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We Are Family by aquabluez17
Chapter 2 : home sweet home
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Scorpius walked into the room and sat down on his couch. Bringing out his wiztop, he started to type, working on his assignment he had recently been handed. As he worked, he soon lost track of time, assuming that Rose would call him when he was needed since she probably knew where he was.

When he was satisfied with the work he had done for the day, Scorpius breathed a sigh of relief. His eyes glanced at the muggle clock that Rose had insisted on hanging in their room and was baffled to see that it was near midnight and there was no sign of his wife.

Confused, he got up from the couch and walked outside of their room to find the whole living room empty. He walked to the kids’ room and found them all tucked in for the night, snoring lightly as they slept. Thinking about where she could be this late at night he walked downstairs to the living room.

Once he there, he knew exactly where she was. The strong aroma he could smell never lied. Why is she making cakes?! Can’t she just give it a rest? It’s the middle of the night. This is no time to make cakes!! Anger pulsing through him, he walked to the kitchen and found her engrossed in her world.

He watched as she kept pushing back a strand of her messy red hair that kept falling in her eyes. It had slipped out of the messy bun she had put her hair into. Her skirt was rolled up now so it wasn’t floor length, and her eyes were concentrated. Her right hand swirled over the bowl in experience, while her left hand held a cake that she was eating.

Scorpius felt himself staring at her, forgetting why he had come to the kitchen in the first place. It scared him how she could always take his breath away without even trying. Before, when they were dating, he had loved that quality about her but now it was just a harsh truth that reminded him of reality.

When he came out of his thoughts, he quickly took a few strides that covered the space between them in mere seconds. Once he stood next to her, he could hear her mumbling about something.



                                    Bloody Malfoy….

He pulled at her arm, slamming her into him. Looking down at her shocked face, he smirked with satisfaction. I thought I was losing my touch… Grabbing the cake she had in her hand and the bowl in her other hand he placed them on the counter. Taking her to the sink, he washed her hands, appreciating the silence while it was there since he knew she would only stay shocked for so long. Once done, he pulled her back into him.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” Scorpius hissed through gritted teeth.

“What do you mean what am I doing? Didn’t you see what I was doing?” Rose answered, her infamous Weasley temper flaring even more as he questioned her.

“Yes I saw you. Which is why I am asking. What the hell do you think you are doing?! It’s 12 at night!” Scorpius exclaimed, his grip on her strengthening as she tried to pry herself away.

“So?! Why does it matter to you huh? Tell me!” Rose commanded as she poked him with her free hand.

“It matters to me since it’s 12 and I can’t just leave my wife in the kitchen at that time! You are supposed to be sleeping! Not making cakes,” Scorpius retaliated.

“Oh really? So now you care about my whereabouts?!” Rose asked.

“What are you even talking about?”

“You know exactly what I am talking about Mr. Malfoy.”

“If I did I wouldn’t be asking now would I Rose?” Scorpius asked, letting go of her and watching as she backed away

“Where were you in the morning? When Seth needed you, you weren’t there for him!”

“Are you insane? I was there! Didn’t you see me? I sat right next to you.”

“You missed the whole function!”

“Yes well I didn’t miss the best part of it. The part that mattered to me.”

“Well did it ever strike you what might have mattered to Seth? What he thought when he didn’t see his father there for the whole thing?”

“I was at a meeting Rose. I couldn’t just walk out now could I? And when I left, there was a lot of traffic in the floo system,” Scorpius stated calmly, slipping back into his normal nature once he realized what the problem was.

“I don’t care. You should have left early! You always have a meeting. You always something to do. You are never there!” Rose ranted, stopping only when he pulled her once again to rest against his body.

“I am an Unspeakable Rose,” Scorpius stated in a dangerously low voice.

“I am very well aware of that Mr. Scorpius Draco Malfoy! That doesn’t mean you can ignore your family! You can’t just wish us away! You can’t just pretend like we don’t exist! What would have happened if you had missed one meeting?!” Rose screamed at him.

“I can’t just go around missing meeting, missing important missions, missing deals! I would lose my job and then where would you get the money you need on a daily baBon?” Scorpius asked, sneering at in contempt, “This lifestyle, all of the money, fame, power, how would you get that?? You would loose all your purpose to be married to me.”

