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Grand Scheme by charm_the_stag
Chapter 9 : Chapter 9
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Year Five

Location: Gryffindor Quidditch Team Locker Room, Hogwarts


“Okay team! First match of the season Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff! We trained hard for this-“Started Jeffery.

“No shit Sherlock.”Muttered Fred.

“-This is our defining moment-“

“How long does this usually last?”Whispered Dom to Louis.

“-We shall roar across the pitch-“

“Get to the point, Woody.”Snapped Lily Potter.

 “Sure.”Scowled Wood. “The Puff chasers this year are Macmillan, Rossi and Thomas, as you know. Beaters are Riley and Jones. And their seeker, I found out a few minutes ago... is your cousin Lucy Weasley.” Shock flitted across the faces of the Wotters.

“She tried out!”

“She didn’t tell us!”

“Oh God! I’m up against my cousin!”

“Yes. You are up against your cousin. Do not let that affect your game!”Stressed Jeffery. “And lastly, keeper Zack Smith.”He spat.  

“So Lily, we don’t know your cousin’s strengths so this time you’ll be an Observer Seeker, try to pull a Plumpton Pass if you can. Don’t come into the plays, until you get a good read on her abilities. Understood?”Lily nodded.” I want to see all the new plays we discussed from my Chasers, got it?”

“Aye Aye Wood.” The chasers bellowed.

“Good. Weasley beaters, my players should not get hurt! Increase the pressure on Rossi, I heard he has been training harder. Hmmm...Try knocking out Smith.”He grinned like a maniac. “They aren’t expected to play a clean game this time. So, play hard! Hit fast!”They nodded.

“Do you spend your time spying other teams Wood?”Asked Louis.

“What else would I do in my free time Weasley?”Snorted Jeffery. “Let’s go! We need to retain our title!”


“WELCOME TO THE FIRST QUIDDITCH GAME OF THE SEASON- GRYFFINDOR VS HUFFLEPUFF!”Boomed the voice of seventh year Gryffindor, Darrel Jordan.

“FLYING IN FIRST IS THE HUFFLEPUFF QUIDDITCH TEAM- CHASERS ROSSI, MACMILLAN AAAND THOMAS! BEATERS JONES AND RILEY. THEIR NEW SEEKER LUCY WEASLEY! AAAAND KEEPER CAPTAIN SMITH!”  The Hufflepuff team did a lap around the pitch. The Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin sections started cheering wildly. They wanted the Gryffindor winning streak to end.

“AND PLEASE WELCOMEEE THE LIONS!!!”He screamed into the mike.

The Gryffindor team split up as they burst out of the locker rooms. Lily Potter ascended vertically before plummeting back to their side of the field and faced their opponents. The three chasers spiralled around each other for one lap around the field before settling into their starting positions. Wood flanked by the two beaters flew towards the centre of the field, as their team mates worked up the Gryffindor supporters. Jordan announced the game and waited for Rolanda Hooch to start the game.

“I want a nice, clean game.”Madam Hooch told the teams. “Captains shake hands...Ready?”

The captains glared at each other and nodded. She released the snitch, then the bludgers and then- “Okay,“The quaffle was released.



“Hey Gwen, how are you feeling?”Asked Albus, looking at the players zoom by;  making mental notes on their performance.

“Better.”Replied Gwen, who was looking bored. She was sitting between Albus and Scorpius in the Gryffindor stands. They were decked in Gryffindor red.

“Hmm...good to know- Wow... brilliant Porskoff Ploy by Rossi- Merlin’s balls! Hahaha Dom hit him good, right?”Laughed Albus nudging Scorpius.

“Yep, Hufflepuff’s best player injured by Dom.”

“OUCH! DEMON WEASLEY KNOCKS OFF ROSSI IN THE MIDDLE OF A PORSKOFF PLOY! GO GIRL! KRUM YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS E-EVIL!”Thundered the voice of Darrel Jordan.  Dominique Weasley looked at the commentator’s box with fury.

“Krum looks pissed.”Commented Gwen, looking towards the lone figure of Krum sitting alone, near them. Scorpius snorted.

“He always looks pissed. Poor bloke. Can you blame him? Transferred to Hogwarts as punishment, in his fifth year.”Voiced Scorpius.

“He’s a pretty decent bloke. Smart. Quidditch prodigy like his father. Got a gaggle of girls lusting after his thick eyebrows-“Scorpius and Gwen snorted.” And has an affinity for dark arts.”Albus whispered the last part.

“Maybe that part adds to his sinister attraction.”Commented Gwen dryly. “And his temper! Hot Hell-Raiser!”Sighed Gwen. Albus looked a bit peeved. Scorpius ignored her last comment.

“He walks like a duck!”Gwen ignored Scorpius’ comment. She looked at the score board; the score was 140-30, in Gryffindor’s favour.


The Gryffindor stands erupted in cheers. The other houses looked on dejectedly.

“Let’s go congratulate them.”Suggested Gwen.  They made their way towards the Gryffindor team in the centre of the pitch surrounded by their supporters.

Madam Hooch was packing the equipment away, but a bludger escaped her grasp and went wild.

