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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 19 : Chapter Nineteen
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It was so nice to wake up in my own bed, so nice to see Bentley and Aubri's smiling faces as I went over to their cots to pick them up. Breakfast was a task since I somehow ended up wearing most of Bentley's porridge, but then Ginger Nut, Cookie and Birdie all appeared and started to lick it off me.

By eleven o'clock I was dressed and sat on the living room floor writing Christmas cards for my friends whilst Tessa played with Bentley and Aubri. It then occurred to me that I didn't have any Christmas presents for anyone.

As I stood up I called, "Ri,"

"In the kitchen."

I opened and shut the baby gate that was on the doorway between the living room and kitchen and went in. I found Ria preparing stuff for dinner. "Ri, have I got Christmas presents for the twins."

She nodded. "Yep, you sent me the list weeks ago. You've done them, Oscar, Tessa, dad and nana Marge. We're doing a joint gift for dad's parents."

I nodded at the last part, it made sense since we rarely see Grandma Sylvia and Grandpa Duncan as they live two nearly three hours away. Although they always send cards and gifts we only ever see them at Christmas, dad's birthday and auntie Sarah and auntie Holly's birthdays.

We never see dad's brother (Toby) either, there was an argument back when me and Ria were little between Toby, dad, their siblings and their parents so we never see him, his girlfriend and their son.

"Ria, could you look after the twins for me whilst I go shopping. Please, favourite sister of mine."

Ria stopped what she was doing and looked at me just as the something hit the baby gate and made a clang. We both turned around and I smiled as I saw Aubri stood up on the other side, in her one hand she had a plastic ring off her stacking toy and was banging it on the gate and with the other she was holding on.

"Clever girl," I told her as I walked over and bent down to pick her up. "Who's mummy's clever girl."

"Mum-mum," Aubri said as she clapped her hands together.

"Sooo," I said slowly as I turned back to Ria. "How do you fancy looking after these cuties. Don't forget I've still got to get your present."

"Fine," she sighed. "But ask Tessa if she wants to go, she might have shopping to do as well."

"Thanks sis," I called over my shoulder as I headed back to the living room. "Tess, do you want to come Christmas shopping, I've still got some things that I need to pick up."

Tessa looked up from playing with the car with Bentley. "Sure, when?"

I looked her up and down. "Well you need to get dressed first, so say half hour."


Tessa went off to get dressed as I collected my boots, coat, scarf and gloves from under the stairs. Ria leaned against the doorway and said, "The p-r-e-s-e-n-t-s are in the c-u-p-b-o-a-r-d across from us. There's some stuff in the s-u-i-t-c-a-s-e that's in there."

"Thanks, when's dad home?" I asked looking at the clock on the fireplace so that if Oscar had caught on to what we were saying he'd get distracted by our new conversation.

"Should be home at twelve but you know what he's like."

I left the living room and hurried up both flights of stairs, shutting the baby gate behind me. I went to the storage cupboard that's next to Ria's room and opposite mine and opened it. I could see the boxes that Oscar and Tessa's presents off dad were currently hidden and looked for the suitcase, I opened it and found the list I had given Ria:

Dad - Socks, underwear and toffee

Oscar - Train set and new pyjamas

Tessa - Mobile phone case and perfume

Bentley and Aubri Christmas/birthday- Clothes, activity table, new bedding, toys. Doll, doll's pram, car garage and cars.

I looked down and saw the clothes she had got and was glad she got the bigger sizes which meant that they wouldn't need new clothes until at least March depending on how much they grow.

As I looked through the boxes, I found that Ria had got pretty much everything I had asked for. All that I needed to get now was their main Christmas present as Ria had already gotten me their main birthday presents. At least I wouldn't have to get much today.

I packed back everything as I found it and went into my room so I could put my purse and mobile phone in my bag. I still use my phone occasionally, but not a lot. It's mainly so I can stay in touch with my family, even though we're magical we still use muggle technology and it does make life easier in some cases. I picked up my bag and went down a floor.

Tessa came out of her room and smiled. "Ready?"

I nodded as we walked downstairs together, I went back in the living room and put my coat on as well as my scarf and gloves. I kissed Bentley and Aubri and told Ri that we wouldn't be more than three hours.

