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Poison Ivy by KateRhodes
Chapter 22 : Christmas Ball Prank
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Dear readers,

Thank you for all your lovely reviews!! Here's a new chapter! A little longer than usual, it has quite a bit going on in there, hope you like it!

AN: The song Sirius and Naomi sing is The Boxer by Simon&Garfunkel; the lyrics have been changed to suit the story so they are NOT the original song lyrics and, as you can see, there are only 3 lines included - I would recommend you listen or search the original song if you'd like to get the mood that was meant for that scene since due to the website's rules it had to be modified. 

Dust in the Wind is a song by a band named Kansas and, if you don't know it, Wuthering Heights is a novel by Emily Bronte. 

Please note that I do not intent to take any credit for any of this, all I want is to write a nice story with my favourite characters from Rowling's amazing Harry Potter series - any mention to real songs/books/art is only me being enthusiastic about the things I like, nothing more. 

Thank you. 

Lots of love,





I slept all through Sunday; exhausted as I was from the emotional breakdown Remus had put me through without really knowing it.  Monday morning everything was back to normal. We sat at our usual spot at Gryffindor table, ate the usual for breakfast and had the same superfluous chitchat going on. Classes were the same as always, too. It wasn’t until dinner that something new happened. I was in the common room, finishing my essay on Charms when Remus approached me.

-“Naomi, can I talk to you for a second?”- he asked, shyly. I looked up from the parchment and sighed.


-“It’s okay, just forget it and don’t ever mention it again”- I said, frostily.


-“It’s not that simple, especially because Sirius won’t talk to me until I explain how I managed to get you so worked up”- he said, taking a seat in front of me.


-“Don’t tell him”- I replied, putting down the quill.


-“I won’t, you know I won’t. But I feel bad, I want to apologize”- he told me. I scrutinized his face. He really meant it.


-“Well, apology accepted”


-“I had no idea it was such a delicate thing. I… if there is anything I can do to make it up to you, just let me know”- he said, standing up again. I was ready to let him go but then I remembered that there was something he could help me with.


-“Wait, Remus, sit down again”- I instructed.


-“What do you need?”


-“You are aware that there’s a Christmas ball coming up, right?”


-“Yeah, Prongs mentioned it”- he replied, confused.


-“Well, there is some major scheming going on that you are going to be part of”- I informed him. He frowned.


-“What exactly are you talking about?”- he asked. I smirked at him and began explaining.




One hour later, Remus left. The ball wasn’t until two weeks later; right before we left for Christmas break but I needed to make sure everyone knew exactly what they had to do. I looked at my essay again, it was pretty acceptable and I wasn’t in the mood for working anymore. I let my mind wander and it, of course, made its way to Sirius. He was… he was perfect. I knew I owed him big time for what he had done for me that night but I just couldn’t bring myself to go and say ‘thanks’. It has hard for me, all of these. One thing was accepting that I had developed some inconvenient affection towards him; another completely different was letting all hell break loose and actually act like I had accepted it. No way on Earth. I still believed that not giving in was the best thing I could do for him and, at this point, I was beginning to think that I was better off without him, too. Being around him only made it harder to lock said feelings away, even more so when Mom’s voice showed up and started lecturing me on the healing process and how attachments were necessary for the good development of it.




I recalled the conversation we had had just before Remus had come in the room. Of course, I doubted my previous trail of thought. What if she was right? Was if all that was happening to me because of Sirius was only part of the healing process? What if I was finally letting go of my horrid past and accepting that there was more to life than death, than my mother’s death? It was scary, of course, but things had not gone totally wrong so far and I had made some major mistakes in the past three months. The first of them was letting Sirius in. The irony of it all lied in that I did never make mistakes and I had always been on my own. Now that I made them, and really catastrophic ones, I had two friends, three semi friends and one… something. I couldn’t find a word that covered all that Sirius was. He was my friend and my foe, my lover and my archenemy, the person I trusted most and the one I didn’t trust at all. He was the only one able to keep me off balance long enough for me to fall; yet he was always there to catch me before I hurt myself.








