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I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us by alicia and anne
Chapter 14 : Apparation lessons
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“How can the girls find him attractive?” Horatio moaned to Louis as they stood in the Great Hall. It had been cleared out so that the Sixth years and a few Seventh years could take their second Apparition lesson. The first had been the day after their Hogsmeade trip and no one had come close to apparating, but then again it had only been their first lesson. Horatio would have done a lot better if he wasn’t spending most of his time looking at Molly, something that Louis took great joy in teasing him for.

Louis gave a shrug, “I suppose I can see why they fancy him.”

“Don’t tell me that you fancy him as well Louis,” Horatio wailed turning to look at Louis, who rolled his eyes before walking over to one of the hoops that lay on the floor for them to practice apparating into.

“Oh come on, you can see it as well, he looks like a celebrity.” Louis stated, pointing over to the instructor who was smiling politely at the students that were walking into the hall.

“He looks like the kind of guys that Nik dates.” Horatio muttered, looking around; he seemed to be searching for someone.

“Have you heard from your brother since last week?” Louis asked Horatio carefully, knowing that it was a touchy subject. Horatio had been trying to change the subject every time that Louis brought up his brother.

Horatio gave a shrug. “He’s written to me a few times, apparently this big important news he had was that he has a new job. Why couldn’t that wait until I was at home?”

Louis gave a shrug as he looked down at the circle in front of him, wondering for a moment if this time he would be able to apparated. He didn’t really want to fail his test when he took it.

“There she is,” Horatio exclaimed from next to Louis. Louis looked up once his arm was grabbed by Horatio, who proceeded to drag him across the room, causing Louis to kick a few of the hoops in the hurry.

“I’m sorry,” Louis told the few people he had disturbed, before turning to look at Horatio in annoyance, wondering just what he was up to. He gave a knowing look to Horatio as they stopped at a set of hoops behind his cousins, Molly and Lucy, who were standing with Lucy’s friend Steven Bird.

“Oh, I see,” Louis said, turning to look at Horatio, who was avoiding eye contact.

“What?” he asked, still not looking at Louis.

“You wanted a hoop closer to Molly,” Louis said with a smirk. Horatio glanced towards Molly in fear that she had heard Louis, which she hadn’t, before adopting a serene look on his face.

“No, I just wanted to be at the front of the lesson. We have a lot to learn today if I want to apparated.”

“Yeah, sure,” Louis said with a smile.

“It’s the truth.”

“Oh, I believe you.” Louis said with a laugh, Horatio rolled his eyes at Louis, knowing that Louis didn’t believe him.

Louis’s laugh caused Molly, Lucy and Steven to turn and face them, smiles on their faces at seeing them.

“How’s the nose Horatio?” Lucy’s friend Steven Bird asked.

Horatio gave a nod and a shrug. The bruise had faded a lot since Nikolos had punched Horatio, his nose was fixed by Dom, but she didn’t fix the bruises from the impact. Not that Horatio minded. In fact, he refused to go to the Hospital wing, Louis thought it was because Molly kept giving Horatio a lot of sympathy, which Horatio enjoyed a lot.

“Yeah, it's okay, I’m going to make my brother regret this when I get home though.”

Molly turned around to look at Horatio, a smile on her face. “Are you sure it’s not too painful still?” She asked him.

Horatio gave a shrug, “It’s getting a lot better, thanks to your help. You should be a Healer Molly; you’ll be really good at it.”

“Oh get a room you two,” Lucy laughed from her place next to Molly. Molly turned to look at Lucy a horrified look on her blushing face as she shoved Lucy roughly.

“Be quiet Lucy,” Molly told her, her face still red from blushing at Lucy’s comment. Horatio’s grin spread wider across his face as he turned to look at Louis, who was shaking his head at him.

“You two do seriously need to get a room,” Louis told Horatio quietly as the instructor called for everyone to pay attention to him. He was explaining to them the rules of apparation again before they could all try for themselves.

“We’re in a room Louis, sadly the rest of you are all in it.” Horatio told him, before listening to the instructor.


“That’s not Apparating Steven, that’s falling over your own feet!” Lucy laughed, pointing down at Steven who had managed to somehow pirouette into his hoop and fall to the floor. Louis understood how it might have happened, Steven was over six feet tall and was very thin with long legs, which seemed to cause him to trip up a lot, according to the stories he had been told by Lucy and Molly.

They all gave a chuckle as Steven struggled to get to his feet, pushing his incredibly messy brown hair out of his face. He glared down at the hoop in front of him, as though it had been the one to trip him.

“I can’t believe you made me sign up for this Luce,” Steven grumbled, “You know I’m not good on my legs.”