Myself and Tessa who looked like she was wearing at least four layers left the house and walked down to the main street to flag a taxi. As we walked she started to hum Christmas songs under breath.


We eventually flagged a taxi and went into London. We started in one of the shopping centres so I could get Ria a gift voucher for the expensive clothes shop she really likes even as well as a big box of chocolates. I planned to get her a bottle of wine as well but I would have to ask dad to get it since I'm still underage.

I managed to get Aaron a present, I had got him a bottle of cologne and some socks. I knew that it was a sucky present but since he had broke the no present rule I didn't really mind.

"Hey, Flick," Tessa called to me as I stopped to look in a shop window at a pretty black and white spotty dress for Aubri.


"The party shop a few doors down has a sale, why don't you get the stuff for the twins birthday party." As I thought about it Tessa dragged me down the street and into the party shop."See, they've even got things with first birthday on and they come in pink or blue."

"I haven't even decided if their having a party yet, Tess."

She looked at me with sad eyes. "But, Flick, it's their first birthday, I mean it'll be one year since you brought them into this world and you don't want to give them a party. That's just mean."

I sighed as I picked up a bib that was white and pink with the words '1st Birthday Girl' on it. "I suppose," I mused

"Yay." Tessa squealed as she went to get a basket.

I started looking at all the first birthday things, there were so many different themes to choose from. Cars and trucks, animals, TV characters etc... In the end I chose blue and green with a turtle for Bentley and pink and purple with a ladybug for Aubri.

Tessa was too busy looking at everything whilst I decided what we would need and how many people there would be.

"Say around twenty, twenty-five," I muttered under my breath as put a pack of turtle plates and ladybug plates into the basket. As I walked down the aisle I added cups, tablecloths, party hats and decorations that had one's hanging from them, of course I had one set of butterflies and one set of turtles.

I also got plain white paper plates, cups and napkins because the plate packs with turtles ladybugs on them only came in packs of eight. Tessa came back holding the bib I had seen earlier but this time she had one with blue and '1st Birthday Boy' on it.

"They've got helium balloons as well that match the party stuff," she told me as the boy behind the till scanned and bagged everything up.

"That's twenty-nine pounds please."

I handed over thirty pound and picked up the bags, "Thanks," I said as he handed me the change. "You better be helping with this party," I told Tessa after we left the shop.

"Of course, I wouldn't miss my niece and nephew's birthday for the world."

Since neither of us wanted to go to any of the other shops here we flagged down a taxi and headed for the road that The Leaky Cauldron is situated on.

"Thanks," I muttered to the driver as he handed me my change, I got out and followed Tessa who was already at the pub's door. She went in without waiting for me and I groaned, well at least this time there won't be any awkward bumping into the ex-boyfriend moments.

I cursed to myself as I opened the door and went into the pub, Hannah waved to me from behind the bar and I smiled back. I went out the back where the magical wall is and found Tessa waiting for me. I pulled out my wand and tapped the bricks in order allowing Diagon Alley appeared in front of us.

We started walking down the cobbled street and headed straight for Quality Quidditch Supplies.

There were a bunch of kids outside staring into the shop window with awe. "Is that the new Firebolt three hundred and sixty dad?" One of the boys asked an elder man who was stood behind him.

I didn't hear what he said as I pushed the door open and went inside, the bell rang and the shop owner looked up from the books on the counter. I went down the back to the 'Kiddie Quidditch' section. I spotted what I was looking for instantly, mainly because they were on a big stand with a sign saying they're one of the best toys for Christmas year.

I picked up two of the toy broomsticks that hover inches off the ground, these ones came with a special charm to make sure they don't fall off unexpectedly. I also picked up two golden snitches that are charmed to fly around the room. Tessa who was over looking at the brooms came over to me and pulled me down the one aisle where the children's clothing was.

"Look," she said, pointing.

I smiled to myself as I remembered the end of August when I had come in here and then bumped into Al. Tessa was showing me the exact same things I had been looking at then.

"I know, they're cute."

"I'll get them for their birthday."

"It's up to you, Tess. I mean you've already got them something haven't you?"