Moony came in the room, looking lost in thought. Prongs eyed me carefully, expecting me to shout something at him. I was pissed; he still refused to tell me what the hell he’d done to put Naomi in such a state. A part of me was grateful, hadn’t it been for Remus I wouldn’t have had such a chance to act like the knight in shinny armor Naomi needed. It had been a nice run, and she’d even smiled at me on our way back. She had muttered something that sounded like ‘thanks’ but then she didn’t bring it up again. I didn’t care, I knew how she was. But I did worry that if Remus did not tell me what he had done soon, someone else could do it and send her back to panic attack mode. If I didn’t know what I was protecting her from I couldn’t be of much help and that annoyed me. Besides, what the hell was Moony doing all alone with her anyway? Despite my frustration, I decided to not take it out on Moony just yet so I stood up, ready to leave.


-“Where are you going?”- Wormtail asked from his bed, where he was trying to build a city out Berttie Botts.


-“Music room”- I replied dismissively. None of them said anything as I left. They were used to me going off to the room whenever I felt like having some quality time with myself and myself only.


I was expecting the music room to be empty so I was surprised to hear a guitar playing when I pushed the door open. I recognized the song; it was one of my favorites. I had a thing for muggle music. I had even learnt how to make those black round vinyl things play in the machines made for the purpose; what muggles used to listen to music. Anyway, whoever it was in the room was playing the opening chords of a song that I knew well. It had been a huge hit upon its release, seven or eight years ago. I shut the door quietly, trying not to disturb the atmosphere. Then I heard the voice singing. I could not believe my luck, it was Naomi. As soon as she saw me walking towards her she stopped playing.

-“Don’t, keep going. I love the song”- I told her, sincerely.


-“I need a second guitar”- she said. I took one of the many available in the room and sat across from her.


-“From the beginning?”- I asked.


-“Yup, let’s make a long intro, though”- she suggested. I smiled at her as she began playing again. I let my fingers find the way to the cords and play them gently. As the music surrounded us, I looked at her. She was counting, I noticed. I was getting lucky, if she was counting it meant she was going to come in and sing along. And she did.


I am just a poor girl, though my story's seldom told...


I noticed that she changed the lyrics which took me a little by surprise. Then again, this was Naomi we were talking about. She gazed at me and I recognized that gleam in her eyes. It was the same mysterious look she put on that night next to the greenhouse. Was there an ulterior motive to her singing this right now, right here with me?


For a cauldron full of mumbles such are promises, all lies and jokes 


Still a woman hears what she wants to hear, and disregards the rest


I liked her voice very much; it was perfect, soft, sweet but broken deep inside as if she was torn between despair and joy. I was still caught up with the lyrics, trying to find a meaning to it all as we played. She looked at me and smiled. So, for the sake of ulterior motives and hidden meanings, I sang, too.


She tilted her head slightly to the side as I kept singing, looking… well if this was anyone other than Naomi I would say she looked touched but that could not be the case. There was no way on Earth I had managed to scratch the surface of her true self, her buried in ice little nice girl. Right?


She joined in for the chorus. I beamed at her and, to my surprise, she smiled widely in return. And all of a sudden, I felt like I did not want this moment to end. Ever. It was perfect. We had found a way to communicate without buying and selling secrets, without lies and evil glares, without smirks and arrogant stunts. There was no need to pretend when there was only music between us. And it felt so good.


Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and before I even had time to register what had happened, we had sang the whole song and were done with it. She chuckled.


-“That was nice”- she told me.


-“Very much, indeed”- I agreed.


-“It’s been a while since I played with someone. I had forgotten how much I like it”- she said.


-“Well, you are the only one I know plays music in Hogwarts apart from me so I’ve never really had… a music partner”- I replied. She looked thoughtful for a second. I was overwhelmed by joy mainly due to the fact that I was having a more than civil conversation with her that did not involve either flirting or weird information exchange deals. This did not happen often.


-“Where did you learn?”- she asked me.


-“On my own, books and stuff”- I shrugged.


-“Your technique is good; I saw you doing this…”- she tried to play a chord that I knew I had included somewhere in the chorus. It was a made up chord so, of course, she wouldn’t know it.


