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Love in Secret by CrimsonCharmRose
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1 ~ Memories
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Hi everyone! So this is my second story. It is completely different from the other one I have on here, but I had an inspiration the other night and just had to start writing. I hope you like it. 

My other story is "A Beginning and Therefore Change"

~All main HP ideas and direct quotes belong to J.K. Rowling :)

Chapter 1 ~ Memories    


            It had all started and been there before the war. The looks, emotions, the bad times and the good, he had always been there. Hermione sat alone on the ruined and crumbling bridge leading up to the once magnificent castle of Hogwarts. Now it was blackened and scarred by the spells that were cast during the final fight. She thought back to how beautiful this place had been, now clouded with dust and death. Harry, the hero, and Ron were off helping with everything in the castle, but Hermione had needed a break. She had stayed so focused and been so connected to Harry that she hadn’t mourned the death of one whom she had loved, although no one knew. He had been valiant and charming and was never boring due to his tricks and jokes. She could see in her mind his bright blue eyes that held a million stars and his slightly freckled face with that impish grin and constantly messy hair. Oh how she missed him. Tears escaped and slid down her dirt-smudged face, all the memories crashing over each other before her eyes… all the memories of her beloved Fred. Fred Weasley.


            September 1st, 8 years ago…

Hermione was so excited! She had gotten a letter that she was a witch and was invited to come to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her parents had been shocked. They had been even more shocked when a ministry official had shown up to explain the rules to them. As Hermione walked toward the train, everything felt so alive and vibrant. She couldn’t wait to get there, so much so that she had already changed into her robes. As she walked along the platform of 9 ¾ she wondered what house she would get sorted into. She had read everything she about Hogwarts in “Hogwarts A History.”

She waved to her parents, who were out of their element, and attempted to lift her trunk onto the train. As she struggled and the truck slipped sideways, two fiery blurs rushed up beside her.

“You need help?”Two voices said in unison.

She looked around and saw twin boys with shaggy red hair and huge grins on their faces.

“Yes please.” She replied.

With that the two boys both bent down and lifted up her trunk, putting it in the hallway of the compartment on board.

“Thank you very much, I’m Hermione Granger.”

“You’re welcome. We’re Fred and George Weasley… but you can call us Gred and Forge if you like.” One of them said to her and they both grinned again.

And then as quickly as they had come to her rescue, they vanished. She hoped to see them more often, they seemed like nice boys and were quirky.

            Hermione almost smiled to herself as she thought of the first time she’d met them. After she had been sorted into Gryffindor, they had greeted her with much enthusiasm. She later found out how much of trouble-makers they were, but she always had a soft spot for them. Then as she went into her second year she was much closer.


September 1st, 7 years ago…

Hermione sat waiting for Harry and Ron to show up on the platform. But as the first warning whistle blew there was no sign of them. She wondered if they were already on the train. As she stepped up and into the corridor about midway on the train, two identical faces appeared in front of her.

“Hermione, would you like to come sit with us?”
“I was waiting for Harry and Ron, but I can’t find them.”
“Oh, well we’re sure they can survive a train ride without you.” Fred said as both twins smiled.

Hermione had learned to tell them apart the year before. George had a larger permanent brown freckle on his left cheek and Fred had a very small birth mark in the shape of a rough heart right below his right ear and a slight scar on his jaw. It had taken some time, but she could tell them apart fairly easily now. She was still slightly worried about Harry and Ron, but followed the twins to the compartment they shared with Lee Jordan. These three were inseparable at school and were always getting into mischief. One of the most interesting reasons, the only reason, Hermione went to Quiddich games was to hear Lee do commentary. Quiddich just wasn’t her thing.

The whole train ride was filled with laughter and half the time Hermione had forgotten about Harry and Ron due to being doubled over with laughter. She scolded them constantly, but it never made any difference.


            This time Hermione really did smiled with fondness. No matter how much trouble they got into, she would always end up loving them again. It wasn’t until her third year at Hogwarts that she started to like Fred more, more than a friend. Ron had been so mean about her cat and since Harry still hung out with Ron and Hermione had no one else, she had spent more time with Hagrid and the twins. They had assured her that Ron was just a git with no emotions and that he’d eventually come round, but in the mean time, they were more than happy to escort her when she wanted. And her fourth year, well that year was kind of a mess after the Quiddich World Cup, with the Tri-Wizard Tournament, Victor Krum, Ron and all. Fred had started to treat her nicer and wanted to talk more, especially whenever he got the chance at the World Cup, but once the other schools arrive the twins had distanced themselves from her a little. They would still tease her and hand out, but not as much. Then once Victor has asked her to the Ball and Fred had asked someone else, she just spent more time with Victor and Harry.


