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Music is Might by shewhomustnotbenamed_
Chapter 15 : Snap
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 I dried my eyes and stood up. I need to talk to Adam asap. I need to sort this out. I can’t cry. I can’t be a baby about it. I have to get over it. I followed James’ footsteps out of the secret passage way.  I had to get the band together, we have to talk about this. I walked to potions, Slughorn was sitting on his chair, he didn’t even notice when I walked in. I saw James in the back with Louis and Freddie, he looked elsewhere. He didn’t look at me his eyes were straight ahead. I walked over to Dom who was sitting next to a random Hufflepuff.


“We need to talk”


“What? Why?” The Hufflepuff next to her was evidently listening to our conversation.


I turned and looked at the Hufflepuff Cassie Campbell “Does nobody care for fucking privacy anymore?” I screamed. Everybody turned and looked at me, Cassie looked like she was quaking in her boots. I closed my eyes not believing what I’d just done. Even Dom looked distraught.


“MISS LOVERIDGE!” shouted Slughorn.


“I’ve been in your fucking class six years, and you still don’t know my fucking name?” snap. Everyone’s mouth was hanging open. I didn’t care, not anymore. I was going in overdrive. I had too many emotions on the go. I snapped.




“You’re a prick. You’re sixty years past your expiry date. The fact you can’t even read the ingredients in front of you should indicate you’re too old to teach”. I heard a snigger in the background but I wasn’t doing it for anybody else’s amusement. I was pissed off and Slughorn was just fuelling my fire.




“I highly fucking doubt that. You still have no idea who I fucking am do you?”


“DETENTION!” he screamed back at me.


“Happily, if you can put my name on the slip without looking at the register”



“SEE IF I FUCKING CARE” I stormed out of the room, slamming the heavy door behind me. I guess I just had my diva moment.


Dom came running out of the room, following me.


“What the hell was that Ally?” she shouted as she carried on trying to catch up to me.


I carried on walking. I walked straight up to History of Magic. I had no time for logic anymore, we needed a band meeting and we needed it now. I knocked on the door three times.

“Come in” I heard professor Binns say.


“Excuse me Sir, but Professor McGonagall has asked to see Adam, Spencer and Marcus”


“Right, of you go then. I want the essay in for Tuesday” They nodded and looked at me in confusion. As soon as we’d walked out Dom grabbed me.


“Are you going to explain yourself?” she demanded. She had her fists clenched around my robe, holding me in position. I shook her off with ease.


“What the hell is going on?” Adam asked stepping in between Dom and me.


“Little miss pop star over here, just made a huge scene in Potions. Swearing at Slughorn…”


Adams mouth dropped open in shock. I know mate I wouldn’t expect it of myself either. It was all Phoenix I swear. Marcus on the other hand, grinned widely at me and stepped forward ruffling my hair like an annoying older brother. I shook him off. Now was not the time for playing.


I carried on walking, they followed without hesitation. Dom filled them in on my little incident. I heard Marcus wolf whistle. I ignored it.


“Are you going to explain what’s going on?”


“Not here”


I walked up to the room of requirement and thought of a place we wouldn’t be bothered or over heard. I walked through and it looked just like the Ravenclaw common room.


I stood there standing in the middle, waiting for the band to take a seat. They did hesitantly.


“I’m sorry” I said breaking down. It was the last of my emotions to snap. Tears were streaming down my face. Adam for the first to comfort me, he stroked my hair caringly. “What’s wrong Ally?”


“He knows” I told them through a sob.


“Who knows what?”


“James knows I’m Phoenix. He knows we’re Music is Might”.


Nobody said anything. I was met by complete silence. I couldn’t bear to look at any of them. Their faces were filled with shock.


“What happened exactly?” asked Adam.


“It’s my fault, I was careless” I sobbed.


“Just explain” said Adam calmly.


“Yesterday when I was tutoring him, I left my song book. He saw it and he put one and one together. He cornered me today and I couldn’t deny it, he had all the facts. He knows” I blurted.


“SHIT!” shouted Dom. “fuck. We’re screwed. He’s going to tell everyone. Freddie will know soon. We have to get ahead of this, asap” she started rattling off our options which only made me sob harder.


“Will you just shut up Dom?” Adam shouted over the top of her irrational decisions. She shut her mouth and opened it like a fish.


“Can’t we just obliviate him?” Asked Marcus.


“What? Remove his face from the world and pretend he never existed?” I laughed.


“No I was talking about his memory…”


“That makes more sense.”


“We can’t do that” said Spencer “We don’t know how much memory we have to take or what’s too much he could end up being a brain dead cabbage” I laughed despite the situation and imagined James as a cabbage, that was I could feed him to my next door neighbours rabbits and never have to deal with him or these stupid feelings again. Yes we must turn James into a cabbage.