She shrugged as she picked up a white short sleeve t-shirt and a white dress, both with the Slytherin logo on from under the sign that read, 'Can be personalised, any name, any number'.

"What size?"

"Get twelve to eighteen months," I told her as she searched for the sizes, I went to the counter to pay and was glad that Ria had gotten money from my vault at Gringotts a few weeks ago. I paid and picked up the bags just as Tessa came over.

"Do you want them personalised?" The guy behind the counter asked Tessa.

"Yep," Tessa replied, popping the 'p'. "The t-shirt with a number seven and the name Bentley and the dress with a number seven and the name Aubri."

"How'd you spell them?" The guy grunted as he handed Tessa some parchment and pointed to the pot of ink and quill. Tessa wrote down the names. "It'll be around five minutes," he told us as he took the parchment and the clothes out into the back room.

As we waited I put the bags from the party shop into the bigger bag I had just gotten.

"That'll be Eight galleons."

Tessa handed over the money and picked up the bag. "Can we stop for a drink or some food?"

I nodded. "Lead the way."

We ended up stopping in the coffee shop and had a milkshake and a toasted sandwich each. Tessa babbled on about how we should either hire the local hall where my young mums group meets up or that we should have the party in the house. I let her get carried away in party planning as I though how strange that just a year ago I was awaiting their arrival. And now I'm planning their first birthday, how time flies by.

As we left the coffee shop, I heard a familiar voice calling my name so I turned around and saw Scorpius and Al headed straight for me and Tessa.

"Hey guys. Doing last minute shopping are you?" I said as I eyed the mass of bags they carried between them.

"You're one to talk," Al said as he pointed towards my bags, I shrugged. "Flick, could you help me with something?"

"Um sure. What?"

"I need to find a present but I need a girls advice. Oh and Tessa, Lily's down in Weasley's Wizard Wheezes if you want to go see her."

Tessa looked at me and started doing her puppy dog eyes. "Stay in there mind, I'll come get you okay," I told her sternly before she went off down the street towards the giant orange shop.

Al smiled at me and then guided me and Scorp down the street which was fairly crowded, he turned off down a small alley and then I saw this little jewellery shop. Al ushered me and Scorp in and then he followed us, it wasn't that big and there were display cases covering one of the walls, as well as under the counters.

"I'm looking a bracelet," Al paused and then carried on, "A silver bracelet and a necklace, maybe something with a purple stone but I'm not sure."

I started to look in the cases and spotted a really pretty bracelet, it was silver just as Al had asked for and it was made up of hearts linked to one another. I pointed it out to him and he smiled and gave me a thumbs up. I asked the lady who's name badge said 'Carol' if we could have a closer look at it.

She nodded as she took it out of the case and placed it on the counter, Al came over and looked at it. "Perfect. Flick, do you think you could try it on please just so I know the size."

I rolled my eyes and muttered 'boys' under my breath but nodded anyway. After trying it on I went back to looking and spotted this gorgeous flower necklace. I called Al over and he nodded, Carol got it out so he could get a closer look at it.

"It's an Amethyst Cubic Zirconia flower, on a silver chain," she informed us.

"Perfect, I'll take both of them," Al said and Carol beamed. "Can you keep them until Monday because I'm in a hurry right now."

"Of course, Mr Potter," Carol confirmed.

"Thanks, Flick, can we meet up sometime after Christmas? I mean I owe you," Al said to me as he pulled me into a hug.

I felt so at home in his arms, those strong arms. Those gorgeous green eyes, that messy black hair. Snap out of it Flick! I told myself.

"S-sure," I stammered.

Al excused himself and then rushed off leaving me and Scorp alone in the shop, I helped pick out a bracelet with rubies in it for Rose and then we left.

"Flick, can I meet them. I mean can I...?" he trailed off as we exited the shop and headed back down the main street towards Weasley's Wizard Wheezes.

"You want to meet Bentley and Aubri?" he nodded. "Sure, say half two in the park opposite my house."

He smiled and gave me a hug after I wrote down my address on a scrap of paper which he had handed me. "See you then, I need to be off as well," Scorp said.

