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Harry Potter and The Inevitable by GinnyPotter0116
Chapter 8 : Chapter Eight: Breaking Point
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 Sleep came on and off to Harry for the rest of the day, trying not to think more about what would happen to him in this hell. He just wished he was at Grimmauld Place with Sirius, Remus, and the Weasley's, eating dinner and chatting happily like the day he was captured. It felt like he took that for granted before, because he was worried over what everyone would think of him to even appreciate what was in front of him. And now it was gone, and for how long he did not know. Then, he heard the dreaded footsteps coming down the hallway, and the familiar mutter by the doorway to unlock the door.


Harry looked up as the door opened and found it was a single short Death Eater this time, Voldemort must of thought Harry didn't have much of a fight left in him anymore after yesterday. How wrong he was. As the masked Death Eater made to grab him by the arm, Harry swung his arm around and punched him square in the face, sending the man stumbling into the wall behind him. The mask on his face fell off and revealed none other than Peter Pettigrew.


"You!" Harry gasped, anger rising quickly inside him.


Peter did not answer, but pulled his wand out and pointed it in Harry's direction. He made another grab at Harry, feeling bolder because of the wand in his hand, but Harry still reacted. He kicked out and hit Peter in the thigh, making Peter give a small whimper of pain. Now it was Peter who reacted. He muttered a spell under his breath, and it hit Harry square in the chest. Harry sagged against the wall, unable to move any of his limbs, and Peter lifted him up with his wand and floated Harry with him down the corridors.

Harry could feel his temper rising, cursing out Peter inside his head and wishing nothing more than to shout them out at him, but found he couldn't. When they reached the door that held Voldemort behind it, anger quickly turned into fear. What would happen to him now? He knew he wasn't going to give Voldemort anything he asked. Peter pushed the door open with his metal hand, and they found Voldemort sitting alone on his thorn chair. Without a word Peter undid the curse on Harry, making him fall onto his knees, and shut the door as he left.


"Do you feel like talking now, Potter? The pain too much to take anymore?" Voldemort asked, his tone sarcastic.


"I can handle it." Harry muttered, refusing to look up at Voldemort.


"For now, but later you might think otherwise." Voldemort told him with a small chuckle.


If I can think at all, Harry thought bitterly. He did not answer, he waited for Voldemort to continue. Voldemort studied him for a minute, looking both curious and confused at the same time.


"You seem to be handling the pain from last night better than I expected." He muttered, a hand on his chin.


"It wears off after a while." Harry lied.


"Good, I can't have you going insane on me yet, Potter. I still need that information from you."


Harry gave a small snort. He found it oddly funny that Voldemort was still even trying to get him to talk. Voldemort ignored him with a grimace.

"Now, the Prophesy. I suggest you start talking now, or you'll the target of my next curse." Voldemort threatened.


"What's there to talk about it? I haven't got the slightest clue about what your talking about." Harry told him.


Voldemort glared at him, and Harry could see anger rising to his face. This isn't good, Harry thought vaguely. Voldemort then pointed his wand at Harry, and Harry clenched his fingers into fists on his knee. Harry then felt as if a long claw was scraping down his back, the nails digging into his flesh. This time he couldn't hold back his cry of pain. He arched his back as if to escape it, but it followed him. Harry closed his eyes to hide some of the pain he was in, and could feel the blood start to soak through his shirt in the back.


"Enough cheek, Potter! I want to know about the Prophesy, and now!" Voldemort shouted at him, waving his wand threateningly in front of him towards Harry.


"Don't you need me alive to trade off for your Death Eaters with Dumbledore?" Harry asked suddenly, remembering.


"That isn't for another few days, Potter. And I did not promise to have you in any good condition, just that I would bring you to trade." Voldemort snapped at him.


Harry grimaced at his words, knowing they were true. A few days, he then thought hopefully. Then I'll be back with Remus, Sirius, and the Weasley's. You can hold up until then. The thought somehow comforted him. Trying to ignore the warm blood that was now trickling down his back, Harry looked up at Voldemort.


"What do you know about the Prophesy?" Harry asked curiously, trying to escape the incoming pain for a moment.


"All I know is that there was to be a boy born at the end of July to parents who had escaped me three times. That the boy would have the power to vanquish me somehow." Voldemort responded with coldness.


Harry shuddered. That was why Voldemort came after him when he was a baby? Because he heard about a stupid Prophesy! Harry remembered Professor McGonagall telling him in his third year that not all Prophesy's had to be fulfilled, that you could go about your life without even acknowledging it. 


"So that's the reason why you tried to kill me? Why you want to kill me? Because of some bloody Prophesy?!?" Harry tried to yell, but his voice was hoarse.


"I cannot kill you until I know everything of what that Prophesy said's." Voldemort told him.


"Now I'm convinced I should tell you." Harry muttered under his breath sarcastically.