The summer before her fifth year and the twins last was when she and Fred had realized their connection. She had spent weeks with him at Grimmauld Place and they had grown so much closer. Her memory paused for a moment,

It had been a stormy night and everyone else had been asleep. Hermione had crept quietly out of her room and into a mostly empty room with a large sofa. This was one of the few rooms they had actually cleaned so far. Sirius had been adamant that there be at least one other room cleaned out besides the parlor (for meetings) and the kitchen. For some reason, tonight she couldn’t sleep and as she stood in front of the window she felt very alone. The sky outside had an eerie light to it due to the storm and the wind was howling. It was so loud that it almost drowned out the sound of the thunder. There was something almost soothing about a storm like this and she felt herself relax slightly.
“Couldn’t sleep I take it?” A familiar voice said behind her.
“No I couldn’t, too much on my mind.”
“Ah, don’t you hate it when that happens?”His voice now right behind her.

She turned around and looked at him. He was wearing red plaid pajama pants and just a blue zip-up jacket that was mostly unzipped. He took a step forward and opened his arms. She gladly moved into them and could feel them wrap tight around her. She inhaled and could smell what seemed to be lemon grass and fresh pine needles. She snuggled closer to him and sighed. Hermione felt him relax too. She pulled back and looked up at his face, studying it, trying to see what he was thinking. He was looking deep into her eyes which normally would have made her uncomfortable, but not tonight. Not with Fred.

He leaned down, his lips hesitantly hovering over hers, waiting. She leaned up the rest of the way and met his lips with hers. She felt his arm wrap around her tighter and the other hand came up to cup the back of her neck. He deepened the kiss and a moan escaped. Fred broke the kiss there and Hermione looked up at him. His eyes were searching. For what? Permission? Reassurance? Hermione smiled at him and he relaxed again and returned the smile. After that, they had walked over and laid down on the couch. Curled up in Fred’s arms, Hermione soon fell asleep. Happy.

            As she recalled, they had both been woken up by George who had luckily woken up before Mrs. Weasley. He smirked the entire time he warned them and then followed them out of the room. Hermione heard later from Fred that George was giving him hell for what had happened, but that he was happy for them. Hermione smiled through her tears and watched as the water droplets hit the bloody ground. Over that year at Hogwarts, they had secretly tried to find time to spend with each other, but bloody Umbridge had made it difficult. DA meetings were a time to see each other, but it was always in the presence of others. Only George knew about them. She knew Ron liked her and knew he was under the impression that she liked him back. She did, just nowhere near as much as she liked Fred. When the twins left after their fabulous display of fireworks and tormenting Umbridge, Hermione felt crushed. She missed them so much and had no one to talk to about what she felt.


As soon as she could, she traveled to the Weasley’s to stay with them before going back to school. Since Voldemort was back, everyone was on edge but the twins were happy as ever. The joke shop they had started up was flourishing and Fred would send her little gifts here and there with a letter. She visited when she could and she and Fred would slip away for a moment, or two. Going back to Hogwarts that year had been a hard thing. Hermione thought she had grown closer to Ron, but he turned away and then everything with Lavender happened. Fred found it hard to stay in touch and their relationship faltered a little, leaving Hermione spinning. Every time she did see him, they were never alone and could never just talk. He had been there for her though, when Dumbledore died. Really after that the last time she had really seen him was Bill and Fleur’s wedding. He had looked so handsome, but all she could do was look from a distance. She had told him about leaving to help Harry with his task and they had ended up agreeing not to label their relationship until she returned. She remembered looking into his eyes one last time before she had apparated Ron, Harry and herself away when the Death Eaters had shown up.


            Until last night, when everyone had come together to fight Voldemort and protect the school, she hadn’t seen him in around a year. She had wanted so badly to run up and kiss him and hug him, but all she could do was smile. He was pleased to see her and Hermione could tell he wanted to be alone. The last time she heard his voice was through his patronus he sent to her as she had been running through the corridors of the school trying to find Ron and Harry. He had told her how much he missed her and she owed him a long talk after the fight was over. He had also said three words that still echoed in her ears,

“I love you.”

Hermione felt more tears rush down her face. What she would give to have the chance to talk to him. To tell him how she felt. As she wiped the tears away with the back of her hand she whispered,

“I love you too Fred… I love you too. I just wish I would have had the chance to say it.”



So, thats the first chapter. Let me know what you think of this one. Thanks!

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Love in Secret : Chapter 1 ~ Memories


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