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First Name Terms by MissesWeasley123
Chapter 6 : A Plan To Make Ronald Weasley Jealous
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Why was it that every time he met Hermione, she was crying? Draco had the most rotten luck ever, he acknowledged as he examined the previous night’s events. Not only was he having love issues – yes love – Snape had an increasing amount of obsession over Draco, especially after the Katie thing. He just wouldn’t stop following him, which was very annoying.

And Hermione. He definitely had rotten luck when it came to her. He, of course had tried to be somewhat nice to her without arousing any suspicion. All he hoped for now was that she wouldn’t tell Potter or Weasley about their encounters. The last thing he needed was to have The Chosen One and his faithful sidekick on Draco’s trail.

The Christmas Party for Sir Slugsalot’s little sluggies was tomorrow, which meant all the teachers and more importantly, Potter, would be out of his way to spend the entire night in the Room of Requirement. Sadly Hermione would be attending too, which meant Draco had no chance of any more unexpected meetings.

For the mere second his fingers had brushed her soft arms, he felt that he could grope her right there. Her temperature had gone up, he noticed, which caused him to blush as well, something Draco Malfoy, or any Malfoy for that matter did not do. Blushing was not cool. But yet it looked so right on Granger, her cheeks red, which made Draco want to kiss her so she would become even more red... Her lips swollen, bushy curls entwined in Draco’s fingers. He would then taste her mouth, taste her...

“AAAAAAARRRRGH!!!” he screamed.

“Do I really look that good?!” exclaimed Pansy excitedly.

Good? If you think seeing Pansy in her white see-through bra and panties was good, I’d take you to St. Mungo’s. It’s not as if she looked ugly, it was just very disturbing to see her like that, especially when she jumps out of nowhere.

“Well Drakey, guess who’s getting lucky tonight?”

“Um, not me Parkinson. I’m – hungry,” he said lamely. Pansy gave a derisive laugh.

“Hungry?” Damn. She saw through him.

“And then I have detention with Flitwick,” he made up.

“But these are new... and I thought you wanted this,” she said, sounding hurt, as she pointed to her undergarments.

“Look Pansy, I never said anything like that. Not now. Maybe never. I don’t want this. I’m sorry. Forget it ever happened.”

“Fine you prick!” and she stomped out, leaving Draco in his dormitory thankfully alone.

Draco was very lucky that Pansy wasn’t as bright as Hermione, because if he had just said no to someone like her (not that he would of course) she would probably hex him into oblivion. It wasn’t his fault he was irresistible.

As he got up from his bed, his eyes flickering to where Pansy had stood moments before. Images of Granger standing in lingerie were forming in his mind. He rubbed his hand on his jaw, shaking his head as he smiled at the thought. If Hermione willingly came to him like that, he’d be proud to know that she even considered him. He wasn’t the type to force himself onto someone. He’d see enough of that at home.

He hurried down to the Common Room, hoping to meet up with Zabini to go down to dinner, until he bumped into a tall figure.

“Damn, there goes the tart...” said a female voice.

“I’m so sorry, I’ll clean that up for you, um, Scrougify!” said the boy.

“Oh, it’s fine,” she replied, and then looked up to see whom she had just bumped into. “Draco right?”

“ Er – yeah,” he replied nervously. The girl in front of him was definitely a year older than him, for she was quite tall. She was blonde, and had perfect long legs that were exposed because of the tumble. She was beautiful and looked strangely familiar though much mature.

She was nothing compared to Hermione.

“Hey! Daphne talks about you all the time,” she said, “A lot of girls do actually,” she added as an afterthought.

“Daphne? Oh you’re Astoria?” Draco asked, now realizing that the familiarity he sensed was between sisters.

“That’s me, the devil,” she laughed. “Anyways, I gotta go do some work for ol’ Sprout. See you later!”

“Yeah, bye,” he said quietly. Well that was unusual.

Deciding to forget Blaise, he made his way to the Great Hall, only to find a large group of students who seemed to be gawking at something. Draco trudged through them, trying to find the source of the commotion.

His heart dropped as a cold, dagger went through it. Hermione was full out snogging McLaggen in the middle of the corridor.


Hermione sat at the Gryffindor table playing with her stew, trying to ignore Ron’s heated stare. What a git. She took a sip of her stew from her spoon, and nearly choked as she saw Lavender squeeze between Ron and Harry, flinging her arms around Ron’s neck.

