his heart was so defeated right now, but he no longer felt sorry for himself.

 He did it to himself, and it is time to move on from Hermione. And Lavender seemed like the perfect second girl for him besides Hermione. Because he could not be with Hermione anymore, it just wasn’t going to happen. It was over, they were over.

He needed to stop staggering in the past and looking forward. He was Ron, he was not a weak person. He was squeamish sometimes, wimpy sometimes like with his fear of spiders. But he was not weak. He had been through hell at his tender age of 20.

There were swirly gray clouds coming from the horizon, more storms must have been in the forecast as they were frequently lately.

The weather matched how he felt, sad but determined. It looked like a storm was coming and it looked like it would be raining all day once again. It seemed to rain a lot, although it was spring.  

Finally Ron brought up all the courage he had inside and flipped open his phone, and found Lavender’s name. He sat and debated once again for another ten minutes if this was the right thing. No matter what he had to try or he would probably die alone when he got old with cats. He sure hoped not...

He had seen Lavender at work lately and she just stared at him with a desire every time she got the chance, she must still like him even though he dissed her by telling her to piss off.

He had to do this because if he didn’t then he felt he would always be alone. It was time for him to start standing up on his own again...

He clicked on her number and the dial tone started to ring. “Hello?” A light voice answered.

“Hi, uh, Lavender, erm… it’s Ron.”

“Oh won won, hi. Are you okay?” Lavender asked with concern.

“Yes I’m fine, how are you?” His voice was a little shaky, but not really badly.

“Good I am getting by, why have you called me? I am at work,” she said.

 “I want to talk to you tonight. Can we have dinner?” Ron asked her his heart sinking, he wished he could go on a date with Hermione and prove how wrong he was and sorry, but she would never agree now.

“Sure won won, of course!” Lavender squeaked in excitement. “Great!”

 Ron was smiling now, “I’ll pick you up at your house at seven!” He felt a little ray of hope… maybe he can be happy again. Even if it isn’t with the person he really loves.

Hermione awoke from a deep sleep. She had a dream about her baby. She had a dream it was a girl and that it was born happy and healthy. Draco and she gazed at their newborn with affectionate eyes, but Ron looked sadly though the nursery window next to a giggling Ginny and Molly.

The rain was pounding strongly on the window and wind was whistling through the cracks. Suddenly there was a snore from beside her, she forgot she had stayed overnight with Draco.

 She admired his figure as he slept his handsome face and muscular body. She put her hand and rubbed his cheek with her thumb and leaned in to kiss his cheek.

He grunted and then opened his eyes, “Oh, good morning beautiful!”

“Good morning my love,” Hermione answered, blushing a little.

 “I had a dream we had a baby girl,” Hermione said, smiling ear to ear.

 “I would love a little girl,” Draco commented smiling and rolling over to face Hermione.

“Me too,” Hermione said beaming.

“What would you like for breakfast?” He asked.

“I can cook!” Hermione laughed.

“You are my guest, my mother is gone, the elves cook our breakfast, and now what would you like?” Draco scowled.

Hermione rolled her eyes and then giggled, “Fine, waffles I guess!”

Draco rolled out of bed and pulled on his pants as Hermione goggled over his body. He then walked toward the kitchen to find the house elves.

Hermione stayed lying down, she hadn’t been nauseated yet this morning and she didn’t want it to start, so she waited to see if Draco would bring her breakfast in bed...

About thirty minutes later, he did and she was fast asleep again. He cleared his throat, making her jump.

“Oh, thanks, sorry, guess I may still be a bit tired…” Hermione said with a yawn.

Draco chuckled, “Well you are in the process of making my child, and I can only imagine that would be a tiring job!”

Hermione rolled her eyes at this, he never would get over his conceitedness, she knew that much.

Ron had apparated to Hermione and his old apartment, part of him wanted to go ahead and let it go, the other part of him wanted to keep it because he couldn’t fight the fact he wanted to still cling to every memory he had with Hermione.

Even if another woman eventually moved in he still wanted her presence somewhat with him, he would never tell anyone that though of course.

He paced throughout the apartment, thinking of what he would say to Lavender tonight on their first date since the tragic break up with Hermione.

His heart sunk as he thought of what Hermione would think when she saw him with her again. But she can’t talk, she is with Malfoy! The enemy and the one they always loathed. It made him sick to even think of them together, about him touching her, making love to her, it made him want to throw up. He wanted to take back everything, but he can’t, he just has to take it one step at a time. Lavender was the start to the new leaf, he liked her a lot, and she was the only one he could see himself with besides Hermione.

The day passed on with lots of rain and thunder, and when a quarter to seven arrived, Ron got dressed in his best clothes and then apparated to Lavender’s.

She lived in a town home with a roommate, Cho Chang, Harry’s former girlfriend before Ginny.

When he knocked on the door, Cho answered, “Oh, hi Ron.” ]

“Hey Cho, how you been?” Ron asked.

 “Good, erm, let me go get Lavender, I am sure she’s almost ready.” Cho said.

 Then she disappeared to the back of the small house with a big smile.

Ron stepped in. It was a small two bedroom house, and Cho, her boyfriend who was also former Gryffindor mates with Harry and Ron, Dean Thomas, and Lavender all shared it.

He had only been here once before, on one of the nights they snuck around.