I watched him go and then entered the joke shop, Tessa was near the counter speaking to none other than James Potter.

"Come on, Tess. Bye, James."

There were more people in Diagon Alley which meant it took a bit of time getting back to the pub, we went straight through and once we were back in the muggle world I flagged down a taxi.


We hadn't been home that long and I had gone upstairs to put away the Christmas gifts and the party stuff, but instead I sat on my bed. I don't know what made me do it, but I got my mobile out of my bedside draw and used it to text three of my old friends from the young mum's group I went to. I mean we do keep in touch via text but since my phone doesn't work at Hogwarts I left it here. I told them I was going back to school and because of it being in Scotland there was rarely any signal.

I used to go every Wednesday and Friday afternoon's, and then one day back in June I just stopped going. Although I'm not one hundred per cent sure why, but I think it was because I was re-sitting my OWL's and flooing to Hogwarts, as well as revising and looking after the twins.

I really wish I hadn't left, it was nice to be with others just like me. And I made really good friends, especially Lindsey since she was in exactly the same position as me, even if hers was a little different. I pulled up a new message and typed:

Fancy meeting up in the park opposite me at 3:00? Flick x

I added each of their numbers and before I could change my mind I sent it. I threw my phone on my bed and flopped down next to do. Within seconds I heard it buzz so I picked it back up and saw that Lindsey was the first to reply.

Yeah sure, havent seen u in 4eva. We really need to catch up. Lindz xx

I smiled to myself and I felt a little better knowing that I still had a friendship with her and possibly the others. I stood up and pocketed my phone before going downstairs. I felt it buzz and checked it again and saw Kayla had replied:

See you then Flick :)

As I entered I could see that there was a race track spread across the living room floor and dad and Oscar were racing each other whilst Bentley and Aubri were sat in the middle watching the cars zoom by.

I smiled. "Can I interrupt you two, I need to get these two ready because I'm taking them over the park."

Dad looked up as he used the remote to stop his car and Oscar did the same. "Sure," I picked Bentley up first. "Want some help there?" he asked as I bent back down to get Aubri.

"Yes please."

Dad carried Aubri up to my room whilst I had Bentley, I put him down on the floor and went to shut Ria's bedroom door as well as the baby gate so that if they crawled out of my room they would be safe and Ria's room wouldn't get messed up.

I got their coats out of their wardrobe as well as their mittens, I set about changing Aubri's nappy whilst dad did Bentley. "

Meeting anyone special?" Dad asked casually as he slid a clean nappy under Bentley's bum.

"Not really, just Scorpius and then the girls from my young mums group."

Dad smiled but then his face dropped like he had realised something. "Wait you're taking them to see Scorpius?" I nodded. "Does he know then?"

"Know what?" I asked, when I knew perfectly well what dad was on about.

"That Al's their dad." Dad replied as he picked Bentley up so that he was standing up but holding on to dad's hands.

That took me by surprise, I mean I had never told anyone Al was their dad, only Ria knew and Tessa had worked it back in the summer. I just told him that I hadn't told the guy I was pregnant and left it at that, and since dad never questioned it I never said anything.

I struggled to find a reply and dad laughed. "Fliss, I know, I knew right from the start. You were still with Al when you got pregnant and then suddenly you dump him when your a few weeks gone. And if you look at your photo's." He pointed up to my picture frame which holds pictures of family, friends and of course the twins. "I mean it's hard not to notice that Bentley looks like Al."

"Out smarted by my own father," I told him as my phone buzzed once more, I pulled it out of my pocket to check it:

Cant wait to c u and the twins!!! Caz x

He chuckled as I put my phone away. "You can't keep a thing from this old man."

"You're not old dad," I said as I went over and hugged him. We broke apart and as we got the twins ready I told him that Scorpius had worked it but never said anything in case he was wrong and seeing me with them in Hogsmeade confirmed it so he confronted me about it. Once the twins were ready dad took Bentley downstairs and I followed with Aubri.

In the hall the double buggy was and waiting, I pulled back the cosy toes and strapped Aubri in, tucking a blanket around her legs before zipping the cosy toes back up. Dad did the same to Bentley as I put my boots, coat and scarf on. From the kitchen Oscar came running up with their baby bag and handed it to me.

