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The Outcast by Xaria
Chapter 1 : Freedom
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Dark twisted eerie trees rose high over the narrow dirt road. The path lead to the edge of a vast rumbling sea. Waves crashed against the pointed rocks as two men approached the shore. The larger man was very muscular and tall, he wore all black leather and bore several scars across his face. The smaller thinner man wore a dark brown cloak with a broach in the shape of a seagull. He sighed as he looked at the state of the thunderous water.


“Where's Potter?” The leather-clad man muttered as he pulled out a wand from inside his cloak. With a quick flick of his wrist a boat appeared in between a small space between the deadly rocks.


“Here.” Came a voice from behind them. The smaller man jumped and ran a hand through his dark brown hair nervously. Nathaniel Potter stepped out of the shadows, his black hair turned silver beneath the moonlight.


“Good, good, we're all here then. Let's get this over with, Azkaban is not one of my favorite places...” murmured the thin man with the seagull pin.


“Of course Haydn.” replied Nathaniel as he approached the two.


“Are you sure of what you're doing, Potter? This might be very dangerous.” asked Haydn wearily. With a nod from Nathaniel he introduced the large threatening looking man. “This is the Warden, Kallum.”


He shook hands with the Warden and the three began to pile into the small boat. Kallum taped his wand against the boat and it begun to speed across the rocky gray water towards a far off little island.


“I hope you know that you can't change things once the arrangements been made.” Haydn piped up. “You and Leah are the only Aurors that signed up for the job.”


Nathaniel narrowed his eyes at the island and spoke softly. “Leah and I are the only Aurors with a child. She had always wanted a daughter anyways.”


“Have you read her file, Potter?” warned Kallum. “Bad blood that one, her birth was a curse, it should've never have happened. I saw it myself. Her parents were mass murders, sent to Azkaban. Her father died a month later. That's when she found out she was pregnant. She was born in hell, I'm telling you.”


“It says here she blew up a whole section of the prison.” frowned Haydn as he leafed through a stack of neatly put together papers.


“That's right Minister. She was so young that we put her and her mother in a less secure part of Azkaban. For the lesser crimes you know? Section A on the second floor. I couldn't let Dementors near a child so I put some of our few wizard guards there. When she turned six she blew up all of Section A, 45 murders, one being her own mother.”


Nathaniel pursed his lips and thought about what the Warden had told him. As the boat grew closer to the island the large building that was Azkaban could be made out clearly. It was very tall with no windows as far as the eye could see. Once they stopped at the shore the three men climbed out and stepped up to the stone prision. Their wands waved through the salty air and three patronuses appeared. A pitbull, a seagull, and a horse. As they entered Azkaban the patronuses gave off a warm comforting glow, keeping the Dementors at bay as the floated through the dimly lit hallways.


Nathaniel followed behind Kallum as he lead them up the stairs. They didn't stop until they were at the very top. Here the Dementors were many, but with Nathaniel's horse patronus walking ahead they kept back at a few decent feet. He stopped at the end of the dark hallway where one lonely torch blazed on the wall.


“Oi, Night, get up. It's time to get you out of here.” said Kallum and rapped his wand against the bars of the cell, the bars seemed to melt away.


A thin pale girl stepped out of the shadows, her stringy dirty black hair reached down to her hips in a tangled mess. But what was most intriguing about her was her bright turquoise eyes, inside the dark cell they seemed to glow. She looked from the Warden, to the Minister, to Nathaniel Potter.


“Is this him?” she spoke softly and stepped out of the cell. She wore a gray loose shirt and pants. Her skin was covered in soot, it was too much effort to clean the prisoners every day.


“Yes, now I know you have been cleared of your charges and I understand that you're only here because you have no where else to go. Be grateful that Mr. and Mrs. Potter are offering you their home, they don't have to do this.” warned Kallum, he tapped his wand against her back to get her walking.


She said nothing but her eyes sparkled as she approached the three patronuses, her hand reached out to the horse and it lightly nuzzled her. Warmth spread through her finger tips to every inch of her body. She had never felt this warm and happy before in her life, considering she's never even set foot out of this prison.


“Astrid, I'm Nathaniel Potter, I've been looking forward to meeting you.” said Nathaniel, shaking her frail hand.


Kallum tapped his wand to her wrists and a thin ring of purple fire wrapped itself around her wrists in the symbol of the infinity sign. Astrid looked at the fire as she was escorted to the bottom floor of Azkaban. There was an office through a thick steel door, a high desk filled one whole wall. There was a small opening between the glass. The Warden approached the desk the wizard behind it filed out some papers and handed it to him with a quill. He quickly filled it out. It was passed around to the Minister and then to Nathaniel. Kallum reached behind the desk and grabbed a parchment colored sack, the protrusions that pocked at the sack suggested they were books. The Warden handed it to Astrid and she took a hold to it happily. Once everything was filled out Astrid was led outside for the first time.


Her untrimmed dark hair blew against the slight wind, it was wonderful. Azkaban had no windows, she had never seen it outside and it was even greater than she had imagined. Astrid had lived her whole life in Azkaban, so she knew that the only way out was to get to the far off shore. As she climbed into the boat, the bag clutched tightly in her hand, she looked back and thought about her time there.


She didn't remember much of her early life. But her mother use to teach her how to use magic, she would write it down all over the cell underneath the torch light. The Warden had allowed her to read the Daily Prophhet every day. Even he couldn't deny that a child needed some sort of education. And lucky for her he allowed her some old used books the some of the other guards had laying around their house. That was all she ever knew of the outside world, and she was absolutely ready to explore it herself.


Time passed quickly for her, after her years in Azkaban a boat ride was nothing. She jumped excitedly out of the boat once they swayed to a stop.


“If I hear about any trouble from you, you'll be sent straight back here.” growled Kallum, he wasn't a nice man but having watched Astrid grow up he couldn't help feel a bit sad to see her go.


She nodded and waved goodbye to he and the Minister as Nathaniel pulled her away through the dark path. He tightened his hand around hers and they disappeared with a crack. It felt as if she was being tossed across the universe, time and space pulling on her in every direction.

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