-“Here, let me show you”- I played it for her and she studied the position of my fingers carefully, copying it and playing it.


-“Like that?”




-“I like it”- she said, half smiling.


-“I didn’t know you played guitar”- I told her.


-“I’m more of a piano person but I enjoy the cords sometimes”- she explained.


-“Oh, so piano… play something. I’ll accompany you”- I ventured.


-“I don’t play for people”- she sneered. I sighed.


-“First, I am not people. Second, you’re not playing for me; you’ll be playing with me”- I tried again. She rolled her eyes.


-“Fine, but if you can’t follow me I’ll stop”- she said.


-“What are you going to play?”- I asked as she put the guitar away and went to sit in front of the piano. I turned my chair so that I was facing her.


-“Do you know Dust in the Wind?”- she asked me. I did.


-“Sure I do”




She played. I played. She sang. I sang. It was one of the best evenings I had ever had in Hogwarts, and that was a lot to say. That night, I couldn’t sleep. The memories of her peaceful face, her delicate hands and torn voice tortured me. I tossed, tried to count sheep, planned a great prank all on my own and I still could not sleep. In the end, I took a book and walked down to the common room.


-“What are you doing here so late Sirius?”- I was sure not expecting Lily to be sitting there, with a book of her own.


-“I couldn’t sleep”- I replied, simply.


-“Yeah, me neither”- she said. I sat next to her.


-“What are you reading?”


-“Wuthering Heights”- she replied.


-“What’s it about?”


-“Love”- she informed me. I did not like the gleam of mischievousness that crossed her eyes but I tried to ignore it.


-“You could elaborate a bit on that, don’t you think?”- I joked.


-“Well, there’s this girl, Catherine who is madly in love with a boy, Heathcliff but she thinks they can’t be together because it would ruin both their lives so she decides to marry a stupid rich man instead…”


-“Why do women always think they know best?”- I muttered, more to myself. When she did not reply, I looked at her. She was frozen, deep in thought.


-“Oh my God”- she whispered.


-“What’s up? What’s wrong? You all right?”


-“Sirius… don’t you see? You are Heathcliff, you are a rebel and mischievous, a Marauder! And you’re… different from her, so much as in… oh my God and she’s Catherine… because she is selfish and mean but she… ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod… she thinks she’s doing the right THING!”- I put my hand on her forehead, and she frowned.


-“What are you doing, Sirius?”


-“I thought you had a fever, you’re talking in riddles”- I explained, defensively. I had not understood a thing of what she had just said. Only Oh my God.


-“I’m not talking in riddles! Sirius, Naomi thinks that she is doing the right thing by staying away from you!”




-“I’m not supposed to tell you… but oh well, she’ll thank me, eventually. She… well, she wants you”- she kept talking after that but I did not register any of her words. My mind was caught up with the last three words. She wants you. That couldn’t possibly be true.


-“Wait, wait, wait, what? She wants what?”


-“Yeah, Sirius, she does”- Lily replied, chuckling.


-“You, Lily Evans, are going to explain to me all about that book of yours and what I have to do to end up together”


-“Well, Heathcliff and Catherine did not really end up together… but you will. As long as there are no misunderstanding caused by eavesdropping”- she said, rather amused. I bet it was my excited face that had her having fun but I was too overwhelmed to care. After all, this was Lily – James’ Lily which meant she was going to be around for a long, long, long, long, long time if everything went according to plan. A plan that included miniature Jameses and Lilys and a garden.








We were going on Christmas break that Sunday. Just like that. A whole term had gone by and I hadn’t even had time to take it all in. I stared at the window and decided to get up and smoke a cigarette. It was early in the morning. It was so early that everyone else was still asleep. Lily included. Of course, she wasn’t waking up before everyone else anymore. Now that she was dating James she came back rather late on most nights so she needed whatever extra sleep she could get. They were doing amazing. The perfect couple, I thought as I lit the cigarette and opened my window carefully. They were just made for each other. They talked and had fun and they could even work together in class, and then they had a private ‘couply’ life that Lily tried to keep a secret. I smiled to myself. She was happy, I could tell.




