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JJ Gone.... Wild? by PotterPrincess7
Chapter 20 : Vacation.
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 "Lily, have you seen my jeans?" Halen screeched .




"They're in your bag already Halen." I heard Lily say ,sounding patronized,as I  walked into the room.





"Oh my god, good I'm not the only one not finished , have you seen my necklace." I exclaimed, extremely relieved that Lily and Halen were not finished packing either.






"Come on girls were gonna miss the train." one of the boys called from below.






"Coming" we yelled down the stairs. come on where is it, I kept thinking,  it was ten fifty and the train for London left in 10 minutes, We were all leaving to spend the Christmas vacation at James' house.Lily was super nervous about meeting Mr + Mrs. Potter, it was no big deal for me seeing them, I had known them forever and they were like second parents to me, which meant they acted like it and i was about to tell said ' parents' that i was about three months pregnant and engaged all before graduating from Hogwarts. Surprise!









"Jaynee, baby, Jaynee wake up" I heard. I opened my eyes, disoriented slightly, we were on the Hogwarts express , I looked up to see who had woken me, i was face to face with Sirius,






"Hi" I smiled kissing his lips.






"Hi" he smiled back at me, I had just noticed that the train had stopped.





"C'mon, you two" Lily scolded fighting a smile.





"Were coming. Mom" I laughed at her.The trip from the station to Godric's hollow was short, Once we found a good place to apparate from. We got to the outskirts of the village in no time, and made our way through the streets to the potter's house, as we approached the house i saw the curtains in the front window flutter and Mrs.Potter appeared at the door.






"Oh my goodness you're here , oh come in, come in, you must be freezing." She said happily ushering us through the door.






"My boys!" I heard Mr. Potter's booming voice from down the hall.






"Hey, dad" James and Sirius replied, Sirius smiling at me.






"Oh you must be Lily, James you never told us she was so pretty." Lily blushed bright red as Mrs.Potter hugged her. "And this must be Halen," She said.






"Remus, is one lucky boy."  Mr.Potter added chuckling as he hugged Remus.






"Jaynee, look at you darling you look so grown up, I'm so Sorry about your parents." Mrs.Potter said, as she leaned to hug me i could see tears welling up in her eyes, her hugs reminded me of my own mother's.





"Well come on in put your bags down take your jackets off and sit down." Mr Potter took our bags and we went into the sitting room. I hadn't taken my baggy sweater off and really didn't want to soon. Lily came over and sat next to me and Sirius, 







"So" she whispered as James chatted with his parents in the corner. "Are you gonna tell them or are you planning on wearing that sweater that entire time we're here." She asked.





"Shh! keep it down we're gonna tell them soon." I shushed her.





"Okay" she replied. " Everyone, Jaynee and Sirius have something to tell







"Lily" I gasped reaching to smack her as she skipped away.






"Oh, what is it dears?" Mrs.Potter asked. I glared at Lily and she smiled back.






"Well, Mum" Sirius started. "Jaynee and I are engaged " He finished smiling at her.





"Oh!" she said looking startled, Oh my God she's gonna have a heart attack when we


tell her about the baby. " I mean wow this is a shock, but congratulations I can see you two truly love each other." She smiled.





"Way to go Sirius, That's how you do it." Mr.Potter cheered. Mrs.Potter scowled at him. " I don't know what you see Jay Jay but congratulations." he smiled.






"Haha very funny." Sirius chuckled.





"There's uh.. one more thing." I choked out, here it goes.





"Maybe you should sit down Mum." Sirius said. " the other thing we have to tell you is a little shocking." I decided instead of telling them I'd show them. I pulled off my sweater and grabbed the ultrasound picture from my bag. I handed the picture to Mrs.Potter, took Sirius' hand and said.





"I'm pregnant." 





"Oh my" She mouthed sinking down onto the couch. " This really is shocking, but Jaynee dear, you'll be a great mother." She smiled.





"Well, goodness knows I've learned from the best." I smiled hugging her.





"Do you know the sex?" Mr.Potter asked, I smiled and placed my hands on my stomach in two separate places , as i placed my first hand down i said.






"A boy," I placed my second hand down and finished " And a girl."






"Twins, wow that is amazing." Mrs.Potter squealed. " I must make blankets and booties, blue and pink should be good." She bustled off to order the yarn.






"Now look what you've started." James said chuckling.



Once Mrs.Potter came back in, we were all studying the ultrasound picture when James piped in " I still don't know what we're supposed to be seeing."





"Looks like monkeys or something to me." Remus smirked, we all laughed as Halen smacked Remus and Mrs.Potter scowled at the two boys.





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