I swallowed.


“Guys, tomorrow is Friday”


“And?” Asked Dom who still sounded slightly annoyed at what Adam had said to her.


“Freddie said I had until Friday to tell him who Music is Might were or he’d leak that photo and the rumour”


“But we’ve already destroyed the photo”


“Yes, so he’ll know we were the ones who did it”




“Shit” repeated Dom.


Adam let go of me and went to sit down. I ran my hand through my knotty hair a habit I seemed to have picked up from the idiot himself.


“Then what do we do?” asked Dom who looked as helpless as the rest of us. We sat in silence, only to be broken when one of us had an idea, so far we had:


We could move to Africa - An instant veto.


We could kill James – Dom said no because Uncle Harry would never forgive her.


Hope for the best and hope that nobody takes him serious – this was our best option so far.


I knew what they were waiting for, they were waiting for me. For me to say the words they’ve been waiting for, for months. I knew it was down to me after all this is all my fault. I was the one that insisted on the double identities in the first place. So it was down to me to make the decision to get rid of them.


“Dom, how fast can you organise an interview with Wizard Rock?”


“We had one for Saturday, but I can change it why?”


“I’m sure they would be the first to want to know our identities, especially if we’re signing with them” I said it slowly so Dom caught on, she nodded and immediately started writing a letter to them.


“I don’t understand” Marcus said. I let Dom explain.


“I’ve just sent a letter to Wizard Rock asking for an immediate meeting. We’re going to tell them your secret. And they’re going to publish it in their music magazine. By this time tomorrow you won’t have to worry about Freddie, the whole world will know who you are”.


I gulped, realising what I’d done.


“And you’re ok with this?” asked Adam.


“Of course!” I said cheerily “Might as well pursue the music career fully, especially since I doubt Slughorn will ever let me in his classroom again” I joked.


“Ally, I’m being serious. Are you ok with this?”


“Yes” I said sharply, trying my best to sound convincing.


“I’ve been thinking about it for a long time now. The secret had to come out eventually and this situation just gave me the push to make my decision”. He nodded at me thoughtfully.


“Who will you perform as?”


I thought for a long time over this question. “I don’t see what’s wrong with still using the stage name Phoenix. Phoenix made this band, it would be stupid to forget her. And can you imagine people chanting Althea in the crowd” I smiled nervously, Marcus laughed and gave me a supportive pat on the back.


“This is brilliant, the ladies will finally get to see my beautiful face” I looked at him surprised, hell we all did.


Spencer coughed reminding Marcus that he was still here. Marcus grinned before kissing Spencer lightly on the lips. “Don’t worry Spence, you’ve got no competition. Hell you’ve got better legs than most girls” At that I lost it and burst out laughing. Spencer just shook his head and rolled his eyes away from Marcus with a slight smile tugging at his lips. They were perfect together.


“Shit. Are the world ready for you two to come out?” I asked worried, the amount of problems its caused from just them coming out, I had no idea what the world would do if they realised they were music is might.

“They better be” Marcus laughed.


“If they’re not, who needs them? I don’t want Homophobic fans stop listening to us, because they don’t agree which hole I put my stick in” I had to stifle a laugh.


“And we’ll support you a 100%” Adam added.


“No shit” I said dryly.


The five us patiently waited on the settee. Finally there was a racking at the window. Dom jumped up and swarmed to the other side of the room, letting the bird in. She quickly got the letter of the bird, ruffling a few feathers as she did so. She ripped open the letter and read intensively.


“Get your shoes on. We’re going straight to Wizard Rock” she said as she looked up from the letter. I gulped.


“How are we getting there?” Adam asked.


“Hogsmeade and then we can apparate”.


“How are we getting to Hogsmeade?”


“Do you know anything Adam?” Spencer asked as he closed his eyes and thought. The room changed around us. There was a passage way right in front of us. “We’ll get through the portrait in the pub, we might give Aberforth a fright… or a heart attack” he added as an afterthought.


“He’s still alive?” I asked slightly surprised.


“Barely” Dom said as she pushed Adam through the passage. We walked through without any problems. Aberforth was fast asleep so we saw no reason in bothering him. We left and apparated straight to Wizard Rock, I guess the time was finally here. It was finally time for the world to know who we were. I gulped deeply; I’m going to go from nobody knowing me to everybody. I’m not sure I’m ready for that. But there’s no going back now.


Tomorrow the whole world would know who we are. I just hoped they were ready for it.



The question is readers, are you ready for it?

As always I don't own anything that you recognise. But you already knew that... So what did you think? Ally's diva moment? GOOD BAD? TELL ME!

Anyway thank you reading, and thank you for reviewing (if you have or plan to in the future... hint hint... just kidding but seriously it would be appreciated)





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