Rhea was doing well, too. Mark and her were good as always and she had, finally, come to tell me she was more than ready. Now all she was waiting for was the perfect moment. I knew she had put a lot of thought into it so I kind of helped her get something ready for the night of the Christmas ball. That is tomorrow. Meg had gained a little weight but since she tried really hard to keep it healthy, the pregnancy didn’t show just yet so we were counting on her getting away with it for the Christmas break back home. Dom had been spending a lot more time with us and, despite being a Slytherin, he was actually a good bloke. Most of the times, at least. The Marauders only accepted him when Meg told them her secret in an attempt to get them to agree to have him sitting at our table.




Sirius and I were still somewhere between friends, enemies and lovers. We had gone to the music room together, as in planned, three more times in the past two weeks and it had turned out to be a great idea. We had also been running one night. Besides that, nothing had really changed. Of course I couldn’t stop thinking about him most of the time but I had always been pretty good at hiding thoughts and… well… erhm, emotions so no one noticed. Lily kept trying to get something out of me but all I told her was that I was past that cheesy and rather disturbing phase of mine in which I cried. She didn’t believe me, though and kept pushing. I was torn. I was still determined to forget about this annoying butterfly’s thing in my stomach when he was around. I was still determined to get together with him. Yeah, that was new. I had found out during a particularly weird conversation with Mom’s voice in my head. I was absolutely bipolar where Sirius was concerned. One moment I was ready to not think about him ever again, the next one all I wanted to do was find him and declare my… attachment. Affection. Whatever. Anyway, I had never been able to stick to either side longer than five minutes and I was nowhere close to solving that situation so I just ignored it.




As for the school, well, my master plan for the Christmas ball was working smoothly. I was still Queen Bee and governing without much difficulty. The only resistance being Narcissa, Grace, Amy and a certain Deirdre who I remembered had dated Sirius sometime ago and was now back and ready to win him over. Fortunately, he didn’t seem to be paying much attention to her. I should also probably mention that I had developed an anger management problem somewhere along the way that got me in detention twice. The reason for this being that Narcissa seemed to think that the fact she was now dating Lucius Malfoy gave her some sort of power and was randomly hexing me and my people again. She needed to be taught a lesson. Again. Christmas ball would do, though.




-“So, are we all happy with the table we’re on?”- Lily asked, matter of factly that evening.




The thing was that the Christmas ball had been organized slightly different than usual. Instead of having everyone sitting in their house tables, these were going to be removed and replaced by many smaller ones. And, instead of having to find dates for the party, all students had been asked to group in tens or twelves and fill said tables. I found this a very good idea, Lily’s of course. It allowed us to mingle and enjoy friend quality time before going off for the break. And it effectively saved us the always awkward and tiresome task of asking someone to be our date.




-“Yeah, I think ours is the best!”- Rhea exclaimed happy. We had decided to make it a twelve people table. The Marauders, Hannah, Jo, Meg, Lily, Rhea, Mark, Dom and I.


-“You are sure they will not annoy Dom, right?”- Meg said, fairly concerned. The reason she had told The Marauders she was pregnant was so that they agreed to having a Slytherin sitting with them, which they had, but that didn’t mean they were not suspicious of him.


-“They will behave, James promised”- Lily reassured her.


-“All right, then. It should be fun”- Meg replied, smiling.


-“Naomi, are you positively sure about what you’re doing?”- Jo asked me.


-“If you guys do your part, everything will be perfect”- I replied.


-“The antidote is almost ready. Tomorrow morning you’ll be able to drink it”- Lily informed me. She had been assigned to brewing the potion I needed, since she was the best student I knew.


-“And Remus is still up for it, even though I tried telling him he was getting in trouble”- Rhea muttered. I frowned.


-“He said he would help me out two weeks ago, of course he’s still up for it!”- I retorted. The blonde looked away. I could see she was slightly worried.


-“Could you not have someone else?”


-“Well, if my guessing is right it cannot be anyone else”- I replied matter of factly. She sighed.


-“He’s a little sick, you know?”


-“I’ve noticed he doesn’t look all that well…”- it was true. For some odd reason he was paling and looking ill again. That was three times in a term. Of four, I couldn’t really remember.


