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The Invisible Thief by lovestings
Chapter 3 : The Shoe Exchange
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 A/N: I'm so glad to have been getting such positive feedback on this story! Ah, it makes me smile to read all the reviews i've been getting. Isn't the new banner just lovely? So excited I got it and I am working on getting some chapter images up pronto! 

Another beautiful CI by rebelYELL@TDA

Brielle Patil & Leslie Chang






“Brielle, I hate you.”






Wow, ouch.






“No you don’t,” I pouted though it was hard to probably see since there wasn’t that much light underneath the table. “Take it back.”






“I refuse to you fool.” Leslie responded with a shrug, leaning her body against one of the legs of the table. “Only someone as odd as you would suggest that the Ravenclaw quidditch team bonding activity would be to steal the shoes off all opposing quidditch players’ feet.”






“I thought it was a brilliant idea, and besides,” I scrunched up my nose as I sat criss-cross underneath the middle of the table. “Why are you even here? You don’t even play.”






“Yeah, well Amelia had got detentions so she couldn’t come participate in the stealing of shoes so I have decided to take up her spot.”






I had forgotten about my chaser getting herself situated in detention. “Uh, blimey, remind me later to ask how she got herself into that.” I was going to continue on with our little chit-chat but Leslie silenced me as people began to come closer to the table.






Please don’t ask me why Leslie and I thought it would be an amazing idea to sit underneath the Gryffindor table. You’d think we would hide considering all of those Wotter would be sitting her but I needed those shoes. You know, considering most of the team was their bloody family anyways I thought we’d just have to risk it.






I peered at the rest of my team to make sure everyone was in their spots.






Malcolm Wood (Our third and final chaser besides myself and Mel) was situated underneath the Slytherin table with Bentley Flack (A muggleborn fifth year who was an amazing beater). They better snatch Scorpius Malfoy’s expensive shoes off his feet and run for their dear lives.






Never mind about Malfoy’s shoes cause it seems like him and Albus Potter what to sit with the rest of the Weasley clan at the Gryffindor table. Yay, more for Leslie and I!






Chris McClagan (Other beater) was underneath the Hufflepuff table with Jenna Greengrass (Seeker) though I was almost positive he was checking underneath skirts instead of for shoes. Our last member on the team which was Hunter Longobttom, our keeper, was sitting next to me and Leslie underneath the lion’s table.






“- And that’s how hippogriff babies are born!” Fred Weasley said loudly as him and his obnoxiously large family all took their respected seats at the table. What an odd fellow he was.






Now you’re probably all wondering how we are going to manage to figure out who’s shoes are who’s and I’ll tell you how right about….now! So, for the past week or so since my little incident with that borrowing/stealing  of that cloak I’ve been trying my best to lay low with my fellow Claws.






So instead of doing anything that would draw attention to us we’ve been studying people’s shoes. I know, we’re an interesting bunch of people.






“Okay,” Hunter whispered quietly and I was glad that the Wotter clan were rather loud so they couldn’t hear us. “We have to get a few shoes. Potter and Malfoy are here so we need to grab theirs since they’re Slytherin.” We nodded and he continued. “Older Weasley and Potter are both on Gryffindor and so is Louis Weasley.”






“So, how do we plan on doing this, Captain?” Leslie asked as the turned to stare at me which I found odd since she wasn’t even on the team though I totally supported the sheer love I was getting.






“Um, we have five shoes so try to be discrete but get them off. As soon as have them, make a run for it.” They both saluted me before we turned to assess what we had at hand.






Leslie was the first to spot a pair of snakeskin shiny shoes which I knew belonged to Fred Weasley. No doubt Leslie would go for her long time crush’s shoes. She looked around, hunched over in her spot, before pulling out her wand and mumbling an indication. Slowly, inch by inch, his shoes began to slip and be replaced by feathery slippers.






What a bloody genius.






Hunter seemed to be going for something similar as he sat in front of Scorpius Malfoy’s shoes, spraying them with some potion he made earlier today. They began to melt off (hopefully not actually burning his feet) before reforming in the spot next to him.






Why can’t I actually be a smart Ravenclaw.






I spotted a pair of familiar shoes in front of me. In was one of the Potters’s; Which one I could not tell you. I went for the whole manual labor way and began to quietly try to untie his expensive leather shoes. Yes, I know, applaud to me I am brilliant.






“My feet are itchy,” Scorpius whined from above us, making me flinch as I spared a glance at Hunter who had stopped with an odd look on his face. Leslie had achieved Fred’s shoes and was cradling them close to her chest as she began to do the same process to the shoes that belonged to Louis Weasley.