Before she could pull out her wand and destroy the rogue bludger, it zoomed towards a particular messy haired student. She felt a sense of Déjà vu as the bludger went straight for Albus Potter.

Albus Potter felt something speed towards him. With his seeker reflexes, he twisted his body to face the thing and he drew his wand from its holster. His Dark-Sight saw the bludger come towards him in slow motion.

Reducto Maxima!”He roared, and the bludger exploded.

He put his wand back in its holster and looked around. Gwen looked shocked, Scorpius had a grim expression on his face, and the rest of the school looked at him silently. What confused him was Arwen’s face. He caught a number of expressions flitting across her face. Why was she looking resolved? 

Their eyes connected. He searched for answers. Finding none, he turned on his heel and left for his dorm room.




“Did you explode the food on our guests?”Seethed Mother’s voice.

“N-no! I didn’t! I swear! Please believe me!”Begged six year old Arwen.

“I do not. It was your unnaturalness thing again!”She fumed. They had been hosting a dinner party, which was attended by some important clients.  

“How could I have done it!?”Shouted Arwen.

“Shut up! Maintain your decorum. Do you know how much you have embarrassed the family today? I taught you better table manners! You looked like a hooligan being chased after by those two infernal creatures!”She sneered. “And don’t get me started on the dinner fiasco!”

She grabbed her daughter’s shoulders painfully and looked at her in the eye.

“You are so fortunate that the guests had a sense of humour.  If they weren’t, I would have lost my job. You are to stay in your room and do your homework like a good little girl.”She sneered. “Today you have embarrassed us. You shall not be allowed to go out for the rest of the summer. Work on your etiquettes and stop behaving so plebeian! We have an image to maintain! Do you understand?”She shook her daughter’s shoulders painfully.

“Y-yes.”Arwen answered, looking at her feet. She tried to stop the tears from falling.

“And stop that stuttering! Do you have some speech defect?”Demanded her mother.

“No.”She answered in a small voice.

“Go to your room!”


“I got a complaint from the principal today.”Commented Mother, who was sitting across Arwen on the dining table.

“What did she do today?”Asked her father in a tired voice.

“It seems you were caught terrorising Ms.Wesley and her friends today. Did you or did you not know that her father is a very influential man?”Her mother’s eyes narrowed at her. Her father groaned.

“That man could ruin us!”He hissed.

“Let me take care of this, dear.”Her mother patted her father’s hand before turning on her.

“I didn’t do anything! I swear! She did it! She blamed me! She is evil-“Her mother cut off her rant.

“You are a menace! Stop whining. It is unbecoming of you. The girl was in hysterics-“Her mother glared at Arwen before she could retort.

“You are grounded. No going to the library for a month. We give you all these privileges and this is how you repay us! We had to ensure Mr.Wesley that you would not come near his daughter again. The school does not want to lose its major benefactor and threatened expulsion if you cross the line! I better not get any more complaints! Understood?”

Arwen nodded. She wanted to speak up but she knew that anything that she said would be disregarded.

“I also heard that you got a B. In ART!”

Arwen hung her head. This was about to get worse.

The Mallory’s never received a complaint after that.


“Hey! It’s that friendless freak!”

“No one wants you!”


“Freak! Must have cheated to get first place.”

“You hurt Greta’s bunny!”

“You still believe in magic! Such a baby!”

“Your dress is ugly! How did you get into a school like this?”

“Stay away! I’ll get freak germs.”

“You tripped Reggie! He did nothing to you!”

To say Arwen’s days at her muggle school were pleasant was an understatement.

She could not help the fact that odd things used to happen when she got all worked up.  After the incident with Melinda Wesley( when she was seven), she went from unnoticed, intelligent girl to the school freak. She tried remaining under the radar. Most adults just saw a brilliant, quiet and sweet little girl, but her peers ostracised her.

The neighbourhood where her family lived assumed the Mallory’s to be a snooty bunch. Luckily her school was in a different, more posh district and no one from her neighbourhood went to that prestigious school. They had no idea about how the other kids treated her or what those rich families thought of her.

The brilliant Mallory girl was just a little introverted, they assumed.

The truth was that she was a loner. The model child facade was a brilliant one. Her peers shunned her but her achievements were never lost at sea. The elders acknowledged her achievements.

Life wasn’t easy but she worked hard to make things work for her.

And all the anger she felt at her peers, was suppressed.


“F-Father! Why did mother leave?”Sobbed Arwen.

Her father looked shocked for a moment before steeling himself and heading to his study. She followed him into the room.  He saw an envelope addressed to him.

His expression turned grim as he read the contents.

“Father?”She questioned.

He looked at her seriously.

“Do not think on it. Everything has been taken care off. There will be a cook and a maid coming from tomorrow.”

“But why did she leave?”

“I have no answer for that.”And that was it. “Don’t ask me anything right now. I have to sort out some things.”

Arwen understood that she was being dismissed. She felt a burden lifted from her shoulders.

Her mother was no longer here! She couldn’t not help but be happy.

It was a good year before she entered the world of magic.


‘Why did these two have to target me?’She thought as she was under the shower. James Potter and Fred Weasley had dropped Dungbombs on her.

