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A Simple Question With a Simple Answer and Life Changing Result by diamondmoon99
Chapter 1 : It's basically a flying ice sculpture
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 "Let me get this straight. Your telling me that neither Mum or Dad, 'have time' to take us to school." I stared at my 13 year old brother Alec who nodded stepping back carefully.  

I squeezed my eyes shut for a second. "Why?" 


Alec shrugged. "Business? I don't know." 


I started walking to my parents room at the very end of the hallway. "Well how the bloody hell are we supposed to get to bloody school? Mum, Dad?" I opened my parents room door and my mother glared at me with her phone pressed up to her ear. "Hold on one moment," she said in the sickly sweet voice she always uses when she's annoyed with someone, mostly us. She took a deep breath and started speaking. "What?" 


I scowled "what do you mean 'what' it's the first day of school and the train leaves in an hour. It takes 30 minutes to get to the train station." 


"Annalise," she started. I rolled my eyes at her using my full name. "I really wish you would be patient. I am in the middle of an important phone call with my boss and I'm not leaving this spot so that's just too-" I shut the door cutting her off. 


"C'mon Alec, get your trunk we're leaving because Mum isn't cooperating no questions asked." 


"But Leesy how are we going to-


"I said no questions asked," I said sternly. "Now get your trunk we're leaving." Alec nodded obediently and collected his luggage as did I. 


I opened the garage door and smiled with keys jingling in my pocket. I grinned looking at Alec whose mouth was wide open. 


"Leesy, I-" 


"Shhh Alec. Now lets fly this thing." 


I stared at the car in front of me. It wasn't just any car, it was the car my dad sculpted out of ice and charmed it to fly, but warned us never to use it. So basically you could say its a flying ice sculpture.  


"But Leesy you do realize we can just -" 


I glared at my brother. "Alec." He sighed and he followed me into the car. I flinched at the frozen temperature and climbed into the driver's seat. 


"Alec, Leesy?" I widened my eyes at the faint voice of my mother and shoved the key into the starter. As I backed out I thanked God I had that mini driving tutorial from Avery last Christmas. 


Avery is my childhood best friend whom I can't go a week without owling. Apart from her intelligence from being in Ravenclaw, she literally  could be described as perfect. Three words: Tall, blonde and blue eyed. I was pretty jealous for sadly my dull brown hair that was about as thin as paper could not compare to her wavy blonde locks. 


Now I was panicking because my mother's footsteps were getting closer and Ms. Presley a muggle was sitting in a lawn chair staring straight ahead. "She's like 90 so she's probably blind, now go! Mom's coming!" I decided to listen to my 3rd year brother and took a deep breath. Then I looked to the sky and pressed the button that flew up in the air. I smirked as I heard the wicked witch of the west; aka Mum, screaming at us to go inside, while Ms. Presley stayed daydreaming about Merlin knows what. 


After about 2 minutes into our flight, Alec finally spoke. "Hey Leesy?"




"You realized we could have just flooed right?" 


I mentally face palmed myself. This is why I didn't get Ravenclaw like the rest of my family and Avery. But at least I got Gryffindor which is considered the best of the four houses. However I don't consider myself brave... I should have gotten Hufflepuff. They do say it's where all the useless people go don't they? 


"Well you see my dear brother," I start. "Look everywhere I mean don't you like a little bit of excitement? Breaking the rules is fun once in a while." 


"Well you see my dear sister," he had to copy me. "It is about 90 degrees outside." 




"We're in a car made of ice." 


I almost let go for a moment. "D-didn't Dad charm it so it wouldn't melt?" 


"That was only for the garage," he smirked. 


I narrowed my eyes "your lying." 


Alec rolled down the window. "You can see it melting now." He leaned back into his seat. "Time is 'melting' away, my genius sister." 


I slammed against the gas peddle without warning. We glided through the air easily, but I felt the ice thinning out and panicked. 


"You missed it Annalise." 


I looked behind me at the station and groaned. "You sound like dad," I grumbled. I started heading down to the destination wondering how the hell were going to land this thing. So instead, I decided to land in a valley conveniently next door. 


"Get out," I said. 


"Okay, okay calm down we still have 30 minutes." I relaxed for a minute and we started walking. 


it took about 10 minutes to run to platform 9 3/4. Once we got on, Alec ran to his little 3rd year friends and I searched the crowd for Avery or Peter. 