Harry's head was spinning. This was the reason that everything happened to him? It's the secret weapon, he thought suddenly. Sirius knew about the Prophesy then, why didn't he tell me? Harry felt somewhat betrayed, he out of anyone should know what this Prophesy said. Closing his eyes as if to calm himself, Harry took a deep breath.


"You know as much about the Prophesy as I do, then." Harry said.


"Liar." Voldemort hissed.


"Honesty," Harry muttered, knowing it was useless.


He gave a soft groan as he was hit with a Cutting Curse hit the back of his hand, and felt the blood start to trickle down his hand. If Voldemort kept hitting him with these, Harry would bleed out before Voldemort got him to talk. Harry sighed, then looked back at at Voldemort defiantly.






Dumbledore was speaking to Kingsley in the fireplace, Snape left when he felt his Dark Mark burn shortly after his talk with everyone. Sirius was pacing around the room, wondering if what they might need to bring with them for Harry, while Remus, Molly, and Arthur were arguing with Ron and Hermione.


"You are not going on the rescue!" Mrs. Weasley all but yelled.


But-" Ron tried to put in, but was cut off.


"I said no, Ronald! It's too dangerous, and you both are underage!" Mrs. Weasley continued.


"Not to be rude or anything Mrs. Weasley, but we don't care if its safe or not. Harry's our friend, and we've been through worse than this." Hermione spoke up.


Molly looked shocked at Hermione's outburst, as did Remus and Arthur. They had never heard Hermione talk to an adult like this before, and knew she only would if she needed to make a point.


"We could go under Harry's Invisibility Cloak, and we'll promise not to be seen. We could even hide Harry under it when we find him." Ron added quickly as Hermione nodded in agreement.


"What do you think, Remus?" Arthur asked.


"Well," Remus started with a hand on his chin, "If they do promise to stay under the Cloak at all times, and promise not to join if a fight breaks out, I think they might be able to come. And like Ron said before, they might be able to hide or help Harry when we find him."


Molly lips were trembling, as if she were holding back a scream or tears, but gave a small nod when Arthur hugged her sideways to himself.


"Fine. You win, you can go. But you mustn't be seen, and you have to promise you to stay under the Cloak at all times, no matter what." Molly told them sternly.


"We promise." Ron and Hermione said at the same time.


That would leave the twins and Ginny at Grimmauld Place, waiting for all of them to come back later with Harry. Hermione then ran up the stairs and into Ron and Harry's room, and fetched the Cloak out of Harry's school trunk on the floor. Dumbledore pulled his head out of the fireplace when she came back down, and looked like the old man that he was.


"What is it?" Sirius asked, who was closest to him.


"It's Fudge. He heard Kingsley and I talking on the Floo, and he's coming over soon to get an explanation as to why I want some of his Auror's. I didn't feel like I should tell him of Harry's kidnapping before this, I knew he would see it as a hoax. But I'll make sure he see's reason this time." Dumbledore said firmly.


"What about me, Dumbledore? Where do I go when he comes?" Sirius asked in a small voice.


"Go upstairs with the children. I'll tell Fudge that you passed ownership of this house to me before you were sent to Azkaban, and I'm using it as a safe house at the moment. Mr. Weasley, Ms. Granger, will you accompany him?" Dumbledore answered.


Sirius, Ron, and Hermione nodded, and hurried up the stairs without a second thought. Molly and Arthur left the room, given if the talk did not go well Arthur's job wouldn't be in jeopardy. Remus and Dumbledore waited in the room, watching for the fire to lit up at any moment. Then, an old wizard in dark blue robes entered the room from the fire, and laid eyes on Dumbledore.


"So," Fudge began without preamble, "Will you tell the reason why you are ordering my Auror's in my Ministry?"


"Fudge," Dumbledore began with a sigh, "You need to listen to me. Right as this moment Harry Potter is in the hands of Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters. At this moment I do not care if you believe he is back, nor do I have the patience for you to come and stop me from saving him. I need Auror's there to help me rescue Harry, he has been there for days now and is very weak. You out of all people should know how those kind of people will treat him, Cornelius. Please, listen to reason."


Fudge looked up at Dumbledore, pondering over what he should do or not, then gave a defeated sigh. He then walked over to the fireplace, threw some floopowder in, and yelled,

"Auror Department!"






Voldemort looked back at Harry and gave a humorless chuckle.


"I'm sick of you playing dumb, Potter. You know more than your telling me, so you better start talking now."


Harry looked away and closed his eyes, not wanting to see the look of anger on his ugly face. He knew the pain was coming, and tensed his body.


"Crucio!" Voldemort shouted.


Harry fell sideways as the curse hit him, his body twitching and squirming. Harry arched his back of the floor, his body trying to find a way to escape the pain, but hurt more when he tried. Harry bit his lip again, he wasn't going to scream. The dried blood from last time was still there, he could taste it in his mouth, and took tiny gaps of air from the little opening on the side of his mouth. Finally, after what had seemed like hours to Harry, the curse was taken off him.