“That’s because you have Ostrich legs,” Lucy laughed, earning a glare from Steven.

“Surely you should have more balance, you are the Keeper for Ravenclaws Quidditch team,” Louis told Steven, who turned to face him.

“I’ve got a lot more balance in the air than I ever will have on the ground, at least up in the sky, I don’t have this idiot trying to trip me over.” Steven said, jerking his thumb over at Lucy who shook her head at Steven and turned back to her hoop.

Louis gave a laugh before looking back down at his hoop, determined to learn how to apparate before the lesson was through.

He took a deep breath as he thought of the instructor’s words, spinning on the spot as he focused on the hoop and wishing himself to appear there. When he opened his eyes after spinning on the spot, he was sad to see that he hadn’t apparated at all.

Louis gave a loud sigh, looking up at Horatio, who was staring at the hoop and muttering under his breath. Louis was going to ask him if he ever thought that one of them would apparate today, when a loud crack and a scream from in front of them stopped him.

He looked in horror at Molly, who had fallen to the floor in the hoop in front of her, clutching onto where her foot should have been and crying loudly. Louis looked at her in shock as he felt Horatio moving quickly next to him, he had bent down to where Molly was concern across his pale face.

The instructor rushed over to them with his wand in his hand, waving his wand as he saw that Molly had splinched her foot and it instantly appeared back on her. Molly stopped screaming in pain, but still let out a few sobs as she tried to calm her tears down, shaking slightly.

“Splinching is a very common occurrence,” The instructor said to Molly, but loud enough for everyone to hear in the now quiet room, everyone had turned to face Molly at the sounds of her screaming. “It’s okay, it’s very easily fixed. But it’s a big shock when it happens and quite painful. Would you like to sit down for a while?”

Molly gave a shaky nod before gingerly standing up; Horatio stood up with her and helped her to limp across the room. Louis wasn’t sure if Molly’s foot still hurt or if she was just too scared to walk on it. Lucy watched Molly, her own face pale and tears had formed in her eyes at seeing her twin sister hurt.

“She’s okay Luce,” Steven comforted her, grabbing a hold of her hand and squeezing it gently and comfortingly. “It’s alright.”

Lucy gave a shaky nod as she looked over at where Molly and Horatio had gone to sit. Louis saw her smiling at something that Horatio was saying to her, wiping the tears away from her eyes with her hand. The instructor was kneeling next to them, making sure that Molly was doing okay.

The lesson ended not too long after the incident with Molly’s splinching, with no one else getting hurt or anyone actually apparating. Molly was the closest so far, if she didn’t leave her foot behind, then she would have completely apparated.

After the lesson, Lucy and Steven had decided to go to the Ravenclaw Quidditch practice that was planned for after the apparition lessons leaving Molly with Horatio and Louis. Horatio didn’t seem to really want to let Molly out of his sight after the splinching incident, even offering to help carry her around the castle.

“I’m okay Horatio, really.” Molly had told him, as he tried to convince her to accept a piggyback off of him which she politely declined. “It just aches a bit, but the instructor said that was perfectly normal after splinching.”

“Are you sure?” Horatio asked her, the worry evident on his face.

“Yes. Now shall we get our books and go and study on the field? It’s a nice day outside and we need to make sure that Louis passes all of his exams.”

“What makes you think I won’t pass them?” Louis asked, turning to face his cousin.

“Because your mind has been too full of worrying,” Horatio told him, grabbing Louis around the shoulder and pulling him into a hug, which Louis shoved himself out of. Horatio laughed at him.

“Well, that’s true, but I’ve been getting better... if I don’t think about the fact that I’m going to be a father over the summer holidays.”

“Stop it Louis, worry about that after the exams and then you can freak out. You need to pass these so you can continue doing these classes next year; you want your N.E.W.Ts right?” Horatio asked him.

“Of course,” Louis told him honestly, he wanted to have his N.E.W.Ts so he could get a better job to provide for his daughter and Freya. He knew that most places made sure you had the correct qualifications before they’ll even give you an interview.

“Well, let’s go and get our things. We’ll meet you on the field in about twenty minutes Molly. Are you going to be okay walking up the stairs?”

“I’ll be fine Horatio,” Molly said with a smile, turning around so she could make her way to Gryffindor tower. Horatio watched her walk away before following Louis to the Hufflepuff common room.


They spent the afternoon studying with each other, Molly having stopped an hour in and pulling out a pair of knitting needles and a bundle of wool. Horatio and Louis looked at her in confusion as they looked down at Molly, who began knitting; the fabric was a pale yellow colour and seemed to be in some sort of a square shape.

“Are you making me a present?” Horatio asked her.