They were cruel bullies.

‘I’m going to be shunned again. ‘She thought dejectedly.’ The children of war heroes...So revered, so idolised, so arrogant. The teachers see nothing wrong in their actions.’Oh Ms.Mallory! I’m sure it was a harmless prank! Nobody is hurt.’ Wow, brilliant conduct of the teachers of Hogwarts. ’

“Arwen? Are you in?”Called out Gwen.

“Yes.”She uttered softly. She hoped Gwen would not hear her.

People laughed at her misfortune. What were a muggleborn’s feelings in equivalence to that of the golden children? She was not in a mood to talk to people.

“Arwen...We’re sorry.”Arwen was shocked.

“Gwen you have nothing to be sorry about!”She sniffed.”They would have done that to anybody.”

“Arwen...they are taking advantage of the fact that you know nothing about our world. Scorp is sorry you got dragged into his battles.” Gwen told her.

“It’s okay. I don’t blame him.”She responded softly.

“Arwen Mallory.”Her voice was stern.”You have don’t deserve this. It’s not your fault.”

“Hey! I got an idea! Why don’t Scorp and I tell you about the wizarding world and you tell us about the muggle world!”Exclaimed Gwen excitedly.

Arwen turned the shower off, wrapped a towel and exited the bathroom to face Gwen.

“That would be nice.”She whispered.

“Then that’s settled! You can tell me why the hell the muggles shake each other’s hands when they meet! That’s utterly absurd!” Arwen smiled as her friend went into her MuggleRant mode. Pureblood etiquettes.



“What’s a parselmouth?”Asked Arwen, looking confused. “Why are poisonous snakes wrapped around you?”

“Albus can talk to snakes!”Replied Scorpius cheerfully. “We were trying to get a black mamba out of ‘Serpensortia’.

Albus just looked at his three friends expressionlessly.

“You think any less of me?”

“No! Oh Morgana! It’s amazing!”Gwen gushed.

“Parselmouth is the ability to talk to snakes.”Explained Scorpius, looking at Arwen’s confused face.


“Yeah oh! Dammit its amazing!”Exclaimed Gwen.

“Dad knows about it. Didn’t tell the other family members, Potter family secrets. Hey...Guess you know it now. Met Scorpius in the forest in first year, when I was looking around for a future feeding ground, for Omorfia.”


“My pet basilisk!”Replied Albus cheerfully. Both the girls gaped at him.

“She’s a lovely snake honestly.”Added Scorpius.

“It’s a bloody five X, bloody basilisk! Not a krup!”Screeched Gwen.  Scorpius cringed.

“My ears!”He moaned.

“Common Gwenny, she helps regulate the acromantula population! Wanna meet her?”Scorpius asked her, excitedly.


“Ennervate. So...Albie dear, it’s been nearly two years since we’ve known each other...”Arwen started with a fake sugary voice. Albus and Scorpius looked at each, and squared their shoulders. Mallory temper and inquisition about to commence. Please fasten your seat belts and reapply the silencing charms.


She stared at the sentence.

The best way to master occlumency is to relive your memories and store them in your mindscape.

Relive your memories.


Pressurised childhood, traumatic start at Hogwarts, Albus Potter and a whole new world within the wizarding world. Dark Arts. Control. Mutated Werewolf. Pain.

An occlumens achieves animagus transformation much faster than non-occlumens. Mastering occlumency takes a number of years, but even at the second stage of occlumency, animagus transformation is easier to attain.

For Gwendolyn Barlett. Her first friend. Her best friend.

Scorpius ,Albus and Gwen already had a rudimentary shield. Albus was testing her progress every week.

After so many years, it hurts her pride to ask for help. But for Gwen, she would suck up her pride and ask.

Gwen assumed the reason they were honing the mind arts was because it was an immensely useful skill.

She complained that it should have been added to the curriculum. When they researched the subjects taught at Hogwarts, imagine their surprise to find out that it was taught but was discontinued around a century ago.


‘I like to play.’


Your friends have suffered quite a bit, haven’t they?

A few months more and you will face worse.

In good time, I shall find the others

And you shall fall will them. “


“We shall meet again Ms. Mallory or should I say... Ms.Pe-“


Arwen’s eyes opened, her breath was coming out in pants. She poured herself a glass of water and sat down on the edge of her bed.

Memory charm. A brilliant memory charm, which was not even detected by her occlumency meditation exercises.

She suddenly remembered the pain when the swirl on her palm was etched. Continuous chanting and the feeling of fire coursing through her veins. Bones breaking and her magic stirring a tempest within her.

Peverell. She a scion of the House Peverell. The last Peverell necromancer.

Her breaths came out in short pants. She felt gruesome memories flood into her mind, shattering her occlumency shields. Her vision was darkening. She wanted to scream for help. She felt like something was choking her.






Wow. It's been a long time!

I was so busy with exams and stuff, and this sat incomplete for over a month.

Finally finished it and posted it.

This story should finish in a couple of chapters. Just the psycho-evil dude needs to be addressed...=P

Do leave a review on what you think of this chapter! Reviews make me wanna write and upload faster!

Till next time!


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