-“He’s got a weak health”- Lily said, quickly.


-“Yeah, whatever. He agreed and I need him so it’s settled”- I dismissed the topic.


-“So, what are you wearing?”- Jo asked, excitedly. I smirked and pushed the window open, lighting a cigarette.


-“Naomi, it’s bloody freezing!”- Rhea complained.


-“It’ll be quick”- I sneered. She rolled her eyes.


-“So? Clothes! Hello?”- Meg insisted.


-“Well, it’s a proper ball so I’m wearing a proper dress”- I said, vaguely. They groaned.


-“You’ve been keeping it a secret for a week!”- Jo exclaimed.


-“I want it to be a surprise, even for you guys”- I replied.


-“And how are you going to do that if you have to get dressed here with us?”- Lily pointed out.


-“Actually, I am not getting dressed here with you”- I informed her. She frowned.


-“Naomi, you scare me”- Rhea said, half joking.


-“Of course I do. I’m evil, remember?”- I replied lightly.


-“You’ve improved a lot, but yes, you still are”- she retorted.




I walked in the Room of Requirements three hours before the Ball. Yeah, I needed that much time. I was amazed at what the Room gave me. I was standing in some sort of urban spa, with a thermal circuit and all. To the left of the room there was a huge vanity with all sorts of makeup. I hang my dress from the closet and stepped in the water without hesitation. I relaxed and went through all of it, cold water, hot water, minerals, salts, all sort of skin and body treatments. I wanted to look perfect that night. Of course, I kept trying to tell myself that I was putting so much effort into this because I was pulling a major prank on Narcissa and the remaining of her lot and I had to look amazing for the grand finale but Mom’s voice had come in late last night to tell me that I was, in fact, hoping Sirius would try something that night.




As I made my way down the stairs and towards where everyone was waiting I felt all eyes upon me. I knew I looked incredible, after all I had spent a whole three hours getting ready and I had been thinking about what dress to wear for two weeks. I was wearing a floor length evening gown in emerald green silk; it had a flowing bias cut bodice with bow detail perforated in the neckline. Although it was loose through the bust and had spaghetti straps over the shoulder, I knew it made my figure look alluring. Since I was rather skinny, the wide waistband wrap, gathered at the rear, knotted at the front and left to hang accentuated my curves. I had accessorized it with white gold and diamond star hair studs that kept my dark, wavy hair from coming to my face and with a matching bracelet. As soon as I stepped on the ground, Sirius materialized next to me and offered me his arm.




-“Let me escort you in, please”- he whispered. I hesitated for a second but, truth be told, Mom’s voice was right. I wanted him to, at least, try something that night.


-“Hello”- I greeted everyone.


-“You… you… you look…”- Lily opened and shut her mouth several times.


This action made her look like a fish so I chuckled. She was wearing a very, very nice black strapless floor length dress that was loose at the bottom and had several layers of fabric, some of which were slightly transparent. It made her fiery red hair look even more beautiful than usual.


-“You look bloody amazing”- James finished for her. I smiled.


-“Wow, that’s all I’m saying”- Rhea added, taking Mark’s arm. Rhea had gone all in for a red dress that, truth be told, was perfect for her. I had never seen her looking so stunning.




We went in and sat at the table that had our names on it. Dinner was fun. Everyone chatted animatedly; every table was visibly having fun. I congratulated Lily on her idea, being able to mix houses and therefore sit with friends was making everyone enjoy themselves from the very beginning of what was bound to be a memorable evening. Mid way through our dinner I noticed Letty and Penelope getting slightly nervous on their table, although they were putting a lot of effort into not letting it show.


-“So, Remus, are you enjoying yourself?”- I asked. It was the signal. It had officially began. His eyes narrowed slightly to let me know he was on it.


-“I am, indeed. Hope you are, too”- he replied. I had to hold back laughter as the Marauders stared at us as if we had just gone mental. Of course, they had no idea what was going on. I needed their reaction to be real enough for Narcissa to think she’d won before striking back.