“No, I’m making a blanket for Louis’s baby,” Molly told them, a small blush on her face. “I’ve been making it since Louis told me that he was having a girl. I’m hoping that I finish it by the time she’s born.”

Louis gave a smile, and leant forward to grab a part of the blanket, the wool was incredibly soft. “I love it Molly. That’s really thoughtful of you, thank you.” He told her.

Molly gave a smile in return, and continued knitting, Louis let go of the fabric as he imagined the blanket in the cot his grandfather had made. One day soon his daughter would be sleeping, kept warm by the blanket that was being lovingly made.

“How long have you been knitting for Molly?” Horatio asked, admiring the blanket as well.

“Nana Weasley taught me at Christmas,” Molly explained, her eyes still on the needles and wool as she concentrated. “I’ve been knitting a lot ever since, it’s quite calming actually.”

“You’re really good at it.” Horatio said honestly, Molly grinned and gave a shrug.

“Thank you, now shouldn’t you two be studying?” Molly told them.

“Yes, ma’am,” Horatio said, with a salute before grabbing his open Potions book on the floor and going back to read it.


Louis received one letter from Freya that day, asking him how his apparition lessons went and telling him about her day. She had her tutor that was home schooling her come to Louis’s house, and that she would be starting her exams the next day at the Ministry. She was worried, but happy that her home schooling would be over after she finished taking her exams, which was good as she was becoming more tired. Freya had told Louis in the letter that she was being kept awake lately by the baby kicking her during the night, which she found really uncomfortable.

“How many times are you going to read that letter?” Horatio asked, interrupting Louis who was lying on his bed and looking at the letter from Freya.

Louis continued reading the letter, “As many as I want, just because no one apart from your brother wants to talk to you there’s no need to take it out on me.”

“And with my brother that’s scraping the barrel.” Horatio stated from across the room on his own bed.
He turned to look at Louis and gave a loud sigh, standing up and rushing over to Louis’s bed and onto Louis, taking him by surprise.

“What are you doing you maniac?” Louis cried, dropping the letter and trying his hardest to shove Horatio off of him, but Horatio was trying his hardest to poke Louis in the ribs.

“Stop being boring,” Horatio laughed, attempting to grab Louis in a headlock.

“I always knew something was going on between you two,” came a voice from the dormitory door. Horatio and Louis stopped fighting to look up at the sound of Rob Ashton voice and saw him walking over to his own bed in the room, laughing at them.

“You can admit it, the whole pregnancy story was a cover up so no one knew about you two,” he joked, taking a seat and looking over at them. Horatio and Louis both sat normally and looked at Rob. They had never had a problem with him, he tended to keep himself to himself and wasn’t one to join in fights or start arguments.

“Oh Louis, we’ve been caught,” Horatio laughed, grabbing Louis and trying to plant a kiss on his cheek. Louis shoved him away and stood up so Horatio can’t reach him.

“Definitely not a cover up,” Louis told Rob, Horatio pretended to be heartbroken for a moment, before his face split into a grin.

“How’s Freya doing?” Rob asked Louis. Louis was a bit shocked, aside from Horatio and Louis’s own family, no one had come up to him and enquired about how Freya was, not even Freya’s friends had approached him.

“Yeah, she’s doing okay, she’s being homeschooled at the moment, she’ll be starting her exams tomorrow.” Louis told him, he noticed that Rob actually looked interested and wasn’t just asking because he wanted to spread gossip.

“Show Rob the picture of the scan,” Horatio suggested to Louis, Louis turned around with a smile on his face and walked over to his trunk, opening it and taking out the scan picture, it seemed the safest place to keep it. He stood up and walked over to Rob and handed it to him, Rob took it and looked at it a bit confused at the beginning.

“It’s quite small isn’t it?”

“I think it looks like a bit like a Swede, or a bean.” Horatio stated a grin on his face as he walked over to stand beside Rob and look at the picture he had seen countless times before.

“No, she doesn’t,” Louis stated, “stop comparing my daughter to food.” He shoved Horatio who gave a laugh.

“You’re having a girl?” Rob asked, picking up on what Louis had said to Horatio.

“Yeah,” Louis said, taking back the picture from Rob with a smile.

“Congratulations,” he said, “I have no idea about babies or how to look after them.”

“Me neither.” Louis admitted.

“Let’s hope you can learn quickly.” Rob said, watching Louis, who sat down on his own bed and looking down at the picture. “She’ll be born soon.”

“I know, not long to go now,” Louis said, feeling himself worry again. He took a deep breath and placed the picture on the side, as he tried not to freak out again.

“Don’t worry, Louis; you’ll have me and your family, helping you both out. You’ll be fine, you’ll see.”

“I really hope so Horatio, I really hope so.”

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