She heard Harry and Parvati engage in a half-hearted conversation until Parvati spoke to her.

“Oh, hi Hermione!”* she squeaked. Hermione could tell that Parvati felt bad about Transfiguration Class.

Hermione beamed back at her, even more brightly. She wasn’t going to ruin her chance to tick Ron off. She then asked Parvati whether she was going to the party tonight, to which she replied that she wasn’t. And much to Hermione’s delight, the girl asked Hermione whether she was going.

“Yes, I’m meeting Cormac at eight and we’re –"

She paused satisfied as she heard Ron choke on his chicken, “we’re going to the party together,”*

Parvati couldn’t believe her eyes and then went to ask her whether she meant The Cormac McLaggen. Hermione replied sweetly that yes, The Cormac McLaggen who almost became Gryffindor Keeper, putting a lot of emphasis on “almost.”

Parvati then asked if that meant she was going out with him. “Oh – yes – didn’t you know?”* she said with a very forced, fake giggle, The twin began questioning her more, and to Hermione’s pleasure Ron looked like he’d just swallowed a goblet full of Polyjuice Potion. Hermione then politely said that it was time for her to get ready and departed the table.

She had just left the hall when a voice cried out her name, “Hermione! Oi, Granger!”

The moment she spun around a pair of lips captured hers and moved ferociously against them. She tried to break away but McLaggen’s hand pushed Hermione’s head into his, leaving no room in between them. Finally after moments of sloppy kissing, Hermione wrenched away from him. People began wolf-whistling, which made her flush purple in anger, and sadness, for she couldn’t believe she was too weak to even stop him.

“What-the-ruddy-hell-was-that-all-about?” she reprimanded.

“Whoa, relax Granger. This was just a warm up for tonight,” he said smugly.

Hermione wiped her lips ferociously on her robes, as she turned around. She was facing a clearly hurt Draco Malfoy. Oh dear.

Once again the crowd had dispersed and Hermione and Malfoy were alone in the corridor. The girl looked down at her feet to get away from his heated stare. For some reason, guilt started forming in her. She felt the urge to apologize, but what for? She didn’t do anything to him, but then why did he look hurt?

“Ugh, will you stop staring at me? Look, I wasn’t snogging him; I don’t even know what the name in Merlin’s baggy pants that was all about. The git came out of nowhere and forced his fat lips on mine –"

“He forced himself on you?” he asked quietly, his voice filled with coldness Hermione had never heard of before.

“Er – I guess.”

“You’re okay right? He didn’t hurt you?” his voice hoarse but very gentle. Something about it made it seem like it was genuine... But Hermione knew Draco too well to think he actually cared. Right? 

“No,” she replied, her voice a bit harsh, just to let him know that she wasn't falling for it. She wasn't, right?

“Good,” he said. His feet tipped towards her, as if he was going to go up to her, but he decided otherwise, and left.


“McLaggen,” snarled Draco.

“Malfoy,” he replied warily.

“Don’t,” he sneered, jabbing a finger in Cormac’s chest, “kiss Hermione when she doesn’t want to be kissed. Treat her properly, don’t forget she’s a girl, and you’re a man, you have no right to do that.”

“Why don’t you keep your nose out of it?” he jeered.

“Then you better hope you don’t touch her, ever again,” he spat, then left the library where he had tracked down McLaggen. Oh, but he is a Malfoy after all; he didn’t leave McLaggen just like that. Cormac would have to spend quite a bit of time with Madam Pomfrey while she tried to get rid of his blue spots that were filled with pus.

No one messes with Draco Malfoy.

* Chapter15: The Unbreakable Vow, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling.


Author's Note: I know, I know, I'm such a liar. No Christmas Party again! I think I'm going insane really. I had a lot of fun writing this chapter, especially introducing Astoria in a positive light, I really don't think she's that bad of a character. You'll see what happens soon enough. Anyways, 2000+ reads! WHAAAAAAAAT? No way! This is just surreal... Thank you to: Nymphadoras Soul, lily, Sophie, Rachel Deming, and The Cautionary Tale for taking their time to leave reviews. I love you all sooo much. Like for real <3 This chapter took long to be validated, the queue is sooo long, but mwah now I'm rambling. The box below is starving of reviews! Please feed it! And also I'd like to add that if I were living in a world where I was the author of HP, well, that'd be jolly good eh? But alas, I don't own it. J.K.R. does, and always will :3

Until the next...



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First Name Terms: A Plan To Make Ronald Weasley Jealous


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