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The Quidditch Cup by shewhomustnotbenamed_
Chapter 3 : Chapter Two
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 It was Tuesday morning, lessons had started yesterday and I can honestly say my timetable wasn’t that bad. I am thankful for free periods, especially Tuesday mornings. I yawned as I stretched out into my bed the rest of the dorm was empty, apart from Michael who was happily snoring away.

I heard a tap at the window. I rolled over and spotted one of the school’s birds tapping urgently at the window. I sat up and opened the window the tawny bird flew in and placed itself on my bed, waiting for me to take the envelope off it. As soon as I had removed the string keeping it there it was off, to deliver its next message.

I saw the similar handwriting of the headmistress I smiled as I eagerly opened the letter.

“Dear Mr Potter,
We are glad of your interest in becoming the Captain of Hogwarts quidditch team. Your interview for the role will be at 12 o’clock Tuesday. We hope to see you there, due to the amount of interest in the role we will be offering no second chances so if you miss the interview you will not be given another chance.
Professor McGonagall”.

My eyes shot towards the clock it was 11 o’clock I had an hour to prepare. I got dressed quickly and scavenged my case for my best plays that Mum and I had thought of during the holiday. I had excitement running all the way through my veins. At half eleven I decided to make my way to McGonagall’s office not wanting to be late, or risk it for that matter.

Within fifteen minutes, I was outside of her office. Waiting for the student before me to come out, they must have been busy there were students here who’s interviews didn’t start until 2 o’clock and had taken McGonagall’s warning to the extreme and made no possible chance of missing it. There was a lot of first and second years here, I had to laugh, they had no experience in being a Captain and I bet half of them didn’t even have experience in quidditch - at all. There was no chance of them making Captain and a low chance of them even making the team. I know for a fact if I became Captain my team would be those who I knew would definitely not let me down, just like my own team. Saying that I bet my Gryffindor team would do an excellent job in representing the school. After all we were born champions even if we didn’t win last year…

Finally I saw the eagle spin round and revealed the last person to see McGonagall about the Captaincy. I’ll give you two guesses to who it was… And if you guessed Cora, you’d be a 100% correct. How on earth did she score the interview before me!?! Especially when I WROTE MY NAME DOWN FIRST.

She smiled as she spotted me, “Good luck” she said. I don’t need luck I’m a Potter. I rolled my eyes at her. Why does she have to be so nice all the time, it really make it harder to hate her, especially when she has such a nice smile. I never said that.

I stood up and walked up the spiral staircase. It wasn’t just McGonagall in there, it was the whole head of houses and Madam Hooch. I smiled nervously at Minnie.

“Take a seat Mr Potter” was all that she said, Huh I guess I’m getting no favouritism today, you would never believe I’m in her old (but favourite) house and on her Christmas card list.

I took my seat.

“We have a set of five questions that we are going to ask you, these questions have been and will be asked to all the other students who are and will be interviewed for the role. We will be giving the position to the person who believe has answered the questions correctly and has proven in both their past and present that they deserve the role. We have to tell everybody this, but if you do not make Captain, you still have a chance of making the team and you are not to be completely disheartened about it. Do you understand?”

“Yes Professor” I said gulping, getting picked to be a Captain from a bunch of questions this didn’t seem fair, but I was barely in a position to complain. It’s just like taking your defence against the dark arts O.W.L I told myself.

“In that case here is your first question: What does quidditch mean to you?”

Without missing a beat I replied “Everything. Quidditch is everything to me; it’s the only thing that I’ve ever had which has truly been mine. I’ve been brought up around, I live for it. My earliest and happiest memories are me with a broom, I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without it” I looked up and saw the teachers nodding and a quill writing on its own accord, recording what I just said I presumed.

Flitwick spoke up “What experience have you had with Quidditch?” I laughed despite myself.


“Like I said I’ve been brought up around it. My Mum played professional, my Dad was captain during his time at Hogwarts, they’ve taught me everything I know. My whole family is quidditch nuts. I’ve played since I was in diapers. I’ve been on the Gryffindor quidditch team since first year and I became Captain in my fourth. I’ve won the cup once and I would love to be the one to win the Quidditch cup for the school”.

It was Longbottom’s turn now “Why do you want to become Captain?” I pondered over this question for a while, before giving him my answer.

“I would love to represent the school in a tournament such as this; I’ve always been out casted by parents with their history. I think if I got the chance to be the Captain I’d show not only myself but the rest of the world that yes I am my parent’s son but I’m not living in their shadow I’m working just as hard in the things I love”.

Madam Hooch asked the next question: “If you were to become the Captain, how would you go about recruiting your team?”

“That’s easy” I said “I would go to the best of the best with most of them being on the Gryffindor team. I’d choose characters who I’d know have good chemistry and would work well together, like my already functioning Gryffindor team. I’d choose a team who would represent the school well and wouldn’t argue or fight over their houses” The teachers nodded but I couldn’t tell what they were thinking their faces were blank…

“Last question” McGonagall said “Why do you think you should become Captain?”

Hadn’t I already answered that? Hmm. I thought.

“Apart from my history in the sport speaks for itself. I’m a good captain, my team agrees. I practise hard and I play fair, I’m good at what I do. And I would love to continue that in my last year of showing not only the school but the rest of the teams competing how good of a captain I can be, by bringing home the victory for us”.