Then he saw her and all thoughts disappeared....
She walked down the short flight of stairs and she was wearing a bubble gum pink dress, but she looked beautiful.

Hermione escaped from his mind as he stepped forward to take her hand.

“I’ve missed you Lav,” he said, hugging her to him.

Lavender giggled and kissed him on the cheek, “You ready to go then?!” She squealed in excitement.

 Ron took her hand again and led her out into the rain, they apparated to Diagon Alley.

In front of Enzo’s Italian Eatery. But in front of Ron was another beautiful girl and a shaggy blonde headed man.

Draco and Hermione had also decided to eat dinner at Enzo’s for the second time to Ron’s horror.

Ron’s heart started to palpitate. This was the first time he saw them together and his anger started bubbling like hot water.

Lavender noticed and squeezed his hand, “What is wrong won-won?”

Ron started to breathe rapidly as he watched Draco lightly rub Hermione’s back as they waited in line to be seated, this made him blind with rage.

“Ron!” Lavender whispered loudly looking at them and back at Ron, “Do you want to go somewhere else?”

Ron suddenly came to his senses, he was working on getting over Hermione and he was on a date with Lavender, if he was alone Malfoy may not be moving right now, but Lavender is with him and he wants to keep her now for the health of himself… he needed another woman in his life.

“Well, look who it is!” Said Draco’s drawling masculine voice. Hermione also turned around; she was dressed in a red dress that fit her body perfectly.

“Hi Ron, and erm, Lavender,” Hermione said smiling at them.

But when she saw Lavender the memory of Ron’s actions flooded back, and she turned around, her heart racing. Draco kept chatting to them, and Hermione knew Ron probably just wanted to hit him.

Ron tried to keep his anger intact and cling onto Lavender not even listening to Malfoy.

Lavender had just noticed Hermione’s little bump from the side.

“Hermione, are you pregnant?” Lavender asked in shock, interrupting Malfoy’s talking.

All of them faced Hermione and Hermione turned around once again, her face a dark red. She just looked at Lavender blankly for a moment.

“What? I was just wondering!” Lavender stated.

 “Yes, I am pregnant Lavender, about twelve weeks along,” Hermione said in a sharp tone.

“Congrats to you!” Lavender said fakely.

But she looked at Ron and glared, after Draco whom took Hermione’s arm, dragging her along and Hermione turned around and started walking up the line Lavender dug into Ron’s arm with her finger nails and made him stop.

 “Oy! What the hell?!” Ron yelped in pain.

“Ronald! Is she pregnant with your baby?!” Lavender whispered fiercely.

“No Lav! It’s Malfoy’s! They have been together quite a while now and we haven’t slept together in months by the time we broke up!” Ron said fast, he could see Lavender wanted to hit him hard.

She relaxed when he said this and grabbed his hand softly again, “Good! Because I was not about to go on a date with someone who currently has another girl pregnant!”

Ron frowned, “Well it isn’t mine Lavender…” Lavender looked at him with piercing eyes, “And you are upset about that?”

He hesitated, “No! No way Lav, let’s go, people have cut in front of us now.”

“I never liked her Ron…” Lavender sneered at Ron.

The couple caught up to the line, falling quite behind. He wanted to scream back at her that he didn’t give a damn whether Lavender liked her or not, Hermione was still the girl he loved, no one could change that… but he didn’t.

 Hermione didn’t turn around to look at Lavender and Ron again as they were led to their seat.

Unfortunately, they were seated quite closely and Ron was watching Draco’s every move. Lavender luckily didn’t notice.

He watched how he touched Hermione so gently, Hermione laughing at him, kissing him. She really was happy… he didn’t want to ruin her happiness; a great sense of jealousy overcame him again.

He wanted to be where Draco was… this just wasn’t right or fair to watch Draco live the life he was supposed to have.

Lavender cleared her throat bringing Ron back to reality and looked at her.

“So won-won, what is it you wanted to talk about tonight?” Lavender asked with a smile.

“I wanted to talk to you about us,” Ron said quietly.

“Us? Like how?” Lavender looked at him, waiting for a good answer.

Ron then focused just on Lavender and reminded himself what he wanted, “Erm, I want us to get back together. You see, you are beautiful and I want to be with you again. I want to treat you well, and be your boyfriend. And I am sorry for how I took advantage of you, and how I just told you to piss off… I like you.”

Lavender kissed him all of a sudden, Ron accepted, although he saw Hermione look down on him as she passed to go to the ladies room.

She looked sad too, did she still feel something for him too?

But… that didn’t matter anymore, she was pregnant with another man’s baby whom happened to be his greatest enemy and he had Lavender as of now.  

Lavender looked at him after thirty minutes of silence, “You are acting a bit weird!”

Then their food came and Ron drank his fire whiskey quite fast, making his throat burn.

He started coughing, making Malfoy turn around and chuckle at him, making Ron want to throw a curse at him. And Lavender was still watching with daggers for eyes.

“Ronald, stop looking mad at him just because he is with Hermione!” She said sharply, clearly hacked off.  

Ron looked at Lavender and shook his head and lied, “No Lav, you know my past with Malfoy! I told you I am with you now!” She believed him luckily to his fortune.

Finally they finished dinner after Ron looked at Draco and Hermione off and on for an hour and his insides were still inflamed with anger but he controlled it, and they left and apparated to Ron’s apartment.


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