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First Name Terms by MissesWeasley123
Chapter 7 : Mistletoe
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Hermione stood in front of the mirror, looking sick. Well, she didn’t look half bad, but felt sick on the inside. Draco’s pained, grayish face kept cropping up in her calculative mind. Out of all the people in the world, Draco Malfoy had to see the erm – R rated display of affection. Oh how she wished it was his lips she had met with hers, not sloppy McLaggen’s. Oh yes, sloppy. That “thing” he inflicted upon her was very gross. Hermione made sure she brushed and rinsed her mouth very well after the encounter.

Draco’s reaction had been fearful. Hermione had never seen anyone with such cold fury in his or her eyes. She was glad to know that a sex-god like Malfoy never forced a girl. Still, something in her was bothering her... Old prejudices she assumed... Alas, if only Cormac could be like that.

She put her hair up in a knot, and then straightened her pink dress. This was a good as she was getting tonight.

She made her way down to the entrance hall, where McLaggen stood looking haughty and pompous as ever. Hermione stifled a snort. Pathetic.

McLaggen held his arm out, which she then linked her own arm in his. They hadn’t taken three steps when Cormac began treating her to “A Hundred Great Saves Made By Cormac McLaggen”.

“So, number 36, I was in my backyard, and this big massive cousin of mine is pelting towards me in the wonky spiral, and she curved the Quaffle, putting a bit of a spin on it, and it had quite the speed, I’d reckon it was going 120km/h...”

Hermione groaned internally, Cormac was a pain in the butt, because honestly, she couldn’t give a rat’s fart about his magnificent saves. Hermione almost tripped on a crack on the floor, while McLaggen grabbed her arm, preventing her from falling. Their eyes locked, Hermione wanted to get away from him, but McLaggen was leaning in to her, untilthey were welcomed with a booming voice. Her Potion master's office was filled with green and crimson hangings, elves scurrying about. Hermione disregarded her notion of S.P.E.W. and bit back a harsh comment.

“Cormac m’boy, welcome, welcome. And how do you do Miss Granger? I must say, that colour looks splendid on you,” complimented the pot-bellied teacher. Hermione felt her cheeks go pink.

“Thank –” she started.

“Oh yes, yes. So, who is present today sir?” interrupted McLaggen, who was obviously peeved at being interrupted.

Hermione narrowed her eyes, scowling at her date as he engaged in a conversation with the host. Soon Professor Slughorn left them to welcome others, as students, teachers, guests, and elves trickled in. Cormac began walking, grabbing Hermione’s hand to who knows where.

All of a sudden, Cormac whipped Hermione towards his chest, leaning in to her face, giving her a sudden claustrophobic feeling.

“Mistletoe,” he whispered, his finger pointing upwards, as his other hand grazed her back.

Hermione’s eyes followed the direction of his fingers. Damn. Sure enough, there it was. A mistletoe. Stupid and ugly.

Cormac began leaning in even more, causing Hermione to jump back.

“Um, bathroom!” she declared, as she didn’t want a repeat of what had happened hours before, and quickly sped away as fast as her feet could take her. She forced herself through two members of The Weird Sisters, when she heard Harry call her name.

“Harry! There you are, thank goodness! Hi, Luna!”*

Harry then asked what happened to her, causing Hermione to flatten her hair that had come undone. She looked like she had just fought her way through a thicket of Devil’s Snare.

“Oh, I’ve just escaped – I mean left, I’ve just left Cormac, under the mistletoe,”* she explained. Harry then told her that it was her own fault she came with McLaggen, to which Hermione accidentally let slip that she only did it to annoy Ron, and actually had debated whether or not to take Smith, who she was now wishing she had taken since McLaggen makes Grawp seem like a gentleman.

The three of them, Hermione, Harry, and his eccentric date Luna made their way to the other side of the room, where unfortunately Trelawney was standing alone. Hermione could smell sherry on the lady, as she began talking to Luna.

Harry then leaned closer to Hermione and asked her whether she planned on telling Ron that she’d interfered at the Quidditch tryouts, to which she said no, her eyebrows risen. She didn’t realize that Harry was worried about Ron’s skills as a Keeper, not his feelings.

“Quidditch! Is that all boys care about! Cormac hasn’t asked me one single question about myself, no, I’ve just been treated to ‘A Hundred Great Saves Made By Cormac McLaggen’ non-stop ever since – oh, no, here he comes!”* she said angrily.

She moved fast, as though she had disapparated, squeezing in between two guffawing witches, who looked scandalized as she pushed through them, their pumpkin juice spilling on the floor.

Men,” she mumbled, as she accidentally walked into a man who reeked of moth balls and bleach.

“Watch where you’re going Granger,” snarled the caretaker Argus Filch, who was dragging a boy. Draco Malfoy. Malfoy rolled his eyes at the caretaker, shaking his head which made Hermione grin. Draco grinned back at her, his gray tinged face lighting up.

“Will you move?” growled Filch. “I found this one sneaking around. Someone needs to be told of this mischief!” he proclaimed as he continued dragging Draco through the crowd, his cat Mrs. Norris following him. Part of her wanted to go follow him, but she could just make out the top of Cormac’s big, conceited head, so she scurried off in the other direction.

This was going to be a long night.


*Chapter 15, The Unbreakable Vow, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling. iBook version

AN: This was a short chapter, for which I apologize for. Things have been busy because school is ending and my teachers have given us many assignments, including writing assigments, which I'm trying to do as well as write this. AAlso thank you to the 20 people who have listed this as their favourtie story! THANK YOU! <3 

The next chapter is coming... Draco's P.O.V. entirely, with a kiss.

- Nadia (who promises to do justice to the next chapter, and if she has time, will clean this one up a bit!)

**EDITED on July 9/2013 (just a bit, not a lot..the most I could do with this chapter)

Edited - 01/12/2013

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First Name Terms: Mistletoe


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