“I didn’t marry you for money Scorpius!” Rose said, tears stinging in her eyes at his words, the words she had not heard in a long time, “And it’s not like I’m getting any fame from becoming a Malfoy. If I wanted fame and power I would have stayed a Weasley! Plus it’s not like you gave me much choice to marry anyone.”

“Who said I was going to marry you? I wasn’t going to marry at all! And then I did but for what? To have my wife try to trap my best friend?” Scorpius shouted, his anger getting the best of him.

“What best friend? Didn’t you find out later that he was the one who was trying to trap me?!” Rose yelled in frustration.

“Yes and you were the saint in the situation. Like you didn’t lead him on,” Scorpius countered.

Rose looked at him, her eyes full with disbelief. She knew he didn’t mean it, that he knew that his best friend, Nathan had been wrong. He had no idea what he was saying due to his anger, but that didn’t subdue the pain. Her own husband was accusing her of being a manipulating wh*re, how would anyone react to that? She could feel her self control slipping. Her eyes were getting blurry as the tears formed at the words he had said. He had just merely uttered them in total negligence but her whole world had been affected by those words.

“You don’t have to care for me Scorpius. I never asked you to care for me, I can do that by myself. Just please be there for your kids. You promised you would. Please,” Rose whispered, and quickly ripped herself away from him, running to their bedroom as fast as possible.

Scorpius watched her go, the realization dawning on him. What have I done?!?! Damnit! He punched the table countertop. Why do I always do that? I should have gone there earlier. There was no need for me to say those things to her…

Once Rose entered the room, she flung herself on the right side of the bed, and pulled the comforter up. Her tears flowed as she cried her heart out on her pillow. How could he? Why is he like that? Why can I never understand what he wants and needs? Does he even want to be married to me or is this still just a convenience for him? It’s been years since we have been married. The kids are 10, 7 and 6, the Nathan thing has blown over completely, and  yet there still isn’t anything solid in our relationship like there was before when we had promised to fight the prejudices of the world. He isn’t just staying with me for the kids is he? Does he feel burdened by the kids which connects as both in a stronger bond than even marriage? If there were no kids, would he leave…?

Scorpius walked into their room a few hours later, to see her already in bed. He walked over to her side of the bed and saw that she was fast asleep. Gently removing strands of her hair from her face, he observed that her eyes were poofy and the pillow wet. He removed his hand in shock from where it rested on top of her head, when he heard her murmur, “hmm.. Scorpius…” He watched as she turned around on the bed, reaching for something, probably him. Quickly, he gave her his pillow and slipped out of the room before she woke up and saw him.

Smirking, he thought about the small antics his wife had. She always slept clutching him, saying that it was a bad habit, but he knew better. She was terrified of the dark and couldn’t sleep with alone, but when she was mad she always tried to anyway since she didn’t want to let him believe she needed him.. She would turn around and face the other way, chanting to Merlin until she was half conscious.

When so, she would turn back to him and clutch him as every other night but would wake up assuming that she had slept with her hands to herself. Whenever he told her that she was scared of the night she would bring up such instances and he never had the heart to tell her how she came back to him anyway.

His knowing smirk slipped as he thought of what he had said. Maybe I said too much... he thought to himself,  I should have been there earlier for Seth... With that in mind, he walked over to his plants and started working on them all since that was his favorite hobby just like his wife liked to cook. He pretended as if they all needed grooming even though they all seemed fine to the normal eye and time flew as he worked, mulling everything that had been said last night in his head. Soon he heard the morning singing of the bird, bringing him out of his thoughts.

Sighing he dragged himself back to bed after washing his hands and changing his clothes. He pulled away the pillow his wife was holding dear to life and settled himself in bed, as she came into his embrace. Holding her close, he fell asleep noticing that it was 4:00 am before he zoned out.




Hey guys! Sorry for the late update!! I had loads of exams and all, but now I'm done!! So loads of updates and etc coming your way =) 



Thank you for reading! I hope you liked it and will leave a review =)


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We Are Family: home sweet home


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