-“I am, food has been delicious. I reckon dessert will be pretty amazing, too”- I said, cheerfully. Sirius’ jaw dropped.


-“Naomi, are you feeling all right?”- he asked. I smiled at him.


-“I am”- that moment, our empty plates vanished and desserts appeared on the table. They were shared desserts of all kinds but, as I expected, a little cake materialized on my plate with a card attached to it.


-“What is that?”- Lily asked, a little louder than she normally would have.


-“Oh, I don’t know. It’s got a card, hold on”- I said, ripping open the little envelope and reading it out loud.


-“Sweet for sweet, save me a dance, J”- I read. Rhea frowned.


-“Who’s it from?”


-“I think it’s Josh’s. Isn’t it nice? It’s my favorite”- I exclaimed. I have to say that not laughing was harder than I expected. Sirius looked like he was about to pass out; James kept blinking stupidly and Peter just stared blankly at me. Everyone else but Dom and Mark was in the scheme so they played their parts.


-“I don’t think you should have that. It will make you fat”- Meg said.


-“Oh, and you’re telling me that”- I sneered a lot more viciously than I usually talked to her.


-“What is that supposed to mean?”- she asked in aggravation.


-“Oh, come on; like we haven’t noticed your ass growing lately”- Jo snapped. Dom looked murderous.


-“What the hell is wrong with you people?”- he said, irritated.


-“Well, if she doesn’t watch it she’ll become a walking whale”- Lily snarled, hastily.


-“I can’t believe you guys! You know I have a problem”- Meg exclaimed, close to tears.


-“Yeah, you can’t stop eating. That’s your problem”- Jo added.


-“Jo! What’s wrong? I thought you were my best friend!”- Meg asked, looking terribly hurt and betrayed.


-“Please, you’re too obsessed with makeup and creams to be friends with anyone”- Jo said quite disdainfully. Meg let a tear fall.


-“What the hell is going on with you girls?”- Remus intervened.


-“I think Jo thinks she’s oh so much better than Meg but she is, actually, just as disposable”- Rhea spat. Sirius’ eyes almost fell off his face. That was so not Rhea like.


-“Rhea, are you feeling all right?”- he asked her.


-“Yes, I am Sirius”- she sneered.


-“What’s wrong with you people?”- Dom exclaimed, infuriated because Meg was now silently crying.


-“I think you should take Meg out for a little fresh air”- Remus suggested. Dom nodded and helped Meg out. I saw Penelope and Letty smiling mischievously as they watched the girl leave the Hall escorted by her date.


-“You know what, I’m not liking your attitude shortie”- Jo spat back at Rhea.


-“Well, I don’t like yours. Always thinking you’re so important because you tell Naomi about gossip and stuff…”- Rhea said, vaguely. Jo huffed.


-“If you’re going to complain about me at least put some effort into it!”- she exclaimed.


-“You’re not worth the trouble, Jo”- Lily stepped in. I laughed coldly.


-“Whatever, I’m sick of this!”- the girl stood up and stormed off to where Lorena, Odette and Silvia were. They started whispering frantically almost immediately.


-“Will you care to explain what the hell is your problem?”- Sirius enquired.


-“Shut it, Sirius”- I sneered. I looked at my cake, distractedly. I saw Lily nod slightly out of the corner of my eye so I bit it. I would have never eaten dessert in any other circumstances but all my minions, Letty and Penelope included, knew that I had skipped my indulgence of two weeks so that I could have it during Christmas ball. I had made emphasized on how much I hoped they had dark chocolate cakes; my favorite.


-“You are eating chocolate?”- James asked, visibly shocked.


-“I am allowed once a week and I’ve been saving myself for this for ten days!”- I exclaimed. Then I took a second bite and felt it. It was meant to be melted chocolate filling but I knew better. Rhea coughed, alerting Remus that it was his time to step in and really make the fun begin.


-“Naomi?”- he reclaimed my attention the very moment I swallowed the liquid.


-“Remus…”- I said, adding a lot more sweetness to my voice than I had ever before in my life.


-“Are you okay?”- he frowned at the sudden change in my facial features. I fluttered my eyelashes quite furiously and beamed at him. Sirius chocked on his drink.


