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They're bringing The Triwizard Tournament Back? by whatarenargles
Chapter 1 : Start of Term
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Mia Bennett joined aboard the Hogwarts Express dragging her heavy trunk full of clothes, school books and some extra fictional books with her. It had turned eleven o’clock and students quickly piled onto the train so they wouldn’t miss it. Steam emitted from the train and a loud whistle was blown as the train began to depart out of King’s Cross Station in London.


There was a lot of rummaging around as students spotted their friends, squealing in excitement due to not seeing each other over the summer, and would hurry to find an empty compartment. Other students, mainly the first years would either be following closely to their elder siblings and by them themselves looking lost and terrified in a unknown situation they have never undergone before.


The students, including Mia, were heading off to Scotland where a magical school was held. The school taught the students how to defend themselves when in danger, potions to cure or create something, objects in which you can transfigure into something else and they’d learn all about the historical facts about the magical world. This school was named Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


These gifted students with magical powers were to lead a separate life from another world. The other world was a place where Muggles lived (non-magic folks). Wizards and Witches were told to keep their world to themselves when in contact with Muggles, otherwise the Ministry of Magic would have to deal with a huge case of having to oblivate the Muggles minds.


Anyhow, this is a story about Mia Bennett, she’s been a student at Hogwarts for six years and about to begin her seventh year. She’s a half-blood being in which her mother was a witch and her father was a muggle. Her father didn’t take very kindly to Mia’s mother being a witch and abused her because of her “abnormality”. When Mia had started to show signs of magic, her father turned to terrorize her as if he could force the magic out of her which unfortunately wouldn’t happen.


Mia so desperately wanted to show her father that magic wasn’t something to frown upon and she wanted him to be proud of her. She used to be very close to her father before she realised she was a witch. They hardly spent time apart. Mia wouldn’t give up trying to prove her father wrong when that all changed.


The magic had been too much for her father and he been to drink excessive amounts of alcohol at anytime of the day as if the magic would be forgotten the next time he was sober, which wasn’t very often.


Mia always defended her mother when her father got angry and began to hit her mum. She’d take the blows even when her mother begged her to run away. Mia knew she’d never leave her mum though.


One year when Mia was at Hogwarts, her mother had passed away due to her father going beyond his normal routine of abuse. Mia hated having to leave her mother behind with her monster of a father and blamed herself for her mother’s death for not sticking around.


Mia hated herself and hated her father for what he had done and how he hates magic but deep down she still hoped she would get her dad back from the days before she knew about magic. She knew that this was probably never going to happen but her determination never stopped her.


Mia had many friends in which she loved so much. Mia herself was placed into Gryffindor in her first year at Hogwarts and made friends with two people who were widely known by many; Rose Weasley and Albus Potter.


Rose Weasley was the daughter of Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. She had a younger brother called Hugo. She had fiery long red hair which sparkled in the sunlight. She had dark dream-like eyes which were the colour of chestnuts. She had inherited her mother’s intelligence and grown the habit of studying wherever and whenever which gained her exceedingly high marks.


Albus Potter was the son of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. He had an older brother called James and a younger sister named Lily. He had dark messy brown hair which would never stay straight no matter how hard you tried. Grass green eyes were hidden underneath his dark hair. Albus was protective of his family and like his brother was a trouble maker.


The Potter and the Weasley family were interlinked and were a huge family. Most of their offspring filled most of Gryffindor. If you were friends with a Potter or a Weasley you were friends with all of their family.


Mia had told Rose about her family life even when she hadn’t wanted to. Rose hand seen a large bruise on her arm and she knew she couldn’t get away with lying and Rose always saw right through her.


Obviously Rose hadn’t taken too well to that piece of knowledge but Mia told her to keep it a secret, she didn’t want anyone to know, even Albus. Albus would probably destroy her father if he knew.


Mia trekked through the train looking into the window of each compartment searching for her friends. She spotted a compartment which was mainly filled with ginger haired people which she knew would be her friends.


“They’re you are! Oh, I’ve missed you!” Rose squealed as she leapt off of the cushioned bench to hug Mia who had opened the compartment door.


“I’ve missed you too!” Mis said as she squeezed Rose back.


“Are you okay?” Rose whispered to her in Mia’s ear.


“Nothing that I couldn’t handle.” Mia replied knowing that Rose was talking about her father.


Mia and Rose squished themselves inbetween Albus and Fred Weasley on the compartment bench.


They all started to talk about their summers which for the Potter’s/Weasley’s would have and Mia guessed right, filled with quidditch and being ordered by their Grandma Weasley to haul the garden gnomes over the wall who always wondered their way into the garden to nibble of the growing vegetables.