“Stop complaining or go back to your own table.” I heard the uptight and rather annoying voice of Rose Weasley. I’m sure she had her nose in the air in a very posh way too. Always thinking she was better than everyone.






“Hell I won’t,” He snorted before shifting in his seat. “I just need to get rid of this itch.” His hand came into view under the table and we all held his breath. He itched the side of his pant leg, nearly missing his foot which had no shoe on it at this point.






“I feel so light,” He commented again and I’m sure some people rolled their eyes. “Like I forgot something.”




“Like what?” Rose pushed, probably leaning forward or something of that sorts.






“My shoes?” It was more of a question but what happened next made me want to scream. He moved his foot backwards and began to shake and kick.






Hunter made a dive out of the way of his foot, throwing himself on me. I squeaked, still holding on to one of the Potter’s shoe laces, tugging on it as I laid on my back with Hunter on top of him. Leslie let out a girl scream when Hunter’s potion spilled on her, beginning to burn of her pretty skirt. She yanked of Louis’s shoes and pulled them both off, putting them in her collection of shoes as she began to blow on her skirt.






“What in Merlin’s name…?” I looked up to see Albus Potter’s face staring at mine with a perplexed yet humored expression. It turns out it was his shoes I had tugged on, how funny. All of the Wotter clan and friends had turned their heads to stare at us.






We probably looked like a lot of nutters. I was smack on my back having a hold of both of Albus’s shoes with Hunter laying on top of me with a pair of Malfoy’s shoes next to us. Leslie, from next to us, was now shamelessly pulling off James’s shoes while he stared in horror and shock with her pile of two pairs of shoes already next to her.






Yep, we’re nutters.






“I can explain,” I mumbled, slowly pulling off his shoes as I did so. He stared at me wide eyes, fighting the urge to laugh as I heard his older brother’s cry of protest when Leslie removed his shoes. I think Dominique threatened me from some way down the table.






So I explained by simply yelling at the top of my lungs, “RAVENCLAW QUIDDITCH TEAM RETREAT!”






Leslie screamed at the top of her lungs as she piled through legs, holding three pairs of shoes in her hands as her skirt was nearly gone, giving a good look at her lacy knickers. Some wolf calls later Hunter grunted and pushed himself up from under the table with Malfoy’s shoes as he made a run for it.






I let out a lovely war cry before army crawling beneath Albus’s seat with his shoes. I stumbled upward and began to run, hearing the She-Devil yell at me, “THIEF! SHE HAS STRUCK AGAIN.”






Of course I cared more about my crazy team’s screaming instead.






“WE’VE GOT THEM BRI!” Malcolm yelled as he held a fair share of shoes in his hands. Poor Bentley was stumbling behind him but it seemed he had gotten hexed cause his hair was missing and Marcus Parkinson was yelling threats at him as they ran away.






“ALL HAIL RAVENCLAW!” McClagan yelled as a war cry as he ran past me with heaps of Hufflepuff shoes in his arms. Jenna trailed behind, shouting body binder hexes at anyone that tried to come at us.






I ran until my chest was soar and on fire. It wasn’t until we managed to get into the Ravenclaw dorm room (answering that riddle was a pain in the arse) and to the steps of the girl dorms that we all finally dropped the shoes in a pile.






Amelia was waiting for us at the steps with an amused expression as she began to count the shoes, “I’m so upset I missed this!” She whined as she flicked some soot off her face as she began to pile up the shoes. “I got stuck cleaning out all the fireplaces in the teacher’s offices.”






Malcolm let out a whistle, shaking his head. “That sucks, m’lady, though you might want to get that counting done before one of those angry belonger’s to these shoes figures out a riddle and tries to kill us.”






“You’re a drama queen,” I muttered, scooping up some shoes in my arms and began walking up the steps with Mel and Leslie following me with the rest of them. We decided it would be save keeping storing all the shoes under my bed because my area was already by far the messiest and it helped that only girls could come up our staircase and most of the quidditch team was made up of blokes.






Sexist, I tell you, sexist.






Any who’s, there been no way I was going to let those (sexist) quidditch teams get their shoes back. I expect lots of people on their knees, puppy dog faces, and loads of begging. I also expect week’s worth of detention and a few angry people trying to hex my hair off.





You know the usual at Hogwarts.


A/N: So what did you guys think? Please leave a review! Thoughts? Do you like how this is going? No? Yes? 


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The Invisible Thief : The Shoe Exchange


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