-“I am… I am wonderful! And you… you look so handsome!”- I exclaimed rather loudly, still staring at him.


-“Erhm… thank you. You look very beautiful, too”- he said, politely. That moment Rhea stood up and announced that the dance floor was open.


-“Let’s go dance! Come on, it’ll be fun!”- she said. Everyone stood up. I hurried over to where Remus was and took his arm, clinging to it as if my life depended on it.


-“Dance with me, Remus”- I said. Sirius stared at me.


-“Naomi, what’s going on?”- he asked. I didn’t look at him; I only had eyes for Remus.


-“Looks like your little Queen is infatuated with your friend Lupin”- said a cold, nasty, cloying voice behind us.


-“What are you doing here?”- Lily asked her, irritated. Narcissa tossed her hair back.


-“Well, I couldn’t help but notice you seem to be having some disagreements… is your army already tired of you?”- she asked me. I was still looking at Remus, and at Remus only making sure to smile as stupidly as I possibly could.


-“Hmm…”- was all she got in response. I heard her laugh.


-“What’s the matter? Three months and you’re already running out of words to reply to me?”- Narcissa kept pushing. Of course, half the school had gathered around us by now and was watching the show. My minions and hers included. Deirdre started muttering something about how ridiculous I looked, making sure everyone around her heard.


-“Remus, dance with me. Oh my God, you’re so amazing”- I repeated, oblivious to the rest of the world. He fidgeted, uncomfortable.


-“What the hell is wrong with you Naomi?”- Sirius exclaimed, visibly irritated.


-“Nothing… everything is perfect… because Remus is here next to me”- I replied, dreamily.


-“Oh Merlin, I think someone’s given her love potion!”- Rhea said. Some people started to laugh.


-“Shit, Naomi we need to get you out of here”- James said, stepping in. Lily took his arm very, very gently. He looked at her, puzzled.


-“Remus… dance? Please, dance with me… if you want we can get out of here… go anywhere, wherever you want to go I’ll follow you”- I whispered to him. He stiffened and looked around. Narcissa laughed loudly.


-“That’s enough. Naomi, we’re leaving!”- Sirius said, coming towards me.


-“Don’t you come any closer Black!”- I threatened him taking out my wand. Remus frowned. Lily squeaked. I had not factored Sirius’ reaction into the whole plan. I could not let him ruin it, even if it meant having another fight.


-“And this is your Queen Bee? That pathetic little thing who can’t even get love potions out of her drinks?”- Narcissa said, smirking.


-“Remus…”- I leaned in and tried to kiss him but he stepped backwards.


-“Naomi, this is not right. You are not in your right mind and… well, I can’t”- Remus said very seriously. I let tears come to my eyes, but didn’t spill them just yet.


-“Remus, look at me… Am I not the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen?”- Rhea detached herself from Mark’s side and moved slowly closer to where Letty and Penelope were standing. They were so caught up in the scene I was making that did not notice her stealing their wands away from them and placing a charm on their feet so that they could not move from where they were.


-“Well, Naomi, you are beautiful… but… well… I like someone else”- he said awkwardly. I started crying.


-“You can’t do this to me! I love you Remus! I love you! I LOVE YOU! Who is it?”- I exclaimed, throwing my arms up in the air. I saw Sirius jaw clench. James was standing next to Lily, looking at me and her alternatively.


-“Naomi, calm down”- Lily said, talking a step forwards.


-“Don’t come anywhere near me! You… you stupid know it all! Is it her?!”- I asked Remus looking at Lily ferociously.


-“What did you just call me?”- she took her wand out and pointed it at me.


-“Lily, calm down, she’s not herself”- Remus said.


-“SO IT IS HER!”- I screamed.


-“No, no, no it’s not Lily. She’s with James for crying out loud!”- Remus was starting to get a little more than frustrated by now, especially since everyone was now watching the show. What a great performance we were putting up.


-“I think Naomi is far beyond humiliated by now, so I’m taking back what’s mine”- Narcissa said, stepping closer.