“That is all Mr Potter you may leave now. I would also appreciate if you didn’t tell anybody the questions we have asked you, because otherwise others would have an advantage when answering them.” I nodded.

“Thank you for your time” I said as I stood up and left. I’m not sure how I was supposed to feel about that interview, the teachers wouldn’t let on to how I’d answered the questions, but I answered them honestly. I hoped that would be enough, it had to be.



It was Friday. Today was the day.  The Captain of Hogwarts’ quidditch team would be announced today and I couldn’t have been more nervous. My hands and legs wouldn’t stop shaking.

The rest of my team had told me I had this in the bag, but I wasn’t so sure about it. I couldn’t help but think of all the other possibly ways I could have answered those questions differently. I was up all last night thinking about how I’d messed up the last question. I really hoped I hadn’t but I couldn’t help but think that I did.

We were walking down to the great hall now, my stomach felt uneasy. Part of me wishes that they would have told us this morning, during breakfast just to get it out of the way. But no they left us in anticipation all day; I feel like its judgment day I can almost hear the trumpets - actually no that's Freddie's arse, who gave him beans this morning seriously?
I walked through the Great Hall. It was dead silent. My eyes grazed over the hall I saw Cora sitting down she looked like her usual confident self, it annoyed me. I followed the gang and took my place next to them. We all sat there, every student in the whole school watched McGonagall waiting for her next move.

She stood up, I was on the edge on my seat.

“I would ask for quiet but you’re all silent at the minute, so there seems to be no point. In that case I shall leave it no longer, after a careful consideration between the rest of the staff and me, we have made the decision of who the Captain of the Hogwarts’ quidditch team will be. I want to tell you all now, that those who applied for the role, did extremely well, we had a mixed response for answers and the actually role was one of the hardest decisions we as teachers have ever had to make. We had four finalists for the role, it was extremely close. However we do feel asif we have made the right decision and I want you all to give a warm welcome to the new Captain of the Hogwarts’ Quidditch team: Miss Cora Greengrass – If you’d like to join me up here.”

I closed my eyes and breathed heavily in. It felt like my whole world had collapsed. I knew there was a chance of me not getting but really did I have to lose to her. Again? I heard some of my fellow Gryffindors boo, they Slytherins were cheering. I looked over and she was grinning from ear to ear. I hated her, I hated every single thing about her, she stole everything from me.

“This is bullshit” I heard Freddie say under his breath.

“She’s only going to pick Slytherins!” another student shouted. My eyes were still on her as she stood up; I hoped she’d turn down this role too. She walked to where McGonagall was, she smiled at her and McGonagall took her seat and let her stand.

“Hello, for those of you who don’t know me I’m Cora Greengrass, Slytherin’s quidditch captain” thanks for reminding us “Now I know there has been a lot of school prejudice, especially between the Gryffindors and the Slytherins, but I want to say if I’m going to be Captain of the Hogwarts quidditch team I want to do it fairly, that means every position will be available, from every year, I don’t care what house you are from, or whether you were on a team beforehand. I want what’s best for Hogwarts and I want the victory. I will be holding try outs on Sunday, that gives you all one day to practice and prepare. Everyone is welcome to try out and I will choose fairly you will each be going in there with a blank reputation your place on the team will based on your performance alone. Thank you for this opportunity and I hope to see you all Sunday”

She smiled nervously. Bitch was my only thought. Like hell would she really base it on their performance, she was going to pick her Slytherin team. There was no doubt about it.

McGonagall let us go. I kept having people come up to me, telling me I should have been captain too. I couldn’t decide if it made me feel better or worse about the whole situation.

I walked out. Cora was there being congratulated by the rest of her quidditch team, I’m guessing they all thought her speech was bogus to. She escaped the group and made her way over to me. I wanted to turn away and run, but I was also interested in what she had to say. She was probably going to rub it in again. I felt my wand in my pocket, I had it at the ready in case things got ugly.

“I hear a congratulations is in order” I said sarcastically. She smiled weakly and said “Thanks. I’m sorry you didn’t get the position. I knew how badly you wanted it”

“Why apologise, when you’re not sorry? You wanted this just as much as I did, so congratulations you fucking got it. You’ve beaten me once again”

“When are you going to realise, it’s never been about bloody competing with you. You’re the one who turned everything into a bloody competition. Look like I said the past doesn’t matter. I really hope to see you try out on Sunday, I don’t want to say this Potter but the team could really benefit from you because as much as it pains me to say it you are a good chaser, you’re one of the best chasers this school has ever seen. So please think about it” she walked back to her team and left me wondering whether I was going to go against all of my instincts and try out for the team under Greengrass’ control.

 Hell no I thought, as I wandered back to the common room.


Author's note: I don't own anything, that belongs to J.K and whoever else wrote some stuff, I may or may not have mentioned.

So what did you think? I'm really excited for this story so please tell me you are too? Is it good, is it bad? Am I using too many commas? tell me! I can only improve... hopefully.

Thank you for reading, 

Until next time,



EDITIED: 13/11/2013 LET ME KNOW IF I'VE MISSED ANYTHING PLEASE.... TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK. ALL REVIEWS ARE GOOD REVIEWS ;) or not in some cases but please don't hesitate to tell me :)))

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