"Cheers, Ozzy."

He gave me a big smile before running back into the kitchen. Dad opened the front door and went out so he could help me get the buggy down the steps.

"Bye," I called as I went through the slightly rusty gate and onto the pavement.

I walked halfway down the road before crossing over and going through the park gate. From where the park starts opposite our house, it's no more than a twenty minute walk to the playground and cafe where I was going to meet Scorp and the girls.

I smiled at the old lady and said "Thanks." as she held open the café door so I could get in with the buggy. I found a booth by the window and slid in. I unzipped both Bentley and Aubri's cosy toes, pulled their mittens off and pulled back their blankets because it was pretty warm inside.

Bentley kept shutting his eyes so I moved the buggy back and forth until they stopped flickering and he was asleep. I unbuckled Aubri and took her out, I sat her on my lap and from out of the baby bag I got her sippy cup, her pink rabbit and some toys.

I was too engaged with Aubri that I hadn't noticed Scorpius come in, I waved my hand to get his attention and then called, "Scor, over here."

He made his way over to me, pulling off his scarf and gloves.

"Hey," I saw his eyes drop to Aubri and then to Bentley as he slid in the booth opposite me.

"Wow!" he whispered. "I mean she looks so like you except she's got Al's eyes."

"And she's got his smile."

"I still can't believe this, I mean you and Al made them. They're literally like a mini you."

I rolled my eyes. "That tends to happen when you y'know."

Scorp simply smiled. "Do you want a drink? Hot chocolate with marshmallows?"

"Of course," I said as I went to get my purse.

Scorp was already in the queue and when he came back I tried giving him the money but he refused. "Nope I'm paying," I stood up and held Aubri out to Scorp, he stared at me. "Um... what if she breaks?"

"Take her, she won't bite. Well she might," I added and saw a worried look on his face as he sat down with her on his lap. "And she won't break at all, Scorp, you should of saw her when she was first born. The amount of times I thought I would drop her or break her because she was so little. Same goes for Bentley, I mean I would never carry them both at the same time when they were first born and then as they got older I did it. I guess I just needed practise," I prattled on and Scorpius smiled. "What?"

He chuckled. "Nothing," I glared at him and he sighed. "Well it's just... when you were talking about them it's like you just lit up."

"They mean the world to me, Scor, and part of me thinks that they're the only part of Al I'll ever have."

"Flick, don't say that. You know how Al feels about you. Flick, you broke his heart and even though he's with Hattie, it never mended. There is only one person who can do that."

"How do you know that?"

"Guys talk too, flick," he replied as Aubri babbled away and dropped her toy on the table.

Does he really still like me, I thought as I looked out the window. Is it possible after all this time? I sighed and then turned my attention back to Scorpius who was talking to Aubri.

"You don't half look like your mummy, yes you do. And you've got your daddy's eyes."

"See, it's not so hard is it, uncle Scorpius," I said to him with a smile.


"Really, Scorp, you're like a brother to me of course you're their uncle," I told him.

We sat talking, about school, about him and Rose, about Christmas and about Al. Scorp didn't press on the fact Al still doesn't know but he did question it and I told him that Al had asked to meet up after Christmas and Scorp suggested I do it then. I was glad that I had Scorp, I was that he found out. Just talking to someone I've known for years about being a mum and my kids felt good and it made me happy that someone other than my family knew. It felt like a big weight had been taken off of my shoulders and I knew even though I had sworn him to secrecy that it might slip out.

I had nearly slipped up on a number of occasions and yet I still hadn't told Al. It's probably really, really bad that the father isn't the first to know, I thought. Probably even worse than his best friend found out before him.

There was a knock on the café window and both me and Scorpius jumped. I smiled instantly when I looked up and saw who it was. Lindsey Hathaway, one of the first girls I became friends with at the young mums group and one I could relate to a lot since she never told her daughter's dad she was pregnant.

Lindsey waved at us and I mouthed, "I'll be out now."

I took Aubri from Scorpius and strapped her back in the buggy and wrapped her back up. As Scorpius stood up Lindsey pointed at him and mouthed, "Is that their dad??" I shook my head and her eyes looked him up and down, "He's hot!"