“Hey, I heard from my dad that there’s going to be something huge happening this year at Hogwarts.” Albus said to everyone.


“Did he say what?” Fred asked him, eagerly.


“Of course not, you butthead. He would have said otherwise.” Rose replied, hastily.


“Butthead? Really, Rose?” Mia asked her whilst smirking at her use of a childish name.


“Shut up.” Rose replied, grumpily.


“Anyway, I hope it’ll be immense. Much better than having another plain old year of lessons.” Scorpius said.


Scorpius Malfoy was the son of Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass. In the past the Malfoy family were frowned upon as they were death eaters however since the dark lord had been defeated by Harry Potter over twenty years ago, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco had agreed on a mutual understanding to forget everything as Draco had changed.


“Lesson’s are a great way of learning, Malfoy! They’re just as fun as anything else.” Rose snapped at Scorpius.


Rose and Scorpius had never really got on well, they tried to behave seeing as Albus was best friends with him but she didn’t have to like him as well. They always tried to beat each other over getting the highest marks in every class they took.


“Rose is probably the only girl along with her mum that would say lessons were fun.” Mia said quietly to Albus who sniggered in reply knowing it was true.


The train had arrived at Hogwarts and carriages were awaiting the students above first years. The carriages to most people looked like they pulled themselves but Mia found out from reading Hogwarts: A history that they were actually pulled by Thestrals. People can only see the creatures if they have seen death.


The first years would go by boats with Hagrid who was a half giant. He was the gamekeeper of Hogwarts and led them across the black lake.
As the carriages and boats pulled up outside the wonderfully built olden castle the students were lead in to the great hall. The great hall was magnificent. It was filled with four long tables which were the house tables (Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin), the table at the front of the hall was the staff tables.


If you looked up at the ceiling it was charmed to look like the midnight sky with stars twinkling and scattering across the dark blue sky with wisps of clouds around them.


Ghosts also filled the hall gliding amongst the students saying their welcomes and joining their own houses with the start of term feast.


A tall old wrinkled woman wearing a green and black cloak flowed out behind her as she lead in a gaggle of first years to the front of the whole wear an old manky hat was sat on a stool.


“We’ll start the sorting. Each of you will put on the hat and sit on the stool, the hat will sort you in the house that you should rightfully be in. Once sorted you shall go and sit with your fellow house students.” The woman said to the first years, she was known as Professor McGonagall.


“Cartwright, Wendy.” Professor McGongagall called out from reading the scroll of names.


The nervous looking girl with dark black hair clumsily got on the stool and put on the hat. After a few minutes the hat shouted out ‘RAVENCLAW!’


This process carried on until all the students had been sorted. Professor McGonagall they clapped her hands where food magically appeared and told the students to tuck in.


Students filled their plates with glorious looking food and had to stop themselves from drooling and taking too much of everything so they wouldn’t be too full to not have pudding, which we all know is the best bit.


Professor McGonagall then stood up waiting for silence around the hall.


“Now, we have a special competition happening this year. We weren’t sure we were going to carry the tradition on due to the last time it was held but we decided since times have changed we shall welcome it back. Welcome to the Triwizard Tournament!” Professor McGonagall said whilst pointing her wand at the covered mound which made the slip of cloth fall away from what a emerged to the be the Twizard Cup.


Students gasped at what they had heard and eagerly told their friends that they were going to take part in the competition.


“Now, before you get ahead of yourselves and please don’t grown. You will only be able to enter if you are seventeen.” Professor McGonagall stated and even though she had warned the students, the students who were underage groaned in dismay that they couldn’t enter.


“You’ll be joined by two other magical schools in a couple of days who will represent their schools in the competition. I want you to make them feel welcome and make interact with them all.” Professor McGonagall stated. “Now, to enter, you must write your name on a scarp of parchment and drop into this goblet here which is emitting flames. Now I know you’ll excited so I’ll leave the speech here, off to bed, now.”


Students began to disperse from the great hall making their way to their common rooms.


“I remember uncle Harry telling us about this tournament. It sounds awfully dangerous. I wouldn’t enter it. You may end up dead.” Rose said to her friends.


“Well I’m going to enter.” Albus said whilst puffing out his chest.


“Uncle Harry wouldn’t let you.” Rose replied to him.


Mia was determined to enter the competition whether it would be a stupid idea or not. She was going to prove herself to her dad, to anyone that she was strong enough with her magic abilities that she could do this. She just hoped she would get chosen.

Reviews are welcome. Hoping you like it. :)

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