Voldemort couldn't see it, but Harry knew he was starting to reach his breaking point. He did not know how much longer he could take this pain, he knew Voldemort said he would trade Harry for his remaining Death Eaters in Azkaban, but Harry didn't know if he could last that long. Death started to seem more preferable than this hell he was being put through. Harry thought back to the anagram he sent Sirius and Remus, but knew it was helpless. All it probably did was waste their time and gave them useless hope.


"Feel like talking now?" Voldemort hissed with anger dripping in his voice as Harry sat back up.


"Do you really think Dumbledore would tell a fifteen year old kid his plans for you, for anything for that matter? I went without a scrape of news all summer, and had only been at Headquarters for a few days when you took me. If you would of probably waited one more damn day you would have answers!" Harry blurted out, getting sick and tired of getting asked the same question almost everyday.


Voldemort had a flicker of shock on his face from Harry's outburst, but hid it quickly. Then he just stared at him, his forehead creasing as he studied the Boy-Who-Lived that sat in front of him, bloody and weak. 


"Maybe Dumbledore didn't tell you then, but what else do you know?" Voldemort asked.


"What else do I know? Nothing. Because your impatient arse couldn't wait." Harry replied with sarcasm thick in his voice.


Voldemort shouted a unfamiliar spell at Harry with a flick of his wand, and Harry heard and felt the bone in his left arm snap. He gave a small cry of pain as he reached his other hand to the one that laid limp on his lap, and cradled it gently. His body decided he had enough, because all he could feel was pain, and with that Harry fell sideways for the second time that day, only this time unconscious.






After talking about the mission with the Auror's that were member's of the Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore and Fudge had both talked about the mission, and agreed to it. It took shorter than Dumbledore thought to persuade Fudge into helping, telling him Harry's life could be at cost if he did not help was what convinced Fudge in the end. 


The plan was simple; Apparate in the cell when Snape let down the protective spells around it, grab Harry without being seen, and get the hell out of there. After that they did not know what they would do, probably take Harry to see Madam Pomfrey, or St. Mungos if he is in a worse condition than they had hoped.


After Fudge left for the Ministry, Sirius came back down with Ron and Hermione, who all looked scared somewhat, but determined. Molly and Arthur walked back into the room as well, and sat down on one of the couch's as they talked in low voices. Remus walked the kids over to the other couch and started telling them what would be happening. Dumbledore waited by the fireplace, waiting for Snape to send a Patronus when the spells around Harry were lifted.


Sirius, on the other hand, sat down on a chair in the corner of the living room and tried to stop his body from trembling with fear. He was scared of what condition they would find Harry in when they rescued him, to see Harry in a bloody heap on the ground. Sirius gave a small shudder. He knew how Voldemort would treat him, how with a simple flick of his wand he could send Harry into a world of pain, or even end his life. Stop thinking like that, Sirius mentally scolded himself, Harry is alive.


He looked over to Moony with Ron and Hermione, and found all three of them looking how he felt. Remus met his eye and tried to give him a smile, but it looked forced and out of place. Molly and Arthur were still talking, and Dumbledore was twisting his wand in his hands nervously. Then suddenly, and Patronus Doe floated through the wall, and stopped right in front of Dumbledore.


"It is time." It spoke in Snape's voice.


Remus and Sirius got quickly out of the their seats, while Ron, Hermione, and Arthur stared at the doe in curiosity. Molly patted Arthur on the shoulder to get up, and walked over towards the two teenagers still on the couch.


"I want you both to Apparate with us under the Cloak, just in case someone is in there." Molly told them sternly, but her voice cracked at the end.


They nodded, and Ron threw the Cloak over both himself and Hermione, and walked over towards Remus. 


"Is everyone ready?" Dumbledore asked, looking over everyone in the room.


"Yes." Molly, Arthur, Ron, and Hermione said at the same time, while Remus and Sirius nodded.


"Apparate in a few minutes after I do, I will disguise myself as a guard outside of the door with the help of Severus. The Auror's will be posted outside in case we need their assistance" Dumbledore told them.


And with that Dumbledore left with a small 'pop!'. Remus could hear small nervous gasp's near him, but didn't know if it belonged to either Hermione or Ron. Sirius gripped his wand tightly in his hand, prepared to leave at a moment's notice. Molly was hand in hand with Arthur, Side-Apparating with him. 


"It's time to go." Arthur said after a few minutes, gripping Molly's hand tightly.


Both Ron and Hermione gripped one of Remus's arms, and closed their eyes under the Cloak. Sirius grabbed onto his free arm, and with that all four of them disappeared with an audible 'pop!'.






A:N/ Don't you just love cliffhangers? I really loved writing this chapter, and I can't wait to start on the next! Leave a review if you want to, even if its just to tell me what you want to happen or you don't like where I'm going with this, I would love some feedback!

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