I laughed quietly as we left the café. "Hey, Lindz," I said, using her old nickname.

"Flick," she smiled as she pulled me into a hug. "It's been so long."

"I know, way to long. I mean look at Ellie, she's grown so much," Lindsey's daughter Ellie smiled up at me from her buggy and when she did she looked exactly like her mother. "Blimey she doesn't half look like you when she smiles."

"Same with Aubri, she looks just like a mini you, except her eyes," Lindz replied.

I nodded as I muttered, "Her fathers eyes. This is my friend Scorpius," I said louder. "Scorp this is Lindsey."

They exchanged greetings and then Scorp turned to me, "I need to get going and thanks, Flick. See you soon yeah." I nodded as he waved to Aubri who looked at him with curiosity, half waved back and yelled a load of nonsense at him. Some of the words I recognised, the rest was gibberish.

"Bye," Scorp called over his shoulder as he walked away.

"He's hot," Lindsey said out loud this time and I saw her eyes following his bum as he went.

"And he's taken."

"Damn," she muttered as we headed towards the play ground.

I chuckled, "Sorry I haven't been in touch, it's just there's no signal at school and I've been really busy and it doesn't help that I see their dad everyday and he's dating the girl who used to bully me. What's been going on with you Lindz?"

She sighed. "I know you said they got together. That's awful I don't know what I'd do if I had to see Ellie's dad every day. All the guys I like are either no good or run away as soon as I mention I'm a mum. College is okay, I've made some new friends since my so called 'real friends' ditched me when I got pregnant. Oh and throw in the re-appearance of Ellie's dad my life's just great."

"What, he's back?"

Lindsey nodded and her blonde ponytail bobbed up and down. "I saw him in the corner shop. He didn't see me since I ran. What the hell do I do? I mean is he just here to visit family or is he here for good?"

"Maybe just see why he's here first, Lindz. I mean if he's only here for Christmas would it be worth telling him."

Lindsey's in the same situation as me, she never told Ellie's dad. Unlike me she didn't tell him because he, his brother and parents were moving away because of some promotion his dad got. Lindz didn't tell him because she knew his parents wouldn't allow him to stay to be with her and their baby. His parents never liked her because she came from a single parent family.

"I know, and not having a dad hasn't changed me. Mum did a great job raising me and my siblings, she was a mum and a dad rolled into one."

"Sometimes I think I should have just told him the minute I found out, I mean my life wouldn't be so complicated right now otherwise," I told her.

Lindz nodded in agreement. "Exactly, I wish I had told him so he could have been there when it was hard. Like when she's been teething or ill or if it's been a bad night and I need sleep. I mean you must have had it worse what with there being two of them."

"Why is life so hard?" I mused as Lindsey started waving to a red haired teen who was sat on one of the benches in the toddler's playground which was empty apart from her and a little brown haired boy.

Carrie Roscoe also known as Caz smiled. "Heya," she called and I waved. "Long time no see, Flick."

"I know, life's been hectic," I said as the brown hair boy came over.

"Mama dink," Leo asked and held out his hand. As I sat down Carrie got his drink out of his little backpack that was on his buggy.

"You're so tan, Caz, have you been on holiday," I asked as I got Aubri out of the buggy, leaving Bentley there since he was still asleep.

She shook her head. "Nahh, there's a wonderful thing called fake tan, Flick. I just go so fed up of being pale all the time. And it's not like I can afford a holiday either."

Me and Lindsey nodded in agreement since we knew exactly what she meant.

Carrie's a single mum because when she told Leo's dad she was pregnant he said he didn't want anything to do with her or Leo. The sad thing is they had been together for a year and half and then they split up once she told him.

"Is Kayla meeting us?" Caz asked as Leo went back over to the climbing frame.

"FAITH DAISY MOON-PARKER, WAIT UP!!" Came a loud voice.

The three of us turned to look and saw the fourth member of our little group running towards us with a buggy chasing after a blonde haired girl. We exchange looks and laughed.

"Does that answer your question, Caz?" Lindsey asked.