-“Don’t move! I don’t want any woman next to Remus! Don’t you dare!”- I exclaimed, ignoring the fact that this was Narcissa and not just any woman. She laughed loudly and cruelly.


-“Narcissa, I think you should not come any closer… she… she could hurt you”- Remus told her, looking fairly worried. She blushed immediately.


-“OH MY GOD. YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS!”- I yelled at him. He shrugged.


-“Well…”- he blushed. Narcissa frowned. Rhea stepped in right in time.


-“Remus… don’t tell me it was her you were talking about all this time! She’s a Slytherin!”- my blond friend shouted. Narcissa’s jaw dropped.


-“Remus?”- she asked. Her voice had suddenly gone from cruel and frosty to sweet and cloying again.


-“I said DON’T COME NEAR HIM! IS IT TRUE? IS IT HER? Remus, look at me! I am so much better than HER!”- I kept going. He looked down, took a deep breath and then smiled sweetly at me.


-“I’m sorry Naomi, but… I guess I like blondes better”- he said, softly.


-“I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS! REMUS LUPIN YOU ARE SUCH A TRAITOR! MY COUSIN? REALLY?!”- Sirius stormed off, taking us all by surprised. I shot Remus a quick glance, if he went after Sirius now everything would be ruined. Fortunately, he kept it going.


-“I’m sorry, James. I guess I can’t help it”- he said to a very sick looking James. Lily started whispering things to his ear, trying to calm him down.


-“Remus…”- Narcissa seemed to have forgotten the world. She deliberately walked all the way to where we were and stood in front of him. I started crying loudly, falling to my knees.


-“You are so beautiful”- Remus told Narcissa. That was all she needed. She kissed him. The moment their lips met I stopped crying and stood up.


-“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?”- the entire Great Hall turned around. A very, very angry looking Lucius Malfoy had just stepped in followed by a beaming Meg. Narcissa broke the kiss and turned to face her boyfriend, visibly terrified. Remus took the moment to step back.


-“Lucius… what… oh my God, what are you doing here?”- she stuttered.


-“Your friend Megan said you wanted me to come, so here I am!”- he replied. Well, he yelled.


-“Megan? Who…”- she stopped dead. Then she slowly, very slowly, turned to look at me. My trademark smirk was on my face already waiting for her.


-“You should have guessed I was not so naïve as to think that you wouldn’t try to do something like this”- I sneered. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, opened their mouths in shock.


-“But… but… you ate the cake!”- Letty squeaked from where she was. I chuckled.


-“There is an antidote for love potions. It works whether you drink it before or after said love potion”- Lily explained, standing by my side. James, a genius when it came to pranks, had already understood it all and was beaming proudly.


-“How… how…”- Penelope mumbled.


-“Oh, come on. I knew you two were not really on my side. You never go to the library, let alone the DADA section. It wasn’t hard to guess your conversation there three months ago was all an act. You knew I was listening”- I explained.


-“And I’m not the best spy in the world for nothing”- Jo said, stepping in and taking her place beside me, too.


-“And I’m dating a Slytherin, which made it easy enough for me to trick Malfoy and get him to come to the ball”- Meg smiled, coming in too.


-“And all House Elves in the kitchens are friends with me, there was no way on Earth they would keep a secret… specially since you two are dumb enough not to know how to formulate a concise order”- Rhea added, chuckling and jumping in, overwhelmed with joy.


-“So, Narcissa, I’m really sorry but Naomi’s too persuasive. I couldn’t resist helping her out with the prank”- Remus told her. She looked mortified. Worse than that, she looked like she was about to start crying.


-“Blondie, you should have known better than to try to humiliate me. Now you’re not only in a much worse situation than before…”- I glanced over at Malfoy and chuckled –“But you also have to explain to your boyfriend why you were so happy to kiss a Gryffindor… and a Marauder one at that”




The entire Great Hall started laughing. Narcissa ran out of the Hall, tears falling from her face. Her minions tried to follow her but they were stuck to the ground. The result was them all falling over. Rhea quickly lifted the spell so when they stood up it looked like they had fallen out of clumsiness. The fit of laughter grew stronger. I smiled and thanked my girls for such a splendid act. They had done really well. 

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