I looked behind me and smiled. "Ave!" I gave her a hug and she pulled away quickly and frowned.


 "Your all wet," 


"Um... Long story. I'll tell you on the train." 


I was about to ask how her summer was until someone grabbed my waist, spun me around kissing me. "Pete!" 


Oh right I didn't tell you. 


Peter's my boyfriend. 


We we've known each other since age five along when we were neighbors along with Avery, and the Potters. 


I know shocking right? You didn't expect me, Leesy Vinner to know the family of the famous Harry and Ginny Potter? We all lived on the same street and Avery, Pete, Albus, James, Lily and I would play until the sun went down. Avery and Peter (they're brother and sister) lived by us until 2nd year, and the Potters still live right next door, only they've realized they're too cool to talk to us. Lily is a year younger and James is a year ahead of me but Albus is still in the same year as me only the most he's ever done was saying 'excuse me' or maybe a small smile if I'm lucky. 


But why should I care? I already have a boyfriend named Peter who asked me out late last year. 


Peter put his arm around my waist. "How was your summer?" 


"Same old. Parents working, Alec annoying me, sitting around at home." I shrugged my shoulders. 


"We should probably get on the train. It leaves in 5 minutes," Avery said. 


Peter kissed my temple and I laced my hand through his as we walked onto the train.  


"You go next," I say to Avery next to me. She takes one of 'Bertie Bott's every flavored beans.'


Peter raised an eyebrow at Avery who examined the yellow bean. "What is it?" 


She frowns. "Mustard."


Peter pouted. "Dammit, why do you always get all the easy ones Ave?"


Avery smirked and popped it into her mouth. 


I looked to Peter who's turn was next until the sound of the door opened. 


I glare at my brother. "What Alec?" 


"Albus Potter is looking for you. He says he needs to talk to you." 


I scowl at the floor. Why would he need to say anything to me? 


"Okay... When?" 


Alec shrugged. "I don't know, as soon as possible I guess." 


"Where is he?" 


"C'mon I'll show you. He's close to the front of the train." 


I shook my head and got out of my seat. "It's fine I'll go." 


I made my way until I saw the the compartment of the unmistakably know Wotter clan. 


I was about to open it until it was opened for me by a dark haired boy named Albus Potter. 


"Um, my brother said you needed to talk to me," I pointed out. 


He nodded. "Yeah, um let's go in here." He opened up the empty compartment in front of the one he was in before and I say down awkwardly. 


"Hey, Leesy," he said finally


"Um hey Albus, so what up?" 


"Alright I need a tutor." 


I scowled at Albus. A tutor? Me? Yeah sure.. The only subject I could possibly be helpful in was...


"I need help in Potions," he said. 


Potions was the only subject at Hogwarts that I actually could say I'm good at. All the other teachers tell me I'm "too lazy."


I nodded. "Okay, so I guess I could help you with that," 


"Great! So when?" 


"Ummm..." I Thought carefully for a moment. Today is the first day so I don't think that would be good, same with tomorrow. I guess the best time would be, 


"Let's start Friday. Where do you want to meet?" 


"Common room," Albus concluded.  "4:30?"  


I nodded "got it. Uh I guess I'll see you then?" 


"Bye Leesy." 


"Bye Albus." 


I entered back in to see Peter pretty much choking. "Uh, Pete?" He coughed for a moment and spit out something red. 


"They had too make the chile pepper flavored the same as the real thing," he grumbled. I sighed and sat down next to him and he laid his arm around my shoulders. "Well, I'm tutoring the great Albus Potter in potions." 


Avery stared at me. "How do you tutor someone in potions. 


I shrugged. "You make potions." She and Peter nodded in understanding. 


I looked around and realized something that didn't seem to come to mind earlier. "Where's Ace?" 


"Hmm I don't know. I saw him earlier before we got on but I didn't talk to him," Peter explained. 


"Whatever we'll find him later. Wait, where's Camille?" Avery asked looking outside the door.  


I sighed "who knows." 


The rest of the train ride went pretty fast. We played a few games of exploding sap along with wizard chess and eating some more. I smiled as we got off smelling the pine of the nearby forests. It felt good to be home. 


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