Both of them came to a stop at the park gate. "She's sure hit the terrible two's. Just you three wait," Kayla panted as Caz went over to hold open the gate as Kayla and her two year old daughter Faith came in. "Be careful," Kayla called to her daughter as she headed to the springy horse.

Kayla Moon: the only one of us still with her baby's father. Her and Robin have been together for four years and they're still going strong.

"Nice tan, Caz," Kayla commented as she sat down and got her breath back. "Wish I could be tanned, maybe loose a few pounds and try to reduce some of my stretch marks."

"What's a bunch of stretch marks, Kayla, I mean if you think about it we're tigers who've earned their god damn stripes," I told them and we all laughed.

"So true, Flick. So true!"

Leo and Faith were quite happy climbing and running so us lot caught up. I had Aubri stood between my legs and she was holding onto my fingers tight.

She kept putting one foot forward and then brought it back, in the end I stood up with her to see if she would walk but she looked up at me and cried "Mum-mum."

Ellie was sat on the bench next to Lindz so I sat Aubri next to her and grabbed her toys out of the baby bag. Her and Ellie were quite happy to play with them and babble away to each other. I sat down on the other side of Aubri and since it was getting a tight squeeze on the bench, Caz and Kayla sat on the floor in front of us.

We had a good old laugh and catch up as well as talking about living the 'mum life'.

"We didn't choose it, it chose us," Lindsey said in a mystical voice making us laugh because in a way it was true. None of us chose to get pregnant it just happened and now we had the beautiful consequence's running around, sleeping and playing with toys.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see movement in the buggy and as I looked closer I saw Bentley's blue eyes staring at me, "Mum-mum."

I unzipped the cosy toes and unstrapped him before sitting him on my lap.

"You've missed all the fun little man," Carrie said to Bentley who still looked sleepy.

I grabbed his and Aubri's sippy cup from their baby bag and gave it to each of them. Bentley cuddled close into to me and I smiled as I looked down at him, so much like Al.  Eventually we made a move and headed for the café when a cold wind started to blow.

"We've gotta do this more often," Kayla suggested as pulled her long brown hair up into a messy bun.

"We really should," Chimed in Caz.

I suddenly had a brain wave. "If you guys write me letters and then give them to my dad or Ria, they'll send them up to me."

Lindsey looked at me with curiosity. "I still don't get why your still there, I mean shouldn't you be in college or are you in sixth form?"

"Sixth form, I guess. I mean it's my last year there and I've got exams coming up in June. A bit like A-Levels," I replied feeling a bit guilty that they know nothing about my life. Then again neither do Dom, Al or Rose, a voice at the back of my head chimed in.

That got us talking about school and what we want to do in University (not that I'll be going) and what we want to be when we're older. We stayed talking for another hour before Lindsey mentioned she had to get home as she was babysitting her younger siblings so her mum could go to work.

"Bye, Merry Christmas guys!" I called as Kayla went off in one direction and Carrie in another. Only me and Lindsey went out the same park gate. "See you soon, Lindz and have a good Christmas."

We hugged each other and I carried on down the street whilst Lindsey crossed the road and went up Delia Road. I made my way up my road and then through the garden gate, I went up the steps and knocked the front door since more than likely it would be locked.

Tessa answered it and she helped me with the buggy up the steps. I took Bentley out and took him into the living room, I went back into the hall and unzipped Aubri's cosy toes and I unclipped the top of her straps and lifted them of off her shoulders so she'd be more comfortable.

I left her there, since she was sleeping and went into the living room where I flopped onto the sofa next to dad whilst Bentley crawled around the floor and Oscar played peek-a-boo with him.

A/N There are pictures of the jewellery Albus bought on my blog. Link in my author's page. What do you think of Flick's friends: Lindsey, Carrie and Kayla?? there will be more of them as the story goes on.

At the time of this chapter:

Lindsey 'Lindz' Hathaway is seventeen and her daughter Ellie Hathaway is ten months.

Carrie 'Caz' Roscoe is eighteen and her son Leo Roscoe is eighteen months.

Kayla Moon is seventeen and her daughter Faith Moon-Parker is two years and seven months.

Next up - Getting ready for Christmas and a slightly awkward family meal.

Edited - 03.05.2014

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